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Sweet Dreams Are Made of…Candy

Spent a long time on this one, especially some little details like Ellie's fishnets. Hopefully it shows. Happy Halloween, everyone! Here's one more treat: the full size version (opens in new tab).

21 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams Are Made of…Candy

  1. Drool short-circuited my primary keyboard, had to switch to backup, must now type w/ elbows locked. I think my head would explode on the Patreon site….

  2. Good to see all this content starting to emerge as we all learn how to deal with constant covid. Keep it up!

    And, I realize that we are dealing with stylized human anatomy, but unless Ellie has a bad case of early-onset ptosis, her areolae, and possibly her nipples would be peeking over the fringe of her top.

    But that’s a minor nit to pick when all the everything else is so detailed and on-point. Thinking back to the early days of the blank walls of 2009 to this room where *everything* is lovingly crafted, including the carefully rendered replications of each candy bar (and eyeballs, and a toothbrush?). I look forward to 2023 when you re-do the first strip again for the sake of comparison.

    1. I think not having nipples runs in the family. Someone had trouble determining where Anise’s would be in a previous strip.

      1. Art school instilled in me an understanding of artistic license. Art school also required that I take a course in Human Anatomy. So I suspect the war between style and substance will rage on for all time.

        (But some unsolicited advise for all who care: Draw the nipple complex first so you know where it should be, and then draw the clothes to cover it.)

        (And then please tell this to your friendly neighborhood mangaka, because I swear about half those guys have no idea how and where breasts attach to the torso, nor how cleavage is actually formed. We have the internet now! There are tutorials! And plenty of pictures of “life drawing models” *cough*)

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but I’m trying to figure out just exactly who or what Pumpkin is supposed to be dressed up as?

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