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Terms and Conditions-Part 16

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    1. Everything about Ellie so far, would point to the idea that she would love to be with a guy with money who could support her. :p

      1. No, she just wants someone willing to give her attention that isn’t focused around her chest, and if they can even have conversation it’s even better. That’s why the last dating site guy’s rejection hit so hard.

        1. That forget Danny, who she knew was just throwing money at her with easy jobs and knowing he wanted to get with her.

          I’m not saying she doesn’t want a guy who see’s her for more than her chest. It doesn’t take away from her wanting to be supported.

        2. If you look at comics A Community for Professionals (current post date November 5, 2014) & Mutual Gain (current post date November 7, 2014), Ellie did feel bad and try to amicably tell Danny the whole setup was bullshit and they should go their separate ways. She just let her need of money get in the way of her good sense, and to be honest, that’s an easy thing to do when you aren’t confident about good prospects for employment if you walk away from a situation (same with Wilf’s convincing her on the dating site, though possibly he has special sunglasses powers as a member of D52). When she told Danny that the games were over, she did admit admitted being mad at letting herself slide and not really think about the whole situation too (conversation spanned comics The Final Con [current post date March 8, 2015] through The Final Con Part III [current post date March 10, 2015]).

          So as to her using Danny, she basically let herself believe the path of least resistance was something it wasn’t. She fit her defining character trait of laziness and let herself be deceived longer than she technically should have, but she did recognize and feel like she should get out of that situation as it wasn’t right or fair (and she eventually did, and seemed more angry with herself than Danny at that point, which is fair and respectable).

          That’s not to say she wouldn’t love a situation that facilitated her laziness along with general financial needs, but she does recognize such things aren’t common/expected or somehow owed to her or anything.

        3. I am unashamed to admit that I would also love it if I finally met the woman of my dreams who was everything I’d ever wanted and just so happened to be be fabulously wealthy so we could just do anything we damn well pleased for the rest of our lives and it wouldn’t even start to make a dent in the interest (even at today’s rates).

          That’s not a decision criteria for me or anything, but if it happened that way, I’d absolutely feel extraordinarily lucky and enormously pumped.

        4. The difference may be, Ellie seems to actively search for just that. I’m sure it will change later on, but right now she comes off as lazy and looking to land someone just for what they can give her.

        5. Every woman I’ve ever had a conversation on the topic with has had “minimum job prospects” in her serious boyfriend qualifications list (irrelevant for one night stands, of course). Possibly especially the ones who were very career-oriented themselves. Someone who might be able to swing being a single earner in case the decision is made that way when having kids has definitely been high on the list of desirable attributes. None of them would look at a rich guy and ignore everything else, but every one of them would look at a guy they’d otherwise be interested in and keep on walking if he isn’t going anywhere.

          So some degree of that attitude seems normal to me. Aside from her, likely fearful and not serious, statement to Blind Guy on her first day at O’Jack’s, she’s seemed reasonable in her lines to me. It’s really the “not mesmerized by my boobs” that seems to be her strong decision criteria.

        6. Women are the ones who are mostly hypergamous. It is unusual for women to marry ‘down’ while men usually look for different qualities other than resource procurement.

        7. Well, if you go back centuries, the observable part of partner selection that increases the survival chance for a man’s offspring, it’s a healthy, well-fed woman. For women it’s strongest man as father along with a method for shelter & assistance towards the end of the pregnancy & early child-rearing days (not required to be connected). So to some extent men are more hard-wired to pay attention to a woman’s body and women are more hard wired to pay attention to a man’s “strength” (however they personally interpret that) along with general material considerations.

          That doesn’t mean the rational parts of our mind can’t appreciate and select for other things past that, though.

        8. I’m partially of the thought that you may have left out some of your description. While the man may be strong of back, he may also not be the best looking thing. Might have a belly to go with that strong back, arm and such.

          But, then, there is also the man who can also provide for himself a strong back along with his own. I don’t think that DaVinci’s David had a six pack. ya know, eh?

          Now on SHOTGUN SHUFFLE, art history studies.

    1. Motion for this first to be allowed with the following caveat. In general firsts are usually granted to statements that are not about the author of the post. Like, “This really can not be the first time that Quinn looked at Ellie’s chest.”

      1. Or this for an example, “Ellie’s first foray into computer recovery ends up showing both how well she sticks to a project as well as how empty headed blondes really are.”

  1. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. When did trees ever begin to migrate. Because Charlie Brown’s kite eating tree is present here, and updated for the times.

