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Terms and Conditions-Part 18

88 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 18

    1. She can be an idiot but Ellie does have a good judge of character. Before you jump in it isn’t perfect but she knew that Danny was hitting on her, she just didn’t realize that he was streaming her life to the world.

      In the end she is not the best book smart person but it doesn’t mean she is an idiot.

      1. Regardless of how sharp, intelligent, wise, quick-witted or other positive mental characteristics you may have in spades, you are still very validly an idiot immediately after walking into a door frame because you were too busy taunting someone else to pay attention to where you were going.

        1. Am I the only one thinking that walking into something face first is a problem Ellie wouldn’t usually worry about though? Like, I’m not entirely sure but I think she would be somewhat protected due to here “well rounded” personality.

        2. Yep, she probably wouldn’t have smacked her head if she had been a bit more offset (though I’ve heard that can hurt too).

      1. Honestly, I just hope he hasn’t finally snapped and made a hermitage with a wifi connection and art supplies. All hunched over his work, rocking slightly.. muttering and giggling slightly as he draws the pretty, pretty pictures… O.o

    1. Last one was on the 9th, this one was on the 17th.

      That is 8 days apart.

      In what universe does that count as two in a week?

    1. Nah, both are well intact. Remember, she’s got front impact protection — that protects against injuries to both forehead and ego! ;)

      1. My recollection is that they were always intended to be back story for things that occur in the main story. I think the rule of thumb is that the ways that things impact need to be able to be quickly summarized in 1-3 panels.

        Off the top of my head, a good example of this that was less obvious was that Pumpkin got Quinn & Ian talking again and spending a little bit of time with each other here and there during the first Patreon storyline (all on the main site now), and that’s why it wasn’t odd that Ian had Quinn’s phone number and called her to ask about the cam site.

        I’ll try to remember to check back later and see what else I can come up with for tie-ins and provide reference comics.

        1. Some tangent info bits that were revealed/shown in first Patreon arc and could feasibly play a role in the main site (leaving out [Patreon] for comic names and using current main site post dates from the archive, not Patreon post dates), will also point out any main site pages that were already impacted if I can think of them:

          * Ginger & William were highschool sweethearts, Rosemary walked in on them fooling around and blew up about it and Ginger mentioned they were already having sex (yelled really) – (The War at Home, December 11, 2014)

          * Pumpkin talked Herb into getting her a nose stud (she asks assuming a no in The Tagalong, December 16, 2014; Herb appears to give up on fishing and apparently goes to get her a nose stud in Another Grand Imposition, December 18, 2014; first sighting in v2.0, December 19, 2014)

          * Herb suggests Pumpkin find someone she can relate with to talk to, she chooses Quinn (Another Grand Imposition, December 18, 2014)

          * Pumpkin’s sexuality discussed and initially analyzed (For Those Who Wait, December 21, 2014)
          ** Quinn actually started the whole questioning of Pumpkin’s sexuality back in Odds Are (September 11, 2013) and hinted at it again (and mentioned knowledge of Batman comics) in Batwoman (January 17, 2014).

          * Quinn likes Batman. Also Ellie goes through Quinn’s closet (Sexy Shrine, December 24, 2014)
          ** Main site has her wearing a bat shirt in lots of comics, Loqued Out (June 6, 2015) was one I stumbled on

          * More evidence Ellie’s dating life/experience is near zero (Pumpkin’s reaction to Quinn in I Said Maybe, December 26, 2014; Pumpkin’s angry response to Ellie in Tarrallie, January 29, 2015)
          ** Has been suggested on the main site (first hinted in Cinnamon, September 4, 2013) and does seem to have a big impact on various things with Ellie (including in this comic).

          * Pumpkin gets Quinn & Ian talking again after her embarrassment (starts in Self-Sacrifice, January 7, 2015; confirms she gave him her phone number in What’s His Face, January 12, 2015; further seen working in Steal Your Heart Away Part VI, January 21, 2015)
          ** Main site consequence – Ian calls Quinn and tells her about the cam site Danny set up (The Chain Part XVI, April 8, 2015)

          * comic Suzie Q (January 13, 2015) has a bunch of odd items mentioned in passing
          ** Quinn’s favorite comic character is The Spoiler
          ** KK was very talkative about being bisexual when rooming with Quinn
          ** Ginger & William had moved away and were talked into moving back and reconciling with Rosemary due to Juniper’s pregnancy
          ** Quinn’s actual first name is Suzette

          * Pumpkin wraps her boobs for school (and apparently her family) and unwraps them for Quinn (wrap for school shown in Steal Your Heart Away Part I, January 16, 2015; unwraps for going to Quinn’s place in Steal Your Heart Away Part IV, January 19, 2015)
          ** It’s less clear, but this might’ve started much earlier. Comparing Pumpkin in For Those Who Wait (December 21, 2014) which was her first day talking to Quinn with her on the second day in Sexy Shrine (December 24, 2014) does appear that even though she’s wearing hoodies both days, she seems somewhat noticeably bigger the second day. That might be accidental, though.

