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Strawberry Scented Shampoo

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        1. Isn’t it odd that the franchise which has preteens booted out to fend for themselves while taming wild monsters is the one that became the most popular?

          As opposed to the ones involving kids actually … I dunno … trying to save themselves and the world? ( ie Digimon and Monster Rancher )

        1. Yeah, the Irony is astonishing. I never understood how the better storyline and characters of Digimon got booted. Ah well.

          Also, Raconis, I agree, Digimon Ellie is a must needs.

        1. Now you’ve got me wondering if Ellie will describe this to her sisters later as “pulling a reverse Pumpkin.”

  1. I think the most impressive thing about the iNimbus is the voice recognition on it. Because making that out when there is likely background noise (at the very least the cat… and maybe cars) is impressive.

    1. I would hate to use that. I could imagine sending making a whole mess of problems with something that would hang by my shoulder and respond to my voice.

      though for a comic it could lead to a variety of hilarious situations.

    2. That’s an alternate explanation for Quinnlynn (I’d been thinking she was just being irritating to Quinn). My phone from about a decade ago had a “record and then recognize” capability for a handful of names and I found that nothing I could do would get the phone to recognize the difference between “Jessica” and “Genevieve” and apparently swearing at other drivers in traffic after hitting the recognize button calls my brother (I never figured that one out, actually).

      I should try that on my current phone which just tries for standard voice recognition. I could greet several friends with “Congratulations, my phone thinks you’re *@$^%!!!”

  2. I must say, its quite hilarious that Quinn is actually sitting next to Ellie while she is having her phone night.
    also her new hairstyle(thx to Ellie) looks better then what she had before, assuming the cat does’t eat it all..

    1. The funny part is Quinn is sitting right there when Ellie says, “Quinn. I should call Quinn.” like she’s somewher else…

  3. Oh, geez, I just noticed Ellie uses an iObject, Quinn uses Android.
    There better not be some other subtext lurking in there.

    1. Well, I vote that in this universe the alternative to an iNimbus should be a “Golem” phone. We know Rusche won’t actually just say “Android” and I think “Golem” is funnier than “Robot” or something.

        1. And in order to text message, you have to write it down on a piece of paper and put it into it’s mouth (memory expansion slot)

        2. Well, according to Wikipedia: “The shem [any one of the Names of God, written in Hebrew –steveha] was written on a piece of paper and inserted either in the mouth or in the forehead of the golem, thus bringing it into life and action.” That sounds more like a power source than anything, so I figured a Golem phone would probably have a battery pack that has Hebrew characters written on it. But I decided not to make that joke, in case someone might be offended by a joke about writing one of the Names of God on a battery pack.

          I’m reasonably hopeful that any Jewish folks reading this aren’t offended by the basic joke… I don’t think golem creation is an important part of Jewish theology these days (or ever). But as I understand it, Orthodox Jews don’t write or pronounce any of the Names of God, and might not be amused to see jokes about it, so I didn’t go there.

          …And any joke that needs this level of explanation doesn’t really work, does it! Maybe “Replicant” is better as a joke name for “Android”.

        3. When I’m on the interwebs, and I decide to reference Him, I just type “G-d.”

          It irritates people who think that I’m afraid of them that I might upset someone. I’m thinking that Jewish people don’t want the name of G-d written on a piece of paper and treated improperly. I suppose that the logical thing to do would be to leave one of the letters out.

          However, we all know that a capitalized word refers to a specific subject, and the lowercase a more broad and generalized subject. So, anyone should be able to write god, any way that they want in order to reference their respective deity.

          However, while I didn’t know about the paper supposedly being a power source of sorts, this was informative. But then, isn’t the Golem supposed to be the Frankenstein monster of sorts? In that it’s unpredictable and stuff. Soooo, what with that said, perhaps the Golem phone would do things that you don’t want it to do, like nag you to death. *rimshot*

          Okay, enough sourcing Mel Brooks. No, but seriously, after eight days, the Golem’s battery pack needs to be trimmed.

          The Golem phone is Orthodox and Kosher in that it not only is a truly green device, it doesn’t work on the Sabbath in order to recharge.

          The Golem, the only phone that censor’s you when you take the L-rd’s name in vain.

          When sinning in the world, remember the Golem, the only phone that allows you to turn water into whines, especially when you get the phone bill.

