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Terms and Conditions-Part 17

For some reason loads of comments got dumped in the pending folder. Not entirely sure why. They should all show up now. If it persists, I'll bribe Jessica to look into it.

103 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 17

  1. Yay, we got an update.

    So DJ equipment… I wonder if things are getting serious with Quinn and her beau or something else is going to happen.

      1. I tried to join as a Patreon and it didn’t allow me to contribute. I tried last month and this month and it wouldn’t let me.

        1. Weird. I’d try pinging Patreon support. I didn’t have any trouble when I joined, but they’ve rejiggered their website at least three times since then, so I don’t know that I can be of any help.

    1. It’ll be interesting to see how she uses it. The wise response is to not assume it’ll last overly long. The more common response is assuming it’s forever captured and proceeding accordingly.

      1. So you’re alive. This might sound like an odd question but have you checked your email recently? I sent you one mid December. I know you have been busy and have had family/health issues but if get a chance could you shoot me an email.

      2. I tried to join your Patreon and it will not let me, do you know why it isn’t letting me join? I’ve used Patreon before and haven’t had problems supporting someone.

        1. Honestly, I wouldn’t know where the problem lies. I don’t block or disallow anyone. Is it not letting you sign in, or is that working, but it’s not letting you become a sponsor of me specifically?

        2. It is working now, I guess Patreon website was acting up. I have been a member for over a year so I way it wasn’t working.

        3. If I recall correctly, Patreon was having issues with things near the end of the year. There was at least once I had to go into the dashboard to tell it to re-send my contributions because it wouldn’t process.

        4. Patreon is a wonderful service, and I can’t find myself to be one to complain through what it has afforded me. However they do tend to suffer perpetual growing pains. :P

        5. I, myself, have been curiously set up where my posts all need to be moderated regardless of content for about a month… but only if I post as myself. :/

        6. I asked Rusche through other channels if I could be of any assistance on that and he said it was a new security application Jessica installed and that she deactivated it.

          Probably only lasted as long as it did due to acting up right as people got busy with holidays. Your posts on last comic appeared too.

        7. Rusche, speaking of Patreon, you might want to incorporate their logo in your link image. I always have a hard time finding your Patreon page from your site.

          Also, I don’t know if you want to increase your ranking on Topwebcomics (for more traffic and hopefully more Patreon sponsors), but if you do, putting a sexier banner would help. Your artwork has improved so much since you drew that banner.

    1. Only if you also make the rules for it. Like, thirds may be called whenever Anise is in the comic immediately referencing the comment. Or some such thing.

      1. I propose an addition of a rule that calling third may never be done if you’re actually the third top level comment. You have to be after that and know without any shadow of a doubt, that you are not the third comment posted to the page.

        1. Ordinals need not be mutually exclusive, and obviously ignoring temporal placement for an ordinal is as valid as the usual “first” discussions.

        2. If you ever catch me actually calling first (as opposed to just happening to use the word), you have my permission to track me down in real life and taser me.

          I had resolved for a while when we were dealing with a lot of firsters that if I got to a comic first I’d post the comment “Deliberately less than ten words” as the first comment and leave it at that.

        3. It’s not like you’re going to connect with just one. You have to dial the area code, prefix and the four digit number to connect your call. Please check your number and dial again.

        4. Honestly, people calling First and the accompanying fluff posts that result, are about 90% of the reason that I rarely comment about the comic here. The rush to be the first poster–even when “first” is not called–is a cancer that inflicts far too many webcomic forums. It tends to overthrow the day’s discussion, pushing thoughtful posts of the comic update off the first page or far down the infinite page, depending on the type of comment section. It makes the forum much less interesting for those not playing the dominance game.
          I much prefer posting in the Patreon update section which weeds out the thoughtless and frivolous due to the “onerous” commitment of paying the cover charge for entry. There’s much more paying attention to the comic there and much less “Tee-hee, look at me!”
          Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to adjust my onion belt, shake my fist at a few passing clouds, and tell some kids to get off my lawn.

        5. I like the cut of this mans’ jib. I see FIRST in the comments and know, on average, I can skip past the next sixty comments.

