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Subjective Value

This comic involves another Jessica convention anecdote. The Michael Bay part is me, but she has yearly run ins with the same lady not willing to part with her collection. Which is essentially what it is. She buys a both, mascarading as a vendor, and sets outrageous prices. She doesn't want to part with it. She's just showing it off. Our reader Matt has decided to make a companion comic involving what happened to Sister X after the Black Friday arc. Waiting on more, Matt. No pressure. *pressure* shotgun-shuffle-fan-strip **Also, if anyone has any special pop culturey refs you want in while we're at a convention, speak now. I always need good ideas to throw into the backgrounds.

107 thoughts on “Subjective Value

    1. I’d go broke.

      “THIS is for reducing Jason Voorhees to some kind of circus hobgoblin!” *PUNCH* THIS is for believing explosions are a plot device! *PUNCH* And THIS…this is for Optimus Prime, you lunatic. *inserts knee forcibly into jawline* Wait…that last one wasn’t a punch. Or in the stomach. Do I owe you extra for that?”

        1. Platinum Dunes is Michael Bay, man. Platinum Dunes put Derek Mears in the mask, and that was the worst thing they’d ever done.

          I don’t think Bruckheimer had anything to do with Friday the 13th at all, really. Unless he was in on Freddy Vs. Jason, where Jason suddenly developed hydrophobia after having just walked through a lake lengthwise two or three films previous.

      1. I totally imagined you doing that while attacking Michael Bay like Goku attacked Nappa.
        If thats what you were going for, spot on sir.

    2. Good lord. If the real Michael Bay did that I’d have to begrudgingly call him a financial genius…

      1. But he’s already a financial genius. He’s a millionaire, and barely has to apply himself to the plot lines in his films. He gets tons of money, and barely follows established canon of the source material.

        Compare that to people like Uwe Boll and Paul W. S. Anderson, and you might just notice that while those other 2 don’t really follow established canon, their movies don’t become huge blockbusters.

        That being said, I actually like Michael Bay’s movies. Bad Boys, The Rock, The Island, and Transformers 1 were pretty good.

        1. He may have been successful, but I feel no obligation to apply the word “genius” until he lets me take a swing at him. Possibly several swings.

          Hence my careful original wording. >:D

  1. They are just playing in Bay’s hands. Folks have to stop watching, otherwise we are just going to get more dramatic lines from Marky Mark tryiing to sound legit when he says he just found a Transformer.

  2. She’s here on the off chance someone will pay ridiculous prices for Sanrio merch. It’s like a lottery ticket.

      1. The price’ll go up as the end of day approaches. Nothing like the closing door of opportunity to push up demand.

    1. Or maybe she sold the $200 hoodie, then put the $65 hoodie on. “Sorry, sucker who bought the $200 hoodie to see “the goods”, all sales are final.”

    1. So, how much does a booth at a convention like this go for? I’m sure there’s some variation, but I’m talking about on average.

      I mean, if you are planning on going to the convention anyway, if you sell just 2 or 3 overpriced pieces you maybe break even.

      1. With anything dealing with real estate it’s all dependent on Location, Location, Location. A 10×10 in a good spot maybe 400 to 600, bigger cons more smaller cons less. (A huge con like San Diego ComiCon, a couple of thousand.) A table like Ellie is working for out beyond the Tire and Lube, couple of hundred.

    1. I hate to break it to you, but you’re only funding his next masterpiece- The Adventures of Explosion Man, Part 1

    1. It really was a nifty piece. Looking forward to finding out all the details about this odd alternate universe containing Sister X and Dheu, among possibly other things.

  3. I’ve seen people like this at cons. If you just want to show off your collection, then place a sign that says display only already!!!

    I got my hopes up staring at that European copy of Wily Wars for the Mega Drive!!!!!

  4. If I had the opportunity to punch Michael Bay in the stomach I don’t think u would be able to stop, and honestly I don’t care about what he did to the Transformers since I’m not 5 years old anymore, the cartoon was actually quite terrible if you think back, it was just a cynical advertising move…he just seems like a real turd sandwich.

  5. I have to admit I’m not really feeling this storyline. It’s the first one since Gump Wars where I’ve felt my attention flagging. I get the con/nerd jokes/references but something feels like it’s missing. Maybe I just miss the rest of the sisters?

    The little gifs at the bottom of the page are cool though.