        4. “But then, isn’t the Golem supposed to be the Frankenstein monster of sorts?”

          Hmm, I suppose it could be. The classic novel Frankenstein had themes of the bad consequences of interfering with the natural order, and I don’t think that the legends of Golems carry such connotations. However, in modern fantasy, golems often appear as a fantasy-world alternative to robots or Frankenstein monsters, with basically no Jewish theology attached.

          Dungeons and Dragons, the classic RPG, has many references to golems, mostly animated by pure magic rather than religious power. The “flesh golem” is pretty much a straight translation of Frankenstein’s monster. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golem_(Dungeons_&_Dragons)

          In the web comic Gaia, golems are used to test students as part of their exams before graduating. Students have to defeat the golems, then presumably the golems are repaired and/or “reset” because the same golems are then used to test more students. http://www.sandraandwoo.com/gaia/2011/11/18/the-red-hall-017/

          In the novel Doc Sidhe, there is a character named Joseph who is a golem. He was created to serve a villain, but Doc freed him and he became a guy with free will, who happened to have an interesting origin and great strength. But potentially someone who knew enough about him would be able to control him. http://www.baenebooks.com/chapters/0671876627/0671876627.htm

          In the steampunk world (e.g. in the comic Girl Genius) they seem to use the word “construct” to mean a created being (created by Mad Science!!) rather than “golem”.

        5. Uhm, considering that some of the constructs may just be formerly people, it could be rather inferred that they are cyborgs instead?

        6. At least in Girl Genius, “construct” seems to mean “living being constructed in a lab”, not “person equipped with cool prosthesis”. I could be wrong I guess. If I’m not wrong, then a “construct” in Girl Genius is like Frankenstein’s monster, right down to the Mad Science aspect, but who knows if they are made from spare parts from corpses or just grown in a vat or what.

          Also, in Girl Genius, “constructs” seem to fit right in to society. Baron von Wulfenbach has several working for him, and they don’t get treated any differently than any other of his minions. Also, Agatha is very attached to a couple of constructs who she considers to be not just friends but family. (Carefully worded to avoid spoilers for people who haven’t read Girl Genius yet.)

          The Baron himself has some pretty boss stitches and thus somewhat resembles Frankenstein’s monster, but nobody has ever called him a “construct” and I think he is some kind of cyborg (or at least was put together after some major incident). He’s stronger and tougher than a baseline human, but his son Gil hasn’t shown any signs of that. (Gil has shown amazing agility and has “the spark” though.)

        7. Damnit, now I want to write one of the Hebrew names of God on my Galaxy S4 battery. If it comes to life and starts hunting down Nazi war criminals, I’m blaming you!

        8. Considering the primary cast, “Gynoid” would work as translated to that world.

          Or, with the iNimbus being a cloud, Oz (the Great and Powerful) would work as a cloud reference to the amount of data Google collects.

          UncannyValley would work if the lockscreen was alternating disembodied anime heads with dead eyes staring at the user. I mean, this could even fit as a contest for Indifferent Meals.

          Though honestly, with the way Ellie’s acting with her phone, I’d like to see Quinn’s be Marvin. Quinn would’ve even left it on the default ringtone “…Life…” Voicemail notification would be “[muttering]Brain the size of a planet and you have me taking messages…” I’m not sure what the SMS notification would be, though.

        1. I’m going to hope and pray they don’t get it mixed up with a Saturday Night Live Woomba.

        2. Don’t know if you’ll be back to notice, but here’s the best link I could find on a quick search: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn5OzhsToBQ .

          It’s also on Saturday Night Live Commercial Parodies special that I remember seeing on NetFlix a couple of months ago (not sure if still there); as there are potentially several SNL commercial specials (I can think of at least three that fit that name), the one I’m talking about is one with Will Farrell pretending to break in to an advertising agency to annoy them as the commercial break filler.

  4. BAHAHAHAHA I love it XD. Also, the bit with the cat is a nice homage to Quinn’s ground rule “Don’t let your cat eat me”.

  5. Nice use of the fat kitty (as always I’m a huge fan of McFatFat.) Also I agree that the seque from last strip to this one is well done (wherein Ellie is all but assumed to be alone on the couch but nope, she’s torturing Quinn with her presence.)

