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Terms and Conditions-Part 13

If anyone has issues with the animation, let me know. This was basically a trial run.

122 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 13

        1. Denial of first denied rescinded. Cause, reason for denial erroneous. Correct reason is a ten word count minimum. Ten character subcommittee was never formed as legal informed the chair that the ten character limit would draw ire from twitter.

        1. The context seems to imply he’s referring to the legwear rather than the color and Wikipedia says khaki pants need to be made of chino cloth.

          Though he does say “with lace” which suggests it only applies to a portion of the garment, possibly the edgings or the pockets.

        2. I think you might find more people who’d vote that “crotchless” would disqualify pants from being considered proper khakis before “with lace” would.

    1. It is my opinion that the descriptor “n s#!t” should never be used in a discussion involving lacy crotchless khakis.

        1. Jock Straps if you’re walking out in public? Although, what with him living in Canada, we don’t know how loose they are with their acceptance of sexual ideals and such.

        1. …and that reference comic reminded me of a hole Ellie potentially stepped in that I originally missed. She logged into her Facebook account from Alex’s computer. Wonder if that’ll come back and bite her at some point.

        2. OH HELL YEAH. That’s one hell of a big hole. I mean, we know that Ellie is computer literate, but has she been practicing safe computer sex?

  1. This conversation is the kind of mature, intelligent wit that is accurate to the chat conversations I see in real life :D

    1. Well, at some point, Caleb’s going to have to call Ellie Hitler, and Ellie’s going to have to demand nudes. Then it’s totes realistic.

  2. HOLY CRAP! This is amazing! PLEASE tell me this wasn’t that hard to do so that I won’t feel bad when I request for more just like this.

    1. This wasn’t overly complicated since it was just white overlays over the chatroom text, and unmuting the word balloons in the last two panels. Easy to get lost in all the layers. This was mostly to test if it even worked right. Gifs work fine on the site, but I wasn’t sure just how accepting WordPress was for using a gif as the ‘featured’ image.

      Future animations will probably be super subtle, but I’ve had tons of ideas for them. Time to progress.

      1. Liked it. It was fun to read.

        Another Webcomic I read, but has seemed to have gone on hiatus, did the same thing every few pages.



        ship to jeffepp.

    1. Well, it’s hard to blame these two. Ellie’s coming off a string of terrible dates, so this is probably the best she’s literally ever had because at least it’s one she didn’t get paid for. Prior to this her romantic experience was virtually nil.

      Meanwhile, Caleb has all the warmth and charm of an angry raccoon. This makes this ship float for several reasons. One, Ellie’s stray-collecting tendency kicks in and makes her amenable to this poor little angry ringtail. Two, while we don’t know a lot about Vu yet, what we do know suggests she’s potentially sociopathic and at least part of the reason that Caleb has very little in the way of human feeling in him. Three, Caleb has all of Ellie’s date markers, as determined by the Fun Probability Checklist.


      Boy / non-sister, Paying for it, and a Red Lobster scale that’s absolute because he already did buy at Red Lobster.

      Admittedly, she might be revising that scale because that scale yielded Danny, but considering what Caleb did to Danny, that might be glossed over.

      1. I think another big thing for Ellie was that Caleb made an effort not to be captivated by her boobs and seems to want to talk to her without any visual stimulation being part of the package. Not sure she’s terribly used to that from guys, and she seems to appreciate it.

  3. So, Ellie moves from “She’s not my girlfriend”, to “My Canadian Boyfriend”. Her sisters are going to have fun with that.

  4. Absolutely LOVE the expressions on her face while she’s in this chat room! (I can almost hear her giggling and laughing out loud in fits of delight with those last comments of Caleb’s!!). This just further reinforces my (personal) opinion/hope that Caleb is gonna stay as one of the good guys in this story and that we’ll see more of him sooner than later.

