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Stalk Me Not

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        1. I can’t agree with you there. This randomly generated gravatar associated with my name is from the strip where Quinn’s car broke down, dude. She’s infatuated so much with Ian Eagan that she’s blushing to beat the band.

  1. Ah Alex McSmarmsalot… a ceaseless barrage, yet nothing so overt so that if a girl dares to tell you to knock it off, you play dumb, and hurt, and even call her conceited for thinking you were going where you clearly were going. Play your cards right and you can even get a naive girl to think she should be apologizing for making you feel bad.

      1. About three years ago, my lads found it on a page of WoW themed concept art. We played all as a family, they came dashing in claiming that they’d found me on a WoW page. Now, age up the picture about 20 years, and make it human and imperfect, and it’s a pretty accurate likeness.

        So I pulled a copy of the picture, used it for my social media picture for a while, then used it for my Gravatar. I don’t know what site it was that they found it on, I’ll check and see if they remember. … I sure hope I didn’t infringe. I don’t remember seeing an artists name.

        When I finally got with it and registered a Gravatar, I didn’t realize we were allowed to take them from web comics.

        1. I’m so bookmarking that page. Although the picture I had had a different elaborate background to it.

        2. I have to ask, just where are you from Bunny.

          And I suppose that if anyone has gotten any inkling of my sense of humor, they’d have some idea who this is. However, Chris knows maybe… because of the likely hood of the recorded ISP. But I just wanted to see what the visual joke via icon would be…

        3. Do you mean, “where do I live” “where do I come from” “what WoW server did I play on”?

        4. Nah, more like which country did you grow up in, I’m just curious about your use of the word mates, as in friends from British derivation.

        5. I’m an American of Irish ancestry. I’m unaware of having used “mates” while posting… And I’m out of the loop on the post stalking Major Tom thing too.

        6. Sigh. This is what comes of posting from a phone in the middle of the night. Anonymous up there is me. I’m an American of Irish ancestry, out of the loop on post stalking Major Tom over a joke. I was not aware of having said “mates”, but there are certain isms and Irish phrases that our family uses that you don’t hear everyday so it’s not impossible that something crept in.

        7. If it wasn’t for something like that, where would we have such a colorful language and the means to make vodka on American soil?

          By the way, Major Tom, Ground Control. . .

          David Bowie.

        8. What the hell is post stalking? Sounds a hell of a lot more creepy than someone posting as a follow up name as a joke because someone seems to have set us up the bomb.

        9. Yeah, I dunno what “post stalking” is either, but if I had to guess, I would say that it meant that I waited around watching people comment until they figured out the reference to the David Bowie song and the sequel by somebody else about Major Tom in space.

          I myself didn’t check in until today and so I missed the joke myself until just now. I acquired the nickname from a good friend who would frequently use the phrase “Ground Control to Major Tom” over the radio when I was needed in his department in my capacity as inspector.

          PS: thanks for the info about the WoW page. I had seen that image before and it was bugging me sumpin powerful. An’ if’n ya wanna who talks like that, read “Pogo” by Walt Kelly.

        10. Post stalking is simply finding where a person posts, and usually posting quickly after it. Actual post stalking can be creepy, depending on the intent behind it. Okay, anything other than for comedic effect is pretty much creepy.

          The internet probably has a better definition than I do.

  2. If this is “more or less corroborated”….I would be insterested to see what kind of evidence Quinn takes as solid-gold fact…

    1. As in, KK didn’t corroborate Ellie’s specific experience, but parralleled it with her own. Both different in some ways, but very much the same.

      KK, from what we can desern, ignored Alex’s advances. And thus he became her shadow. Ellie, played into them, actually feeling sympathy. So Alex quickly progressed it along as if it were mutual attraction.

      1. The only difference in his pattern of behavior was when Quinn was out with the nerds. So, could it be correct to infer that Alex may have attempted to barrage Ellie a few times with similar behavior?

        1. Damn it, I hit reply before I finished my thoughts in reference to Alex’s behavior in showing up when Quinn isn’t there.

          Although, that would also suggest how Alex seems to have been a bit more knowledgeable about Janice, especially if Quinn had been so compartmentalized with aspects of her life.

