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Tears of a Cloud

Soak it up. After that, I'll be damned if I draw the Buckingham house again. Like 30 layers and 3 hours of color and textures just get that to look semi-pro. Blergh. I always regretted not having an establishing shot of Ellie's job, so I figured this would be a good time for some atmosphere.

96 thoughts on “Tears of a Cloud

  1. I loved the way KK dealt with Alex,probably something i would have done as well if i really hated someone big time.
    As and while your rant was interesting, i really don’t want to see Alex much in the future again,he’s simply not that interesting, altrough i do want to know how he got kicked out of school(Quinn’s diong?)
    As for this page, its funny! Love the way her cloud is diong its real job ;)
    And “Emo Ellie” might not be a bad thing for a short period hehe.

  2. The cloud… it poos rainbows, and rains on you when you’re sad? I… have to say, a cloud phone like that is actually moderately interesting to me.

  3. The house looks pretty damn good to me. I like the touch of the shadows on the roof.

    And I’m starting to think the iNimbus is worth the price…..

  4. Reading these comics are one of the highlights of my mornings. That iNimbus is so adorable XD. Now I have to wait ’til Monday….

  5. Having the phone rain on you when you’re sad can’t do anything to help your mood. And the house looks awesome.

        1. Don’t forget that Ellie’s hair looks like Anise’s hair now, thanks to the “Emo” storm clouds.

          However, I’m of the thought that the extra memory is not needed at this point, or that it’s busy helping to condense moisture for the emo rain.

    1. Nah the Freemans house is bigger. Also with so many children I thought the house would be bigger. They must have been crammed in there allright.

      1. You would be surprised dude. First we dont know if there is a full sized basement or not. Second, the house could be deceptivly deep.

        I’ve seen houses that looked pretty small from the front, but you step around to the side and findout its build like a bus lol

        Just as an estimate, based on all the houses I have been to over the years, I’d say it looks like a five bedroom two bath and a half from the ground up. Without seeing the inside thats just my estimate.

        1. But this house looks like a colonial revival with dormers, and possibly an add on, unless it was 100% built that way, which would explain the fireplace there in what could be the family room.

  6. I love its puppy dog eyes….even if it still seems happy. Even with it’s pudgy frown. And actually raining that hard? WOW. Well, apparently Ellie could not remain in shock indefinitely….

  7. Someone needs a hug, stat!

    Really, though, there are few things quite so painful as losing a job not because you quit, or because you screwed something up, but because the place closes. It removes the connection between your efforts and your rewards; you worked hard, you did your job, and still you got fired? That’s a kick in the teeth.

    1. Up shot, though, at least no one will be able to question why she left. Chances are the ratches made at least the local paper; the appearance of an “omega pestilence” tends to do that.

      1. Dude, O’Jacks and the coleslaw emporium would be all over that to quash the story. 1, because O’Jacks’ reputation would be forever tarnished if they were the ones with the reputation for ending all life on Earth, or at least the Omega Pestilence. Re: Fight Club (urine content of the Lobster Bisque). 2. Would you eat anywhere within a 5 mile radius of where those things spawned? 3. Would you eat anything made by a person who worked there?

        If you answered yes to #2 and #3. Would you take food from a ugly, hairy fat naked person?

        1. Thing is, there’s only so much quashing O’Jacks can do. Even when the story is fake (Person faked a cut off finger in their chili at Wendy’s a while back), it still hits the news. If it wasn’t an internal shutdown (and I think it’s stated that it wasn’t), then this is definitely hitting the newspapers.

        2. While I wouldn’t do it with a fast food place, for sit down restaurants I actually usually specifically do eat there the week after they have a big enough health code violation that it makes the news. They’re never crowded and NO ONE is being more careful than a restaurant that still has the health department looking over their shoulder.

  8. Now’s your chance, Ellie!

    “Mom I lost my job.” “WHAT?!” “Cinna did it!”

    Finally, payback after all these years.

    1. You know what? I can’t help but think her mom will be a lot more understanding just knowing that Ellie actually had a job to lose in the first place. I think we all remember where Ellie came from. Besides…I figure she’ll have another one before too much longer. She was handing out flyers in that preview image for “which storyline should be next.”