      1. I can’t imagine he’d acclimate to Florida quickly. It’s got the opposite fake seasons as Canada. There’s also a matter of the humidity that, shockingly, Rusche has never mentioned how much he misses.

      1. ?⚠⚠⚠⚠ ? ? ?? ? ?⁉ ? ? ? ?❕
        ???? ? ? ? ? ?? ?⛑ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?+ ? = ? ??? ? ? ? ❕❗❕❗?
        ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        1. Not gonna lie, I’m unsure if that was agreement or what. Also, is our favorite artist okay? Starting to get a little worried.

  2. Suzy Q. “Do you have any sisters that are hot like you but into girls I’m just asking for a friend you’ll never meet” Nicks is still in a bit of denial. Or, maybe she isn’t, and she’s just jelling.

    1. Ellie’s boobs (combined) are bigger than her head and are probably a double digit percentage of her total body volume. Even without any sexual interest, I’d say it wouldn’t be odd for someone to find themselves looking.

      I’m not saying that Quinn has zero interest, I’m saying this isn’t really any sort of evidence either way (same as Ellie finding herself noticing Quinn’s butt right after Ginger decided to screw with her about being into Quinn is psychologically likely independent of any kind of attraction).

      1. Frankly, if a unicorn bursts out of a hole in the floor of my living room, shakes its mane causing peanut M&Ms to cascade out of it, and then asks me if I want a ride downtown before jumping out of my window in a flurry of rainbows, I’m going to stare at that unicorn.

        Sexual proclivities entirely aside, all mankind has a tendency to stare at that which is abnormal. And you certainly don’t see boobs like Ellie’s every day.

        1. I’m just waiting for the comic where it turns out all of her workout videos are labeled things like “Spine-ercize” and “7 Minute Back Abs”. Either that or some flashback where Terra installed a cybernetic spine so Ellie didn’t risk her upper torso breaking in half every time she tied her shoes.

      1. There are unicode characters for everything. Such as ? (unicode 1F4A9 , which I copy/pasted before but theoretically I can insert with & # x plus the hex code followed by a ; or 💩 ).

  3. …i…i cant stop starring either… but that’s specifically because she was talking about boobs… not because im a lesbian and this page made her boobs bigger >///>

  4. I’m going to ignore the 800 pound gorillas in the room and focus on something else. Quinn could probably hold her own in a caber toss…

    or Caleb toss…


      1. Far enough that it’s easier to use the broom handle than to climb out the window. ^_^

        Also, it’s a laptop, not a desktop. See how far Q can throw a desktop system, then we can talk about scaling up to Calebs, and then to cabers.

  5. So Ellie’s saying nice guys deserve credit and Quinn is giving her a look she’s never even considered the concept before. Which makes me wonder, was the dirty hippie an excellent actor early in the relationship, or did Quinn get exponentially more bitter recently?

    1. The way I see it…

      Quinn be mad lonely and so she let’s in those that give her enough attention and look above average or have above average game…only to let them go quicker than tossing out a worn sock when they don’t meet her STIFF expectations. Eagan can see this in Quinn and thus having no time for head games keeps her at arm’s length…or farther. Also, Quinn’s had some rough spots in her life and thus has some crazy trust issues, remember Quinn’s Mom would sell Quinn’s stuff whenever. She just can’t take the good without expecting the bad to come up sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, little Pumpkin also got in the crosshairs of Quinn’s issues. Something little Pumpkin didn’t deserve if you ask me.

      Ellie on the other hand has had some bad, but has also had good come out of it. Even if Danny was a scum, he did pay her on time, all the time, even if it was only to keep her around. True she was pimped out as what amounts to an entry-level escort, but again they paid her well and she had enough Red Lobster to know that she doesn’t like Red Lobster and also been around enough wierdness to know that the good guys don’t come around often. Her last date was solid proof of that, which is why Ellie gravitates towards Caleb. Caleb is a genuinely good guy, possibly her first good guy, and apparently good enough for other women he knows on professional/platonic basis hundred of miles away to get so mad when he’s around women like Ellie that they melt his freaking phone by long distance pyromancy.

      Which brings up my conclusion, Ellie is just about the only stable person in Quinn’s life right now. She’s the only one who keeps Quinn from feeling the lonelies. Quinn’s gonna protect that with fierce vengeance and furious anger, but if she can’t find her big girl panties and grow up she’ll probably end up pushing Ellie away.

