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I actually feel awkward looking at that. And I drew it. =/

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  1. I guess he hadn’t yet read the chapter in ‘Women for Dummies’ that involved not molesting them.

    1. Is it molesting if he keeps her hands on her face and no where else, in the belated hopes of attempting to elicit some sort of favorable emotional reaction from Ellie that may lead to a continuously beneficial relationship for the both of them? Or is he just going on the old stuff that he learned in High School when he was working towards being an artist, and only has old romantic movies to work from?

      1. Hands on face or hands elsewhere there is not going to be a favorable emotional reaction from any girl where the conversation goes from, “sorry your girlfriend is probably a lost cause” where the guys response is then seques “I’ve been thinking you’d make a much better girlfriend” and reaches “one sided unsolicited kissy face” in the space of only a couple minutes.

        I mean look at the blatant hypocrisy. “I’m so borked over this I can’t sleep or eat, look at how much I suffer from my girlfriends mistreatment of me.” Women for Dummies translation… make her feel sorry for you to hopefully get some of that sympathy attention.

        HE says this. HE starts out the conversation with the loyal wronged boyfriend card. And moves instantly into. “You’d make a better girlfriend.” No shame, no hesitation. Women for Dummies translation… let her know you’re thinking about her. B1tches LOVE when you think about them. But dude, slow down a little, the book is starting to think you’re coming on too strong too fast like didn’t you just say you’re broken up about your CURRENT girlfriend since neither of you have actually ended the relationship? Is this REALLY where you want to start hitting on another girl? But I’m just a book what do I know, maybe it was in the secret author’s afterward.

        And then he moves right in with teh unsolicited, sloppy, hippy kiss. Women for Dummies translation… what is this? I don’t even… did you even read the damn book?

        To her credit Ellie enjoyed the flattery but didn’t try to lead him on, she even tried to delicately extricate herself from the imminent awkwardness. But holy craptards… he’s out of control. A kick in the crotch should be forthcoming here. Or for the extra jolt of irony she should beat him with the Wimmenfolks fer Dummees bük he obviously never read.

        1. If Ellie was really like that, and the strip premise as messed up dynamic wise, Ellie would have been in a kick down and drag them out fight as soon as the first job was criticized. Perhaps.

          Holy Craptards? really

      1. Shame on the authors for not covering “Don’t kiss until you’re at least pretty sure they are interested” in the first volume.

  2. ‘I’ve been thinking’

    And with that single line, Alex proves my comment from all the way back when he was dreaming about ‘Quille’ to be spot on. Casually thinking about another girl when you see her walk by is one thing, but to keep thinking about her is another.

    For the sake of her character, I hope to see some epic tennis grade backhand action here. She was trying to be nice to Alex, he needs to be reminded of that fact.

    Only thing I’m not 100% on is just why he did it. I’m honestly a little torn here. We know he has been thinking about Ellie and has had his eye on her, but is this a knee jerk reaction caused by jeliousy, or was Quinn just quicker on the draw than him when it came to looking for someone else I wonder?

    1. That one’s easy. You can honestly take your pick. He’s love starved from being in a detached relationship. He’s generally lusting after Ellie. Judging by the book on his shelf, and is looking more into Ellie’s actions than what are there (because he can’t read women.) He’s out for revenge. Or he’s just that immature and awkward. It’s probably all of them.

      And yes, Ellie hasn’t raged out in a while…

      1. Multiple choice huh? I’ll wait to see which it is before claiming I was right all along lol. Though I did notice some odd things around his computer. The chick in the purple dress looks a lot like Quinn, as does the hand drawn picture to the right of the computer. But the blonde chick in the small picture looks a lot like Ellie from what I can tell.

        The relationship is obviously doomed at this point, at the fault of both parties, but I think its more one Alex than Quinn personally. I dont know why, I just get the feeling that this started with him noticing how few friends Quinn has and saw her as easy pickings.

        I’ve seen that happen plenty over the years. Not saying Alex is completly at fault for whats happened, I just think his motives were a bit shallow from the start.

    2. Alex = Nerd, artistic, but still a nerd. I say that because he has no way to really talk to women. But with that, I would call Van Gogh a nerd as well, because he had to cut off his ear. Heh, and that was before the days of cyanoacrylate glue which could have preserved the ear as well as Leonard Hofstadter’s snowflake fared after bringing it back from the North Pole to Pasadena…

      1. No, not an excuse, I’m a nerd, I’m a bloody third generation Trekker for crying out loud, so I can attest to the fact that being a nerd is no excuse. Besides if Alex being a nerd means he doesnt know how to talk to women, then explain this:


        No way in hell panel 3 is possible if you dont have some basic knowldge of how to talk to women.