    1. Aww. Well I’ll touch on the sisters again later, but they’re not the biggest part of the comic, especially as a whole. Every storyline seems to be a base breaker of sorts. Preferences are always different since readers are here for different things. I have the Quinn-Eagan/Ellie-Blind Guy romance people, surreal storyline enthusiasts who clash with the down-to-eathicans, and so on. The sister camp is yet another faction of readers. There’s also the anti-sister faction.

      1. Regardless, we’re at a con, so we’re working with the con environment. We only go around once, so we’re hitting the bases before we move on. Gotta get the con humor out now or it’s lost forever. :P

        1. Should put a Voltron or Robotech reference in there somewhere, man. :)

      2. “Well I’ll touch on the sisters again later, but they’re not the biggest part of the comic, especially as a whole.”

        That’s an interesting sentiment. I’ll be honest- it makes me a little nervous. I’ve read a couple of webcomics that started out as one thing and eventually shifted away from that to something else entirely, and it rarely ended well. Now, you seem to have put a lot more long-term thought into your comic, so I’ll try to keep my cynicism in check, but I’ll be watching closely for signs that it really starts to go off the rails.

        1. Wait..I’m confused, because originally the sisters weren’t part of the comic at all anyways. They didn’t get introduced until later on and now we’ve moved on from them. So technically he’s not shifting away from anything, right? That is how I see it anyways.

        2. You mean like that unholy abomination of stagnant crap that was Sinfest?

          Every now and then I get bored and google ‘Does Sinfest still suck?’

      3. I feel like it’s been so long since we’ve touched on the Eagen/Quinn thing or the Blind Guy/Ellie thing! Ahhh. I want to experience more of that. I got kinda excited when I saw Eagen is at the con, but then remembered Quinn isn’t there…

    2. I’m in a like/hate relation with the arc. I love cons. But this arc is just full of awful stereotypes and makes it seem like cons are bad full of annoying bad people. I know that’s not the intent being written but that’s how it feels to me. Seriously cons are very fun and hardly anything bad besides seeing an occasional furry occurs. That and cross dressing but usually most cross dressers have the courtesy to do it if they can pull it off and everything is cool. Then again I go to anime exclusive cons and E3 so maybe not going to a general con has allowed me to side step these kinds of things. Again love the comic still, and am still enjoying the arc. I just have these love hate moments with the current arc.

      1. Well, other than long lines and showing some con booths are pointless or generally confusing, I don’t personally think I played into too many over-reaching stereotypes. And you can’t have nerds not acting nerdy. lol

        Much of this is firsthand experience from myself and a few others who’ve attended conventions, so it’s a way to offer something that I’ve personally witnessed, but haven’t seen done in other medias takes on con stories. It’s also much more difficult to write a story where everyone is standing around buying merchandise and typically having a good time. That would probably be boring.

  6. So she couldn’t sell off that one she is wearing after all. Guess it is for the best. She would look weird in just that furry patch shirt. Also, I hate to be that person but Michael Bay gets too much crap in my option. He has made some pretty decent movies (well, entertaining movie and lets face it that is what I am paying $10 for anyway). Also, if the nerds hate the way he has treated their beloved series then don’t go to his movies.

  7. Don’t forget to mention the one fat 25-to-30 year old who ALWAYS cosplays as Sailor Moon. *Shudders*

      1. That is just tooooo scarey to the maximum prime, dude !!! Some other web comic has a fat guy as a female Anime character. I will find it later. Me and the finger are on the road again, :) finger did a Smiley face !!! :) :o

      1. The story, as it turns out, is that Sailor Bubba is just a fun-loving nice dude who used to work con security, and decided to just have a little fun cross-dressing as a Sailor Scout. Strange, but hey.

        1. I actually like the Sailor Bubba cosplay. It looks immensely funny and the guy in it like he’s a fine bloke having a good time.

          Now Man-Faye on the other hand…

  8. Me and my better half would love to see some Robotech in the background.

    Oh, wow. There are all these neat animated GIFs on the bottom of the page now. Most kew.

  9. …how long have those gifs been at the bottom?

    Things I remember from the few cons I went to:

    A room filled with tvs and chairs where people played Smash Bros all day.

    The tabletop RPG room where frustrated GMs were getting angry because heir players couldn’t hear them try to set the mood.

    People in costume feeling it was okay to just run up and hug anybody else in costume. This caused a few moments of screams of “what the hell?”

    Local stores desperate to unload their stock buying booths.

    At least one person attempting to jump the rail on the ramp for people with disabilities to get to a room and failing horribly.

