Summer in the City

I thought about just having the barrel reach all the way into the room from across the city, but I remembered this comic aims for realism. ;P

53 thoughts on “Summer in the City

    1. More importantly, you aren’t going to see the beam like that unless the air has some sort of particulate matter suspended to de-columnate and scatter the laser beam. Dust, smoke, mist–all of those will allow you to see laser beams. Clean air? You are only going to see the dot reflecting off the target surface.

      1. True, good thing she was moving out then, lots of dust (urns of the most stubborn male suitors, ashes of former employees, etc) to stir up.

      1. One does not normally take a shot from a position lower then the target if it can be helped. It makes the bullet drop harder to deal with, and reduces the range available. And while a long range shooter does not use a laser sight, I have used a lidar for wind speed and direction. One also has to take into account for along range shot, north-south vs south north, and east-west vs west-east (Coriolis Effect). bullet weight, initial velocity, and time to target. Short range shots are not normally effected by most of this, but anything over 800 yards (depending on calibre), will be.


        1. Sure, but shooting up was the smart thing to do in this (comic) case. Aiming for the underboob would allow access to the heart without given away the laser sight as it would have been hidden by the angle of the breast.

          (No idea if that’s really the best way to take down a big breasted heroine, but it seems to make sense here.)

  1. Her Terra-tory! Her vast tracts of furtile land! Her lunar landscape! Her style (personality)! Her Globe(s) of (In)Vulnerability! Oh, the humanity!

  2. We salute the soon to be departed Tarra-boobs.
    …or kyle, since he is right in front of her..
    Did summer check for wind? Because that’ll do a number on a bullets trajectory

  3. Makes me wonder… Can an Uber-braid(tm) of hair deflect a bullet?
    Or will she dive onto Kyle to avoid the bullet and end up giving him a momentary thrill?

  4. I, for one, appreciate the realism of the barrel not reaching all the way into the room, but just halfway to the balcony.

    Also, now I want a rifle that makes a chow noise.

    1. The Sphereical Cat Committee takes offense to the notion that the barrel reaching all the way there would be too unrealistic for this comic.

  5. The bots seem to have done their job – the gaping hole in the apartment building is repaired. For now. Bots required in 5, 4, 3…

  6. Tsk! Tsk! there Summer. That’s no way to hit your mark. Shooting angry is just going to ruin your trigger press and follow through.

  7. Very nice.

    I like how her expression in panel 2 kind of mirrors his from panel 3 of ‘Flowers for Tarragon’. Also can’t help but wonder if the way her legs come together in panel 2 has some deeper meaning, like how Ellie would try to put up a psychological barrier by having her arms in front of her around Alex.

    In addition, just so the good Sir Count Imperious doesn’t have to do it every time I’ll start off our pseudo-chat comment chain by mentioning that I’ve sort of become a creative consultant on a piece of digitally published media.

    1. If Tarra’s legs coming together in panel 2 mean anything, then I’m very curious as to why they’re apart in panel 3.

      1. Here’s my little thought on body language & implied message here (combined with what’s being said/facial expressions)

        Panel 1: body language (chest out, legs apart, hands on hips) showing dominance, but also openness. Words feel like they’re running contrary to her intent (which, at that moment, feels like “I’m being tough, but would rather the doting continues”)
        Panel 2: knee-jerk reaction to the staring with the legs coming together, slight loss of composure with the single hand dropping from hip, and the “wtf?” face she’s making. She’s completely taken aback by this bold move, as generally it’d be accompanied by some weak-ass attempt at hitting on her, but without the added hitting-on, she drops her control for a moment.
        Panel 3: back to open & dominant, with greater emphasis on pushing out her chest. That she’s doing that while saying he doesn’t have to stare “so obviously” (which I’ll infer as her expecting him to stare discreetly, and not being off-put by the clandestine glances) which makes me think she’s kinda into it, as he’s been pretty goddamn decent so far, put up with her insanity, and is only now doing anything even remotely untoward. She likes him, even if she doesn’t quite get it yet (or at least doesn’t dislike him like she did her previous suitors)
        Panel 4: same as 3 (still into it) but with the added “HMT??” (which I choose to believe is the acronym for “Huh, My Tits?”) and looking down.

        I think that his putting up with her…eccentricities, has put him in a favorable light, and so long as he survives her & Summer having their little spat, he’ll actually get that date he was hoping for.

        1. I like that interpretation and it generally lines up with my own. Although I read the dialogue in Panel 1 as leading into more of a ‘get lost I’m tired of having an audience for this train wreck of a day’. I also see Panel 3 as being more of an over correction for her perceived weakness than as a… courting display.

          You seem a it more optimistic about his chances than I’m willing to let myself be. Ever since Chris commented about Tarra making peoples lives worse while acting like she’s doing them a favor I feel like we’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop and her to screw up any possible relationship that could result.

          I read HMT as being sort of a hybrid vocalization between a ‘Hmm’ and a ‘Tut’ but your’s is funnier.

        2. I am ever the optimist when it comes to pairings with humorous potential (the combination of Tarra being Tarra & Kyle being so chill about everything just works for me). I mean, he could be meat-shield in the next page, and how that comes about would determine wether my silly hopes for these two are dashed or not (if he jumps in front of the bullet, there could be more “I could have handled it…but thanks” type reactions from Tarra, leading to genuine (well, more so than currently shown) appreciation/affection…or she throws him in the bullets path, and even that has 2 ways it could go: “WTF?!? Why’d you use me? I’m out!” (if he survives) or “You make a good meat-shield/distraction…I’m keeping you around”, which he might be cool with (I mean, he stuck his face in a portal to the earths core, he doesn’t seem to make great decisions all the time))

          Look at all of those parenthesis…just look at them.

  8. Is this the first uncensored usage of “shit” in Shotgun Shuffle? I know we’ve had “bitch” at least a couple of times…

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