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Terms and Conditions-Part 14

Still toying around with this. The above comic will refresh after 20 seconds.   or whatever lol

258 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 14

    1. Sorry, the paperwork for titles are turned in on the fifth floor. Applications for first are in room 301 on the second floor of the Shuffle Works Insurance Building of Walla Walla, Washington, O’Jacks wing. However, I am familiar with the application requirements. You are one word short, as the sub committee on sub committees for Anagrams has not met in the last sixteen consonants.

      1. We have GOT to streamline this process. Next thing you know Mr. Blue’s gonna introduce badgers, and that’s when the whole thing goes sideways.

        1. Well, first we need someone to lick his shell so we can throw him up at the ceiling. Then he’ll stick….hey, wait a minute! YOU’RE Mr. Blue! You already know about your adhesive factor; why am I explaining this to you?

        2. …I want to express my distaste for the growing levels of pro-possum propaganda found on this strip.

        3. Lizard was my choice in solving the probem “Badger is to possum as snake is to ______.”

          Just an arbitrary choice.

        4. Don’t hate on possums. If it weren’t for them the US would be completely bereft of marsupials. Even if they are a bunch of identity stealing jerk wads.

        5. I was more thinking that the prize for announcing first should be to have your alarm clock replaced with a live badger at some point while sleeping.

        6. I believe it’s called blind shipping, when you don’t put your own address in the box. Then again, the shipping services don’t care whose address is in the box so long as they see one….

        7. If you have a shipping service that requires a return address but also delivers packages into the recipients’ bedroom while sleeping, I’m interested to hear how that business model works.

        8. It’s called “FredEX”

          Founded in 1984, “FredEX” is an agency that is able to not only deliver packages into the recipient’s bedrooms while they are asleep, the esteemed founder Mr. Kreuger also pioneered a manner in which he was able to deliver vengeance as well upon the children of those who killed him in a school’s basement furnace.

      2. Actually, as per Article 7-8.2, Subsection C, Paragraph 2, in the event that a submission for first has been denied on grounds of insufficient word count, the submissor may, at their own discretion, us any and all letters constituting an acronym and count them as full individual words.

        In this case, the acronym in question being GTFO, or the well know Greese That Fat Octopus.

  1. We’ve entered a new level of awesomeness. It’s cool to see the characters moving I dunno it adds some awesome dimension to the comic. Loving all of this right now! :)

        1. Even dead trees won’t be made of dead trees, in the future. Maybe we’ll have some form of disposable OLED for hard copies…?

  2. this exchange is entirely adorable, Ellie is such a *perfect* sweetie here! Also, application for gold medal in forum sniping requested.

      1. Well, let’s hope that it’s not borken. But I’d have to ask, what’s the difference between saying something as first while not saying first, in accordance with the crazy way to do it on Erf and Forum Sniping?

        1. I’ve seen SO many different responses and reactions to the *first* thing on this comments section, both results btw, and I was trying to get points for originality( I also made sure i had more than 10 words total *before* i started with the *first* bit)

        2. What I think that I’ve been trying to do for my first bit was to see if there was something unique and possibly Easter Eggy in the current strip. Like Crotchless socks and shoes or something like that. Or maybe mentioning the birthmarks on an emoji. Something like that. Saying first without saying that the first is in relation to the first being associated with the first post.

        3. O.K. run that by me again, I mean, i’m usually good at parsing statements like that, (you kinda have to be, to be a 10th Doctor fan) but that one just flew over my head.

        4. Okay, what I’ve been trying to do is to say something about the day’s comic being in the comic for the first time, and mentioning “first” without claiming “first” in order to be “first.”

          Howabout saying that you can’t be cool if you say that you’re cool. You have to say that something is “cool” about the subject without saying that you’re cool. Then someone else says that the application for first has been approved or denied.

  3. So one of the first questions that should be popping to the forefront of everyone’s mind should be, just who is that emoji of? Ellie’s embarrassment at the cam statement or is it Tarragon’s trademark birthmarks spreading around far and wide through one of those downloads from the app store?

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    1. Seriously, yes–especially since it’s so wonderfully subtle. First the text, then the hair-twirl, then the facial expressions at the end….

        1. A hazy memory suggests this might be in reference to a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode with aliens that communicated only in analogies/metaphors.

