Terms and Conditions-Part 12

Yes, FINALLY! Done with this comic. I was going to write this big long diatribe about a thing.. but I'm already so late on this one I just want to get it up. I am out of the dark ages now with Photoshop 7. Switched to Ps CC. It works WAYYY better with colors. Did struggle to work through relearning most shorthands/functions/tool placements/navigation. Nothing vastly different. But different enough to slow this down. I'd probably preferred to transition slower into it (and certainly with a smaller comic) but Ps loves to cancel out all previous versions of itself from running. The newer Photoshops also have a lot of bloat compared to its more antiquated versions (to me) with features and options I don't need. Like text alignment, and all kinds of resizing options. Fought me the whole way. But I'm fairly comfortable with it now. Biggest reason for the transition: Ps7 wouldn't save my larger files for prints without running huge errors or saving the files in some corrupted form that couldn't be opened. Also for the gif animations (cough, cast page).

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      1. The avatar roulette is based upon your e-mail address if you provide one and your name if you don’t. Changes in capitalization and spacing and whatnot can change they way it picks an avatar for you too.

    1. Your application for first is being rejected pending official judge review, due to not meeting minimum wordcount requirements.

        1. Application for banishment has been denied. First period of first sentance was omitted. If this has been in error, too bad.

          Secondary punishment enacted. When subject orders their next pepperoni pizzi, they shall only have five pepperoni slices on thier very large pepperoni pizza. Thus turning it into a very cheesey pizza with five accidental pepperoni slices, a hidden menu option that costs an extra ten dollars due to the complexity in proper pepperoni placement. .

      1. Having received a text message from one of the official Judge Reinholds, the first has been denied for this page, as they are trying to take advantage of the situation amongst themselves.

        1. To discourage people from just posting “first”, it was proposed that to actually get the firsties claim, you must actually say something before claiming. The community voted “sure, what ev”, so…

        2. The first crap irritates me, so I don’t index such things. I do remember it’s a ten word rule and I’ve been considering if I get to a comic first posting the comment “Deliberately less than ten words.”

          I was actually wanting to encourage someone who wasn’t first but wanted to be a few years ago be considered first for all comics for the next five years at least so everyone else could stop trying to claim it. Nobody else seemed to like that idea, though.

        3. You know that there are people in this world that don’t have to put up with that $h*t. Like that guy that invented that pet rock? You see, that’s what you have to do. You have to use your mind.. and come up with some really great idea like that. And you can make millions. Never have to work again.

          Sorry. Watching “Office Space.” But, SHOTGUN SHUFFLE is different. It doesn’t fit the genre of 99% of the webcomics out there. Why can’t the first be absolutely different as well. You know?

        4. There WAS a time when we just declared the first poster “Today’s Reluctant Hero” out of vaguely ironic spite, but then Mr. Blue got a hold of it, sewed a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order directly into his spine, and proceeded to run amok like a giant walking parliamentary procedure machine.

      2. I motion to include Ridge the ninja’s reply to the first comment in the word count on the grounds that it was the first reply to the “first” comment and should, therefore, be treated as an addendum to the “first” comment. Word count should be treated as 11 rather than 7.

        1. rejected on the grounds that the second comment only happened due to unforeseen circumstances unrelated to the actual comic

        2. Rejected on the grounds that the second comment only happened due to unforeseen circumstances unrelated to the actual comic.

      1. I seem to remember a mention that her cast page picture is stabbing a doll that looks like Ellie. So she’s gotta catch wind of something to set her off against Ellie.

      1. Actually, since Chris writes the comic, he’s kinda like an eternal Schrödinger’s Cat. He’s both first to post a comic and first to read the comic, AND first to comment on the comic. He’s the Alpha and the Omega First Poster.

        All Hail Shotgun Shuffle!!

    1. While your application for first arrived late and did not meet minimum word count requirements, your blog post easily exceed said requirements and was posted before any other applications, so pending official judge review (have we appointed any official judges yet?) I am tentatively semi-unofficially ruling Rusche as first poster for this comic.