      1. Unfortunately, her life history has everyone beating down on her, cutting her hair and such, and treating her like the lower class human beat up target that she’s portrayed herself as. So, I can understand her feelings right now.

        I’m kind of surprised that she went home and changed outfits. But then, Maybe she had to. But that could mean that her travels took her past the school, past the place where the tent stands in place of her job, to her apartment, maybe seeing Quinn (If she’s not at the library studying), and then off to the parents house. All that and if she hasn’t gone to the drive in yet.

        I’m going to guess that Ellie needs time to feel bad, and may yet cause another intervention by BG via Pumpkin taking to Ashliii near class.

      2. Oh I don’t think she’d be that mad about her losing her job considering it wasn’t her fault. But locking herself into a long-term contract for a phone she could barely afford with a job might be a different story.

        1. Honestly, I was just back reading and got up to the point where Mr. Steven was pointing out that two managerial people, wearing some sort of tie, were discussing her.

          I think that Ellie is kind of feeling that she just wants to be a kid again, and climb into the safety and comfort of her parent’s loving embrace.

        2. Honestly, I wasn’t doubting you.

          Of course she wants to be a kid again! Being a kid is rad times: no work, no rent, no bills, no real financial responsibility – in fact other people work really hard to buy you stuff and give you a place where you can live and sleep and watch TV and eat candy and play board games because family, am I right? And family… being related to someone by blood is actually pretty easy if you start out that way – takes practically no effort at all, and it’s even better if they actually love you and care about you. I wouldn’t question for a second that the fabled Lazy One would turn down such a lifestyle if it were presented to her again in life.

          But that’s all fairly obvious and none of it really has anything to do with losing her job, except that without one she has a whole helluva lot more time to think about it now. So I guess that’s kinda depressing.

      3. While Momma Buckingham might be understanding, we’re still chronologically close enough to Ellie being kicked out that she may still be feeling a little raw or stubborn regarding admitting anything negative to Momma B.

    1. Cake helps everything! Palestine and Israel could probably get along if enough cake was involved! :D

    1. I thought that the boss was married dude. It’s having an affair with the boss? Damn, that house is more outstanding than what we thought earlier.

    2. Nice avatar match for your comment. I’m going to have to remember to make more “get off my lawn” comments.

      1. Luckily I do not, as a I happen to be female. A lady beard would be a nice conversation piece, but oh so awkward.

        @Pat- Well, it IS Ellie’s birthday. Even if they didn’t get along normally, it’s just good form to be nice to your sister on her birthday.

    1. *ruffles his goatee, his four inch goatee*

      Actually, when she doesn’t have a sharp object or a beardy magazine in her hands, she doesn’t seem so put-offish and actually approachable.

  9. The Buckingham house looks awesome! I can totally see how it would take you so long to get it done and why you wouldn’t wanna do it again!

      1. And I don’t think that while Mr. Steven knows that Ellie is Pumpkin’s sister, the artistic licensed use of irony allows the audience to know this, but for Ellie to not know it until later. So, she doesn’t know what he does, and might even find it a bit unbelievable until he says something to prove himself.

        1. Agreed, I don’t think Ellie knows Blind Guy is Pumpkin’s teacher. He’s standing facing away from the doorway with only part of his arm showing through and far enough away that BG didn’t hear Pumpkin talking to Ellie but just hears footsteps behind Ashliii (by his statement to Ashliii that he’s assuming it’s Pumpkin following her).

  10. Great job on the house- looks really nice. The shrubbery and the shading were done quite well. I especially like the shafts of light through the leaves hitting the house.

    And poor li’l Ellie… losing her job on her birthday. And RIGHT after she got an expensive-as-hell phone too! Still though, she’s got her health, and family that loves her. I’m curious as to how she’ll handle getting a new job and where, though I know she’ll be alright.

    Anise looks less mopey than I thought she would. I’m guessing that she’s just happy to see her little sister after all this time.