        6. In my defense, I was absolutely the THIRD at the time but some internet tomfoolery bumped me to FOURTH.

        7. I like it better the way it turned out.

          Attempting to call first is silly. So I liked the idea of a deliberate fourth top level comment knowingly calling third.

          It makes me a little sad that you didn’t do it on purpose.

        1. What did you base that on? You don’t seem nearly as much like you’re on acid as usual.

  2. This brings up a good question of if Quinn believes that Ian passed a litmus test or if it’s lack of massive negative association or just normal overlooking when it touches judgement from self rather than other.

    If there was a test, I’m curious how many points he got for the “he saw through my shit when I was after him while dating Alex” perception. That should’ve been worth at least 25%.

    1. They did share a moment where Quinn ‘dropped her pants’ about her childhood and he chose to sit there and process it rather than either immediately trying to fix her or pounce while she was vulnerable.

      … hell of a mixed metaphor now that I look back on it.

  3. I’d just like to point out that Mr. Rusche-sir was given one hell of a compliment on Chris Ray Gun’s latest video.

    I think links have to be cleared by an admin, so just wander over to the tube of you and search for ‘Reacting to fan art – why do you do this?’

    1. You can post a link, usually one per post that should work. Historically speaking. However, you could hack up the link so that spacers were put in so that the person going to the link would have to put it back together.

      1. Jessica tried a new plugin and that’s apparently what marked a lot more comments as requiring moderation. Rusche said it’s disabled for the time being, but with it on, it’s possible the rules of what gets blocked for moderation could change.

  4. On a completely unrelated note, I’ve had a thought rattling around in my brain that I want to share. How likely is it that Ellie’s bi?

    My main reason for asking is that out of Ellie’s possible romantic interests I kind of like the idea of her getting together with KK the most.

    At first I was dismissive of the possibility since Ellie’s never explicitly expressed attraction to anyone but guys. But then I was rereading the Con arc and her checklist for a good time has boy/non-sister. While I initially interpreted that as platonic Ellie clearly entertained the possibility of romance that evening. That got me thinking that maybe her irritation at her wandering eyes during Black Friday wasn’t about it being a girl but rather it being Quinn.

    I don’t know. I fully admit I’m stretching for a lot of this. Does anyone else have any thoughts?

    1. Possible, but only in the same way a chunk of space rock crashing through the roof of your home and killing only a houseplant is possible.

      1. Hey! Don’t you defend that houseplant! It had it coming for a long time, and I guess justice finally caught up to it.

        @shineyorkboy – I’ve gotta’ agree with Steve. It’s not impossible, but I don’t think we have any real evidence in that direction either.

        I think both genders consider men to be more sexually aggressive/intimidating (in asking both men & women if they think being raped by an unknown/generic/stereotypical man or woman is more likely and I’ve yet to have anyone answer woman). That being the case, it seems to me that a man would have to be higher on the Kinsey scale than a woman before same-gender fooling around seemed like the risk/reward evaluation comes out positive (i.e. the “what’s the possible harm” term is likely estimated larger for guys). That does also seem to sometimes lead guys to a perception of a woman’s actions placing her higher on the Kinsey scale than might be accurate (basically false consensus effect leading to the “all women are secretly lesbians” garbage).

        From what we’ve seen so far, Ellie it seems like she could be anywhere from a Kinsey 0 to a Kinsey 4. Not that it will necessarily be clarified in the story.

      1. In this case it refers to Quinn faulting Ellie for something that Quinn herself is at fault for as apparent in the Patreon series.

        Quinn is faulting Ellie for talking to and even trusting, however slightly, a person who was an accessory to wronging the both of them and is in fact at a distance physically. However, Quinn herself is investing an increasing amount of time(and electronics store credit) in someone she herself barely knows and is indeed as distant emotionally as Canadian Homes is physically.

        It’s an old idiom that is sometimes seen as a less rude way of calling someone out on their BS.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The general vibe I’ve been getting was that Ellie was always at least two months or so late on rent. If so, then Ellies’ “I’m owed certain things” stance seems somewhat weak.