      1. Hold the sky in place, because Chicken Little amscrayed. Ellie is flirting with a CEO in a foriegn country. And he supposedly has a girlfriend, at least that’s the scuttlebutt. Is this supposed to be the rich boyfriend, because then the easter egg that Rosemary said would have been placed when Ellie was kicked out of the house. But on the other hand, there is General Nicks.

  5. See this, this is much better. Not the the previous wasn’t good. This is just so much better.


    Ellie is the cutest.

    1. I’ve gotten the impression from what little we’ve seen that if Vu had a label like a piece of clothing, she’d be made of a minimum of 70% hate. Quite possibly more.

  6. Animation request –

    For an animation like this where text scrolls off the screen and seeing it again requires waiting for the animation to loop, could you perhaps add a script to the author post so that if we want to verify something we can more easily/quickly do so? That should be easily doable without impacting artistic vision for the comic itself.

    I liked some of the expression matching timing with the text, but it wasn’t until the second viewing where I felt I knew the text part well enough to wide focus and notice (for example, Ellie blushing at the end).

  7. Hmm, the laptop should have a webcam and a mic integrated into the top edge of the screen bezel. I know plenty of folks who webcam just using that and the built-in speakers (even if it is annoying for everyone else in the house)…

    1. Well, here is a plausible anachronism. The technology wasn’t in place for a laptop to have the webcam and microphone when this particular script was written.

      1. Except that this would ignore the existence of wireless cameras, Samsung Note 8s, iClouds, etc. If anything, the level of consumer tech in the story is slightly ahead of what we have in the Real World™ at the point at which a given strip was released. Such features in laptops have been standard for many many years at this point, possibly since before the strip started.

        1. Yeah, and top-of-the-line still meant you were lugging around something that was about 18 pounds and 4 times as thick as that one she has.

  8. I know that no one else saw this. Ellie is hesitant

    Did no one else see that little Easter Egg. I can’t be the first to actually have seen it.

    AM I? The first one to say that they saw it?

      1. You miss, lost your proper gravatar.

        @mR. Blue – Nope, you’re at least nine hours and six minutes late for that.

        1. Awwwwwwwwwwww dang.

          mR. Blue falls over, and soundly starts to snore while That one guy stands over my sleeping form, snidely remarking how silly I am.

  9. Aww, their interaction is so adorable :3

    I am so 100% behind this development <3

    Who would have thought that traveling to the USA to murder your once business partner could lead to such a promising outcome?

    1. I’m hesitant to support this just because Caleb needed to murder that business partner because he’s bad at running his business. I feel it sends the wrong message for such mismanagement to be rewarded.

      1. On the other hand, the business partner he wanted to murder had just committed multiple felonies and a few misdemeanors with money he stole from the business.

  10. Ever considered animated PNG or webm instead of gif? most browsers can cope with them either natively or with a plugin

    1. For something as casual as this site is, you should avoid anything that might require a plugin to work right. It’s a little sign saying “just stay away, you’re not cool enough to hang out with me.”

      1. Agreed. If something standard that’s worked everywhere for over a decade works for your needs, a compelling reason is needed to shift to something new (unless it’s only relatively new, as in has worked everywhere for only half a decade).

  11. Caleb better watch out. He’s dangerous close to getting into a relationship that’s going to wreck his figure. In a lot of ways Blind Guy has been lucky (so far) to avoid having his six pack turned into a keg.

  12. . . . Stupid Smooth Caleb. . . Rusche, you keep sinking my Battleship!

    *Quietly whispers in the corner ways to get rid of Blind Guy’s competition*

        1. I’m not saying it’s not, but I thought questionably corporeal with ability to toss into other dimensions mated with unknown with vague 80’s TV symbolism was a bit more. I think it adds a bit more of the ‘How does that even work” vibe to the whole thing (which the iCloud certainly has some of as well).

        2. No. Given the amount of more interesting media available that I’ve yet to purchase I haven’t deemed GTAV to be a worthwhile use of my limited financial resources.