    An overwhelming sense of “haven’t there been any really good NEW animus in the past seven years?” To which I was told “well, they did a new version of Trigun and Hellsing.”

    Really lazy Cosplay, where people just put on a weird t-shirt and got upset when people couldn’t guess who they were.

    Yeah, my con experiences have been pretty underwhelming.

  10. Hmmmmmmm…..pop culture reference.
    Oh! How about someone dressed as Mal, raging about how Firefly was ruined by Fox?

    1. I could also see someone dressed as Profit from Profit or Ezekiel from Brimstone doing the same thing. Maybe all three of them having a Fox hatefest?

  11. Whenever I go to cons, I see a lot of trolls from the Homestuck universe. So many trolls.

    There are also the people that dress up as cardboard box versions of characters.

    1. I had never heard of Homestuck. Thank you for mentioning it; I’m now hooked and have something to read between Shotgun Shuffle updates. :D

      Reminds me of a lot of the old TUI-based adventure games from the Long, Long Ago.

  12. Hm. I’m kind of at a loss because I encounter tons of pop culture but don’t go to cons. The only thing I can think of that’s missing (from my limited con knowledge) is someone going as something intentionally obscure/unpopular for the geek cred of it. Like someone going as Vash, but wearing a black version of his coat to match that Todd Macfarlan action figure that clashed with the series. You know, so they could correct the people trying to correct them.

  13. ok….NOW I know I’ve been out of the Sonic gaming world for awhile now….where is that Tails gif at the bottom of the page from?

  14. What about fan girls randomly/dangerously glomping “their favorite character of all time”? So many stories from friends about back pains and minor injuries…

  15. Pop Culture references : X Files, Dukes of Hazzard both the TV. show and the movie The A team badly cosplayed , Seven of nine but not a fat guy, a close Jeri Ryan. Some webcomics and one more thing, a nerd girl dressed up as Faye Valentine who falls in love with Francis

  16. Hey Rusche, I know it’s kind of late to ask about this, but whenever the speech bubble above Pumpkin or Ellie says “WTF,” are they actually saying the words, or just the acronym?

  17. This same kind of bologna is what drives me bananas about the show Pickers. It should just be called ‘Junk Hoarders’, because a good portion of them don’t even want to sell anything.

  18. You could always throw out some shouts to some of your fellow webcomics in the background… I’ve a list of some fun ones on my sidebar if you’d like some suggestions :)

  19. Alright, you asked for it. Kill la Kill, Gurren Lagaan, This ugly yet beautiful world, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy (have fun), Samurai Deeper Kyo…I’ll stop there. . . . . . . hopefully

  20. There is always, ALWAYS the group of people hidden away in some corner of the con doing photo-shoots for something that couldn’t get space.

    Stuff like Persona or other well-known but semi cult games.

  21. Put Homestuck in somewhere for the convention. With a little research, anyone would realize not having it in would be injustice. (Because Homestuck is everywhere)

  22. I’d pay Michael Bay the $50, walk up to him, then shake his hand (instead of punching him) for telling it to Hugo Weaving.

  23. You need convention cliques? Ok, two things that I run into yearly at Sc comic con.

    1) Convention etiquette. Big thing here. I have always been taught that you can’t take pictures of or with people until either you or your friends has a picture taken with them by someone else. It sounds weird but it’s true.
    2) Every year I meet this guy dressed as a marvel or DC character. Every year, his costume involves his reaching into an odd position. For example, this year, in order to take off his war machine cosplay, he had to look like he was digging into his crotch. Last year he had to ask someone to help take off his iron man helmet because he couldn’t reach the place where it hooked on. Just stuff like that. It’s hilarious and really awkward.

  24. Just wanted to share one of my favorite con memories. Me and some friends went to a comic con in Boston about 10 years ago. Billy Dee Williams was there for an autograph session and earlier in the day I had purchased a “Lando” porcelain figurine to get autographed. After a long line it was my turn to meet him and get his autograph. He had never seen that particular figurine before and asked if I wanted him to sign on the box or the figurine. I said which ever he would prefer and he decided to sign the figurine (I think he wanted to see it too). So he opened the box and took out the little figurine and was like “Wow, that is the fattest Lando I have ever seen!” The figure looked nothing like it did on the box and it really was like a Pilsbury dough-boy Lando. It was hilarious! He chuckled signed it and now I have a signed fat Lando figurine in my collection!

  25. Oh!

    We need someone dressed as Haruko Haruhara (FLCL – Fooly Cooly).

    Preferably a man.
    A big man.
    With a mustache.

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