    Also, thanks again, Chris, for a second comic so quickly after last week’s novel that explained so much and left so many more questions for all of us.
    I’m willing to admit it: I’m a Shotgun Shuffle junkie and need my fix; reading this only once a week (or once every other week) does NOT help with the detox. The more stories like this (fun, light character expansion), the happier I can stay for the rest of the week.

  5. Animation like this often doesn’t work out too well, but the pacing was fine. Felt like actually reading them chat. However, seeing their faces on the right side gave away that the conversation ends on a positive note, which hampered the flow of the page a bit in my opinion.

    A very minor criticism to be sure, I appreciate the effort nonetheless.

      1. Yeah. I’ve seen it done with empty frames. As in, the panels itself are already there (informing the reader that something will appear there) but the content of the panels appears later, at the appropiate time. You could put some random splashes of colour into the empty panels to fill the page a bit.

        Still, you made the better choice of the two you were thinking of. If there was nothing there at all until the panels turn, it would’ve been more jarring. It’s very well done for a first try. :)

    1. Absolutely!
      Happy and cute Ellie, giggling like a teenage schoolgirl with a crush. You can almost hear the squeals of laughter coming from her.

  6. How… how did you get the animation to not loop back? Once I realized there was animating text in the main panel, I was kinda stressed reading the initial stuff, worried that I’d be too slow reading the initial stuff, have to keep my focus near-but-not-on the chatroom (so I would know when it reset but not read ahead)… but then I never saw it reset.

    !!! http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/3676516/images/1234336357022.jpg !!!

    That said, I love Ellie’s expression in the last panel. Reminds me kinda of myself – if I laugh too hard, I can’t see any more because my eyes are totally scrunched up.

  7. Love this, excellent pacing on the reveals, & just too cute seeing *why* she’s giggling. Awesome work, Chris.

  8. Holy crap this was so much win. And on a Tuesday update to boot! I’d say clinical trials were a success and you can now move onto mass production.

  9. I would reccomend against text in animations unless order of visual is very important, as for peopele like me, it slows us down, making our eyes wander, and we can either miss things and have to wait for the animation to loop, or not have information for later. Also, if it takes to long, we may not notiuce that it IS an animation, and leave the page early.

  10. Looks great and Ellie you dirty, dirty girl. Wonder of that model has a built in webcam or if the still have one or two laying around. #nasty

  11. Did Ellie somehow become friendly with Caleb when I wasn’t looking? Last time they met it was under poor circumstances. She seems to be awfully trusting now. But then again, I guess after the dating job, she probably feels like she needs a friend.

      1. I’m inclined to say that the shipteasing started more around when Ellie gave him a ride to the airport. In particular I’ll mention the last page of Chapter 4 ‘Think About Me’ where Caleb calls Ellie while waiting at the airport.

        1. I did too my first time reading it. But Vu’s phone head is purple not blue abd the one on ‘Think About Me’ has Ellie’s birthmarks.

          Also, the next page ‘Loss Prevention’ has the end of Ellie’s side of the conversation, where she expresses her desire for her next computer to not be second hand, which foreshadows this scene rather nicely.

    1. Caleb wasn’t directly involved with the incident, only in not only stopping it, but then trying to make sure it all went away, by basically making deals with Ellie and Quinn.

      At a point in that, Ellie and Caleb seemed to start a sort of attraction.

      However, my real thought on this, is there seems to be something creepy about Caleb’s eyes. :p

  12. This is the WORST sort of stupid I have ever SEEN! WORDS appearing out of NOWHERE! Populating bits and pieces of webcomic in an higgledy–piggledy kind of fashion…

    How low will Rusche SINK???

    Ok, I couldn’t say that with a straight face. I like it. It’s voodoo how you did it, but good job.

    1. If you have NoScript, it sometimes blocks animated GIFs. Allow “shotgunshuffle.com” and then do a hard refresh (ctrl + F5).

      You may also want to jump in your NoScript options, jump to the Embeddings tab, and make sure “Forbid @font-face” is unchecked, because that makes a lot of sites look broken.

