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Quinn is still holding the cat, for obvious underlying meanings. Sorry for not getting to most of you last post, or on previous updates if I missed anything you asked. I'm not ignoring anyone, for sure. If you had any questions or statements you expected my reply to, well you know.. life. *shrug* Please readdress anything  pertinent you'd like my response to. =)

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  1. Hmmm. I always assumed that the requirement to have a housemate was just a money thing. Could it be that Quinn’s father actually wants to make Quinn socialize with another human being? Maybe that second one wasn’t planned, but is a serendipitous side effect… but either way, I like it.

  2. Indeed, there is a difference between “have a roommate” and “keep your roommate.”

    It’s almost like he’s trying to force her to interact with people for her own good.

    1. That’s what I was considering, for a while. Certainly Mr. Nicks must’ve known what his wife was like, and how life must be for his children (not sure if Quinn’s brother is in fact Mr. Nicks’s son), so he must’ve come to the conclusion that his daughter may have a rough time socially, considering that that her female role model is… crappy, to put it lightly.

      I can’t help but imagine that his rules about having a roommate is, what he believes, to be for Quinn’s own good. She needed to realize that life was about more than just getting good grades- she needs a more positive outlook in life, and that may just come with opening up to someone. Preferably, someone she would spend a lot of time with, and would HAVE TO get along with.

      1. Right. Due to her playing care-giver for her brother for so many years, she’s probably been removed from many normal fun things (sounding corny) that kids or teenagers would do. The isolation eventually evolves into alienation, and so he saw the problem.

  3. Tiny typo ‘you’re’ vs. ‘your’.

    But, other than that, I really enjoyed this page! It’s nice to see Quinn having to take another look at her behavior, and hopefully this’ll lead to personal improvement for her.

  4. Ok so after lurking and reading through the entire series twice I’ve decided to throw my hat in lol. This webcomic is absolutely fantastic! I love the character development and the sprinkling of humor throughout the series. Also, if I were to make a guess, Quinn is still holding the cat because that’s what’s keeping KK there talking to her.

  5. Hmmm I dont know what to make of this. I can see the argument of her father trying to make her interact with people, but that just seems too obvious and too simple. It might be part of his reason but I doubt its the entire reason. Something else is going on I think.

    1. Well he could be trying to get her to socialize because he is afraid that if she doesn’t she will turn into a reclusive version of her mother. Maybe just trying to teach her how to be a tolerable human being. :3

  6. Why does Quinn “need to stay here”? What is there here for her? She wouldn’t go back to her mother if she were paid too, her brother must be close to old enough to move out, and it seems their father is more then willing to help with that….so why? What is keeping here from saying “eff this mess!” and moving to where nobody knows how big of a b***h she can be?

    1. It’s assumed if she goes back home her mom will make her life such hell, school would become very difficult to focus on. If she moves off by herself, she’d be likely to lose her father’s assistance monetarily. This is not within his guidelines. Then she’d be working somewhere full time at a low wage to pay for it, and going to school full time.

      I had stated in comments before. her brother is around 7 years younger than her, and she’s 19. So not quite moving-out age.

  7. “Keep your room mate” is a worthy goal, but Quinn’s first goal is to *find* another room mate. Doesn’t look like everybody has been in a hurry to move in with her (maybe it has to do with her being a strong introvert?)

    And I’m not counting Tired Guy trying to evict her. But maybe that will be a silver lining for Quinn, forcing her to move in with someone else (as opposed to have someone move in with her)

    1. I’m guessing KK is referring to Ellie. I think KK has moved on, and Roommate No. 2 was only a substitute – Ellie still needs a place to live (I don’t think the plan is to stay with KK indefinitely).

      Of course, Ellie would seriously need to be persuaded, and I think she might, in time.

      1. As for me, Ellie would need some persuasion but I wonder if she would even acknowledge, “Hey, I fucked up too, sorry about that.” Because frankly *that* is what’s needed, and that’s what fits with what I remember was an initial theme of the comic-two characters growing together. Did Ellie ever pay any rent? Did she ever apologize or express regret for lying to get the room, or going into Quinn’s room without permission, eating her food, using her computer, wearing her clothes? Inviting dozens of unknown Internet friends to help move without running it by her roomie? Hitting Quinn and cutting her hair?