      1. I think one of the things for Quinn is that I suspect that she doesn’t actually believe in the concept/existence of a healthy relationship. She’s got a sex drive and likes companionship and whatnot, so she lets the Alex’s of the world into her life for her own enjoyment, but she doesn’t trust them. She doesn’t believe in a “happily ever after” rather just a “good for a while before you burn me and I’ll watch for signs and try to escape before that.” In short, I suspect that the concept of a guy with good motives seems like a bit of a fairy tale to her, she wants to believe it but always ends up hurt and critical when she does.

        Ellie, on the other hand, has likely had sufficient examples for both good and bad that she does believe in the possibility of a positive relationship. Her enormous breasts are going to catch attention simply from the fact that they are freaking huge even if someone isn’t sexually interested, so she’s used to spending her life gritting her teeth at people talking to her tits. So it’s unsurprising that someone who doesn’t pay attention to her breasts and has a normal conversation with her would make an impact (also see Blind Guy). The fact that Caleb’s seen the other side of something that burned her and respects that she realized and escaped from the mistake rather than holding it against her probably helps. I also suspect that some of his bitterness about YouTube getting bought and his site languishing a bit resonates with her as well.

        I think you’re jumping the gun to say that Caleb’s a genuinely good guy. He’s certainly a decent guy, but we don’t really know much about his bad habits so far (other than both drinking & trusting a bit more than he should, along with a bit more of a temper than average). There’s plenty of room for more.

        1. Let me see if I got some of this. Quin will look at any relationship with two magnifying glasses, after she decides that they seem to be good enough for her in the beginning, to find the thread of hidden lies before that game can even start to come about. Was it, use Alex, and his friendsx to keep a status quo of getting through school. However Alex was kept at such a disparate length so only Quinn could feel comfortable in that she was the only person getting something positive out of the relationship. I believe that I could come to this conclusion based on how she was treated by damn near 99% of the people she interacted with. Her father and brother being the exception. Her aunt in Hialeah being an unknown.

        2. Think about talking to a young teenage girl with her first boyfriend who’s talking about how wonderful he is and making vivid wedding plans and how everything’s going to be magically perfect. Fix your attitude about what you’re hearing in your mind for a moment.

          Consider if you’re someone who’s seen examples of relationships where people are happy and love each other and they generally work, and also seen the occasional conflict being worked through and compromise being made and just generally the parts that make it realistic/believable even for a cynic. When you think of talking to the above teenage girl, you’re thinking she’s deluding herself and it’s unlikely that things would really work out long-term with some arbitrary first crush/love, but it is remotely possible and it’s much more possible that she could find a good match someday.

          Now consider if you haven’t had personal experience with a healthy couple. You probably see people trying to keep up appearances in public and you’ve heard more than you needed to at a young age of the fights in private. You’ve probably seen relationships implode, explode, and do weird diagonal-sideways-plosions that just seem surreal and you have no idea what actually happened. You may see people in public who appear to be reasonably happy, but not having seen enough, you probably assume that either they’re brainwashing themselves (i.e. trying to be the Cleavers or your favorite other sitcom perfect family) or they’re fighting in the background and just haven’t gotten to the point of escaping each other yet. When you, as this person, think about talking to the above teenager, you’re more likely to expand what you think of her delusion. You may be perfectly cognizant of the question of how much she or her beau know themselves or each other and all the ways that can backfire, but on top of all that since you’ve never seen a relationship work, you may not believe it’s even possible. Likely after each relationship fails this person will feel like they were just as foolish as said teen, unless they stayed cynical and distant through the whole thing.

          What we know of Quinn’s background could easily fit into the second type. I don’t think we have enough to be certain that’s her, and it’s possible that she’ll get some secondhand view of a healthy relationship and realize it with the story, but it’s quite possible so far. We know her father left her mom after Quinn walked in on her mom with another man, that her mom periodically sold her stuff and was more open than Quinn was comfortable with sexually and that Quinn is determined to never have to be around her again, we know that she dated (and lost her virginity to) Zane shortly before Juniper took him and got her pregnant before leaving the state, and we know she dated Alex who was after at least two of Quinn’s three roommates while dating her. So if that’s representative, she may not have any positive experiences.

    2. I think Quinn never actually believed Caleb was innocent of the shenanigans Danny pulled. She seemed to lump them in together. On top of that, I’d guess Quinn is biiiiiiiiiiig on holding grudges and just being in the proximity of a grudge being formed gets you included in it.

  6. Uh… Ellie… you DO realize that you JUST pointed AT your breasts, right? People tend to look where you point so they know what you are pointing at. I admit, she let her eyes linger but it isn’t her fault that your cleavage is hypnotic.