        3. Are you saying there’s a bit in the game where your avatar has some sort of robot sex, or GTA comes with an additional hardware accessory you plug in so that YOU have some sort of electronic robot sex?
          I’d rather have you explain it to me than Google it… I…. I don’t wish to Google that…

        4. The equivilent of facebook, in GTAV has a product called “Lifedocker.” Given the amount of childish lampooning on an adult level in the game the company also sells electronic devices designed to help facilitate cyber sex in a physically fullfilling manner. They have a parody commercial that shows cartoonish characters holding said device up to their goins in a thrusting motion that would preclude the jump to the left from the “Time Warp” of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

  13. while the animation is smooth and well done one of the main things i like about comics/books over live media is that i can read it at my own pace this takes that away from me without giving many if any of the major upsides to live media. (couldn’t think of a better word than live to describe things like cartoons, movies, tv and audio books)

  14. That is cool, but how are you going to format it for print? I mean, your normal, any scale goes, is probably going to be easier to arrange on actual paper pages than is this.
    The last page, obviously you’d just use the last frame, but this one scrolled.

    1. I’ve been suspecting for a while that Rusche isn’t likely to go the dead tree route…possibly ever. He’s said several times that he tends to strongly dislike older comics (as in within a year or even a couple of months), and we know he tends towards perfectionism.

      I suspect attempting to format his comics for print would be very nearly physically painful for him, as he struggled between his opinion of older work vs the time requirements to redraw the entire archive in modern style.

      I suspect he’d pretty much have to contract out all the book prep.

      1. I remember him saying that the print quality needs to be present before he would feel comfortable enough with going that route. I also suspect that it’d have to be a local printer in order to completely ensure the overall quality of a printed product.

      2. Reformatting all of the comics to fit a page size would be a pain to do too. You’d have to break up some of the bigger ones, or do them centerfold-style (which could be cool).

        Admittedly, I’d rather he worked on progressing the story than cleaning up the older comics. They’re great (and would be cool in the new format), but there’s only so much time in the day, and I’d rather have the next comic than a prettier archive.

  15. LOL I loved the first all GIF page lol…and I think I’m starting to see a few sparks start to fly between those two lol

  16. Don’t forget people, we’ve got two great things to vote for today. The first being that great experiment of self governance that is the Republic of the United States of America.

    And secondly, the even more awesome experiment of SHOTGUN SHUFFLE on the top Web comics. The link should be the little black box along the right column just above the Patreon peeks. If that box doesn’t work, here’s a Web link: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14850/default.aspx

    1. As a friendly note, I’d like to point out an importance to voting in the US that a lot of people ignore.

      It’s easy to see the hideous choices, electoral college realities resulting in no difference for president and maybe no other significant races, and the fact that keeping educated about all the issues and candidates for a given election requires a lot more free time than most of us have, and decide that there’s no reason to vote.

      That couldn’t be more wrong.

      If you are registered to vote and look up your old records, you’ll be able to see the record of all those times you’ve voted. You’ll be able to see if you bothered to show up in the off-year spring elections for a ballot issue or only came out once every two-to-four presidential elections.

      All the politicians that spend entirely too much money trying to keep their jobs see that too. They see “how likely is someone of gender X, race Y, and age group Z to vote or not” and tailor their activities accordingly. I’ve spent my whole life hearing that Social Security & Medicare are going to go bankrupt, yet I never hear about hard choices being made and I do always hear about the elderly being the most dependable voting bloc. I don’t think this is a coincidence.

      I know in Ohio, and I believe in most-to-all states, you have the ability to leave a ballot item blank (even president). If you don’t know about a specific issue, or you can’t stomach voting for a candidate, you can leave it blank. The important thing is showing that you care enough to show up. People claim that not voting is showing disdain, but it’s instead interpreted as laziness and lack of concern.

      If you show up and vote, even if you leave every single item on the ballot blank, you’ve shown you care enough to participate. You’ve added that vote that says that “your demographic” (for whatever dicing is done) cares, and appealing to the concerns of “your demographic” can be a good move.

      If you don’t show up, even politicians who might otherwise agree will ask themselves if you’ll show up to vote for them later if they go out on a limb for your concerns now. Most of them don’t feel like risking their jobs enough to bother trying.

      Don’t let anyone tell you what to think, what to believe, what to feel, who to vote for, or convince you that the other guy is so horrible that you should vote for someone you can’t stomach. But do go out and vote. Do go and show that however sick, tired, and fed up you are, you DO still care.

      While you may read this a bit too late for this election (I’m a bit over an hour from my polling places closing as I post this), it’s just as valid for every future election.

