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Temporary One

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  1. Well, now we know how the cat got that fat…

    Or is this just Ellie thinking that how her cat eats is normal?

    1. Animals are a funny thing. They will eat and eat as long as there is food, its an instinct thing, to eat when there is food because they dont know when there wont be food.

      Still it does seem like Ellie needs some help when it comes to taking care of pets, or at least how to not overfeed them, its a wonder Quinn is still so thin lol

      Poor Ellie, trying to find her way in the world without anyone there to help her or guide her. Quinn seems to be in the same boat when it comes to relationships or at least when it comes to dealing with people. I was lucky to be a third generation employee where I work.

      1. That’s actually not true for all animals, sometimes even species of animals.
        Ball pythons, for example, will sometimes go for months without eating, and be perfectly fine. Other times, they’ll eat weeky. No, age isn’t a factor.
        Actually, most snakes I can think of will pass on some meals.

        I also have an anecdote of a ferret who controlled her weight so she could get out of her cage, but I’m reasonably sure that’s not the species norm.

      2. Actually, if you remember the purple dress, Quinn has been curving up just a bit from her earlier “half-starving and a reverse skunk” position.

        Ah, but how did I know that spherical animals were coming? It’s a wonder that the tropical selfies didn’t plump up likewise.

        1. All I can remember, is that when you overfeed fish, they die. And at least she didn’t steal the food, just over fed the critters. I’m thinking that those mice must have been huge….

        2. You’re assuming that snake has been eating mice.

          Hey, those ratches had to go /somewhere/.

        3. O.M.G.

          You’re probably right. What better way to clean out Cinnamon’s room, placate their mother without her knowledge, and hopefully prevent any further mutations.

          Might even explain the snake’s happy smile, from the looks of things.

      3. Anecdotal I know but our dogs didn’t eat like that. We used to leave a food bowl out for our two dogs for years. The first two ate what they wanted and left the rest. One of them died of age, and the second had puppies and the same arrangement kept for a few more years. The only change happened when we got a third dog, and our eldest got greedy and doubled in weight (minature dachshund so it wasn’t that much weight) and we had to stop feeding them like that after 14 years

      4. It can depend on breed as well. The Shih Tzu my mom had we just kept a bowl of food out and it was fine. The Pug we have now is not a self feeder if it found a open bag of food it would eat itself sick.

  2. okay, Megan’s earlier rapid-child looked pretty blatantly like it was fathered by Eustis… who might this one’s progenitor be?

  3. Does this seriously happen to people? You’re supposedly expected to give 2 weeks notice if you plan on quiting, shouldn’t the same courtesy be applied to layoffs.

    I know you recently changed your art style a tad, but Ellie’s head looks off in the second to last panel. Too long maybe. Also her chin looks too square.

      1. Ya hear that, guys? Our art crits are helping.

        We are helping!


        Her head & chin are correct. Organic flesh-bags just look odd at different angels. As the art style evolves to a more realistic one, the beautiful, stylized lines & sharp angels is lost to make room for organic roundness and true joint connections.

        I meant fellow organic flesh-bags.

        I am not a Skynet.

        1. &*@($)@^%(@&$*&@)( forgot this doesn’t like carrots.

          I liked it too but (art critique denied)
          (Error 867-5309: Insufficient balance)

    1. Giving two weeks notice before you quit is a nice thing to do if you like where you work and don’t want to burn bridges, but most of the time you can leave without cause and the employer fire you without cause. Nicer employers won’t necessarily give you notice but will at least pay you through the end of the pay period and/or pay you for any unused vacation/sick days. Many/most will just have you clear out your locker/desk and tell you to not let the door hit you on the way out.

      1. I would have thought that the, what is it called, sibling pressures to keep the black Thursday schedule was more important than keeping presence at a holiday (supposedly) temp job.

        While that place seems to be a square deal, so to speak, I won’t set foot in one. Perhaps another of Ellie’s character flaws, besides overfeeding animals, is not being able to keep track of decent job prospects.

      2. Agreed, unless state laws prohibit, firing and quitting are both technically ok same instant. Now quitting with no notice is a good way to burn a bridge, and firing with no notice or severance will generally cause a hit in morale and have some of the more valuable employees leave. So the 2 weeks thing has always seemed more social convention so both sides can say it’s fair.

    2. Bwhahahahaha no dude, no, just, no *falls out of chair laughing*

      You have to give two weeks notice, but the employer doesnt have to give two hours notice. Trust me I’ve seen it plenty. You have to give them enough warning to train someone else to replace you, but they dont have to give you jck squat.

