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That's the maximum output I can reasonably do since the vote was finalized about 9 hours ago.. I got two Patreon comics on the way, and we're going to play catchup with the regular story on Monday. But first... Burns Ladies and Gentlemen, we've made it. ComicMixMarchMadnessFeatured2015-7We're in the final round. Competing for first place against Stand Still Stay Silent. An absolutely, wonderfully, gorgeous comic by an artist who could draw better than me when she was five. Minna Sundberg is a talent-wielding, language-barrier-breaking, schedule-keeping MACHINE. So how can we possibly take her down!? Your humble artist always has a solution. If the pandering comic above didn't sway you that we'll do whatever it takes to fit in... I have one more ace up my sleeve. If this final round has taught us anything, it's that people like webcomics with S'es in them. So I'm officially changing the name of this comic to: Shotgun Shuffle Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore Even though some of those may technically be ONE word, it still gives us a 3-S advantage. We have the edge. We can't fail.* *(We can fail, but if we do it'll be in spectacular fashion.) Vote for Shotgun Shuffle at the ComicMix site found HERE!!!! I know voting on sites can be tedious, but this is not. No need to register or fill any forms. Just visit the link and follow these steps: Voting

600 thoughts on “SS VS SSSS

  1. Hell, we got free publicity, we made friends. More people for Mr. Blue to drink with (If he ever gets out of the house).

    Now all we have to do is sue all of those pesky firearms manufacturers for using part of the ShotgunShuffle.com title and benefiting from one fan’s craziness.

  2. And checking on the TWC counts, the top two spots are covered by returning comics. They both have over ten thousand votes, with the third place comic 8 thousand votes plus strong. SSSS is #7 with 4.9k votes. SS is #40 with 600 votes. Last time we had this many votes, we were on the road to the 20s. At this time the #30 spot is only leading by 142 votes. #25 is 309 votes ahead. The #20 spot is only 362 votes away.

    Breaking down the vote tally by votes per day:
    #1 – 1,830;
    #2 – 1008;
    #7 – 446;
    #20 – 87;
    #25 – 82;
    #30 – 67;
    #40 – 54.

    1. I added you guys to my favourites list on TWC back when I first started commenting here. It only takes me a few clicks to vote down my list for (in current rank order) SSSS, GG, aRTD, SS, XKCD, and SatW every day, and I count as one of the of members that support SS in the “About this comic” section.

      Registering an account is a must if, like me, your IP is used by multiple computers at work and your co-workers (or customers in my case since we offer free WiFi here for the folks hanging out in the gameroom) are also voting for your favourite comics- though one person who isn’t logged into TWC at the IP address can also vote per day on top of all the registered accounts.

    2. I hope now you’ve got us friendly Minnions on your side you’ll go up even higher – you deserve it.

      1. You even got a special welcome text from Launchpad McQuack up under the comic. It’s good to have you folks around.

  3. So, being new here, I should ask… is there a regular update schedule? He did say regular story on Monday…

    1. He doesn’t usually post “at midnight” on monday. Usually it’s “sometime on monday”. So if you usually check at 12:00 Sunday night for your Monday comics, you’re better off checking Monday evening instead.

      1. Yeah, I read a few comics that are like that, mainly Oglaf. But, it’s 12:47am for me Tuesday and still no update, which is why I’m asking.

        1. Rosepieces – The answer for that lies in some of the site history. Essentially as site updates get delayed, they sometimes tend to get longer. I don’t know that Rusche has ever started running a buffer yet, though he did say towards the start of this calendar year that he was considering it. However, since that was also not long after he bumped from aiming for three posts per week to adding the Patreon posts and aiming for five, that’s not the easiest place to start generating extra content from.

          It’s not uncommon for him to underestimate coloring time and/or decide wording is wrong and re-draw the panel somewhat to match the new words. He’s also been known to decide that multiple posts shouldn’t be broken up and forget to announce that he’s working on a triple comic and running behind for that reason (at least 50/50 that he’ll remember to announce that). He also mentioned somewhere (either a comment or Patreon), that he was still trying to work through the e-mail he got from the contest last week (I’ll admit I added to that). Generally he appears to keep trying to get through the coloring until he likely falls asleep (not sure about bathtub, but then again Heather knows him in real life, so maybe), then if it’s not done by early afternoon we generally get a text update about it. Long silences sometimes result from illness, though if something significantly bad happens (like the car wreck his daughter was in where she had a punctured/perforated liver as I recall) that can cause it too. Generally if we get >48 hours of radio silence we start worrying.