  17. ok so I just discovered this comic 3 days ago and now ițm up to date. I just want to say absolutely love it! I think it might be better than anything I ever witnessed in regards to fiction… plus I have a soft spot for it cuz I also worked at a fast food cuz I couldențt get any other job… and I also quit my supermarket job very early cause I thought it was shit… and I am also very lazy… and I’m blond… and I’m poor… I guess I’m a male version of Ellie… but I’m not hot :(

    1. Welcome!

      We always appreciate new commenters and at some point mR. Blue will get around to suggesting to send you stale donuts as a welcome gift.

      He’s our unofficial welcoming committee because the rest of us don’t remember where the meeting is held, so he gavels it to order.

        1. As one of the bureaucrats in the Department of Bureaucracy here, I should warn you that if you want a FIRST there’s a word requirement and 6 trees worth of forms to fill out. If you don’t meet the word requirement you’ll be flogged while you’re filling out the forms. So, you know, ask yourself if it’s really worth the paperwork.

        2. Especially when the person being flogged gets to choose between a limp noodle, a red vine, pretzel sticks stuffed with smoked gouda or Juniper.

  18. Hi there, mR. Blue here. Anyway, I’d like to talk to you about the Top Web Comic status that we currently have with SHOTGUN SHUFFLE. Right now, as of this writing, we are ranked 48th on the Top Web Comic list. Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, SHOTGUN SHUFFLE was somewhere in the three digit realm of the Top Web Comic list. Last year, we even broached the top twenties during the Comic Mix March Madness Webcomics Tournament. Which Chris won, although some may argue that he pandered the vote. But enough said about that, we met some great friends in the Scandinavian part of the world. However, I digress, which seems to be my modus operandi.

    Anyway, TWC (Top Web Comics) ranks SHOTGUN SHUFFLE at 48 right now, and we can continue to keep that slot and even to improve our ranking by getting out the vote. We can click once a day per machine (or maybe router IP address) to add an accumulative vote count to SHOTGUN SHUFFLE‘s status. The link for TWC is just above the Patreon sneak peaks on the right side of the page. Or, if that doesn’t work, here is the URL for your own browsing pleasure:


    Why should I bother with this mR. Blue, you may ask. Some people may ask other things. Such as, what is the longest word in the English Language? Does Rusche know that word? How does Dumbo fly? Are these questions skewed in any sort of way that could be correlated to Lakeland’s true geography?

    Anyway, Chris works to make the best damn webcomic out there, and he deserves the recognition that comes along with being on a list. Such as, being in the top ten, and even actively switching out with Minna Sundberg each and every month for the number one spot six times out of the year.

    Thanks for listening to me drone on and on, and now I have to get this dang drool out of the keyboard before they kick me out of the library.

    1. It’s not hard to do, guys and gals:
      One vote on your computer at work (presuming they don’t have “no-fun firewalls” setup).
      One vote on your smart phone (presuming you don’t have a Motorola flip-phone).
      And, if you’re so inclined, a vote on your iPad/tablet/pc/laptop at home to help out.

      See? Not so hard to do afterall.

      1. To save on data usage for cell network, I just bookmark the TWC link and go directly to it with my phone’s data. Very little usage that way.

    1. Could he be her “other half”? He does have a pretty solid beard…

      Also, it’s almost been two weeks. You ok, Chris?

      1. I think the call back is Rusche not being fond of vampire fetish and then looking at the first cast panel and mentioning beards.

        I wonder if the “other half” is meant as in life partner or business partner. I certainly took it as business partner at the time.

        1. I’m pretty sure the “other half” is referring to the fact that the real life person who inspired Anise also inspired another character that hadn’t been introduced at the time.

    1. I saved the gif off and opened it in GIMP to check. The first couple of frames of the animation go through last comic’s text in a blurred fashion very quickly. The end of the animation is Rusche typing out the copyright bit.

  19. David’s gotta be dead by now. Rest in peace, David. You went out much as I hope to someday… with several hot women lusting for me.

    1. I have to say that ever since the first time I saw Monty Python’s Meaning of Life, the method of execution the one guy chose there has always held a special place in my heart.

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        1. I, for one, applaud Anonymous. This may be the first time someone talking about a charged political issue on the internet made me reconsider something. Either that or I’m having a stroke. Regardless, whether my mind has been changed or my brain is merely about to hard-refresh, I thank you for the opportunity to have reasdsfdsdgdhfyyhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

        2. Well I suppose everyone’s entitled to their opinions/brain damage. I have to admit, while I might not agree with what anyone’s said here (including myself), I appreciate the civility of this conversation.