  7. I do wonder with those last few panels if Ellie was trying to trap Quinn to make a point (pointing at an enormous body part that she was sticking out does tend to draw the eyes) or if it was unintentional on her part and she just used it to make her point.

    I’m also wondering if she’s remembering glowering about finding herself looking at Quinn’s ass in the purple dress and thinking “Payback!”

        1. Rusche mentioned a while ago that he thought he was drawing Ellie in such a way that her internal organs wouldn’t fit in her torso and he was going to try to make her proportions a bit more realistic (while keeping her similarly curvy). So an all around wider torso/hips and not as absurdly narrow of a waist is part of that (I’ve known a few girls not quite as busty but otherwise similarly proportioned to Ellie in this strip, one of whom insisted on proving that she could pick me up and carry me around, so it is quite possible).

          @fogel – Quinn specifically was supposed to have been somewhat flatter at the start of the comic due to being malnourished from not getting any rent money from roommates which is what she was supposed to use for food and whatnot, and after a few months of Ellie living there and paying rent she was supposed to have filled out a bit more. For Ellie, I think when Rusche tried to widen her torso a bit to make her proportions more possible he wanted to keep her still being excessively busty as part of her design, so I think he increased the volume of her boobs a bit then too.

          Although the other thing is that Rushce has said he cringes looking at work a month or two old, so that may make it more difficult to keep them consistently on model.

        2. OK, those are AMAZINGLY detailed explanations for the development of the two ladies’ physiques. Which leads to a further question: the way that Rusche draws Pumpkin does not mesh with my mesh with my middle-school memories (15? Seriously?). Is there a story there as well?

        3. Well, first of all, MY middle school & high school memories (90’s) don’t mesh so well with what I’ve seen (about a decade ago when a friend’s half-sister was 14 I saw her in a bikini a fair amount for around a week and she was a solid C or maybe a D which as was a friend of hers, which was NOT what I remember). My mom is in a more public job and remembers before my time (and past what I, as a guy, would see) and told me that teenage girls these days do seem to on average be a bit more developed (I’ve heard theories about growth hormones in meat, but also that our water treatment plants don’t filter out progesterone from birth control pills and that’s definitely screwing with fish and not sure about humans), but that back in her day girls that developed more quickly were more prone to de-emphasize rather than flaunt (as is more common today). That conversation started talking about impacts of growth hormones in the US due to factory farming, in case you’re curious.

          Past that, with my archivist hat on, I can point out the following for Pumpkin specifically:

          – comic [Patreon] Steal Your Heart Away Part I (current archive post date January 16, 2015) shows that Pumpkin wraps her chest to de-emphasize, so most views may not be representative for her development.
          – combined comic Cosplayoff!!! (current post date June 9, 2014) is the first view we have of Pumpkin in an outfit (Riku) that wouldn’t allow wrapping her chest. She’s larger than average for what I remembered for 14 year olds, but not larger than the largest I remember.
          – comic Join Ussssss (current post date June 27, 2014) is where Ellie points out that Pumpkin is following the same general mammary growth pattern that she and Tarra did (which is suggestive rather than proof, and I don’t recall further milestones past 5th grade being mentioned).
          – comic [Patreon] Tarrallie (current archive post date January 29, 2015) has Ellie finish her question on Pumpkin’s boob growth (started as last statement in comic [Patreon] That Escalated Quickly {current archive post date January 28, 2015}) and refer to fusing with Tarra escalating the time frame and that Ellie knew about it.

          So long story short, Pumpkin’s figure appeared to be expected genetics that may have been accelerated growth-wise by the Pumpagon fusion during the Black Friday arc.

          [takes off archivist hat]

          As a side note, I remember way too much for little-to-no good reason sometimes. Thankfully it carries over to things that are helpful job-wise sometimes too, and isn’t completely for trivia.

        4. Maybe the earlier development we are seeing these days is not chemical or hormonal but mental and emotional where everyone is exposed to more sexual images and talk all around us but primarily from the entertainment industry. The mind can affect the body.

      1. i admit i hadn’t really read all the comments but THANKS for agreeing with me.
        i know the “blonde stereotype” is no brain but she normally at least has a skull and blood vessel.
        so those blonde hair should be more red and she…shouldn’t be walking.

        and for once not for her impossible barbie figure, even more on the bottom panels lol.

        don’t misunderstand me the humor of the comic i love.
        sarcasm, fun and all.

        but some stuff i see, and not read, i got “blink blink”…WHAT?