      1. I’ve actually gotten less than no warning, literally being told after the fact that I was fired.

        1. Dude, you such a liar. Picking up crap in the neighbors yard for change isn’t a job.

      2. Depends on the state you live in. My state, New York, is an “At will” employment state. Which means that unless you have some kind of contract they can fire you at any time for any reason and you can quit at any time for any reason.
        That said. Unless you already have another job you would most likely be using the job you have now as a refferal and if you screw them over, weeelllllllll. I’m sure I don’t have to spell that out for you.

  4. The return of the fat critters. Not unexpected but still funny.

    I think I’m digging the new art style.

      1. Hey, cool pix!

        Although those “hybrid” ducks actually aren’t (I thought that too, once, before I became a Bird Person); they’re just the domestic variety of the Muscovy Duck.

        Good eatin’, those things are. No, seriously.

  5. I personally like the new art shift. It’s like unwrapping christmas presents: you get to see new things, only it’s how characters look rather than toys/clothes or whatever. I’m looking forward to how Quinn and the other sisters look under the new direction. Quite frankly, given some webcomics I explored where they literally look like they were drawn in five minutes on Ms Paint, it’s great that you (Chris) put as much work as you do into yours. I think the feedback should be overwhelmingly positive and the criticisms constructive. Let’s not be a whiny fandom, people. We’re better than that.

    *Breathes* Okay now that that’s off my chest. No Mr. Stevens is omega-level creeping D: I bet Megan will probably mention this encounter to Ellie. That will be interesting.

    1. Oh come on, like you never asked for a specific employee when going to a certain place. The service is better, the Ambiance better, the light seems brighter, sounds more full. . someone slap me if I start singing, the hills are alive . . or Sweet mysteries of life. . . or I am a modern Major Gen…


      on the other hand

      I like the use of the newer software. It’s a hell of a lot better than a mouse and MS Paint. I mean, I’m not knocking MS Paint. But I knew a guy back in the 90s who used it to do photo realistic work. Took him weeks, but I’ll just say that he was the stereotypical artist, mind in the gutter, and the work was nsfw.

      But Chris, draws girl mario to the grand dismay of his children. I feel that he’s updated his software and hardware, as well as his own internal lines of communication to the point where he felt secure in revealing the next level of work. I applaud that a hell of a lot better than either the sarcastic clap, or the sound of a slow clap. I’m talking the so excited clapping of a guy who rockets out of his seat because he just saw the person who should own that instrument because he just proved that he’s the best person in the world to wield it.

      It’s like that kid in Kansas City who challenged Steel Panther’s Satchel to a guitar solo and blew everyone’s mind. I bet that Eddie Van Halen would be impressed by the kid, if not already. That’s the level of awe that this new art has brought.

      And I can’t wait for Chris to blow himself out of the water again.

      1. You could be the first to complain about the font used for “Vacation Requests”. I’m pretty sure that’s a standard font and not hand drawn, so it doesn’t fall under a prohibition on complaints about artwork.

    2. Mr. Stevens likes her (as a person) and seems to be interested in her (romantically). Might be trying to see if she has continued improving from when he first met her or her handiwork, faking a report (being dishonest). He has a good conversation w/ ellie starting here. http://shotgunshuffle.com/comic/second-hand-news/#.U19UwPldWSo
      Maybe he is planning on doing the whole romance bit (dating and eventually marriage if things work out) as apposed to the one-night stand. he strikes me as a bit old-fashioned. So how can he check up on her if he can’t see? Ask for her by name!

  6. …okay, so you’ve got ONE job left in the four-barrel rotation. Is this the beginning of the foretold “spectacular meltdown” we heard about maybe last year? Or maybe this is the start of how Ellie got to be handing out fliers from the first vote? Getting interesting around here….

    1. Yea that’s her. Holding things above her head seems to be her thing lol. We should fan dub her “Atlas”. Y’know, since she’s doing Atlas poses every time we see her :P

        1. And that frown! That look of grim determination that announces to the world that whatever she’s holding in her upthrust hands is the most important thing in the world and must be viewed right now by all around. She’s willing to help by holding it at the greatest height she can achieve, but the rest of the world must do its part to realize the greatness of that thing she’s holding right now!

  7. This new art…it’s pretty cool. More detail/realistic (to a point) but with the sphere-animals (ani-balls?) it gives a fun contrast, and let’s us know we’re still in the same shotgun-verse with ratchantulas & other such madness.