        Because if Quinn ‘should’ have to apologize for her behavior, surely Ellie needs to as well. That would be fair, and it would be something that had a chance at building a foundation for a relationship-whether it was simply friends or roomies.

        1. Wow you sure do hate Ellie. It’s almost as if she isn’t fictional and was your roommate for, like, a week or so then didn’t make rent on-time once then borrowed one or two of your things and ate some of your microwaveable food.

          Anyway, your conditional statement was misplaced – I never said that “Quinn ‘should’ have to apologize for her behavior” – I was only speculating what KK might have meant by her comment: that she should keep Ellie as a roommate, the details of which remain to be negotiated.

          I’ll say it now though. Quinn should have to apologize. She was terrible, and has no excuse for her behavior. Sure, her mom was terrible; that explains a few things. But it’s a long road to improvement, part of which will involve owning up to her past discretions and learning to apologize for being a terrible person.

          And obviously Ellie needs to own up to her moochery and apologize, as well as probably repay Quinn for what she took. Still, from what I can tell an apology from Quinn to Ellie would go a lot farther than vice versa. Quinn would probably just tell Ellie to piss off.

      2. Ellie has been on the fence with Quinn for at least 80 – 90 % of the time that she’s lived there. Ellie did step on Quinn’s toes with the food and money at first. But Quinn also stepped back by using Mr. Fatty McFatFat in the car engine, acting like one of Ellie’s sisters in with her “stupid boyfriend situation”

        I’m of the thought that Ellie might be a more forgiving person that what some of the comments tend to lean towards.

        Okay, when did Ellie ever lie to get the room? “The Monster’s are coming?” Bah, scare tactic to get to the objective. People to help move are just that, and no approval is needed, unless they hang around, although that did happen, Quinn did try to cover tracks by getting everyone out.

        Let’s not forget on important thing, Tired Guy does not know that they girls have stolen cable.

      3. Unless Ellie cannot sleep anywhere else, there is no way she’s living with Quinn again. Too much bad blood between those two.

  8. So Quinn told off her mom for the terrible way she treated her? That’s awesome. I’m reminded of a few weeks ago when Ellie did the same to Quinn.

    Is Quinn still holding onto the cat maybe some kind of way of saying she doesn’t want to let her roommate go? Since once the cat is gone, she’ll know Ellie isn’t coming back, and she’ll be all alone? So maybe if she keeps the cat, Ellie will come back and she’ll still have her roommate?

    Nah, it’s just because cats are fuzzy and they purr and make you feel better when you’re depressed. Unless you’re allergic, then they also make you itchy and congested.

  9. So Quinn still keeps in touch with her brother, eh? I wonder what that relationship is like. He is obviously still in the teenage phase so he’s probably be all emo and stuff, haha! Nah, it will be interesting to meet him though, hopefully we get the chance to!

    I’m excited to see the next conversation between Ellie and Quinn. It will be interesting to see how they might go on to patch things up. Maybe Quinn will open up to Ellie a bit and vice versa??
    One can only wonder!

  10. So a big part of Quinn’s problems in dealing with (and thinking about) other people are because her childhood was effectively stolen to an extent because she was forced to be a mother-figure to her younger brother while still a young teenager?

    Well, it’s been a long time coming and frankly it doesn’t quite jive with what has been a long authorial and overall tone of ‘Quinn is just a toxic bitch’ that’s been standard up until the past couple of strips, but I’m glad she’s been humanized at long last. Who was it who thought it likely Quinn was awful to her brother as well?

    It’s interesting that KK is *finally* shifting away from the ‘I’m not here for drama, but let’s have a talk about what an awful person you are’ attitude. She-like Ellie-lost a lot of the high ground, if not all of it, they might otherwise have had if they hadn’t either been all about the drama or b) decided Quinn was mean enough it was OK to physically attack her. And it’s interesting that she seems pretty clearly to be angling for Ellie to move back in. I suspect she really can’t put Ellie up, that it would only be a temporary thing because it’s clear neither she (nor Ellie) would be putting that notion forward out of any consideration for Quinn.