    1. how can you be THAT sure without an actual test and progression chart? lol
      she is just…HERSELF.

      probably not a point of view in the defense of my client your honor…i am “sorta sorry” hehe

      1. I don’t know…….she just looks like she had some sort of mental defect to me…….and the thought never crossed my mind before

        1. Rusche likes to push himself with weird angles/positions at times. Faces (and other body parts) have been a bit off from time to time due to Rusche pushing himself on perspective. Pushing and practice are the way to improve, so we do see some intermediate results at times.

    1. I know, right! Love how Ellie brings attention to her chest and then we get a shot of said chest and both their asses!?

  8. Her argument was cleaved.
    Though considering she has had full on contact that may be more of a warning glance:
    *Getting into suffocation range, don’t take eyes off them and back away slowly.*

  9. Funny thing is while he may not have stared at her cleavage he did stare at her ass. maybe hes just not a breast man?

      1. So, what’s the scale for reference here?

        Peek, flash, glance, swivel, glimpse, gander, look, regard, once-over, view, noticing, contemplation, scrutiny, beholding, leer, stare?

        Would that be a guess for argument in order to determine the possibility of whatever he was doing? I kind of think that he was just between a look and a noticing.

        1. I can’t say what term goes to what level, but based on the pictographs for Vu’s conversation, she made some kind of “who the hell’s that bimbo I hear in the background!?” demand of Caleb, which led to him looking in Ellie’s direction and noticing her ass sticking out at him. His response was turning the other way.

          So I’m going to have to agree with Steve that staring is an overstatement for Caleb’s actions here.

          I’d consider his reaction similar to a guy who’s digging around under the seat looking for something he dropped, finishes and looks up to see boobs smashed against the windshield as if life had just turned into a Skin-e-max soft core special. After the second or two it takes to get past the WTF moment and process this unexpected sight, he then just sighs and leans his head back and looks at the roof of the car to wait for the world to go back to normal as his response.

          [freely admitted FACT: this story is nowhere nearly as good as Steve’s unicorn bursting through the floor story in a response to me above]

  10. For anyone else a bit tardy on Christmas shopping, Rusche uploaded some new items to the store (including a shirt I’m going to have to buy a few of).

      1. Lots of stuff just dropped on Patreon yesterday. 4 updates published at the same time. It does not look like Rusche has put up a notice about it here though.

  11. you know, to be fare she was talking about them and gesturing with her hands around them.
    not that Quinn wasn’t staring obviously (could use some drool in that panel) but just saying, from personal experience(in Ellie’s position), Ellie should have expected it when she purposely points them out to her friend, in her face, while talking about how mad her clevage game was, and how Caleb wasn’t staring xD.

    1. Considering something expected/benign doesn’t preclude using it to make a point. I don’t think she’s mad at anything but Quinn’s judgement.

      My question is if she deliberately set it up to make a point or just used it once she noticed it.

      1. Without saying much, Quinn definitely has some anger issues that she needs to work out. We’ve seen that for a while. At least they didn’t have to redo the wall board. Right?

  12. It looks like Rusche hasn’t had time to update the Patreon pics (that’s manual), but he posted the next three story Patreon posts and two wallpapers that he’s posted options for similar at his store.

        1. Spam filters do weird things to try to stay ahead of the spammers. Probably an update to one that Jessica uses got a little overly aggressive.

  13. For everyone who thought 2016 was a terrible year, here’s a good chance to turn it around. I just voted for it; it’s up to 2644 votes out of 10,000 now.

    Oh, and if it means anything, I endorse this product and / or service. For crying out loud, people, they even included the lamp. And it lights up! About the only thing that’s missing is a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time!

    …wait, isn’t that just a clock?

    Oh well, never mind. Christmas Story house! Greatest Christmas movie ever made, even ahead of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation!

  14. Hey people. This years Christmas Holiday Season unofficially starts at 6 pm CST in my state, according to the highway patrol. So, could it also be possible that your Holiday Season weekend starts at 6 pm your standard time, at least in the U.S. Right? I mean, it’s their time to start looking for the increase in holiday travel, parties and such.

    So. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays, drive safe, volunteer to be the designated driver this weekend at your parties, take the keys from your group. And even if someone insists after they’ve been drinking, take the keys from them, because they are not making sound and reasonable choices. It’s better to have someone pissed off at you for the holiday season than to soberly go to several funerals.

  15. Will we see another installment posted before the end of the year? I’m just asking; this season has been very sparse with the lowest output in a while.