          The only other question that I could bring up would be based on stereotypes. I only have knowledge of art guys based on two friends and some schmucks from a dorm (not as knowledgeable as them as I am on the friends) and the art guys are totally lacking in math skills to a T. So, why in the hell would Alex be showing up in any Physics class, let alone one in which Quinn is there.

          I know that there is some math required for an Art Degree, and there is the denial of plausibility granted to artistic license for authors in skirting some of the issues like this for the sake of the story, but perhaps I infer too much real life into the question of the situation and would not mind much more than starting a topic in the forums on it for basic discussion to grant a better idea of the real thing in terms of behavior vs. stereotype.

  3. “No idea? You just took her to class!”

    (Seriously, with how Alex has been, I could see that being the situation at least one time)

  4. How is Alex not dead? You dont bother people at 2 am and walk away from that, period. Especially someone that works night shift. Ellie would have taken an electric razor to his head, eyebrows and goatee…*snickers* If I could, I would pay you to make that the retribution Quinn and Ellie bring upon him…might even get KK to help out as well.

    Wouldnt be too difficult. Have Ellie play along a little, go see him, and promplty knock him out/incapacate him. Wouldnt be that hard either, the guy wouldnt question Ellie making any advances on him, and it would just go to show Quinn what a loser he is. Hell hath no fury like a woman scored…and Quinn is already an avatar of vengence.

    1. Well, if Ellie tackles him with the black eye maneouver that she used on Quinn, Alex would be tickled pink and wouldn’t care until the instant the clippers touched his skull.

      But in order to do that, the girls would have to place themselves in an area, (Alex’s dorm room) where law enforcement would put them on the spot for assault, trespassing, sexual attack, sexual molestation, sexual predators, stalking, and ruining Quinn’s future as a forensic scientist. And get Quinn expelled and banned from campus.

      1. There are at least two kinds of people in the world: Those who propose cartoonish violence as a solution to injustices great and small; And those who actually think about the possible consequences of such acts of dangerous tomfoolery. Huzzah for you, Pat, and thank G-d for you, Kenju. The world is often safe enough to live in because of the latter, and entertaining enough to be livable because of the former.

        1. Thanks Aaron.

          Unfortunately, due to my stature, I get to watch everyone else have the dangerous tomfoolery, or I just get to watch the Three Stooges. Cool thing on typing G-d!

      1. I think that there is a difference between hair ribbons matching for stylistic reasons and personal preference and obsessive compulsive behavior. If she had to spend thirty minutes making sure that each one was exactly in place as the others, I would agree with that statement someone. If she had to have the weave exactly the same at the hem as the others, I would agree. If she had to spend ten hours straight getting the exact same hue as her outfit, I would agree.

        So… I don’t concur with that statement. Besides, KK’s cool. She gets obnoxious when she’s drunk.

  5. Yay he’s a total scumbag. I was worried he was actually going to be a good person or something. I love Karissa’s ribbons by the way. I do the same thing.

      1. Curious, is there anything special about the ribbons? Not the ribbons themselves, but her using them to put her hair up. I only know a few girls who use those, and more often than not there seems to be a story or at least a reason behind them.

  6. Heh, KK sure knows how to bring it, and can’t blame her.
    With that kind of guys the only good reaction is to either ignore them or beat them up…

    Somehow i get the feeling Alex is not far from facing a female lynching party…

        1. Don’t go away, we need you! Guys like this won’t knock it off till the other guys call them out on it.

        2. It’s only true for some guys. As a guy, I’ve certainly called other guys on such things, obviously and in front of other agreeing guys as witnesses. Doesn’t phase one who doesn’t want to be phased.

          The phrase that sticks in my mind for such is:

          A man convinced against his will
          Is of the same opinion still.

          Don’t recall where I heard that, but I like it, find it often true (of myself as well, even sometimes recognizably), and not restricted to the gender in the rhyme.

          I will admit that I’ve found some men who won’t accept a woman’s word but will recognize from another man, but I’ve seen women do the same, so I’ve always chalked it up to trust regarding ulterior motives, belief in understanding of similar situations, and communication issues (which seem to be less between same gender than between opposite gender, in my observation at least).

        3. Well, there is that and the appropriate use and timing of the proper gender specific phrases, sighs, pauses and/or grunts.

