Sploosh Mountain

(Just pretend it's still July 4th and this made it up on time for a 'fun summer art thingy.') Large Version here:  I sketched this back in, I think, February. Finally pushed myself to get this completed. Kinda overshot my deadline (which I absolutely NEVER do..) Patreon has a few extras on this. Next main site comic will be ready this coming Tuesday.

46 thoughts on “Sploosh Mountain

  1. Wow, are plushes of Max and Roxanne even a thing? That’s a real blast from the past! (Used to love A Goofy Movie growing up!)
    Can’t recognise the platypus/beaver/mutant thing though…

  2. I love that Quinn is always included in the family pictures. I often hope that someday she’ll just wake up with weird unique marks under her eyes by proxy. ^^

      1. Not a chance in the world.

        I remember that Rusche once said he chose to put the T’s in Ginger’s face because the horizontal lines in the letter T would look like wrinkles, thus giving the impression that she is older than the others. Underscores would have the same effect in poor Quinn’s face but that is not a trait Rusche wants us to see in her.

        1. Actually I’m now seeing Quinn falling asleep around any of the sisters resulting in them pranking/adopting her by giving her some kind of eye markings with a Sharpie.

  3. And of course Ellie and Juni are together. Ellie’s currently enjoying a lot of approval from Juni following the events of the dating con.

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  5. OK these things need tags, like I have no idea who that is wearing the light purple shirt being held by the shirt-tail or who is holding her. Part of that is I have shit memory for names, and part of that is we don’t get many characters called by their names to reinforce who is who. I mean I recognize Tara by her prehensile braid and Pumpkin because of her recent clothing swap. Everyone else is terra incognita.

    1. Bro. It’s the Spice Girls. That’s clearly Cinnamon flying out of the boat because she tried to flash the camera but failed. Ginger, meanwhile, as Little Mom is riding alongside her because the Dumb One can’t manage self-exposure and gravity in the same effort.

        1. There is a cast page with all the sisters Buckingham. Just below the more cartoonish line-up of them with their early titles is a run-down of their names and a shot of their face. You’ll see who has what letters for cheeks there.

        2. G is Pumpkin. The letters spell out GUNSHOT, going in order from youngest sister to oldest.

  6. It’s another Tuesday night, and we ain’t got no comic.
    We got some nude art but we had to pay.
    How I wish this comic would update.
    I’m in an awful way.

  7. Yet another deadline comes and goes, at this point I’m not sure why Chris sets them, it just makes people upset when they’re not met

    1. Yes – I would be far more happy with ‘Sorry guys, I have no idea when I will publish the next page. Please bear with me’ – At least it would be honest and respectful. (to be clear, I believe he truly wants/intends to meet his self imposed deadlines)
      I appreciate the comic and will keep checking weekly for updates… I’m even still a Patreon supporter (though my patronage has diminished in line with content frequency)

    2. OCD’s a real bitch like that… and he doesn’t have anyone setting a deadline except himself. Nothing bad happens if he misses one, besides losing a few fans here and there… but it’s not like he does this often, right?

      I sympathize with him, understand what he’s going through.. maybe if he got himself a collector’s item, put it in some kind of time-locked safe that will lock permanently unless he enters a code, which he can ONLY get by uploading a completed comic.

      ..Or he just doesn’t care about us at all, since we’re not paying him anything.

  8. Patreon peeps getting more content then the free site. Guess it’s more important to appease the paywall. I’m becoming more interested in the new excuse for the now 2 months sudden hiatus then I am for the next page.

    1. Bitching about a guy taking care of the people that are actually paying to support him first vs the guys just coming fur a free comic. The nerve of him

      1. Normally I’d agree, but Chris is simply not giving anyone any information. It’s been months since the last strip, and over a week since Tuesday. It’s a consistent problem that Chris is not honest about. Most of us would accept “Health and family issues, don’t know when I’ll be back.”

      2. The thing is his Patreon exists BECAUSE of this comic. He almost quit the comic because of server costs, then people who didn’t want him to stop the comic suggested Patreon so he wouldn’t have to. If he was just a guy drawing titties, maybe he’d still have some people paying him, that’s not unheard of, but the people who are currently paying him found him THROUGH the comic, and support him BECAUSE they like the comic, and presumably want more comic just as much as they want more cartoon titties.

      3. Yep. Complaining about the guy that disappears for months on end without any information except for a vague update time and then going radio silent after missing said time. I’m now just waiting for the 14 paragraph post (w/ visuals) explaining away the reason we haven’t seen a comic in 2 months that’ll make everything all peachy keen.

        1. So you’re mad that he didn’t make anything and didn’t explain while he was sick, and you don’t like that he posted a long explanation after he got better, you obviously don’t like him, and you haven’t posted anything about the comic itself, other than it’s late. Why are you even here? Endorphin rush from posting vitriol?

        2. I was actually talking about his recent 2 months hiatus due to something. Not his 6-8 months(I honestly don’t remember) hiatus due to diabetes. But. Yeah. Sure. Endorphins and vitriol and what not.

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