    1. Not to make things too political, but while I know that’s a rather long standing argument I’ve never really seen the logic of it or felt that it was a compelling justification for that particular policy.

    2. …I’m glad we live in a country where that line of thinking is expressly illegal. How DARE you? How DARE you even suggest such a thing.

      If it weren’t outright repugnant, it’d still be ill-advised for the sheer difficulty of it. I mean, come on. Where do we even FIND that many aardvarks who are willing to wear sweaters?

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      asonjklv ahuop o[0 iolernjbgl;sdnhvh cy789

    1. I’ll give ye s’more. Here, have three bowls of oatmeal raisin, one bowl of chocolate and a bowl of apple cardamom.

    1. My personal guess from looking at recent and farther past, Rusche’s experimentation with animated comics leaned into a vision much more time consuming than he’d originally thought/intended and his perfectionist tendencies have led him to keep with that instead of going back to static. With Thanksgiving now approaching, it’s also possible family questions are coming up too. Additionally it’s possible that he’s preping things to add to his store in time for people to buy as gifts for family & friends (STFU fighting pacifists t-shirt please).

      Anyone on Facebook notice if he’s been updating there? As long as he’s been updating something somewhere I don’t worry too much.

      1. He’s posting stuff on facebook so he’s ok thank goodness, but I’m starting to get the shakes from SS withdrawal

        1. That’s what the comments are for Mahanaxar.

          That, and the chat room which hasn’t been occupied (NO DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICAN, OR 99%’ers allowed) (ha) in a while.

    2. From what could also be gleaned from his facebook account and posting is that what with the change in seasons, his son is succumbing to the changing weather.

      Personally, I can see the problems. I would sound like a wounded goose after coming back into school during recess during the colder months. Most of the readership understands that the shuffleverse is indebted to Rusche’s family. So the kids come first.

        1. Mr. Blue, that is not helpful. We’re still BFF, and I hope I don’t sound like I’m reprimanding you. I suspect you think you’re discouraging people from saying things that might damage Rusche’s morale and make him up and quit in a stressful moment. The problem is that shutting down dissent is just going to keep Rusche in the dark about what’s really going on with his audience until it’s too late. Perhaps this will help illustrate what I mean (remove the two spaces):
          ht tps://graphtreon .com/creator/shotgunshuffle
          The data only goes back to March 25, 2015, at which point the Patreon was well over the $1200 goal of 3 comics per week. It has not dipped under (roughly) $1800 since then. That’s 91 weeks (unless I miscounted) including the week of Mar 25 and this week, which is 273 comics. There have been 134 (if I count the beginning of week as Sunday, Mar 22). That’s a ~49.1% delivery rate on his promise. He’s lost 64 of the 540 patrons he started this year with in a fairly steady decline. I’m not one of the people who bailed (yet), and I’ve been pledging the same level of support since his Patreon opened, but I definitely understand their frustration.
          I really don’t think the problem is that he’s doing larger, more complex comics. I think the problem is he has failed to set people’s expectations properly.
          If SGS published whatever Rusche made on the first of every month but it always came out on time and always had a set amount of content spread between however many comics he split in into, people wouldn’t be going crazy wondering if the comic got shelved indefinitely like so many others have. Alternately, if he did some kind of RSS feed or push notification that the comic was out, so people didn’t have to open the website every day to see if something new happened, the wouldn’t be constantly reminded he hadn’t published.

        2. Would you eat a dish that Chef Ramsay ground out in just ten minutes? Unless it’s a protein tartar, I don’t think so. I’m not expecting x number of items from Chris, as I’m much more interested in the journey that he takes into getting to his final product.

          I view Chris as an artist. And an artist has to suffer for his art. As I am also a Patron, it would be nice to have a number of products at a specified interval, however, I also understand that Chris has several things that he juggles in order to keep up his production. However, while I can understand a bit of coming to SHOTGUN SHUFFLE to hopefully catch a glimpse of something new, I come here everyday to get the vote because I feel that Chris does deserve that. But this website and not the Patreon are free for us to see.

          Chris has had some periods of pause in the past, outside of his nearly ending the strip early, the last three times I remember was his daughter in a car accident, he got rear ended, and his son has breathing problems currently.

