Terms and Conditions-Part 10

..for the ladies. ..and people who like Deadpool may-mays.

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        1. On the other hand, if she used any Slowjam she’s perceiving David’s abs in 1/20th normal time.

    1. Is this the first “first” post that doesn’t have a first comment that’s a huge explanation about being first?

    1. Also I guess the small one is not into boys. Or is also blind.

      Bet the ladies can’t wait to get handsy in this particular fight now :p

    2. I’m a little surprised she hadn’t already unbuttoned her collar and been pouring the chocolate into her mouth at this point.

        1. Now, yes, but she’s had a few seconds to start in on the chocolate before that.

          I mean, it’s good for her that she had the restraint, because, as you mentioned, she’d probably be choking on them right about now. It’s just surprising.

          Glad to see you, with your often knowledge of Florida locales & laws, back posting. Hope you were like Jessica and didn’t have too bad of damage in your neck of the woods.

        2. Thanks! Doing well. From what I’ve heard the Carolinas got it way worse than we did, and most of our damage was along the coast.

        1. I had two options: A, Roll sideways, dodging the hook and take him out with a spinning back-kick. Or B, take the claw in the chest, tear open my shirt, and die. Hm. Should’ve gone with A.

        2. After reading this one a few times now, there are even MORE Kung Pow references. Could have gone with Master Betty’s “Swingin’ a chain, swingin’ a chain…” line, or the Narrator’s “It was then that the Chosen One learned a valuable lesson about steel hooks: THEY HURT LIKE CRAP, MAN!”.

          I don’t know how much of this was intentional, especially after “You go that way, I’ll go home” from Black Friday, but still.

  1. So he has normal human eyes!

    Speaking of the cast page, have we seen Doya Doya yet? Because she’s filled in but I don’t remember.

        1. But how is she in Quinn’s dream sequence? Has Quinn met this woman before? Is she screwing with Quinn’s head? Will we ever know?

        2. Well a lot of the D52 have been shown to have powers, maybe Doya Doya is some kind of dream master. Or it could be the influence of whatever Tired Guy is looking for.

  2. The enemy team shouldn’t have picked Roadhog as a tank. Now they’re left with no shielding ability and they’ll be more susceptible to flanking.

    1. Is it safe to say that the ladies in the last panel have got it bad got it bad got it bad and are quite possibly hot for teacher?

  3. Love the Mortal Kombat Scorpion ref XD.

    Also, I see Durkin made the top of the cast page. Guess this fight isn’t ‘the end of the line’ for him?

    1. I’ve been wondering what the shadow of that hook on the chain along with the high heels would turn out as character-wise for years.

      I guess we know the whole first cast panel now (Quinn’s brother & Vu stabbing I think an Ellie doll are the last two).

  4. lol so he tried a Scorpion move…and failed…and yeah not surprised he’s shredded underneath his shirt considering all the punishment their throwing at him lol….whats more is you ALWAYS have to be careful when the guy your fighting has small beady eyes…..those are the eyes of someone you DON’T want to F**K with

  5. So wait a second…he pulls that chain and hook FROM HIS ASS…and it’s STILL ATTACHED THERE??? WTF!!!!

    And don’t try telling me it’s attached to his belt because it’s like a sucker move to get pulled in when you don’t want to. Or a case of having the hook sent into a wood chipper and get pulled in.

    Not like having it out of his ass couldn’t be dangerous anyway…

      1. He was wearing a big jacket in the last panel so we could not see what he was hiding, and thank you Rusche for clarifying anyways.

  6. Hearing that some manner of emergency response help from Ohio was heading to Lakeland Florida on the radio yesterday reminded me to offer well wishes and hopes of good luck with the storm for everyone down in path of the hurricane (and I think I remember hearing James & Jessica live in Florida, so hope all is going ok for them).

        1. I just saw two things going on down there. 1., a bald eagle got caught in a car grill and 2., some guy was busted for burnouts in front of a camera crew during the hurricane. Have you heard of them?

        2. mild? Tree branches strewn about up here denotes severe thunderstorm and/or mild tornadic weather. Ok, ok. I guess that I can see mild. I forget about growing up with hurricanes back in Jersey.

  7. …The panel layout is a bit confusing. The “fifth” panel overlaps the third panel, which makes my eye go down towards it instead of panel 4, with the guy throwing the chain. In addition, him throwing the chain is in a different direction than the chain is going in panel 5, and the direction switches AGAIN in panel 6.

    Good art, but confusing layout. Might wanna try giving a bit more consideration to layout next time something like this comes up!

    1. The sequence is: from panel three guy spinning the chain, the overlap makes the eye go down towards panel four with the just released chain flying (direction coherent with panel three), then extreme left to panel fifth with the guy pulling the chain (arm moving backwards), down to panel six guy holding chain and kicking (direction coherent with panel fifth), right to eye candy (facing coherent with panel six), right to girls dripping.