      1. Real men grab the chainsaws and hitch up the mulcher to the back of the truck. That and a six pack for the entertainment portion of the evening.

    1. Not me, re art dude post above. Those two friends, I mentioned one in an earlier thread, were both avid sexualists, but did not go on about it on a level like Alex. One was more respectful and paid attention to the relationship on hand.

      Had to wear rubber boots when they were around cheerleaders though.

  7. You know, I’m not gonna lie… I actually get the feeling that you’re trying a bit hard to play up Alex as a scumbag. Let me try to verbalize it a bit here.

    So, a lot of what I found really interesting was looking forward to Quinn having to reevaluate a lot of things in her life and, potentially, seriously grow as a person.

    Alex was a scumbag. He creeped on Ellie something awful, culminating in the “date” (somewhat repulsive), kiss (very repulsive), and nudie-pix-drawing (unforgivably repulsive). So he’s not a great guy by any means.

    At the same time, as much of a waste of space as the dirty hippie was, what made me so interested was the concept that Quinn was just as guilty in some ways.

    Prior to this recent revelation, Alex came off as a bit of a loser in a bad situation, with an ice queen girlfriend who was blatantly blowing him off to go chase another guy who attracted her. While he certainly creeped on Ellie to an uncomfortable extent before the inevitable breakdown, at that point from our perspective a lot of the blame rested with Quinn and her own fairly-sleazy actions. He was actually supportive of her in some ways, most especially the fact that his gearhead buddy was pretty much the only thing keeping Quinn’s alleged “car” running; his only crime *at the time* was allowing superficial attraction to Ellie to run a bit away with him.

    By later, retroactively (via KK flashbacks) drawing Alex out to be a massive sleazebag who pulls this on a serial basis, it sort of cheapens that earlier tension and arguably comes close to giving Quinn a get-out-of-jail-free card on her own antics re: Ian.

    That is to say, I do hope that the comic does address Quinn’s actions during that period. Even if Alex WAS doing this on a chronic basis, thus far we have no reason to assume that Quinn knew of him doing more than enjoying looking at Ellie more than he reasonably ought to. Quinn still strung him along, kept him at arm’s length, then outright ducked him to go chase another prospect.

    Issue is, where would it come from? Unless the Monday comic is something like Ellie calling Quinn out on this stuff, I suspect we’ve all but missed our chance to have it happen and make sense; certainly, if an all-ladies lynch party shows up and he tries to defend himself with it, it’d fall a bit flat.

    1. A few weeks ago, Quinn was shot down by the prospect she was chasing because she was still stringing along her current boyfriend. Or does that not count as addressing Quinn’s actions during that period? Maybe you just want her to acknowledge the similarity between Alex and her mistakes, which is valid, but not necessary.

      And I don’t think any of this retroactively draws Alex out to be a massive sleazebag – drawing Ellie naked and posting it in public served that purpose well – it is just KK answering Quinn’s question (since she wanted to know if she was wrong to blame Ellie), and Quinn realizing how doomed their relationship really was.

      1. I think that what with all of the character revelations that have been going on during this, these past few skirmishes, is that we see plenty of reasons for Quinn to grow up.

        I was wondering if she was going to have to cowgirl up and put her boots and jeans on one at a time like every other grown up out there, with or without the help of a caveat.

        Ellie had to grow up by being kicked out, treated like a newbie and talked down to the point of mental confusion on proper rules of working and bathroom etiqutte to working in an environment with contempetuous douche bags to being saved by a Deux et Machina, vis a vis, the Blind Guy.

        I would suggest that Quinn is facing her shortcomings in a sense of the tension of old self vs character crisis denoumont to see the result. I think that she is still working towards the top of that mountain in order to be her own oracle. The outcome will be if she walks down the way she went up, or descends anew, path and person blind to the situation until it happens and well, better than she was up to this point as we knew her in the past.

    2. I disagree. From the moment Alex asked Ellie to model, it was pretty obvious to me that his intentions were far from pure.

      Additionally, people like Alex target those who are chronically alone or whom they are able to drive to being alone, to make what they do easier for them and harder for their victim to corroborate and/or escape. In this case, what he apparently didn’t realize was that people talk to each other when he’s not around, and that KK was still on good enough terms with Quinn to be willing to tell her. Or, maybe he did and he plans on using that as an excuse to blow up at her for her outside pursuit.