    It’s frankly a little odd how much Quinn’s fleshing out contradicts what went before. It was a pretty clear ‘reader should think this’ that Quinn was reacting with much more antagonism than was warranted or called for when Ellie didn’t pay rent, used her things without permission, went into her room, and openly coasted on the power of her appearance. Only now it’s clear that Quinn has very understandable reasons for all of those to be major hot-button issues. Ellie going into her room uninvited and wearing her clothes, using her things (which I still maintain is fair to be pissed about period)? As it turns out that evokes memories of her mother who had zero regard at all for her privacy or property, and acted on that lack of regard regularly. Coasted on the power of her appearance? Worthy of irritation in any event, but then it also evokes her mother who made a habit of that as well.

    Quinn has abruptly become a much more human character in just a few strips, rather than in the abstract possibility (that is, ‘she like all humans has reasons for her attitudes’). I think that’s good storytelling to say the least. On the negative constructive criticism side, though, I would offer that it felt quite a lot-and I think you can find some validation of this opinion in the reader response to Quinn-that we were supposed to think Quinn was simply awful, open and shut.

    1. to that last part, wouldn’t you say that everyone is one dimensional until you get to know them better? I mean, no one had any back story as to why Quinn acted the way she did. On the other hand we knew quite a bit about Ellie’s back story. If we had zero intake on Ellie and everything on Quinn most of the audience might have come into everything with different opinions. So I think it’s fair to say that of course she came off open and shut. As in real life, we easily judge someone without knowing the full story. Like if someone is a punk to us at the grocery store or cut us off in traffic and they become a jerk automatically in our minds. “open and shut” if you will. I felt like the story line was fairly realistic because as humans we tend to judge quickly and give no benefits of the doubt. We get tied up in the little things that happen and then hold grudges without knowing the full story. It does seem to me that people here are able to forgive Quinn now that we are aware of her back story and I think that is perfectly normal as humans to do such a thing. I’m not saying it necessarily RIGHT, but normal, yeah. Anyways, just my two cents.

      1. Hear Hear!
        We’ve seen Ellie’s backstory, and frankly, I found her just as annoying to start as I do Quinn on many levels, but, she’s shown one thing that Quinn has yet to show: A [albeit reluctant, there present nevertheless] willingness to make a change to better her situation. There’s no evidence that she’s continued to indulge in behavior that Quinn has found upsetting, and she got a job. That’s a start. It’s not the best job, but we’ve all got to start somewhere.

        Quinn is finally receiving that same perspective, only in a different order. We saw her interactions with others first, and now got a little bit of backstory, so here’s where we see whether or not she’s willing to make some changes to better her situation, especially pertaining to Ellie.

        K.K. may have not wanted to come for the Drama, but she’s obviously experienced things at Quinn’s hands. And Quinn might not be her mother, but the attitude that she’s adopted WILL eventually lead to that ‘me me me!’ personality that her mother so obviously suffers from, because she will likely become so jaded that people don’t act the way she would prefer they acted that she’ll start to think, ‘Well… why do I bother then?’

        So here’s the breaking point. K.K. realized something needed to be said, and sometimes we need to hear the harsh truths, whether we want to or not. Now the ball’s in Quinn’s court. Does she make an attempt to change, or is she stuck in her paradigm?

    2. I agree with Banena.
      The entire time I’ve read (and re-read, cause frankly work’s been boring lately and hey… it’s a good read) this strip, I’ve loved it simply because it IS so human and realistic. Reactions are actually on par for my experiences in dorms and apartments – minus the over-the-top humor/physics that are the hallmark of comics in general.
      Likewise, does everyone become or lash-out like Quinn? No. But some do, and so far she’s very human for it. Same for all the other characters. It’s why I love this strip.
      Keep up the good work Rusche. As a writer myself, I’m happy to say you’re someone I’ve found myself looking up to.

  11. Well its good to see that even Quinn can have a normal conversation and wipe away some tears, it suits her :)
    For the rest i’m just very curious as how it will go on from now on, will Quinn and Ellie patch up or will Tired guy crash the party by forcing his granddaughter in there?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!
    U sure know how to tell stories Rusche! :)

  12. This comic is EXCELLENT. Great artwork, really good storytelling, deep character work, comedy and sadness — just excellent.

  13. You’d think Quinn would be more aggressive than this but I guess she’s sort of off-balance at Ellie’s choices and her former roommate’s sudden appearance.

  14. Looking at this again, I’ve noticed Quinn’s arc parallels Ellie’s growth at work. This is the equivalent of the scene where Blind Guy tells Ellie the “opportunity” he mentioned was actually the job she hadn’t lost yet. She just had to keep it.

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