    And speaking of last strip, I wanted to get in on the “is this fanservice or is it not fanservice” discussion that occured last strip but couldn’t figure out how to put my thoughts into adequate wordage but I think I finally got it. And I’ll leave the comment on this strip because I don’t think people tend to backtrack to read comments and because it’s an overarching observation that is really applicable at anytime.

    First off I think you have nail down what the definition of “fanservice” is and it’s a slippery thing to define. Some may argue that featuring a girl/woman who is “well endowed” is itself fanservice. I have to call BS on this one right out of the box though, unless you want to call the existance of naturally busty woman everywhere as God’s own fanservice (in which case I may be able to get behind that). The fact is people come in all shapes and sizes and busty women exist. If you want a great example of how a comic all about bust size is not remotely fanservice-y check out “busty girl comics” (now no longer updated but my wife massively enjoyed it during its run.) If a busty character alone trips your fanservice trigger you may want to take a look at your own views regarding females and the objectification of same.

    Which still doesn’t really answer “how do you define fanservice?” IMO fanservice is the display of a character in a provocative manner strictly for its own sake, no justification to furthering plot or character can be attributed to it. Does it advance the plot/story is a pretty immediate litmus test, character can be a different story. Let’s say you have a character who dresses like a complete slut at the start of a story but slowly progresses to dressing less provocatively as they mature. Comics are a visual medium and showing character growth like that is more effective than just telling the audience, “she’s more mature now.” In examples like that only time will tell but I really think that Chris has handled his characters very well and while Ellie could EASILY be Ms. Fanservice every strip Chris instead has been gathering his fanbase with his writing and art, both of which he obviously cares about.

    Just my two cents.

      1. You’re the guy to cash in for comment length? I’ve been trying to find you. I’ve got a lot saved up by now, especially since you’re offering such a generous exchange rate.

    1. I agree with your definition of fanservice: unjustifiable display to appeal to fans.

      And I like your example of a slutty character becoming less provocative as they mature, where the fanservice was not really to appeal to fans, but to show the transformation of character. Makes me wonder if these “fanservicey” occurrences of Ellie might happen more and more until someone in the story (and not one of us) points them out and tells her to knock it off.

      My money’s on Quinn, there. “Okay, we’re roommates again, and I’m trying to be patient with your generally annoying behavior, but could you put some clothes on for crying out loud? My little brother’s coming to visit, and I’d like to be able to carry on a conversation with him for 10 seconds without him getting distracted and staring down what little of a shirt that is that you’re wearing.”

      1. I think that what with Ellie having newphews, that she’d have the decency of decorum to dress appropriately without having to be told what to do.

        I think that I’d have to say April 25th. Because it’s not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

    2. I disagree with the definition for one unfortunate part: entirely too often, bath, nudity, or states of undress scenes are used to further the plot. This is typically done in romance manga of all varieties, where the romantic development is synonymous with – or is – the overarching plot.

      Even in some of my favorites, these scenes appear, and serve very little actual function that couldn’t be accomplished some other, less servicey, way.

      1. CF, I’m not sure you and TLO actually disagree on the definition of fanservice. TLO is describing situations where the state of dress is truly is integral to the plot, whereas you’re describing situations that could be depicted many ways but are chosen to be show in the most titillating way possible. Same definition, just applied to different situations.

        Believe it or not, that’s the same definition I use. In his explanation, Rusche brought up three examples that I felt all fell into the plot perfectly and thus were not fanservice-y. TLO is right that Ellie could *easily* fanservice every comic, and Rusche is a better man for not going that route (hence my “better than” comment).

        As I said in yesterday’s comments, I would not have posted the same thoughts if that shot was from the POV of any character we could see. Then, it would have been relevant to the interaction of the two characters and in my mind, not fanservice-y. Today’s shot is the same pose, and I don’t feel it’s fanservice-y (ten degrees argument). But since it just seemed to be between Ellie and the reader (with Ellie unaware of the reader), I wrote what I wrote.

        Since Rusche has taken the time to explain his thought process going into the shot, I feel a bit differently. While I still don’t necessarily agree with his choices, I now understand that he was aiming more for artistic experimentation than fanservice.

        Also, this seems like the appropriate place to say that, for those who made the effort to respond to my comments on the last comic, I did reply back last night. If you want to see it, it’s there. If not, meh.