      Regardless, as Rusche has repeatedly said, no one is faultless here. However, the way I see it is that Quinn is just now going through her social maturity phase that most of us start in high school. Alex’s character type is the kind to try to keep her at the beginning through manipulation.

    3. I suggest that Quinn knew better because of the treatment that her mother gave her father, but then she didn’t know how to go about how to know how to properly date someone without following nearly down the same path her mom strewn before her.

    4. James.
      I had specifically stated in a previous post I have no intention of writing an all-girl lynching of Alex. The idea is cute to me, but too sitcomy.

      I think CoffeeFox touched on some of what I was going to say. Which is I intended for NONE of the characters to be completely right. Even the cat is wrong in eating food that’s not his. At this point, they’re all brats. Just some more bratty and maladjusted than others. I CERTAINLY don’t think this is Quinn’s escape from judgement as some lesser of two evils. Quinn had emotionally vacated an ongoing relationship to pursue other interests, but without giving it it’s due closure. Part of, I would suppose, makes her technically LESS in the wrong, would be the way she went about it. She spent much of her time merely testing the waters with Ian, versus Alex going full bore for Ellie’s affection/physical interaction. Both Alex and Quinn played with emotion, and neither are leaving this relationship, as it stands, with integrity.

      My writing process for me is something I have difficulty describing, especially to defend against Alex’s actions coming off as ‘overplayed.’ I’m not making any conscious effort to drive home the point that Alex is a jerkoff. I’m honestly just writing what I feel this character does, or would’ve done. This is less about Alex, and more about Quinn’s level of trust in these females trying to communicate with her.

      And Ellie has called Quinn out on her actions several times. The unspoken differences between the two in this current convo, is one typically holds grudges, and the other typically doesn’t. I’d like to believe compromise is what solves most diplomatic issues. But it’s not. It’s when one party decides to be the bigger person, and drop criticism for kindness. In my mind, I picture Ellie hopping from one sister squabble to another for much of her youth. To the point where one afternoon she lays a sister out on the floor, and they’re back to talking by dinnertime. =)

    5. I gotta say, I agree with James on this. I never liked Alex, but I did feel a pang of sympathy for him earlier. With all the revelations from the flashback, his character is getting flatter, not deeper. In the beginning, he was socially awkward and self righteous without a tremendous amount of forethought; Quinn breaking up with him would have been a more for the real world reason of not right for each other rather than he’s a creepy stalker. Now, he is a creepy stalker, and their break-up seems more obvious (less tension as James put it).

      One of the reasons I like this comic is that the people seem like real people. They each have their own agendas that they are going for as they bounce off the rest of the world. When their agendas happen to coincide with someone else’s, they stick together for a bit. When they don’t, they go their separate ways. The characters do things for their own reasons, not plot reasons, and many have either exited the strip or not headed down worn out old paths because of it. This is the first development that feels like plot as opposed to real life, as it doesn’t engage me the same way the rest of this comic has.

      All that said, you’re doing a great job and keep it up.

      1. To make Alex flatter was my exact intention. He was always to be a “false impression.” He’s not a deep person. The emotion I want the readers to illicit from this character is the exact emotion everyone has commented on. I felt sympathy for him. Then he’s majorly immature. Ok, now I just hate the guy. Same way Ellie and KK felt at some point or another. I could COMPLETELY picture Ellie telling Quinn what you just commented. “I never liked Alex, but I did feel a pang of sympathy for him earlier. I thought he might be a deep person, but he’s totally shallow.”

        Anyone who has identified with Alex, will be irked by the comics slamming his character, because the parallels of themselves they see in him, is no longer lining up.
        Anyone who is identifying with Ellie or Quinn, is more or less content.

        And thank you for the compliments. I really appreciate it. =)

        1. If it was your intention, then I’m not going to argue that it wasn’t the right thing to do. However, I do want to clarify a couple things in hopes of giving constructive feedback as a reader (I say hope because I’m having a tough time pinpointing exactly why I’m having the reaction that I am).