        1. I’d take some honey, but I might get to liking it. Then I wouldn’t be able to find it again. And then my life would be a cycle of non-stop craving and lack of resolution. Why do you want me to suffer, Pooh Bear?

    1. Depends on too many factors we won’t know, and Rusche seems to guess optimistically on his production speed so he’s gotten less likely to answer these types of questions unless it’s a beyond any shadow of a doubt “no” due to a moderate emergency life event (i.e. radio silence near certain if he’s stuck in hospital with someone).

      He has shown a trend lately, after announcing that he was going to have to cut his post schedule back, for aiming to post on Tuesdays & Fridays, with some of those posts going up early enough that I’m guessing they were scheduled.

      So my guess is that if there’s nothing new by Saturday noonish, then I wouldn’t expect anything to be likely before 02 Jan.

      1. It’s getting to be close to a month again (date on this one is December 9th). If he’s only posting once a month, he ought to try to make it close to the end of the month, so his Patreons don’t lose hope before he’s supposed to get paid. I love the comic, but things have really slowed down lately.

        I hope everything’s ok, and it’s just holiday stuff (his kids are probably home from school this week, too). Life has been kicking him in the teeth a lot. I hope it’s not that.

        1. I had a look at the Patreon page; he put up a couple new prints out there in the time between the last update here and now, so that might be a chunk of why the main page has gone quiet.

        2. He posted those two prints at the same time he posted the next three Patreon comics.

          He mentioned a lot of time in hospitals for his son previously and also back problems, and wanting to attempt a larger fully animated comic. He might be doing more prints to prep for MegaCon, but I wouldn’t think he’d leave the main site unupdated for a month for that. My bet is medical for son & back for himself (and hospital furniture likely doesn’t help his back AT ALL either).

          Also with his release timing (this one compared to last one and also the five he put on Patreon all at once) for these past few comics, I’m guessing that he’s got something portable to do a lot of the work on comics, but that his “last mile” is at home only and more than just a quick 5 minute thing.

  16. Does the Patreon-supported channel for SGS see new content more dependably than the free channel?
    Does it see it so more frequently?

    Does the Patreon-supported readership receive any periodic touch-base check-in’s’ from Rusche during hiatuses?

    Reason for query: Assessing whether to ante up for SGS Patreon channel

    1. Patreon & main site are effectively disconnected. Rusche manually updates the picture links to the new Patreon posts on the main site.

      The Patreon site contains the Patreon story arcs along with occasional wallpapers or other similar bits not needed for the story on the main site (he put up two wallpapers that will be non-SS-themed prints for his next MegaCon visit last post, and a while ago he put up a wallpaper from Ellie’s theoretical social media account).

      He updates the Patreon site independently, and there were Patreon updates on I think the 19th of Dec (5 of them, usually not batched at all), and he didn’t mention anything specifically about updates or timelines there.

      If he were planning to update timelines or give estimates for new pages on the main site, I wouldn’t expect to see them on Patreon.

      So if you join at $2 or more per month, you’ll get sooner views of the Patreon exclusive arc and possibly the wallpapers (some of those might’ve been public, I think his early publishing of the art during the ComicMix contest was public, at least, and I haven’t really checked lately for others). You’re unlikely to get any news regarding the main site, and it hasn’t been his practice in the past to post anything regarding the main site there.

      That said, more people joining Patreon would be a good thing, so I do hope you choose to join. I wouldn’t want you to have incorrect expectations and feel cheated or anything, though, and based on past comments I think Rusche would agree with that sentiment.

    1. If Quinn couldn’t help but obviously look at them with no sexual interest, that only makes Ellie’s pro-Caleb argument even stronger.

      While I don’t know if she physically pointed at them while talking to Caleb, considering that her conversation did cover being a hot girl goaded into posting racy photos, she did kinda’ verbally point at them. So I do consider that a mark to Caleb’s self control if he didn’t take a noticeable glance in three hours time.

      I do agree in that I don’t consider this comic to have any particular evidence if Quinn’s Kinsey rating is >0 or not.

  17. Still hoping to learn from a response.

    Does the Patreon-supported channel for SGS see new content more dependably than the free channel?
    Does it see it more frequently?
    Does the Patreon-supported readership receive any periodic touch-base check-in’s’ from Rusche during hiatuses?
    My reason for the query: Assessing whether to ante up for SGS Patreon channel

    1. At a guess, using a name with all caps triggered the spam filter and you got set as awaiting moderation. I did answer your question on your first asking above.