          * Pumpkin develops some degree of possessive feelings for Quinn (Steal Your Heart Away Part VI, January 21, 2015)

          * Ellie either hasn’t seen Pumpkin in quite some time or Pumpkin wrapped her chest around Ellie (That Escalated Quickly, January 28, 2015)

          * Fusion dance Pumpagon form may have accelerated Pumpkin’s boob growth, and similar may have happened to Ellie (Tarrallie, January 29, 2015)

          * Quinn is roughly three years older than Pumpkin (difference stated in Over My Head, February 4, 2015; Pumpkin’s birthday stated to be “next month” in Suzie Q, January 13, 2015; Quinn’s birthday stated as “last week” in A Better You than You, February 1, 2015)

          * Introduction of new D52 cast page member Doya Doya (Over My Head, February 4, 2015)

          * Quinn decided Pumpkin was getting too close and needed to take several steps back and pushed her away somewhat (starting in Fireflies, February 5, 2015 and through the next several comics)

          * Quinn’s car gives out again after kicking Alex to the curb (Slow Your Roll, February 7, 2015)
          ** Camsite make-up included as primary payback a car for both Quinn & Ellie (Stand There and Be Quiet, May 20, 2015), so unsure if car was still running and just still unreliable or if this was it’s last breath.

    1. The main site comics and Patreon reference each other, but they are still independent stories. The only aspect of the Patreon comics that needs to be relayed to advance this specific plot was given in the dialogue. Quinn said she spent the money on DJ equipment.
      No more of this transaction needs to be seen and nothing is missed by not reading. A third party would find Ellie’s desire to keep the laptop unwise. Quinn also blew all the money, which she shouldn’t have. It just leaves them at a moral draw. That’s all the needs to be known.
      “I’ll just keep the laptop, since you screwed me over.”
      The Patreon comics simply show Quinn’s side, and her interactions with Eagan. The two stories are certainly intertwined, but not 100% reliant on each other to know what’s going on. They will eventually be posted on the main site in the future once that story is completed, if Patreon is not something you’re interested in right now. :)

      1. Thanks for the response to my concerns. I’ve been burned by other online comics where the author put major plot points in the Patreon/pay site/hard copy strips. It is a disappointment to have invested time in a comic, only to have to miss parts of the story because I’m unable to pay for that particular aspect of the strip.

        1. Ah, yeah I don’t like that either, and I think it’s a bit unfair. I read a few forums about people’s concerns with paywalls before I did Patreon, and it’s actually one of the reasons I hesitated from starting one for so long. I only use Patreon as a ‘story extension. ‘ It’s like Shotgun Shuffle if it had DLC. It’s not the main comic, it’s just “more of what you like, and hopefully deep enough content it feels worth reading.” None of it is critical-plot points or anything like ‘you must pay me for the good stuff or to even understand what’s going on.”
          Like the first Patreon storyarc was between Pumpkin and Quinn. That’s part one of a three-part series between those two, but it wasn’t detrimental to the main story. Part-two will be, however, and it will be here on the main site, not Patreon. The interactions will be too important to the future story. And so no one feels lost, I’ve already uploaded all of part one.

  1. In order to get first you must have a minimum of ten words that have to do with the comic, hence the reason why Walter has rights to first comment. I don’t know if that applies to any comments after that, please ask That One Guy for details.

    1. I don’t think anyone really disputes the direction time flows here. As far as I can tell the ten word thing is just to try to get a person immaturely trying to claim first to at least have half a thought about something to say to go with it. Walter is sufficiently mature that such things didn’t matter.

  2. Ah yes, the joys of instant karma.

    I bet Ellie is used to that quick karmic recovery in the last panel from growing up in a house with six siblings.