          I intentionally used the word ‘flatter’ instead of ‘shallower’. You can have a nuanced portrayal of a shallow character (see: Portia de Rossi’s work in the underrated show ‘Better off Ted’. Stereotypical unfeeling corporate type. Profoundly entertaining). I know there are tons of shallow people out there (as bunny and coffeefox pointed out). It just feels like now that we know that Alex is on outs, we’re given more and more reasons not to like him and make the outcome more clear cut. Before (and in the other relationships in the strip), there’s a delicious tension that comes from the vagueness of life. Here, the tension that had built up has dissipated. Alex is no longer a person with potential but improbable redemption, he’s a punching bag that we’re all rooting to be punched.

          As a parallel, one of the best moments in the Song of Fire and Ice books was when George R.R. Martin gave us a peak into why Tywin became Tywin. Still hate him. Still want nothing but bad things to rain down on the Lannisters. But the fact that the story was not as black and white made it so much more satisfying. I feel like we lost some grey here. Part of it may be when the information is being revealed to the reader. Part of it may be how neatly everything is coming together between Ellie, KK, and Quinn. I don’t know.

          A place where I like the ambiguity you’ve created is on Quinn’s relationship with DJ CB. She likes him. He is friendly to her. It might work out, it might not. The misunderstandings/unknowns have been realistic, not the standard Someone-only-heard-the-wrong-part-of-the-conversation cliches. Other comics would railroad them together or keep them inexplicably apart for no reason. So far, whatever their relationship is going to be seems more organic.

          Enough on that. You said that that he was always intended to be a creeper, so I’ll just have to re-order my thinking accordingly (although, I never, NEVER thought he was deep. He just thinks he’s deep). To end with a positive piece, I just want to say I loved how you showed us that Quinn was flirting with DJCB by playing with her hair. It was an incredibly subtle yet effective way to convey emotion that I haven’t seen many other places.

        2. I don’t know where, but I kind of think that I may have called out Alex (Dirty Hippie) for being a vapid dork who is just into art because he just wants to “zoom” the girls.

          I kind of love how some of the John Hughes movies pop up as quotes to base my appreciation of Chris’ work.

      2. “feels like plot as opposed to real life”

        is something uttered by someone who hasn’t talked to someone who’s been in that situation.

        Except, you probably have. Look at this from Quinn’s perspective: her boyfriend was using a specific methodology to attempt to cheat on her behind her back. No one came forward and told her, because her social skills were terrible and the few friends she had, like Ellie, probably didn’t have a lot of hope in her accepting the reality. More often than not, the victim will make excuses for their other’s misbehavior if they don’t deny it outright.

        Then, there’s the creepy stalker thing. I’ve known more than my fair share of guys who have this sort of trait, from the guy who would sleep only with virgins under 20 (he was 27) and looked up things to do on internet purity lists, to the guy who repeatedly told his girlfriend about the pretty women he talked to at work. Most of them are highly manipulative and feel there is nothing wrong with what they do, even justifying it (in the case of the first guy, it was that “women over 21 lose their sense of romance” – and he did follow around one of the girls I knew for about a semester).

        As such, to me, he’s the most realistic of the bunch, flat or not.

        1. I’m with CoffeeFox. Having met a number of Alexs in the span of the last 3 decades, Alex strikes me as the least fictional and most true to life character so far.

        2. See the novella written above to Rusche for more detail, but in short, I’m not arguing that there aren’t a lot of shallow, creepy jerks out there. It’s more the pace/timing of the revelation that he’s a shallow creepy jerk, and how all the other characters are reacting to it.

        3. I don’t know. My experience with creeps is that the revelations are at mixed paces. With the purity test guy I mentioned, his was in quick succession. The guy who told his girlfriend, was much slower. Denial, however, was always a part of it, and was usually the key delaying factor.

          Pretty much. But isn’t that how almost all villainy works?

        4. Well, being a guy, those two make me sick. Bleah. Excuse me while I bleach my fingertips and eyeballs for reading about them.

  8. If there were any reasons to still like that art guy, they are dead now. He sounds like he’s someone who maybe doesn’t know what he’s doing, though the safe money is that he does and he’s just a prick like that, always playing the field.

    1. I have this to ask. Is there a difference between unknown narcissism as suggested previously by Chris’s response to Bunny about the seven deadly sins of Narcissism. It was listed as Entitlement for Alex.