        1. I read your latest comments on that one. My mindset is honestly, I’d rather have fans than fanatics. Fans tell me when somethings amiss, wrong, or that they generally disapprove. Whether I agree or not with what they’re saying, I still take it into account and it weighs into each future comic. So it’s good. Fanatics think an artist can do no wrong. That doesn’t help the artist/writer on something they’re creating AT ALL.

        2. Cool. I definitely appreciate your patience on the whole matter. The volume that I’ve been posting on this might make it seem that I’m trying to be combative about this and I’m not. I’m just one of those people who wants to make sure people really understand what I meant (too much so sometimes), which means a lot of replying and trying to get into the nuances and details. Which can make my position seem less flexible than it is. So, thank you for writing the above and thank you for your patience.

          Now, in replying to boog, I decided that it would be totally awesome if you panned out again in tomorrow’s comic and showed that Panel 2 of yesterday’s comic was actually the perspective of Blind Guy. I would take back everything due to the sheer hilarity. Make it so!


        3. Me, I’m thinking that people got upset because it seemed to have broken the fourth wall, and that they placed themselves sitting in the same room as her, and she’s totally ignoring us/them/reader.

          But it’s not as Ray Bradbury as that, right? Like you said, and I feel that I simply said with “Slice of life,” because who hasn’t sat on a chair or couch like that before? I have.

  6. I think Quinn’s dad will really like Ellie. This dynamic seems likely to be what he wanted with the roommate requirement.

    I’m wondering if McFatFat is being quiet and has left enough slack in Quinn’s hair that she didn’t notice or if she’s just given up as a lost cause.

    Finally, looking at the map from the Ellie face, I’m glad to know the particular franchise of the soul destroying company that inspired Ellie’s first job is near an area with Cleveland in the name. I’ve spent enough time in Cleveland, OH to fully concur with it’s association with all things soul destroying.

    1. I just want to know, how in the world do people go to a movie theater where there is no parking. There is no parking lot for that place, it seems as if it’s in the middle of a sprawl mall and just off of the street, where people park along the streets. Parallel PARKING OMG!!!

      1. There are massive parking lots just north and south of the theater; just not in front or back. It looks like a standard mega mall.

        1. They’re good in principle, but don’t turn out as cool in practice. When the mega mall defeats a patron, it can take on the patron’s primary characteristics at will. Unfortunately, it turns out most defeated patrons’ primary characteristics are either in the “funky smells” or “irritating sounds” categories, so it was never as popular as Developer Light hoped.

  7. I just noticed something about the girl’s apartment. How can tired guy be so fired up over Mr. Fatty McFatFat when there are doggie poop bag dispensers in between the buildings?

    1. I thought he mentioned it in the “anything to cause a problem between Quinn and the leasing office” sort of vein, so he could actually love cats and have several himself (sanctioned by the leasing office with the proper deposit/signature/etc).

  8. sort of funny but as a pokemon nerd… in the newer games they gave female pikachus a more heart shaped tail end instead of the flat bar. So that girl drew her as a male pikachu to any pokenerd xD

  9. I just realized something, from something the wheelchair ninja said. “You broke my spine, now I’ll break your face.” I remembered something from high school which went something like, “You broke my heart, now I’ll break your face.” I think it was supposed to be a joke on country music. So, could that mean that Wheelchair ninja went to school in the midwest somewhere?

    1. I’d now like to see Wheelchair Ninja’s training montage from a toddler all the way through to his peak, of course set to the music of all the great country songs featuring ninjas that inspired him in his journey. “I’ve Got Friends in Invisible Places,” “Achey Breaky Neck,” and everyone’s favorite “A Boy Named Xu.”

      (sorry, couldn’t think of a good “Ring of Fire” substitution, and I couldn’t leave out The Man in Black for ninja-related country songs)

  10. Well, it’s our own fault, really. We asked, hey, Ellie, can we get a peek at you? Preferably without clothes, of course.

    And indeed, she obliged. But only phonetically.

  11. On an archive crawl to avoid the terrible fate of doing something productive, I noticed that I missed the connection with this comic and the 21 May 2013 one (STAHP).

    Nice job throwing that in. I didn’t notice from another commenter or two that it’d shown up previously.

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