  3. Wrong tactic, there, Quinn. What you wanted was “Because of your idiotic dealings with Danny, you forced me to move. I consider the credit as @sshole tax.” However, Ellie does have it right. They’re both idiots.

    1. Yep, no good can come from arguing about who was drawing viewers to the camsite and they are indeed both idiots for arguing it.

        1. It’s a great expression, but I think I actually like Angry Ellie in panel two just a touch better.

  4. Thanks for this page, Rusche. I haven’t laughed that hard for way too long. I suspect I just woke up the whole household with my giggling…

    Definitely makes it easier to face a stressful day.

    Ah Ellie, you really are amazing sometimes – even when you’re channeling your twin there :P

      1. Nah, she doesn’t have a cell phone held in front of her face.

        Speaking of, if Ashliii doesn’t go through phones weekly from impact damage, her phone protector may be some of the most impressive future tech in the Shuffleverse.

  5. I keep thinking “real people wouldn’t act like this” and then I remember that neither Ellie nor Quinn can yet legally purchase alcohol. And that KIDS do dumb shit all the time.

    On the other hand- I know from personally experience that some times you don’t really learn a lesson until you get the shit kicked out of you (physically, financially, academically, whatever). So I’m hoping this will be good for them in the long run.

  6. This is clearly an argument that falls into the “Nobody wins”.
    Especially since it just devolved into who-was-better. Best just to let it die.
    But…I think this isn’t over.
    That faceplant into the wall though…

  7. Quinn has been known to sometimes make….selfish decisions on her own….you can’t really blame her for being pissed

    1. They both have legitimate reasons to be upset. They’re just at a spot where holding onto those reasons with a death grip isn’t going to get them anywhere.

  8. This is like a throwback to the reason I started reading your comic! There were two ad banners that caught my eye. This one was an ad banner with ashliii slamming into a wall repeatedly while texting.

  9. Ah. . . This sequence sings. These are very young people being people. All Rusche’s glorious shadings and art for art’s sake are just that, glorious–and in such an unlikely venue. They deserve conservators mulling over how best to preserve them for later MFA’s looking for dissertations yielding a PhD.
    But these last segments push close to J D Salinger. These are heading the strip toward literature that expands the borders of storytelling, drawing the reader into lives, rather than inked panels. Their accelerated pace of presentation has to signal Rusche’s greater enjoyment as a storyteller than as a portraitist or landscape artist. Watching Rusche figure himself out is a joy.

  10. Okay, tell me if I’m the only one thinking this. It’s been confirmed in previous strips that Quinn has some level of attraction towards Ellie, and Ellie does stare at Quinn’s butt a lot. Why can’t they just talk things out? On second thought, don’t answer that. I think I get it.

    1. No, you’re not the only one. There’s a decent chunk of the audience out there that seems to see hidden lesbianism in everything they do.

      1. Hidden? Seems more towards the “imma try and fail to be sneaky about this” category. They may be hiding it from themselves though. Consider, however, a few facts. 1: Ellie’s questionable butt staring.
        2: Quinn’s awkward glances towards Ellie’s chest.
        3: Quinn had a dream that she somehow knocked up Ellie, Pumpkin, and all the other sisters.
        4: Quinn is pretty much already seen as Ellie’s girlfriend by the clan.

        1. Sure, sure, but consider the following:
          1. Looking at butts doesn’t make you a lesbian, though. Neither does recognizing the sexual attractiveness of someone you are not personally attracted to.
          2. It’s hard to look anywhere in the room and NOT be looking at Ellie’s chest. Also, Ellie was just pointing at it.
          3. Dreams are weird and this one was possibly influenced by Doya Doya. I once had a sexy dream about David Duchovny. Don’t read too much into that dream.
          4. The sisters admitted that they were teasing her.

        2. And I completely missed that SnackNStack already said exactly those things because the comment wasn’t nested properly and also I am careless.

        3. My fault for missing the Reply button yesterday.

          Also, no worries on the David Duchovny thing. It happens. After a late night X-Files marathon, try NOT to have dreams incorporating him. The guy slips into your subconscious easier than Freddy Krueger.

        4. …and I’m falling, and falling, and I guess you know the rest. I’m stuck in a closet with Vanna White.

      2. There is a sizeable fan base out there who want to apply their favorite values to their fandoms with or without the express written consent of the National Football League or the author. I think that Freud said it best when he coined the term, “Transference.”