      I suggest that Alex has some idea about how to find the girls that he knows that he can have a chance on, but that with Quinn, she’s the boulder to his Sisyphus that’s going to run him down instead of him watching her fall back down the hill after he’s done with her.

      But that wasn’t the whole of my reason for this post. Is there a difference between a person who has their actions guided by their narcissism unconsciously and a person who uses it to the best advantage in gaining the upper hand in every situation. Kind of just reminded me of the aliens in “Independence Day.”

      1. I think the universal rule among narcissists is they don’t realize they are as narcissists. The ones I know certainly don’t. Even when they’re explicitly told they are, and given examples of their actions to prove it true. Their MO is to constantly avoid shame. Shame is their breaking point. Shame is what they reach when they hit rock bottom at the consequences of their actions. When they hit the point of shame, actually feeling shame and disgust with themselves, they’re finally able to turn the corner (or fall into greater mental illness.) So I don’t believe true narcs are consciously permitted to know they’re narcissists. They have many tools at their disposal to avoid the truths of their actions and lack of empathy towards others (magical thinking, projecting, etc.)

        So really, it’s not possible to knowingly use it to their advantage. Oh, you certainly will think they are when dealing with them. How could anyone compulsively lie like that? How can they blatantly distort the truth about everything? It just comes natural.

        1. Having known people who behave ~exactly~ as you describe the narcissists you’ve dealt with, I can corroborate that.

          And… I wonder… are you foreshadowing a potential means of redemption for Alex, in your comment here? (Or am I just reading too deeply into the “The only way a narcissist realizes they are a narcissist, is by finally feeling ashamed of their actions, and themselves…” train of thought, you put into my head?)

        2. Yes. The smart alecky remark is that a vile manipulator may not like themselves, while a narcissist does by definition.

          The real answer is that they only overlap in areas. A narcissist doesn’t have to be a vile manipulator in the least; they could easily think themselves the top of the world, and just attempt to push others into agreeing. Vile manipulators, on the other hand, use others for their goals, be they self-gratifying/glorying, or destructive.

        3. Back from the bleach. So, your purity test guy could be the vile manipulator? While Alex is just a sick dork narcissist in comparison?

    1. He was the one who would put up with her negatively poisoned personality to gain his own agenda? But she put up with him for some of the money and other usefulness that he provided. Like helping to get the car fixed.

      I just have one thought about this from my just uttered statement. Does Alex know of Quinn’s mom?

  9. It still suprises me sometimes how much solid debate there’s giong on with each page posted, not a bad thing but it might lead to overthinking things.

    As for Alex,i think most of it about him has been said and i go along in most of it, since like most ppl here i also have some expirience with jerks like Alex and can’t wait to see what i will have coming his way.

    Also, pity we don’t get to see a female lynch group to go after Alex, but hey, a guy can dream eh? ;)

  10. Ok rusche, never posted a comment before but been reading your comic since a friend told me about the web comic with a cat that looks like mine. I know you said alex won’t get a lynching of sorts, and not sure if it was said earlier or not, but I pray that alex does get some sort of blow back for all this garbage he has done.

  11. Well…that’s unfortunate. It seems I was Alex in my late teens early twenties. Crap, I guess “We hate most in others what we despise in ourselves.” holds true.

    ‘Scuse me while I re-evaluate.

  12. He’s a bastard? No, he’s a beta. Bitches get betas, because they’re the only ones with self-esteem low enough to belly-crawl all the time to keep a girl.
    Don’t be surprised he tries to play the pity card with other girls….. Quinn obviously castrated him years ago, and that is as close as he can get to pulling the Cone of Shame off his head and slipping her leash.

  13. And again, all the shit HE has done? Think about what Quinn got up to. Started chasing after another guy whose name she didn’t even bother to learn– in addition to constantly as nasty to her alleged boyfriend as she is to her roomie. Maybe Alex is always out trawling for other girls because Quinn is always mean and nasty to him, chasing other guys, and bullying everyone else into lying to Alex about it for her.

    Of course, the double standard is iron plated these days. “Bridges of Madison County/Eat-Pray-Love” syndrome: If the guy is faithless and the relationship fails, it’s all HIS fault. If the girl is faithless and the relationship fails— it’s still all HIS fault. Because women aren’t faithless, they’re “unfulfilled….”

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