  4. Archive crawl of GG while I wait for new Shotgun Shuffle. So tired. So many GG pages to read. So much fun to read. I love webcomics.

    1. And now we wait for Rusche to change the name to Shotgun Shuffle Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

  5. And the winner is….the Hero Initiative!! And Shotgun Shuffle!!! And Stand Still. Stay Silent. Great job guys.

    1. Very much so! Congratulations, guys!

      Going off the numbers they’ve reported (there has been speculation that the donations reported might be slightly inaccurate), the donations are as follows for the entire tournament:

      Shotgun Shuffle $1,479.00
      Stand Still, Stay Silent $595.00
      Misfile $115.00
      The Property of Hate $48.00
      Girl Genius $34.00
      Exiern $21.00
      El Goonish Shive $14.00
      Twokinds $10.20
      Two Guys and Guy $10.00
      Superbitch $7.00
      Dresden Codak $6.00
      Unsounded $5.00
      xkcd $5.00
      Headtrip $2.40
      A Girl and Her Fed $2.40
      Magellan $2.00
      Not A Villain $2.00

      Good job donating by yourselves more than the original goal for the entire tournament!

      1. I’m suspecting the numbers on the bracket are either the $ donations or they swapped to 50 cents/vote as they did the previous year and the 25 cent/vote was just one of their fantastically many copy/paste errors between rounds. If the people that commented on ComicMix who stated they donated $200 & $100 are both accurate, then I’m sure we had at least $430 plus a large number of others that donated smaller amounts. So I’d have a hard time believing that we had less than $500 donated for the finals. I’d be surprised with us only being in the $600 range, but I could see that as remotely possible.

        1. I thought the same thing when I saw those numbers. I suppose typos and omissions are one possibility, another would be bounced checks, or maybe even trolling.

          Of course, given how good-natured everyone seems, I’m far more apt to suspect incompetence on the part of the organizers than malice on the part of any fans. (And yes, halving the totals be multiplying the cost-per-vote to 50¢ would definitely explain the difference between expectations and what’s been reported.)

          Regardless, contgrats to Chris and MInna on some great publicity! Certainly any fans who now have new comics to read are the real winners. :-)

        2. His announcement post on the ComicM!X site matches the 25c math per vote amount (which I also thought was far too low given we had three votes with confirmation codes posted on the ComicM!X site totaling $375 with specific notes of “for Shotgun Shuffle” and the math on the extra votes comes to $319 from SS this round). I’m debating calling him out publicly over that for the charity’s sake, but I don’t have any math that proves my $15 dollar donation to Stand Still. Stay Silent hasn’t been counted.

        3. Well, for the charity’s sake, I don’t think the Hero Initiative donations touched ComicMix’s grubby paws, so I think they’re still fine.

    1. What a fitting avatar image! XD

      *starts making popcorn in anticipation of Ellie and Quinn’s next move…

    2. Relax, peeved anon. There’s story a-comin. Normally when there’s a lag like this there’s something special in the works. The tide pulls out to sea because there’s a wave inbound. That and he’s probably still stunned over going from “webcomic that was about to close” to “webcomic that won the 2015 March Madness event”.

  6. I’ve been considering a dollar or two a month Patreon, since I tend to read regularly. But I’ve gotta ask, are the Patreon updates as regularly delayed in multiple days as the regular comic? It’s only a couple bucks a month, but I want to spend it on the best comic I can, in terms of quality and reliability. Responsible capitalism and all, yknow? I ask because lately it doesn’t just seem but it is a case of ‘check on update day, see text for a vote, a day or three later get an update’.

    1. Recent updates to Patreon including tier length:

      May 10 (single)
      May 10 (single)
      May 4 (SS vs GG preview)
      May 2 (single)
      April 29 (single-double)
      April 25 (double-triple)
      April 18 (double)
      April 11 (single)
      April 7 (single)
      April 4 (single-double)
      April 2 (SS vs PA art)

      So for April, which had 9 update days (tues and thurs), we had 7 updates. HOWEVER, 4 of those updates were longer than the usual comic length (double or even triple tier), and we got 2 bonus oddball artworks intermixed.