        1. Oh, I know. It’s one of the many reasons why most fan fiction falls into the ‘Horrendous’ category.

  11. As I remember it,
    1: Ellie stared at Quinn’s but when Quinn was deciding on whether to buy a dress, around the time Ellie’s sister was poking fun at her by saying she had a girlfriend.
    2: Quinn did look at Ellie’s chest, when Ellie was talking about her chest and pointing at it.
    3: Quinn did dream that, while there was a lot of Pumpkin lesbian talk, shortly after Ellie’s sisters were making the girlfriends’ jokes at Thanksgiving.
    4: Ellie’s sisters were teasing her that… well, I’ve covered this one several times, now.

    I don’t know. Maybe this whole thing IS a lesbian coming of age story, but it’s certainly one that spends a lot of time having both protagonists interacting with/flirting with/chasing boys. Whenever someone comments that all signs seem to point to lesbian attraction (which seems to be once per comic, now,) I tend to think that it’s just they would just really like to see that outcome happen.

    1. Agreed. I think most EllieQuinn shipping is wishful thinking (or liking a way of combining their names, I’ll admit I like the one I chose here).

      For point #3, I’d point out that Ellie was basically dancing around accusing Quinn of sexual impropriety with Pumpkin immediately before that dream, which started out with Ian and Quinn was quite down with that and she was freaked out for all the rest after.

      For point #4, actually Pumpkin stated that to be hazing in original Patreon comic now on the main site as comic [Patreon] For Those Who Wait (current post date December 21, 2014).

      Considering what we know of Quinn’s past boyfriends, if she saw women as a suitable substitute, I think she would’ve ditched men altogether by this point. While Ellie apparently hasn’t ever dated any guys, she does seem, once she gets interested, to be pretty drawn to men upon occasion. She definitely has shown some flirty mannerisms with both Blind Guy and Caleb, but I can’t recall us seeing her actually flirt with a female.

      So I don’t think it’s impossible, but I don’t see anything that we’ve seen as evidence or even likely breadcrumbs.

      1. In my defense, I can’t afford Patreon at the moment. Last time I could was maybe half way through “Steal your heart away”.

        1. The relevant pages are now in the free archives. The listed post date is inaccurate is there place where they fit chronologically. Also, ‘High Tension’ dated 1/22/14 has Ginger tell Juniper that she’s only calling Quinn Ellie’s girlfriend to mess with her head.

          I will say that while I enjoy the idea of Ellie being in a relationship with a girl I think the evidence supporting that outcome is thin. Still, ships have been built on less.

        2. I try to avoid saying too much about Patreon stories before Rusche puts them on the main site and don’t assume people have read them on Patreon. Once they’re in the main site archives, I figure if I mention something that a person hasn’t seen yet, then I’m doing them a favor pointing out that there’s a new Patreon dump to go poke through.

          Rusche gets a much higher pledge from me on Patreon due to his attitude/mindset about it (as he said a lot in comments around when it was announced & started and he quickly re-iterated above for commenter Rich). I can understand, and would feel the same way, about wanting to provide some value/benefit for people who’re financially supporting the comic, but I also really appreciate & respect that he puts them on the main site after a while so that people not on Patreon can still read all the same content (just at a delay). I think it’s a great middle ground.

  12. Resubscribed to patreon :) the recent updates on both the main site and patreon certainly warrant it. I just hope you dont blow yourself out!

    As for this update, love it! Ellie caught herself mid lash and quickly turned it around. And the art is lovely. I love every panel! But the last is my favorite with that little tongue sticking out.

    1. Ultimately. The others were ‘x’ed out on the day the blind teacher commented that most of Tired Guy’s friends were dead. The two that aren’t ‘x’ed out, are presumbly still alive and likely to be introduced some day,
      During that set of strips, several changes were made to the D52 portion of the cast page.
      Several images were updated to show their game faces, (Tired Guy got a gas mask, Nena got a lower face covering coat.) We got portraits for everyone who showed up with Tired Guy to beat on the teacher. We got a couple mentions of deceased characters, Twilight and Mr. Radio.

    1. New readers are always welcome. In the interest of fair warning, it should be noted that the schedule around here can be erratic.

      The last intended schedule was Tuesday & Friday postings for the main site and aiming for two Patreon comics each week two (they get placed in the main archive after a delay and are all the ones with [Patreon] in the name, and they’re basically B-arc backstory). Rusche usually doesn’t run with much of a buffer, so when life throws a curveball or he decides the 10 rows of comics shouldn’t be split and should all go in one post, then delays abound.

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