  18. Still hoping to learn from a response.

    Does the Patreon-supported channel for SGS see new content more dependably than the free channel?
    Does it see it more frequently?
    Does the Patreon-supported readership receive any periodic touch-base check-in’s’ from Rusche during hiatuses?
    My reason for the query: Assessing whether to ante up for SGS Patreon channel

    1. maybe both….. webcomic people have to stop putting a date to when they will update next because honestly if they are late its quite aggrevating and so they should just say that they update on random days..

    2. excellent question. Sometimes he has RL issues that get in the way. Some of his In-laws are pretty awful, fo rinstanc,e and his son has some health things that crop up from time to time. So far, he’s always manged to bounce back from it.

  19. Let’s see what posts on Monday; that will make it a full month between his last entry.
    At least he completed 3 Patreon postings related to this comic in this month (if you subscribe).

    Odd. While the free site still shows his last Patreon post as “Burning Bridges-Part 4” on October 7th, he’s actually up to Part 7 as of December 20th.

    1. He doesn’t have any kind of direct tie-in to Patreon for those, he manually updates them. So likely he just updated Patreon when he had time/work done and meant to update the thumbnails here the next day but presumably had something unexpected jump up before he got there and has forgotten.

  20. I’ve been quiet for a while. Mostly because I was afraid of the backlash from readers. I know they’re trying to protect Rusche, but it’s doing him a disservice as it covers up what people have to say. This isn’t about the main site. It’s free and he owes us nothing. His patreon however is another story. That is his job. In 2 and a half months he put up 3 postings. Before that he averaged one posting a month for a couple months. Let’s say one posting takes 30 hours of work. I’m being generous as I think he’s said before it take him 16-20. 30 hours of work a month would get you fired in most places.

    You could say that if I don’t like it, leave. I did that. I was a patreon from December 2014 right up until October. Almost 2 years I stuck through because I was patient and was willing to wait until Rusche found his groove. But he never did.

    Remember the mcfatfat plushies we were promised for our milestone? There was a prototype, what happened?

    The worst thing is, I wouldn’t be upset if he said patreon would’ve been only once a month. Then I know what to expect and what I’m paying for. But he thinks he can do way more work than what’s possible for him, so he overpromises and then people are disappointed. Even if he just gave us post updates instead of waiting a month until next art update to hear back. Just keep us in the loop. I’d be more understanding if I knew what was going on rather than getting feedback once a month.

    Maybe this wasn’t the best place for me to comment, but the forums seem dead? And I’m not a patreon anymore. I’d love to be one again in the future. If there is communication and consistency. I’m not saying volume. I don’t expect 3 comics a week like what was originally promised. I’d be happy with one a month, if it was what was stated and was honored.

    Now that I’ve said what I needed to say, the thoughts and feelings from one of the patreon people who left, I’m most afraid of Mr. Blue. Yes, I read the comments. Long time reader second time commenter, because ya’ll can be vicious.

    1. I can understand not wanting Rusche to bite off more than he can chew. Not sure what I’ve done in the past to be negative in your eyes, but I just wanted to be a cheerleader for Chris. I can understand the lack of communication.

      1. The most recent example that comes to mind was like, two comics back when the topic very similar to this topic came up. I was late to the party in commenting on it, and after some of the comments thought it best for me not to get involved. You had mentioned comments like that one should be in the forum and not here, but when I clicked into the forum the last post in there was from like a year ago. You’re a very good cheerleader for Rusche, and I certainly appreciate you wanting to boost his morale. None of us want Rusche to feel discouraged.

        But there’s been other comments in the past where I’ve thought you responded a bit too harsh. And again, I get where you’re coming from. I understand the place. But I certainly don’t want the backlash if you know what I mean.

    2. OK. I think I have the answer to my questions above. Colleague Mcfatfat, thank you very much.
      I don’t think I’ll be investing in a Patreon on this site. I think your remarks are really very evenhanded.
      And I’m glad you made the point about the more proprietary readers being potentially far too harsh.
      It seems to me that some few of them’ve turned this site into something like a cult.
      It is a comic. A beautifully executed, complex comic. It has been a privilege to see it when it published.
      But something is amiss here. I’d thought there was a colorist for a while. But I haven’t seen her posts in
      quite some time. Hoping for the best. .

    3. I’ve certainly never wanted to discourage anyone from posting polite criticism like this, and I hope my comments haven’t been some that you’ve seen as vicious (though I DO know that I’m bad at judging my own communication at times, so perhaps some have been).