        Alex = hurt possibly
        Alex = letch likely
        Alex = dumb most definatly.

        I can see fridays page already ‘The slap heard around the world’. Women as hot as Ellie are unfortunatlly the victom of being accosted in one way or another, frequently. The only reason I suspect Alex is going to get slapped and not worse is due to never having seen Ellie with a purse, which means no mace or taser.

        1. I’m going to suggest that while Alex may not be able to talk to women at first, or maybe even on the Raj (Big Bang Theory) level, I theorize that he still has the problem at first. However, since he’s already been able to talk to Ellie and hasn’t been incinerated by Quinn’s stare of glare, then he’s able to function relatively well.

          I say relatively, because, any nerd who gets attention from a girl turns into a little puppy that will follow said female around, if this said female is of the stereotypical American fashion: Breathing and hot looking.

          Alex is responsible for kissing Ellie, however the student code of conduct may fall on Alex for crossing a line that some people see as taking a risk that most comedies may put up as a “I’ll shut her up with a kiss” and that kiss is taken by the girl as “oooooooooo I’ll marry him, yes, yes.” Or something to that effect.

          Alex is a jerk, a spaz, dork, nerd and an idiot. I won’t go and give him the Raj level of nerd, nor the Leonard or Sheldon. He gets the pre-Bernadette Wolowitz label.

        2. Yeah, his gut instinct is to act out some fairy-tale move from movies he’s seen, thinking she’ll fall head over heels at his perceived ‘boldness.’

  3. I knew he would see this as an opportunity to chase after Ellie guilt free. The real question here is how far is she willing to go for an internet connection? Does she not realize most libraries have free access? Has she not gotten her first paycheck yet with which to purchase a POS netbook or something? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. And of course that says nothing of what this does to the already strained room mate dynamic. I can fully see Quinn putting this all on Ellie and blaming Ellie for trying to “Steal her man.” Because obviously Quinn isn’t ready to let go of Alex yet, probably keeping him in reserve as a failsafe if things don’t work out with DJ Cornbread. Which would be why Quinn didn’t want Ellie talking to the hippie. Now the cat’s out of the proverbial bag and the hippie is going to cut ties with Quinn in the hopes of climbing Mount St. Ellie. I know Ellie’s heart/anger were in the right place but she really should have done one of two things. 1. Wait for Quinn to tell the hippie herself. or (my personal favorite) get Alex and Quinn in the same room, drop the bomb herself then leave so the two can sort it out themselves and she can remain relatively clear of the fall-out. (or 3 which is a slight variation of 2, drop the bomb, back off to a safe distance and enjoy a large tub of buttery popcorn with Fatty McFatFat while they watch the fireworks, actually I’m changing my answer to 3.)

      1. Also Ellie’s “I just realized I need to get the hell out of here,” face should be an avvy. The look of dawning horror is so good I swear I can see the hamster panicking behind her eyes.

      2. Quinn might not make it a big deal of it for very long. I think a some theatrics fir an evening and everything’s ” forgiven” in the morning. Elle has given Quinn an escape route.

      3. Why did Ellie do what she did? Instead of option 3? Because Ellie told Alex in secret to avoid retaliation from Quinn. And why did Ellie tell Alex in the first place? Primarily and instinctively to spite Quinn.

        There are no innocent parties in this romantic quadrangle plotline, especially Ellie.

        As for Alex, l pray that Ellie rejects him gently and cleanly, even for his sake. Quinn stringing Alex along is nothing compared to the way I imagine Ellie could exploit him. The poor clueless nerd would never see it coming.

        1. Ellie may not be ‘innocent’, but for her to be ‘guilty’, she’d need to be retaliating disproportionately to Quinn’s provocation.

          Said provocation consisted of both making false accusations at Ellie, and THEN laying down a law she had no right to make. Frankly, the only thing I was disappointed about was that she didn’t respond by doing it on the phone in front of Quinn, which was no less than Quinn deserved.

        2. I agree with Brad on this one. no one’s innocent here, but lets face it, Ellie’s brain just jumped out the window with what’s left of her…compasion, sympathy, rage-at-being-told-what-to-do thing by quinn..also she probably won’t mention this to quinn sor fear of getting evicted again.

      1. I second the motion of “Yes please!” however frivolous it would appear coming from the fandom instead of the artist.

    1. 1: He’s standing in front of her as she sits in the chair.