    2. It brings me great joy to allow the exception to the first rule. Paragraph 276.58.7 a In tempos fugits when exemplars of firsting rules have not been approved on first attemptos, author shall be granted firstings in attemptos exemplars if first attempt at firsting has failed and/or been denied by one of the official Judge Reinhold’s.

      Unofficially, I am not able to, but I am going to allow this first to be the first first.

      Is there an unofficial second?

  1. So wait, is this implying that Quinn knows what she has and had taken it deliberately, knows what she has, and is thus keeping more careful tabs upon it? Does this mean that Quinn has been some kind of super-spy counter-agent this whole time and that’s the reason she didn’t want any roommates? Maybe she realized that Ellie is clueless enough to be safe and makes for good cover.

    Of course, if all that was true, she would have done much more than ‘hold her own’ when they came to blows.

    1. She doesn’t know she has it. What’s implied throughout the comic is she has a large admiration for her father, so she kept this as a memento. This will be more solidly explained in a ‘soonish’ comic. In short, no, she doesn’t know what she has. Her father hasn’t realized she has it either.

        1. Yup, there it is, in her hair.

          Be careful, your slipping. That was the most sane comment you’ve made in a while.

        2. While sane, it would explain why they were getting signals in the apartment. It’s just that Quinn was giving them the stink eye more than the device was being tracked.

        3. Oh, yeah. I was down and depressed yesterday for reasons that I do not wish to divulge at this time. So, I suppose while transitioning tangentially from one mental health issue to the regular status, I may have treaded on ground that doesn’t seem to be expressed quite so often. Unlike Italian coffees.

        4. Why yes. You can see it in her hair in comic No Apartment For Old Men (current post date September 30, 2015) while WIlf & Merrick are handed the device to look for it.

  2. WHOOOOOOOOOOT!! The Drama!! Will it be Caleb? Or will it be Blind Guy! Find out next week, people, on Shotgun Shuffle!! Up next: The Meaning of life, and what it has to do with rabid alligator babies!!

    1. Hey, quit giving away the spoilers. You know as well as I do that “Rabid Alligator Babies” is the next best thing to come from Jim Henson Animation since “The Muppet Babies.”

  3. Oh cripes, you made Gigi blink on the cast page. I thought I was off the hook when her eyes were closed in the comic.

      1. It’s just in time for Halloweeen.

        She blinks her eyes, alone or in pairs.
        She doesn’t make the damndest sound.

        She’s zing, zing, everyone knows she’s Gigi.
        She’s Gigi, she’s Gigi, she’ll look deep into your soul.

        She’s Gigi, she’s Gigi, something something to extol.

    1. Good eye. I noticed Mr. Radio’s obvious animation, but I would’ve completely missed GG & Rebecca without your comment.

  4. I love (and hate) the little details you slipped in. CNN’s banner “YOU SHOULD FEEL BAD” and Ellie living at “1400 West East Street” were great. That IP address makes me weep blood, though.

      1. … but my eyes, tho! All of the blood!

        (It’s no big deal. I mean you haven’t hit the technical awfulness of NCIS or 24.)

        1. Looking at the IP and assuming that all octets are equal in length, instead of the 32 bits needed for one of our IPv4 addresses, that one would need 52 bits. Consider it a callback to D52.

        2. That’s great! All right, unintentional or not, that explanation is sufficient that I withdraw my complaint of ocular bleeding.

          @Rusche: You’re off the hook :D

    1. It just goes to show that Shuffleverse Internet developers weren’t so short sighted to make the IPv4 IP space as small as we did in this world.

      1. True, though I do find IPv6 ridiculous. It’s overkill to the point where, were it firepower, you could say there’s finally enough dakka. I mean there are more possible addresses than the [projected] number of individual atoms in the entire universe.

        1. Which is fine until we start getting separately network addressable quarks. What then?

          But yes, IPv6 is ridiculous and unwieldy. I would’ve liked >8bits for each of the numbers in an IP address a bit better. So I’m definitely saluting the Shuffleverse engineers for pushing it a little farther early on.