    1. And Ellie looks really good with straight hair, by the way. It looks kind of familiar, but I can”t place where.

        1. No, not Anise- but the general design of her character looked like someone else from another comic or cartoon. At first, I thought she looked kind of like the guy from “Living with Hipster Girl and Gamer Girl,” but she didn’t look QUITE like him. I’m still trying to place it…

    2. I like the shadows of the trees on the roof. Adds credibility and almost a touch of photo realism.

      I’m guessing that Anise is happy to see her sister as well. And surprised that she may be joining her camp of being weird.

  11. Out of all of the previous viewings of Anise, I find that she’s the most human in this one. I think that she’s openly showing true emotions for her sister’s at this point. And that they may have some idea about the job because Pumpkin may have said something. I know that she may not have said it in front of Cinnamon. But at least to their mom.

    1. Okay, I forgot what I read, I know that Pumpkin didn’t say anything, and that Cinnamon has already got their mom in a snit. Soooo, the girls may be thinking “thin ice, thin ice, we want cake.” I don’t know.

    2. It wouldn’t be odd/out of character for Anise to have some friends of the type that pay attention for weird crap happening in town (or be one herself, when she can pull herself away from beard contemplation). People like that might have the early scoop on Omega Pestilence situations, so she may have heard on her own, too.

      1. Like the mawkish health inspector who was just face raped by the ratches and needed to have ink all over his chest to make him feel like a male human being again?

  12. I echo the previous comments on the artwork. The house looks pretty damn good. It made me think of a question for Chris. How far ahead are you in your art work? Was today’s comic finished last night or are you working on (for example) next Friday’s release?

  13. awwwwwwww the iNimbus >_<

    Anise is a lot nicer than I thought she'd be. Thought she'd be monotone goth girl or something, but she seems rather chill.

    1. She’s not a goth. She’s just the “weird one”. And honestly? Of all of them, I figured Anise would be the nicest of them all.

      Sarcastic? Yes. Sardonic? Of course. But still the nicest of the girls.

      1. My take on Anise is that her strong drive is individuality. Ginger, as the oldest had no particular pressure. Tarra kicks everything’s ass without even trying. Anise seemed like she wanted to be taken as her own person and not expected to be like either of her older siblings and decided somewhere along the line that she didn’t feel like being subtle about it.

        Having no older siblings, I’m not familiar with this myself, but I’ve heard from a lot of others with older siblings that some kind of drive to differentiate from the older sibs is apparently fairly common (as is the “screw it, I’m not even going to try to compete” that is shown in somewhat different manifestations by Juniper, Ellie, and Cinnamon).

        While most of the sisters haven’t had the screen time to develop past their archetypes yet, they’re drawn from a developmentally realistic dynamic (with the exception of Tarra’s capabilities being exaggerated, though someone who makes the other sisters feel that way without really trying or intending to is quite realistic).

  14. The I-Nimbus mirrors Ellie’s moods; so what does it do when she is angry, mad, or afraid? If it rains when she is sad, does it shoot lighting when she is in any of the three previous moods. If it does, I see cinnamon, the mother or Terra getting a Taser blast in the near future. I REALLY WANT IT TO SHOOT LIGHTING! That would make it worth the price she paid.

  15. Ellie is feeling how I felt the day I was fired from a job for “poor attendance” … the same day I got a commendation for perfect attendance.

  16. Momma Buckingham is already annoyed with Cinnamon? My first thought was “Is Cinnamon pregnant and kicked out by her rich BF?” but that’d probably be a bit stronger than annoyed. Wonder if she’s there and being a pain, skipping at the last minute, or maybe extended her arbitrary cruelty to children at work to her nephews.

  17. Just so you know, Rusch, since you posted this comic strip (and I mean this one in particualar, not the strip as a whole), I find myself randomly singing “I gotta get mah cake on, cake on, cake on, I gotta get mah cake on!”

    …I blame you. Because it makes me want cake, and the closest my campus stores have to cake is Hostess cream filled chocolate cupcakes and I’m out of school-given Debit Dollars to pay for them and thus need to use actual money I should be saving for future convention swag!

    You have caused me to create a song that randomly pops into my head, and until the next semester starts and I get more Debit Dollars, you are forcing me to choose between Hostess cupcakes and future convention swag.

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