    Also: Hey, a Kronos time-clock (those things are popping up in all my old jobs…also my current one)

  8. Can’t get over the New Art Style! I absolutely love it. The more I see it the more I enjoy it! Especially the eyes and hair. They seem to hold much more expression than before and the hair is more filled out and almost seems to flow. Also, Why is it that Ellie feeds animals too much and they become balls…anyone else does it and the animal would die. What power is this!?

      1. So, what I’m getting here is an eventual war between the abominable creations by Evil one and the immortal/insatiable hunger of the ball animals. Who will win. The destroyers or the devourers. Dun Dun Dun!

  9. ……. How did she make a round snake? to the best of my knowledge snakes are one of the few animals that only hunt/eat when actually hungry.

  10. is it me or has Megan’s kid gotten dramatically older since the last time we saw him/her? I didn’t think that that much time has passed since then end of the Black Friday adventure.

      1. Definitely a different kid. The last one had a freak mutation that matured her seven years in the course of several hours. She’s probably off in college finishing a PhD in a scholarship by this point in the story. That would be a hilarious twist, especially if the father is from, say, the Tarraverse :P

        1. In the RP setting I come from, we called it ‘Nexus Accellerated Aging Syndrome’.

          It usually didn’t progress THAT quickly, though.

          (It happened because, really, who wants to roleplay a screaming baby…)

  11. The artwork’s enjoyable. I think it just caught me by surprise last time.

    So what’s this new logo supposed to be for the second company? Something-Chal?

  12. This new artwork is ok, but I think I liked it better when the comic was drawn with crayons on construction paper. Any chance of going back to that style?

      1. I remember when the comic was delivered every day by rich men riding around in Zeppelins. Every day they’d drop a series of new strips on people, and one day I seen J.D. Rockefeller flying by with a new load of Shotgun Shuffle strips. So I run of the house with a big washtub and… hey! Where are you going?

        Anyway, about my washtub. I’d just used it that morning to wash my turkey, which in those days was known as a walking-bird. We’d always have walking-bird on Thanksgiving, with all the trimmings: cranberries, injun eyes, yams stuffed with gunpowder. Then we’d all watch football, which in those days was called baseball…

        Anyway, long story short, the comic was better in the old days delivered by Zeppelin, and gunpowder was much tastier with yams than the current cordite blend.

        1. Hey, don’t blame me. Rusche kicked it off with his rag on a stick business. After that, the Simpsons references just had to go. :D

  13. Well that’s just plain sad… poor ole Ellie, not getting any jobs at all… Hey, you know, you could always apply for 7/11. They pay pretty well- for entry level jobs, that is.

    Hrm, why is Mr. Stevens looking for Ellie? Trying to see if she’s doing well, most likely, but I wonder if he makes a regular habit of checking up on her, after all- the last time he saw her, she was working at McDonald’s, and she’s had a few jobs since then. Which means, either he’s making regular visits with her, or he’s stalking her. Either way, he seems to be a more caring person than most teachers I’ve met.

    1. Or as Pumpkins teacher he heard she was having a hard time and lost some if her jobs and only quit the Kohls job to do her mothers Xmas shopping. He might be trying to get her rehired or find her to help her get a job.

    2. There were previous comments by Rusche to suggest stalking direction is intended.

      Which I also find to be an amusing thought experiment: how a blind guy, who will stick out and be more obvious even doing nothing due to glasses/cane/dog and also has to ask questions if he can’t overhear information, will manage to stalk someone in an even moderately subtle manner (which apparently he is since Ellie hasn’t noticed yet).

  14. How long does it take you to make all this beautiful art?

    I caught myself getting lost in the bricks on panel 3. The freakin’ bricks!!1!

    I am so jealous, I shall hate you forever. :)

  15. definitely enjoy the newer detailed art style. Chris has always excelled at conveying emotion, so i can only assume this new style will only enhance that particular skill. The thing that is throwing me at least is the contrast in the eyes. Panel 2 ellie’s eyes look fine, however in panel 4 due to the lighter shade of blue it gives the eyes almost a “dead” look. kinda like how they used to digitally grey a person eyes when they were suppose to be dead in all those procedural shows. i dunno maybe its just me.

    1. I can see what you’re saying, but it’s a fairly big jump in detail fairly quickly, so it’s the sort of thing that’ll take some time to get broken in. Like a new pair of shoes.

    1. I think that if you were to think about it, the lip was always there. Just more time and experience under the belt is what brought more definition. . right?

    1. I definitively agree. Love Ellie’s new chin on panel #4. BTW, isn’t the girl on panel #2 the same one than from the strip Cinnavictims (same red hair, green shirt and carrying something on top of her head)?

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