        2. I believe the correct comment is Maxim 37. There is no overkill. There is only “Open Fire”, and “Reloading”.

          Besides, we’ve not “run out” of IPv4 addresses. IPv4 has 256^4 theoretically possible addresses, less two, for a total of over 4.294 billion addresses. Even with a global population of in excess of 6 billion, that doesn’t account for them all, as many people are often behind a single address.
          But then we have the 192.168.* range, and the 172.(16-31),* range, and the 10.* range.
          And all those addresses which were handed out, in huge chunks early on. I’m sure IBM and AT&T are still sitting on addresses they were given two to four decades ago, that they have never used, and likely never will.
          And every time you subdivide, you lose two addresses, (the first and the last, for anyone and everyone.)

          So, building into the new IP system enough overhead to tolerate similar waste just seems to make sense.

          Now, I’ve not looked at IPv6 closely enough to see if it even uses it this way. I may be way off base. I do know that there are enough addresses that you can just pick your own from your MAC, and not have to worry about accidentally getting someone elses.

          Just think, you could have been routing to this website via bang pathing. Wouldn’t that be better? Arbitrary length addressing. Like Amway for the internet.

  5. Team Caleb and Ellie!!!!!!!!!
    Also did the art change slightly or has it just been awhile since I’ve seen Ellie and Quinn? Their eyes looks different.

    1. ba BA BA ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba BA ba ba ba

      The art has changed due to an agrade from PS7 to Ps CC. or whatever alphabet soup that stuff is.

      What’s up little momma?

      1. Ohhh, I dont know how I missed reading that. I read the description early this morning right when I woke up so it probably didn’t register hahaha. no wonnddeerrr. :}

  6. Elaine Berkahamm.

    Are Ellie’s little tricks going to bite her in the ass any time soon? It can’t work forever, and she (probably) can’t cute her way out of that kind of legal trouble.

    1. I was wondering if her handwriting is so atrocious that no one can read what she writes because her penwomanship is that way because she’s either so damn lazy, or she’s got something in the way between her line of sight that messes up her eye hand coordination and she’s just too damn lazy to move things out of the way.

      Or would that just be showing off?

      1. We see an example of he writing in ‘The Chain Part X’ and it seems pretty decent.

        I like the implication that Ellie just never signs her real name to anything. I wonder if that’s a habit she picked up when she was Lavender and hated her name.

        1. I know a man named “Eddie”. He has to explain to people on occasion that his name is not Edward, just Eddie.
          It seems possible that the store clerks just assume they know what Ellie stands for, and don’t check to make sure they’re actually on the right track.
          Ellie may just not care enough to correct them. After all, at least they’re not putting “Lavender Buckingham” on her address labels.

          Remember the old saying about what AssUMe does.

    2. Sure looks like the first sign of a life lesson to me.

      How soon exactly seems difficult to predict, but I’d bet it’s before the 1.5 year time jump that’s supposed to happen later in this arc (I think around chapter 7 or 8).

  7. I see Tara in the background behind the General! Not surprising that she was involved in this.
    so that I assume is the connection be the Buckinghams and the Nicks

    1. Maybe a different type of connection between the Buckinghams and the Nicks. But then, Tarragon is just full of awesomeness, so perhaps she just knows when and where to be in order to perpetuate her awesomeness. The Angel of “No body dies in the comic strip” type of tropeness, perhaps?

      1. Whilest thinking that this could have been an awesome site by Chris, it seems that someone named Nancy Kerns did this back in 2001. Whereas the Shuffleverse came into existence sometime in 2008.

        1. And the album (which I have listened to but never bought) came out even earlier. I’ve been reading Shotgun Shuffle since it started, but I never made the connection. If you’ll excuse me, I have to build a model of Devil’s Tower in my living room…

        2. I think he was indicating Buckingham and Nicks may be a reference to the music from this site, like so many other music references in the comic.

      1. Bastardized pronunciation of “Meme.” There was a dustup a while back over how it was pronounced. Some went with meem, others with may may, some even, I believe, with meem ay.

        Needless to say, I am totes Team Meem.