      I do have a difference of opinion on view of Patreon, though I think that comes from me having joined it a bit earlier. When Rusche first set up the Patreon, it was after ad revenue had gotten so laughable that the site was costing him more than he could afford in dollars as well as time and he was going to have to quit and focus more on finding a job (which had been difficult due to schedule disruptions from some children health care issues). We convinced him to set up the Patreon because we wanted the main site to stick around. If I recall correctly, the Patreon was somewhere in the $1,200 – $1,600 range in the first month. Later, Rusche felt somewhat bad about accepting money and not giving people anything back, but he still sympathized with people that wanted the whole story but didn’t have money to spare, so he started the Patreon comics that would start out exclusive to Patreon backers but then eventually move to the main site for all to enjoy as a compromise (I’m not sure if wanting to have some B-arc stories was part of his motivation or not, but it could’ve been).

      So I’ve always viewed Patreon as paying for both Patreon AND the main site, and personally I don’t mind Patreon languishing if the main site is booming (because that’s what I signed up for).

      As for the rest, I’ve long tried to convince Rusche not to give promises in terms of posts but instead in terms of panels and within a day of posting one comic, post an estimate for the number of panels for the next comic. Rusche varies the size and complexity of comics enormously due to the way that things will flow, and we’ve had 3-4 week delays due to the fact that he wanted to basically stitch 10 comics worth of effort into a single post before. While I too feel the disappointment in not having a regular schedule to know when I’ll see the next part, I have generally appreciated the editorial decision to chunk things the way he has been doing. Then at that point, he goes for a “# panels of effort/day” type promise and posts and updates what he’s working on on the main site (so something like “Next story comic, 3 normal panels plus 1 quad-size super detailed panel = 7 panels, started on A/B/20XY; Next Patreon comic, 1 big simple panel = 2 panels, starting on C/D/20XY”). Also adding a health status thing might be needed then.

      1. I don’t believe I’ve found your responses too harsh in the past That One Guy. I think honestly you’re a happy medium and I appreciate your input.

        I joined patreon at that second phase there, where Rusche was going to shut down the main site because it wasn’t profitable enough to sustain. He then offered incentives to draw people in, and I admit thats partially why I joined. It was the Pumpkin arch when she was seeing the comicon lady and mom put a foot down on that. Even back then when he announced his plan of comics I knew it was way too much. I believe it was 3 comics on one site and 2 on the other, so every week day there was a comic if you subscribed to patreon.

        I agree with you that the Patreon was originally set up to fund the main site, and I’d be thrilled if the main site updated then. I would rather have a main site update than a patreon. It was why I even came to Shotgun Shuffle. I loved the main story, the side ones were just icing. But I’ve read a lot of commenters responding to people upset about the lack of updates with; its a free site so you shouldn’t complain. So I sidestepped that argument altogether.

        I’d love an update like that. Because you’re right in that he’ll be gone for a few weeks, then come back with a gigantic posting. I’d also want some sort of time estimate then.like, Next story comic, 3 panels plus 1 quad size super panel = 7 panels, started on A/B/20XY. Estimated time of completion – 2 weeks. Then if 2 weeks pop up and no posting, have an update like: son got sick and computer problems. 4 out of 7 panels completed, estimated time 1 week. That way he wouldn’t have a schedule really that he’d be stuck to, and we would know what to expect. We might not get a comic in 2 weeks, but we’d get an update to how he is.

        1. Glad to hear I haven’t been accidentally aggressive.

          Absolutely agreed that attempting 5 updates/week as he originally was trying with Patreon was way too ambitious. That’s not doable without Rusche’s artistic tendencies. It’s certainly doable for comics with much more simplified artwork and where the comic post is the same size and deviates from that not more than once a year.

  21. Anyone on Facebook see any updates from Rusche there? Is his son still having breathing issues or his back problems still flaring up?

    1. What I /have/ seen over there is a lot of time being spent on Overwatch fan art and things like that. That’s fine if it’s something he can do on the side to make some extra money and whatnot, but it’s a little frustrating when you’ve been waiting patiently for updates to your favorite webcomic without any word edgewise for over a month.

      I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but the domain shotgunshuffle.com actually expired last week. Had to shoot him a facebook PM to get it taken care of, but he did then set it up so it’ll auto-renew.

      Come back to us, Chris! At least to say hello or something.

      1. He put two of those on Patreon around the middle of the month and I think he explicitly mentioned they were intended for MegaCon (in his write-up he said that he found original art to be a losing proposition there and would make sure to have some non-original prints next time around).

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