          I don’t know how to argue the expectation levels of others, but I understand somewhat what an artist needs. Some need to have their deadlines, some need to be unencumbered by such. Others are halfway in between. That, and I also love th einteraction between the more committed respondents.

          Not that they are all certified, mind you.

        3. I’m just saying intervening on his behalf with people complaining by discouraging them is going to become a problem if it works. If there’s a problem he should have a chance to know about it. There definitely is one. People are calling it quits on backing this comic (the yellow line on that graph). It’s not obvious because apparently some of the people who are left started giving more to cover the drop-off (the green line on that graph).

          I know he’s had a few family crises and I don’t believe anyone is callous enough to hold that against him. The problem is he hasn’t had anywhere near enough to cover missing over half the promised output over the last year and a half.

          I’m looking at this from a “keep the comic fiscally sustainable angle.” I personally feel I’m getting my money’s worth most of the time (and I know you do)… but this comic can’t survive without backers and backers have been leaving it steadily. I don’t know if they’re communicating with Rusche via Patreon before they go, but I’m willing to bet they are voicing their issues in the comments.

          Discouraging complaints is not going to keep people with us.

        4. Whole point of the Patreon was to keep the lights on in the first place. With the lights burning out anyway, where does that leave everyone?

        5. I think that we should be discussing topics like this in the forum instead of down here in the comments. While I can agree that a civil discourse is needed in order to not scare away any new readers, assurances should also be made so that people understand that while there are some pauses in the production schedule due to understandable circumstances beyond the control of management, yet management is still working and striving towards creation of and continuance of a quality product.

          And if I may, I see an iceberg right now. Because we only see what we see, we do not know about what is going on underneath the surface. While some things have been alluded to by the author in the past, discretion dictates that we diligently divulge our discourse wisely in order to keep, maintain and expand not only the reader base but also the number of people who enroll in the Patreon.

        6. @mR. Blue – I’ve gotta agree with Gravatarless on this.

          While I do try to moderate the degree people get upset with the update schedule, I have always understood and felt some similar wishes myself for regularity [not an incontinence commercial].

          I am concerned about burnout and the way that when there’s a stress-inducing problem (and I’m near certain Rusche stresses about pages at times, especially when very late), that complaints compound the stress.

          On the other hand, the thing that’s always taken the cake in “not fair” for me and in stories I’ve heard from other people is getting blindsided. When people try to be nice about things and refuse to admit the negatives and I (or said other people) go on blithely ignorant of mounting concerns until they get to be unmanageable and I (or said other people) get shafted with more than can be reasonably handled.

          As far as I can tell, Rusche gets some money in child support from his ex, whatever comes off Patreon for the month, and whatever might come out of external commissions (he posted one that appeared Ghostbusters-themed this year). That’s what he and his two kids live on.

          While I don’t want him to get more discouraged and more stressed with negative comments, I also don’t want to see him deal with a falling income with no warning it’s coming. People being upset in the comments here and on Patreon is the only warning he’s likely to get, and it’s a warning that likely most people don’t give (as they don’t like confrontation or don’t want to be mean about things or whatever).

          It’s a balance. Trying to add a positive spin a bit and engage someone making a complaint can help. Discouraging people from speaking a complaint just means more blindsiding for Rusche.

          As for new readers getting discouraged, anyone reading down through 200+ comments isn’t the easiest person in the world to discourage and the chaotic update schedule (which they may notice themselves and notice via the archive page for pages posted and not shoved a bit to make room for Patreon posts) is likely to discourage people more than the occasional complaint in the comments (this IS the Internet, no rational being could spend long looking through the Internet and find themselves shocked and appalled at negative comments).

          I appreciate and understand your concern, and I know you enjoy going over the top in comments on this site in general, but I think it’s a good thing to err on the side of not discouraging dissent when trying to make a supportive statement for Rusche.

          @Gravatarless – I’ve tried to encourage Rusche several times to adjust his post promises to X panels per week and add estimates for number of panels for next comics on both the main site and Patreon comics and update as needed when things change. I think it’d be a much more realistic way to give people expectations for the site, and since he’s pledged no ads, extra views are actually eating bandwidth while generating no additional revenue, so ways to assist people in their expectations for when to visit again would be good for him financially too.

          (googles it)
          Oh, of course it was The Oatmeal.

        8. @TOG

          You know, I did kind of do that short sightedly. I apologize. And I will make the appropriate concessions. On the other hand, with that being said, I should have asked what was at issue first and foremost instead of being a bit curt with “Not fair.”