      2: He’s leaning over for the face-hugger routine.

      I vote for a kick. There’s a very handy target, and it should get the message across.

  4. And that children is what is commonly known as royally fucking up. He must have seen more romantic comedies than news cause woman tend not to like that sort of thing. But her “wrong place, wrong time” moment has now given Quinn a guilt free out.

    1. Guilt-free, of course, if you assume that Quinn doesn’t make the exact same mistake with Eagan before she finds out. In fact, she could be completely misreading him and subsequently planting a kiss at this very moment.

      Oh, what a complex and hilarious situation that would be. *grin*

    1. Doesn’t everyone own sort form of Hamtaro merch? I myself bought a Hamtaro DVD at the dollar store solely to put on prominent display on my entertainment center. I know that may not sound amusing but it clashes nicely with the predominantly horror centric shelf I put it on. I can usually tell when someone notices it because the double take tends to be obvious.

      1. No, I don’t. I have teddy bears. Don’t ask, I just collect the damn things in the hopes that some woman will want to use my computer for long term usage in return for a relationship that hopefully blossoms into a full blown love for the ages, romance to be written down as a webcomic that turns into a movie, wait. . Did they do Scott Pilgrim already?

    1. I will be honest, I haven’t gone back up to read the comic twice because of the awkward I feel oozing from it’s panels! EEK

      1. It’s good to have a kindred spirit lost in this sea of awkward. I kinda hope we just never see Alex again. It’d be a fitting course for a character who induced the most awkward moment in all of history.

    2. My high school actually had a fine arts school in conjunction with it. Anyone familiar with Lakeland knows the school I’m talking about. (I applied, didn’t get accepted.) I was friends with many of the students there, and actually knew one that was dismissed for only drawing anime for her art assignments. This was back in like, 1998 or 99 I think. So anime was really starting to get mainstream. My friend later joined the rest of us on the regular “normie” high school side of the campus. She wasn’t the only one with this problem. Apparently the art instructors were purging any and all students drawing anything resembling anime or manga.

      1. That was a big problem at the college I attended. I had a lot of friends who wanted to get into the animation program but the big problem was that everyone wanted to draw anime style and the professors hated it.

      2. Can’t believe they didn’t take you. Bet some of the teachers should see this now. You still have that Lord of the Rings spoof?

  5. At least when it happened to Wonder MOMO, she was coming out of being possessed by her power suit. I’m still wondering if Alex is working off of uber dirty hippie artist lust, or misplaced thank you for saving me from the medusa of all girlfriends effect.

    1. That was pretty awkward to read in Wonder Momo. This wasn’t as plain uncomfortable for the exact reason it is plain uncomfortable. If that makes any sense at all.

  6. Oh, yeah, Alex has been thinking… with the little head. What a dope…
    If he’d even pause to consider treating her as a friend first and try to make amends with Quinn. If that didn’t work out maybe, just maybe his ‘possible’ friendship with Ellie would bloom into a deeper relationship. Either way he would have still had his self esteem and proved that he wouldn’t give up at the first sign of trouble.

    1. I doubt that (icon roulette time) Alex was thinking with the mini me. I’m starting to think that perhaps he is overwhelmed with feelings of weights being flung off of his shoulders. While the kiss may be perceived by the audience as lecherous, it could be possible that the character had mostly platonic intentions, and then hopefully other stuff later.

  7. Okay Chris, which of the artists is the self-portrait? (heh)

    BTW, did you mean for Alex to say “planning” when he said “planing”?

  8. “Its good to know someone cares”
    No hamster wheels in Ellie’s head this time, she knows.
    Then he says “Why do you look so nervous?” and you can just tell Ellie is thinking “because this is how most fan fics start”

  9. In panel 6 of the second half, we see that Ellie has been in situations like this before that her alarm bells go off and she forgoes all free internet and compliments in hopes of achieving a safe distance to avoid whatever conversation/actions happen next. Unfortunately in panel 8 we see she has not made a safe exit.

  10. For the record, Alex’s actions constitute a sexual assault. I’m betting more than one person tries to argue that but the fact is that he doesn’t have her permission to kiss her and the statement “why do you look so nervous” is creepy man in a white van material.

    Just saying…

  11. Come to think of it… he called her smart. I’ll bet she didn’t hear that a lot before getting a job where she’s one of the few competent people.

  12. So Alex just got enrolled in “Intro to Packet Check” and orientation starts in the next strip. :D

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