      So by your description it seems that the “confusing layout” made your eyes go the exact right way, keeping the flow of all directions and movements coherent, despite the non standard disposition of panels, which is the definition of an excellent layout.

      1. Ah, I thought the “fifth” panel was the “fourth” of the guy releasing the chain, and a random fifth panel of the chain just sailing through the air in the wrong direction. The lack of a panel showing the chain coming into contact with David mixed me up, I guess?

        1. Rusche likes to experiment and push himself in various ways, and layout is certainly a common one. I’ll admit I don’t always have an easy time parsing the comic the first day it’s posted, but generally when I look at it the next day it’s clear and I do like the artistic touches in the way those layouts are done. Just takes more work thinking about them in the first place to appreciate later.

    2. The way that I kind of see it, normal progression from left to right in panels one and two. With panel three character in panel (cip) has his chain out. Now I’m just thinking back to mad max usually when someone was swinging a chain around we would get an action shot with a change of angle. Having some video game reference, pinhead horror movie reference and now a new way to parley those former set ups, we get the casting the chain, setting the hook on prey and dragging him into Fram as opposing actions and possibly mirror frames of shot to suggest that as well. Which leaves us with a shirt ripping that shouldn’t stand out too much.

  8. Gotta love that Stitches(or scorpion) moment, and how the ladies begin to drool over the toned body of our(blind?) friend.

        1. Well, his subtitle is “The Breathtaker” and a pure oxygen fire could certainly do that.

          Though I did actually consider that issue, but that’s why I said the one was full of smoke, as theoretically you could probably take some kind of solid ash and aerosolize it into an air current without needing a fire to create the smoke.

          I suppose calling the other tube an industrial-sized e-cig might have been a better option.

        2. In the spirit of being in the middle of the US presidential election, I’ll stick with the original position that the smoke could be artificially produced by a sufficiently motivated individual without resorting to a fire.

          Remember to come back next week so I can fervently insist that smoke implies fires while you claim it’s all just hearsay.

      1. That’d be a topical one.

        I always like things completely off-topic that seem like they’d have a back story but really don’t. Things like “Lawn Ornament Designer of the Gods,” or “Plaid Onion of the Universe.” When people ask for the back story you’ve got lots of choices for responses, based on your mood that day.

        I don’t know that Rusche would go towards my sense of humor or not, though.

  9. Question about the cast page, are all those that are “x’d” out the ones that David has previously killed? Also, does Fatfat work for David? And how do the Buckingham girls have control over some of them!? So many questions. . .

    1. I think the X (minus Sister X, naturally [or unnaturally]) just denotes deceased. I’d venture to guess that Blindy McRippederson had something to do with one or more of those X’s but I think we’ll find out about that soon enough.

    1. Hmmmm, child actress in comic before that (Love and Devotion, current post date August 24, 2015) looks to come up to Tired Guy’s mouth while he’s seated and looks to be too young to have boobs and is standing in postures leaning back a bit and with arms pressed towards her suggesting clothes aren’t loose enough to hide more growth (as Pumpkin did with sweatshirts in Patreon arc). Her eyes are shown without irises, so we don’t get an eye color.

      GG in her only appearance (Terms and Conditions-Part 7, current post date September 2, 2016) does appear to have boobs, and appears to be short, but taller than the girl in the commercial (convoluted reasoning on height estimate below). Also her eyes are shown to be a lighter reddish-purple shade. So I’m leaning against, unless she’s a shape shifter.

      Convoluted height reasoning
      GG is standing directly next to Rebecca with both of them not quite standing straight and the top of her head is up to Rebecca’s ear. While I don’t see a direct comparison between Rebecca & Tired Guy, in her intro comic (The Wall Walker, current post date June 10, 2016) due to foreground background standing and unclear distance between, Tired Guy & Merrick do appear to be standing next to each other and reasonably straight up. Closest to even perspective I can find of Merrick & Rebecca for height comparison is comic Terms and Conditions-Part 4 (current post date August 16, 2016), and from there I estimate Rebecca is 1-3 inches shorter than Merrick. So GG should come up to Tired Guy’s mid-to-upper bicep while he’s standing, which should be a bit taller than the girl from the commercial.

      That had a lot of assumptions and possible differences from slight perspective differences and degrees of standing straight/slouching and I’m not great visually. Just a quick attempted assessment. I could quite easily be wrong.

        1. Yes, brevity can’t really be considered my strong suit.

          Unless you consider that it must so frequently be getting a rest.

  10. Nina – uhm, how’d we get here?


    Summer – oh great. Another Deurf bites the dust. Here I go again, on my own. Rock you like a hurricane.

  11. Personally, as a lady, I go “meh.” Then again I’ve gone from bi to gay and although I’ve retained some interest in art of boys, he’s solidly outside the categories I still consider anything other than “meh.”

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