          We both can agree that I don’t want to see Chris getting blind sided by the comments, or the expectations of some individuals who do participate with helping via Patreon. I kind of feel that I can understand him a bit differently. Not better, just differently. I’ve tried to be creative during my univerity years and my attempts to put the kibosh on the “frosting” took longer than it did to get some of the projects done. I’ll admit that the frustration in that can burn harder and result in a quicker burn out than getting the basics of the assignment done and then putting on flourishments that fit the “cake” in that instance.

          That, and I disrupted my elementary school classes coming in from recess during the winter months with my coughing fits.

        9. @Steve – Things have not gotten irreversibly bad yet. This problem is in its infancy. Late childhood, at most. It’s exactly the right time to take steps to fix things.

          @Mr. Blue – I appreciate your point of view; I mentioned you were watching out for his morale in my first post, I think. The thing to remember is what almost sunk the comic two years ago was burnout from trying to [i]finance[/i] the thing. I (and probably others) offered to help rework his site to reduce the hardware needs. He went with Patreon and made enough that optimizing things was unneeded.

          @TOG – I didn’t even know he had a Facebook. I limit my interactions with him to this comments section, because I’m pretty sure I come off as weird to him, and I don’t need to add “looking like I’m a stalker” to that. Maybe we should start a thread in the forum (I’m just now learning works and is a thing) on how to reduce the emotional and server loads.

          (Seriously though, when did the forum start working? I remember than and the chat being broken for so long I started tuning out their links.)

        10. @gravatarless perhaps the forum and the chat didn’t have the necessary hmm, je ne sais quoi, number of people to keep it thriving at the time.

        11. @mR. Blue – Everybody goes a bit far at times. I know I do it myself oftentimes. I actually try to write, do something else for a moment, reread & revise, do something else for a moment, and then do a final pass before posting sometimes when I’m trying to make a moderating but not stifling comment regarding schedule woes.

          @Gravatarless – I know he’s mentioned Facebook and there’s a link at the top, but I’ve never visited the page. As may not surprise you with some of my technical hobby horses, I find Facebook to be an appalling invasion of privacy and I’d never touch it myself. I’ve also never visited the forum. I think I noticed it one time and it looked abandoned and I tend to dislike creating accounts for things when I can help it, so I didn’t pursue further.

          I’ve offered help with the site and the offer’s certainly still open if it could be helpful. My main hesitation there is I don’t want to offer/suggest/build something that would then be a headache for Jessica. Also I’m more general sysad and my developer hat is more of a C flavor than webbish, so I’m more likely to use vice grips where tweezers might be better in such things. I did build a sample WordPress VM and play around with a few things and send some MySQL queries to Jessica for a couple of methods to fix the occasional comment breakages, but that’s as far as I’ve come up with that’s helpful but not intrusive so far.

        12. Given that Rusche’s version of events is that he spent 25 days drawing an average of no less than four frames per day to do an unscheduled animation side project that he will never release because it was “you know…worth it”, I hereby order your motion of not fair is denied. Furthermore, a jury of your peers has found that you had no standing to file the motion.

          And for the record, I never became a patron in part because I expected Rusche’s update schedule to be erratic and whimsical. I am losing interest. If there isn’t some kind of hook coming up, I will probably unbookmark it by New Years. You have to know your audience to respond to it.

  21. In other Easter eggs I just discovered news, GG is in the background of panel 3 of ‘Hell is Full’ currently dated 2/5/16.

    On a slightly related note I’ve notice there are a lot of characters that don’t have pages on the wiki. I’m willing to make some effort to rectify this, but editing wikis isn’t really my strong suit. So if anyone has any advice on how to create a page it would be very welcome.

    1. I create a wiki page by making a link to the page I want in a logical place for it, follow it, then say yes I’d like to create it.

      TLO is admin for it, so he’s the one to ask if you run into something you don’t have permission to do (I think I left a page with a “delete me, I’m duplicate” because I forgot to ask him ober a year ago).

      Posted from phone, so diff avatar.

      1. I wonder if her presence has anything to do with Damien’s imminent banishment. While reading Conan recently I came across the silver cord as a description for the soul’s attachment to the body. So I can’t help but think that she’s trying to determine if there’s a difference between when someone is banished and regular death.