        1. Didn’t anyone vote for pronouncing it “Throatwarbler Mangrove”?

          That’s always been how I’ve pronounced it in my head, anyway.

  8. Re. the cast page, I really wish I could figure out the pattern in the extended cast portion. I’m certain it makes complete sense to you, but I can’t figure it out. I like putting puzzles like this together, but I feel like I don’t have sufficient information.

    1. Oh man, things have changed on there again…we’ve still got 2-3 (depending on ones interpretation of Mr. Radio’s entry) living characters we haven’t seen yet (in D52, 2 more regular cast as well)

      I like the little unannounced updates to the cast page, it’s like an extra present you didn’t even know to look for until you find it & it blows your mind right in front of your face.

      1. We know who the missing regulars are, though. Vu, who (snerk) is holding a voodoo doll of Ellie. And, Suzy Q’s little brother.

    2. If you mean the D52, they are/were a team of, er, something. Most of them are dead, as represented by the little red x’s. They only fill in, as they are mentioned, or appear. Who are they? What is their purpose? What is their favorite color? We don’t know, yet.

      1. Rusche said D52 were antagonists for the end of the comic. I had remembered something like a boss rush mode going through them all for some reason, but with current status we’d need a lot of resurrections (or end of comic taking place in the afterlife) for that to happen.

        I also hazily recall him mentioning that the titles for the D52 follow a musical theme. I’m not sure if it’s albums or songs or maybe organized in a different way (like deck of cards with alternating suits and themes follow a suit, and there is a two of clubs next to Nena’s workstation in comic Datebait, current post date August 28, 2015), and I don’t know if it’s one theme across all 52 or different for each line or what. He did say it was a musical reference, though.

        1. I don’t shy from being the unofficial archive department, it’s just that certain things fail to catch my interest enough to remember them and are much more pass-thru as far as my memory is concerned.

  9. OK – General Nicks got the micro USB drive during some adventure (to be explained later) and hid it in a Tie clip that has a secret compartment. Then Suzette Quinn Nicks while visiting her dad in Washington DC decided to pocket the tie clip as a memento of her dad that she could keep. Thus kicking off a chain of events that will end with the apocalypse, wrath of go,, mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together (name the movie) and Ellie getting her ICloud repossessed.

    Do I have it correct?

    1. Well, that movie has been subjected to great amounts of discord and fanboy speculations.

      However, if I’m to be the first to name it, I’ll say it.

      “Ghostbusters” Now as to who said it, “Dr. Peter Venkman.” As to where he said it, the Mayor’s office in, of and for the City of New York. But what is the next line?

      1. Dogs and cats living together, Mass Hysteria! Mayor: Enough! What if you’re wrong? Venkman: If I’m wrong nothing happens! We go to jail, peacefully, quietly, we’ll enjoy it!

      2. As a kid, Ghostbusters was my bible. Lenny…. You will have saved the lives of milllions of registered voters.

      3. That has been retconned. Now, Peter is a girl.
        I don’t know if she gives the line at the end, as I’ve not seen the new movie.

  10. So I’m looking through the little details and I see that picture of a computer caleb drew…

    Should we be expecting pie charts, digital style and digital dancing in the near future?

  11. Seems David wanted the date with Nena and not Ellie, since he brought her the dark chocolates. He couldn’t see the pic of Ellie, so something else in the profile, must have had him think it was Nena.

      1. It’s a Linux based OS. It isn’t fully compatible with Windows software, so most average users don’t use it (even though it’s free). I’m not surprised Caleb would send her a computer running it, but I didn’t think it would be available with new computers (as that would amount to a commercial distribution).

    1. The chat Window has Linux window widgets, but the one behind labeled Mail could be Win or Linux, but in Linux generally you won’t have both styles in the same session. That makes me think that the chat window is a pop-out window from a web page and the browser in the Shuffleverse has more control over the look of the window and Caleb just chose to use a similar style with Linux. In our world pre-YouTube Windows couldn’t touch *NIX for web servers, so it wouldn’t be surprising that Caleb would’ve been using Linux enough to be familiar with it (that window widget style is definitely post-YouTube, though).