      1. Personally, I consider a tier to be equatable to one days of work/days update. Since most of the work is one tier/update, that’s just my $0.02 though.

        And there are times when the pause in updates make for a better working read, instead of having some sort of cliffhanger.

        1. I believe that one tier is equal to the typical 3 panel wide, 1 panel high comic we usually see. Multiple tiers are 2 or 3 panels tall. Sometimes you get odd ones, that are multiple panels tall but don’t have a lot of panels, so it is more artwork but isn’t necessarily more word/content, so some might not consider it a double update like I do. For example, April 4 is 2 panels tall but only have 3 panels total, so it’s either a single or double comic depending on your definition.

    2. You can see when the Patreon updates at the right and under the main comic. So if you keep an eye there you’ll see when updates happen, if not how often the size is different, so you may undercount a bit when a post is a double/triple post to make up for both intended posts or when it wouldn’t work to split them. There’ve definitely been delays, and probably a few missed here and there, but then there were also things like the nine row (?nontuple?) comic for the conversation between Pumpkin & Quinn about sexuality that he didn’t want to break up (it’s in the ones mentioned below). So if I were being a metronome I’d have to say he missed the mark, but I think the total from when he started has been more than two rows of comics per week (and I count 1 row roughly equal to 1 post), so by my accounting we’re getting more than promised.

      Additionally, to see what you think, you could check the formerly Patreon-only comics that Rusche has put in the main archives. See Rosemary’s Baby (09 Dec 2014) through Way Too Obvious (23 Dec 2014). (For Those Who Wait – 21 Dec 2014 is the nine level post, which I’m surprised in retrospect didn’t crash PhotoShop for him, he did say on Patreon it was the largest comic he’d ever done at that point).

      Rusche generally wants people to be able to read his stories, and he’s familiar with not having extra money to spend. So the Patreon comics will spend some amount of time exclusive to donors, as a way for him to say thanks for the donation, but then they’ll make their way to the main site some time later. He said that early on when he announced the Patreon comics, and he’s posted the first batch already.

      So make an informed decision and support on Patreon if you wish, or don’t if you don’t.

    3. *message received*

      I judge my output for comics by tiers. 1 post = at least 1 tier. Anything extra is me pushing myself to get more story out as quickly as I can. And yes, I’m not the fastest artist as I’ve expressed multiple times, and getting my schedule on track is my number one priority at the moment. If you’re wondering whether or not Patreon is worth the $2.00, I always deliver the expected amount of content, or more, regardless of lateness. I went through and counted, and we have currently 31 comics, with 53 tiers of art total.

  7. Can anyone see up-to-date results? I have been dutifully voting, both from work and from home, and the results have been the same for me for the previous 4 days.

    1. The tournament for ComicM!X ended at midnight Friday EST, though they didn’t bother closing the poll down properly so you wouldn’t still get the option to vote fruitlessly. We got the results today, and while Stand Still. Stay Silent squeaked the popular vote by 1% with 2118-2040, the final totals announced (see my comment above for the explanation of that) with paid votes was 2942-3316 Shotgun Shuffle. In general, since the two fanbases have been mixing a lot this last week and there’s starting to be a decent crossover crowd, we’re counting the results as WIN-WIN for both comics.

      I would suggest turning your admirable diligence in voting to the TWC rankings at http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14850/default.aspx, so we can try to get Shotgun Shuffle up to the top 10 where the Minnons have pushed Stand Still. Stay Silent!

        1. Yeah, I’ve started voting for both each time I do my daily round of easily-accessible IP addresses. :-)

        2. I only have a laptop, rather than an internet-enabled mobile, so there are only a couple of days that I can hit the TWC from more than one IP, but I got Jake and Bri (who both lurk on SSSS and now SS) to vote for both when they gave me a lift to my second job today, so that’s 6 instead of 3 votes from Tucson.

          Also, TWC will totally lie to you and tell you you can’t vote again in the same day from a new IP when logged in- ignore it. It will still count the vote as long as the IPs for each vote are different.

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