      1. She likely caught up while Danny was blowing money on her left & right. I think we were around a week between Danny & dating site, so we’re at somewhere around two weeks since she stopped the Danny games. I doubt she’s more than a few weeks behind on rent at this point.

        1. Great, then she doesn’t deserve any store credit, regardless of whether it was blown on another idiot or not.

        2. I view Quinn & Ellie as friends who value their friendship, even if it has definite rough edges.

          For Ellie, she’s very social and has generally had either shallow men drooling over her, jealous other girls, older family members, & Pumpkin for relationships. Quinn is a peer, but one with a different subsection of world-weariness/exposure and might be her first adult, non-family friend. Ellie does seem to recognize and care about keeping it.

          I think Quinn realizes she’s destructive to relationships and probably didn’t disagree with KK so much as she didn’t want to admit it to herself. She sees Ellie as someone she was jealous of who is happy to accept her as she is, doesn’t view her as “lesser”, and wasn’t even actually responsible for her biggest beef. Considering her problem keeping friends, Ellie showing she has a thick enough skin to shrug off Quinn’s barbs & thorns and stick around, and when Quinn went too far and Ellie was ready to walk away, she just asked for a bit of openness and honesty that would help things going forward and didn’t try to demand embarrassing apologies or really any reparations and was ready to consider everything fully forgiven as they were clearing the air. Ellie also may be the first non-father/non-brother that Quinn can bring herself to believe generally cares about her and her well being. Past that, Quinn at least nearly hero worships her dad, and he wants her to learn to have actual friendships, so that’s an unconscious point in trying to back off from completely pushing Ellie away too.

          So a good portion of my opinion about interaction between Ellie & Quinn is that they really do want to be friends and are working to keep that up, to the degree their current maturity/emotional development allows.

          I’ve always found that introducing the concept of “deserve” and “owe” to friendships is not helpful to the friendship. Both sides trying to keep things generally good with vague verbal ballparks & handshake-level agreements seems to work best. From that stance, among friends, Ellie would be owed half that amount until they agreed to do something like subtract it from rent. If you wanted to argue, Ellie could claim that since the cameras were bought to spy on her and not Quinn, so the store credit should be 75%-100% hers. That’s a bad argument and a bad idea that leads to nowhere but sadness and anger, so it was good that Ellie didn’t argue that direction, but if they didn’t have a friendship to protect, she potentially could have.

          At the very least, Quinn blowing all that store credit on Ian should compel her to withdraw her objection and live with the laptop from Caleb in the apartment and just tell Ellie to keep it in her own bedroom unless she’s actively using it and take it back to her bedroom when she’s done. Better/more equitable would be living with the laptop (potentially with keep it where it can’t spy on me conditions), apologizing for throwing it out the window, and tell Ellie to knock that amount off owed rent (possibly requesting not all at once if Ellie can find a job, since she needs the money for things like food).

          Do I think that’s how things would go if you went to court and argued the whole thing in front of some form of judge/arbitrator? Not necessarily. But I do think it’s a good faith ballpark for friends when dealing with each other.

        3. Fair enough.

          I’ve been re-reading Predictably Irrational lately, so I may have social norms versus market norms a bit heavily on my brain.

    1. I think she would’ve been ok being told after the fact, if not for Quinn getting on her case about the laptop. Ellie’s wanted computer access back since she got kicked out of the house at the start of the comic, so regaining it is going to be not a small deal to her.

        1. It’s certainly possible I wasn’t wearing pants while posting that, so objectionable is fair.

  5. This seems like the kind of deal where someone would sigh before going into an explosive ethics rant. Also, Seventh. Why? Because no one else called it. Seventh requires one to post at least ten words, and be nowhere near the top of the page. Towards the bottom is preferred. As a side note. The same person cannot claim seventh more than once per Arc.

        1. The Au Natural that wasn’t natural, but augmented? Yeah, but don’t you think that the Great Smokey Mountains would look so much better than the Grand Tetons?

        2. No, no, no, no, no. I am not getting into another discussion about girl’s chests.

          I will say Cin seems like someone it would be much more enjoyable to visit than to live with.

        3. Visit still puts you in potential danger. I’d go with a phone call from at least 50 miles away and she doesn’t know your location.

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