  12. Now what is of interest is the Timing involved of when Quinn had it and how sturdy that container is. specifically being able to withstand being Drywalled when her and Ellie had it out.

    1. Well, Quinn normally wears it at the front (which you can see as far back as her first appearance in comic Want Ads 4, current post date November 26, 2009). For the fight sequence, you can see it at the front left side of Quinn’s hair in the first panel of comic When Diplomacy Fails (current post date June 25, 2013), but it’s unclear if it comes out when Ellie smacks her in the face in the last panel of that comic, or if Ellie pulls it out in the first panel two comics later (comic Ellie’s Discount Haircuts, current post date July 2, 2013). Either way, I think it’s safe to presume that it was flung out of the line of fire so fair to consider it safe.

  13. I just have this feeling that Rusche has leveled up around part 9 of the series. I’ve been just blown away lately by the art in the comics. There must be many subtleties added

    1. The subtleties have been in place since day one. Many, many wonderful archieve dives are needed just to get midway into the levels of subtleties that ahve been put into play.

  14. I love how the plot has just become Metal Gear.

    “Tarra this is a sneaking mission.”

    “The Redux… you knew?”

    “Six bullets. More than enough to kill everything that moves.”

    Also love the new Ashliii tweet.

  15. Question for panels 3 & 4. My first thought looking at that was that Nena slapped the knife out of Durkin’s hand. However we’re talking about people with supernormal powers, and the angle of the knife in the air, Nena’s hands being at her sides in panel 3, and Durkin’s surprise in panel 4 when he can move freaky fast makes me wonder if Nena’s telekinetic.

    I question how long ago General Nicks acquired this thumb drive for him to not get concerned about his tie clip that held it going missing. How many years would it take to forget something like that so you’d just ignore it when the tie clip holding it disappears?

  16. Sounds like my experience with Microsoft Word. At this point, I’d prefer to use another, cheaper software that has fewer extra features.

    1. LibreOffice ( libreoffice.org ) is free if you want to see if that’ll work for you. Its apps generally don’t have as many features as MS Office, but it’s plenty for casual use.

      If I had to do a lot of document writing, I’d probably bite the bullet and learn LaTeX, though. I’ve never had to do all that much of it so I generally just make do with LibreOffice Writer for the occasional document writing need.

      Side note – LaTeX is a non-WYSIWYG system and is beneficial for people who want to specify things exactly and not have to deal with a lot of “I’m betting this is what you want, I’ll just assume and do that for you automatically right now.” Downside is there’s definitely a larger learning curve and while some editors have a preview not all do.

      1. LibreOffice is forked from the same code base. It forked after Oracle bought Sun and people didn’t like something or other that Oracle did and made the fork then. As I’ve heard it, the OpenOffice license (now an Apache foundation project) allows LibreOffice to pull things from it, but the LibreOffice license doesn’t allow pulling from it back to OpenOffice, so LibreOffice tends to be slightly ahead on features.

        Otherwise they’re both relatively equivalent and if told I’m not allowed to use LibreOffice but am allowed to use OpenOffice (it’s happened at work), I just shrug and am fine with it.

        1. Imagine, for a moment, that a community pillar company had graciously donated the use of ten acres for a community park.
          You and your friends, not all off whom work for said company. Possibly where more don’t work for the company than do. You, and your friends give of your free time to make that park truly special. Cast iron benches under elegant lamps shaded by stately oak trees. Perfect hedges, (except in that one corner, over there, where the volunteer gardener just Can’t Make Up His Mind! All in all, at least almost as good as that big park across town that charges admission.

          Now, the company is sold. The new owners start changing things immediately. They put their name on everything, possibly even trying to get the city to rename the street in front of “their” building. “Sun street? No. ORACLE street!”

          They’ve decided to start leasing vendor space in YOUR park. It’s like they’re taking your free labor, your volunteer labor, and decided to make a buck off of your hard work.

          You know. In software, ten acres is easy to copy. Getting everyone to notice your new location is harder.