      1. I have NoScript with no sites listed as trusted and animation shows up for me. I had the font-face bit blocked too.

  13. Honestly, was not expecting an update until at least sometime next week. Was pleasantly surprised nonetheless.

    Clever and very fun use of animation, but please, don’t let another new toy slow the schedule further. I love where this story is going so far and I’d follow it with crude stick figures.

  14. I appreciated her extended typing, and hesitation before sending “What’re you wearing?”

    Feeling wistful for the late 90’s when Internet chat was new and exciting (where I met my own Canadian girlfriend, incidentally).

    A fine use of the medium, sir… Bravo!

  15. Dammit, Ellie, your brand new laptop is going to overheat, sitting on the bed like that… I bet after she finishes her chat with Caleb, she’ll leave it there running for days.

        1. I’m just saying overheating is probably the least horrible thing that laptop is going to suffer through…

      1. I bet you shove the DVD tray in directly instead of pressing the Open/Close button, and leave 2 seconds on your microwave as well.

      2. A lot of laptops have air intakes for cooling on the bottom of the case. Using them resting on a bed (or other surface that deforms to let the small feet sink down so there’s no air clearance) can be bad for them. They make lap desks with additional venting for laptops for that reason now (that and people burning themselves).

    1. Yeah, I came to the comments to mention this too. I went back to check the last update, and sure enough the same window style was there too, but I only just noticed in this update. Always happy to see some Linux love. ^_^

  16. This was basically AWESOME!!!! I was surprised when the dialog started popping up but just that small animation bit really brought another layer to your comic. THIS is a cool effect <3

  17. Even though I know it’s been pointed out already, you really nailed Ellie’s look in that last panel, Chris. You can almost HEAR the ‘squee’.

  18. The ten word minimum for first comment with a first was made at the time to be festicious of a sort. However, in retrospect, it was made in honor of the wackiness levels attained on Erf standards as a tribute to not only Chris but also for Shotgun Shuffle viewers as well to know that this is a very unique webcomic and as such, the followers should know this as well as honor it. Most have. I’m not saying that everyone should do it. It’s mostly a crazy thing to do. But we’re not all sane here.

    We read this webcomic. I mean, you remember what Rosemary said?

  19. ok, im not sure how i feel about this (please dont read too much into it. this is just how my mind processed this page >o<)
    dont get me wrong, im fully capable of shipping Ellie with Caleb, and even if i wasnt, i'd accept it, he isnt bad
    but what about that other girl? the one he works with, the one who is definatly probably has a massive crush on him.
    also yea, he seemed pretty sure about NOT communicating ever again, because of the whole issue. and yea they kinda made up a bit towards the end it still kinda odd he sends a secret laptop to Ellie to stay in contact, then they quickly get to the semi-flirting chat. not that friends cant do that, they are just joking around, just sorta a quick jump o3o
    also yea…prety sure thats how most guys and girls look (looking at Caleb's square of the page) however it also makes him look kinda creepy combined with the fact that its a secret chat, on a private laptop she didnt expect.
    but thats just how it looks right now, not how it is so im sure its fine, Caleb seemed like a good enough guy i guess.
    final note. i would totally want a guy to ware those Khakis for me xD

  20. Animation opinion:

    Animation can be easy to overdo, but this wasn’t overdone. A good way to add a little more visual stimulation to what would’ve otherwise be a fairly static page. I think animation is best for pages like this, for subtle easter eggs (like making GG blink after commenters say she steals your soul if you see her blink), or for large/significant items.

    Also, I STRONGLY appreciate that the animation doesn’t loop (or if it does, it’s on a long period so I don’t notice), that would’ve been irritating. It’s a rare comic here that I don’t find myself going back to verify something while reading someone else’s comment or writing one of my own. Waiting to get to the right spot in the animation to see what I was looking for all the time would definitely get old.

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