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Suspiciously Niche Market

A bit late. Much apologies. Another one on Tuesday. Patreon running behind. Had some issues with poses and redid most of it. Back to coloring. Whomp whomp..

22 thoughts on “Suspiciously Niche Market

  1. That is a pretty big office for a hotel manager no matter what they are managing. Also possibly first mother f@ckers.

    1. We’ll it depends on the hotel and what type of manager she is. Most of them (not all mind you), will actually have a room or apartment set aside for an on site manager that is attached to an office.

      1. Entirely possible. The apartment complex that is used as the model for this has a nice, new in the last couple of years hotel about a mile up the road, and a really nice (used by the Detroit Tigers during spring training) within 2 miles.

    2. It is way bigger than they expect to be able to use and they laid off several other people. Wouldn’t be that surprising in that situation if she got a responsibilities & office upgrade without that pesky pay upgrade that should’ve gone with it.

      1. What’s the difference between what KK is wearing and the yoga pants commercial where that blonde says, “They said business casual,” “I love summer weddings.” and something else.

        1. Entirely different material, for starters. Think polyester versus spandex. Also, what KK is wearing is much more likely to have features like belt loops, pockets, and zippers. I know those features aren’t rendered on KK’s outfit, but then again, Tired Guy’s suit doesn’t have a fly and Ellie’s blouse has no buttons, so not seeing the features doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t there.

        2. Ok. Not just the material, but also the acceptance of such by the wearer’s peers. That would help a bit. But then I was ruminating on seeing people’s underwear in food service while working with their pants around their ass. About the same as seeing the plumber’s ass Crack on a fat guy.

    1. I thought it was a skirt, too. Either Rusche has far too much time on his hands, and swapped it out (….nah.), or we looked at Ellie, saw that KK’s apparel was the same length, and our brains jumped to conclusions. Or my eyes are just getting old.

  2. thats what i was thinking. and even if this job flops, she can make this her business. party and event planning

  3. …I don’t have the heart to tell either one of them that the dating site is a front for a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

        1. Quick, Ironbilie’s been taken hostage. We need Jason Stratham, Liam Neeson, two dozen turkey sandwiches, a fishing pole, a polish guy, a two foot salami, poodle and a gullible blonde to walk into a bar.

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