          I can easily understand why half the OpenOffice community might have shouted a resounding “Fork you” at Oracle as they left.
          And why, in leaving, they might have told the new company, “ours, don’t touch”.

        2. I’m not 100% certain, but I think the reason LibreOffice has a more restrictive license is that it was forked with the licensing rights of OpenOffice under Sun & Oracle. I think, Oracle then transferred all rights to the code to the Apache Foundation, allowing them to give OpenOffice the MORE permissive Apache license that the previous open source license was more restrictive than. I’m not certain, but I don’t think LibreOffice can fully reciprocate in any kind of reasonable way even if they wanted to, as I think Sun’s original license gave Sun full rights to do what they wanted (including relicense), where normal users could fork under the old, and I don’t believe a community would’ve requested all checkins give rights to allow relicensing at a more permissive license. So even if the Apache Foundation could legally allow them to relicense the pre-fork code (not certain if they could or not), LibreOffice would have to get permission from all contributors since as well.

          But yes, for the distrust of Oracle and the fork, that’s the beauty of open source. Someone might later buy things and be a jerk, but as long as there’s a dedicated enough base, users won’t be left out in the cold.

  17. I think the DERP in place of Dell that even includes the trademark E is the best part of this page. Sheer genius man. :D

  18. I would like to see Ellie’s list of aliases, after she is arrested for fraud.

    Though I would argue that the groups how extended her credit or did not verify her identity are at fault.

  19. Am I correct in assuming Caleb is watching Shuffleverse Game of Thrones-equivalent where even the dragons are duck-lipped?

  20. Just gonna say, Shoe0nhead beat you to that bit of “wisdom,” probably along with a bunch of other people.

  21. ok major revalation…and dam that was funny…FINE WE BANISH HIM…she’s like HELL NO …thats your answer to everything lol

  22. Wait wait wait… Ellie is home right now? Does that mean there’s a chance if David goes through the floor she’ll hear him through one of her walls?

  23. This has probably already be said but ima say it anyway:

    That Don’t Me I’m Scared Ref though. Or DHMIS for the cool kids.

  24. This has probably already be said but ima say it anyway:

    That Don’t Me I’m Scared Ref though. Or DHMIS for the cool kids.

  25. so blind guy is the David that Dheu was talking about in the mall? why does it seem that this is news only to me? was this something that the patron backers already knew? and if so, for how long?

    1. As SeanR said below, it’s been discussed in the comments a lot. I think Rusche dropped some hints in chat or a Google Hangout too, though I never really did much with either of those, so not certain. First hint I recall was during the ComicMix thing where Rusche drew VS art with Blind Guy, Dheu, & Ashliii on his side there was mention of a three-way connection (Blind Guy = the David Dheu mentioned & being Ashliii’s teacher, Dheu being Ashliii’s father). I’m not sure if there was any further confirmation until Ellie’s date page that she ignored said “David Stevens” back in comic Won’t Get Fooled Again (current post date May 23, 2016), then finally Tired Guy addressing him as David before this fight and the flashback of his with Tarra in it making it near certain.

      Sadly I had to let my dream die that his name would actually be Stephen Esteban Stevens.

  26. It’s not been a Patreon thing, (although you should see for yourself.)
    There have been hints dropped in-comic, and discussed here. The consensus, for awhile, has been that the blind guy was probably David.
    I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’ve not been reading all the comments.

  27. i refuse to buy any o the CC line till they do away with that subscription BS that they claim is to prevent piracy…. i was’t even looking for it and found a work around for it 5 minutes after i heard about CC

    1. My impression of the subscription garbage is that office-oriented apps got jealous of Blizzard’s income stream from World Of Warcraft and are trying to copy. That and fight people who are willing to pay several hundred dollars for software but won’t upgrade by making it “a small monthly fee that never ends” instead of a one-time big price.

      Granted, that’s potentially helpful for the casual user who might want to use something like that for a month or two every five years, but it screws heavy users.

  28. I love how the computer manufacturer is DERP.

    Having worked on them, I can fully endorse this name (but would never endorse buying one, ever).

    “Dude, you’re getting a ÐεЯρ!”

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