        1. I’m sorry, while the reference may seem correct, it’s not what has been revealed by our sponsor, O’Jacks. O’Jacks, home of the sauce in a cup. It’s a good try, but that’s not our answer. Keep trying.

          Next caller, you’re on the air with mR. Blue.

        2. “O’Jack’s is populated entirely by lying sacks of filth that were unfamiliar with their mothers from a very early age.”


          That’s my favorite O’Jacks-themed quote.

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, shine york boy! And to everyone else out there!

      I’m hoping for an update soon, that’s something we could all be thankful for ;)

    2. Happy Thanksgiving to you (and everyone else) as well.

      Also remember that spending time with family & friends is a great chance to hop on their wifi with your phone to give Shotgun Shuffle another TWC vote for the day.

  22. There is a bomb on this page, if we slow down, it will explode. If Ellie quits typing, it will explode. If Caleb smiles, it will explode. Keep clicking on the Top Web Comics link to vote. If the vote goes above 50, it will explode.

  23. Not terribly surprised at the lack of updates…Rusche is a busy lad, and as mR. Blue said, expectations! Fine balance between “achieving ‘on-time’ updates” and “spontaneously combusting from lack of sleep”.

    1. Plus family and Thanksgiving. Also, it probably means that the next comic will be very detailed, or that he may just have needed a break

      1. I seem to recall him mentioning something about his ex living 6 hours or so away, so if the kids visit their mom around Thanksgiving, that’s another big time sink (and likely stress vector).

        My bet is on an animation experiment that turned more difficult than expected (like having Ellie cross a room, deciding the first try with more repeated poses didn’t look good and then adding a few different facial expressions, but then that should change body posture, and then it looked like it needed more transition pictures, and snowballing from there).

        1. Eeeh. Yeah, so that’s two entire days lost to just travel, plus a day to recover, plus back to the usual routine afterward, which is NEVER easy. Also the big fire in TN, flooding, and general ickiness = dear gawd how does anyone function in a toxic-soup atmosphere like that?!

  24. There are precedents for authors providing short notes
    to reassure their readership
    that the interchange remains a mutual one.

    Even an “I’m stuck, choosing between puce and aubergine;
    see you guys next month.” is preferable to nothing.

  25. Look. There was a tornado warming for his area last night and possibly still continuing. I was searching the weather.gov site looking for more info on the wildfires. Most are in Tennessee with some reported in Alabama. Hopefully north east of his area. Fyi

    1. Yeah, it was a little tense around here last night (turns out I live only about 20 miles away from him) – some people killed in a couple of neighboring counties. I just got four inches of rain…

        1. We haven’t had wildfire issues right around here, except a couple of weeks ago when we got the smoke from the north Georgia wildfires. There was a pretty big fire south of here that shut down the Interstate highway for a day or so, and of course Gatlinburg is just up the road (lots of people here have vacationed there at one time or another).

          I guess we’ve been lucky with that; we’ve been in “exceptional” drought status for a while now. Before the rain Monday night, the local forecast area hadn’t all had measurable rainfall at the same time (i.e. something beyond isolated showers) since the middle of April.

        2. Previous posts were suggesting possible asthma problems for his son. I can’t imagine the smoke you mention (along with whatever other random things are floating around in the air from the Gatlinburg fires, even if not visible smoke) would be great for that.

        3. While I’m not particularly alluding to the Gatlingburg fires, there are other wildfires burning that are in the area. And the governmental weather information page dud suggest that smoke and other particulate matter could be somewhat intruding on the northeastern Alabama area. Let me find that page. The weather dot gov page for Huntsville has icons along the bottom that link to other pages. Fire weather, air quality, etc. https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_city&zipcode=35760&submit=Go This is one that I found for nearby. But there is the Tatum Gulf fire.

        4. Gatlinburg is far enough north from this area that it isn’t directly affecting us. I think the smoke here a couple of weeks ago was from the north Georgia wildfires. I’m sure those days were not good for any with asthma issues.

  26. I want to confirm the rumors. Rusche was tapped by President Elect Trump to be Secretary of Comics. That is all.

    1. I don’t know. If he accepts that position, he’ll have to deal with the likes of Whoopie Goldberg, Steve Colbert and others. Maybe even that one guy who is over obsessed with transformers. You know the guy right, he doesn’t have a degree in electrical engineering. Just what seems to be retail experience.

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