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Terms and Conditions-Part 19

Next comic will be up Monday, or as soon as I get this shading done. Sorry for the delay. It's three tiers and finishes up this confrontation. Here is preview:

86 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 19

  1. We are SO missing information about this. It’s MADDENING!

    Also, does Count Hookula just have them chains on his vest, or does he have piercings?

    1. Does seem like we passed something important. Still though, that’s likely to get revealed later on, and for now, I’ll accept that there’s actually a good chance of an update now when I click the bookmark.

        1. Tomorrow’s the first. An update tomorrow would likely really help pull the numbers up since the records shift kicks in.

        2. Yeah, I was noticing that myself. Though I’m guessing that perhaps just more comics have gotten better about putting up vote incentives on the 1st and some of that is transient, because we’re going back towards where we were last month today.

        3. You can see the numbers are on the decline. The handful of hangers-on out here isn’t enough to hold the line without updates.

        4. Yeah, they had started looking like they were rebounding, but are going back down. To be honest, though, I have kinda’ debated with myself if deliberately stopping TWC votes when updates are irregular might be a good idea in general, as a lack of current updates can convince a new reader to not bother and they may remember and not come back. I haven’t yet decided it seems like a good idea, but I’ve been contemplating it. The main thing I have leaning against doing that is that when updates slack it seems like Rusche gets more stressed and upset and TWC dipping might add to that.

    2. I also was wondering if those were part of a harness or part of his body. He did put them under enough stress that they likely would have to be pretty firmly anchored however they’re attached.

      1. My first guess was “screwed directly into the shoulder blades.” Now I see that’s a bit low for that. Could be “screwed directly into the rib cage.”

        1. I was thinking something along those lines is a possibility (could be welded to a plate secured to/around shoulder blades, or maybe as part of reconstructive surgery after some kind of bad accident), but it could also be a harness undershirt sort of thing which could be useful in terms of providing armor otherwise too.

          Also they could literally be growing out of his back for some reason too. Just woke up with them one day and confused the hell out of him along with making a mess of his sheets.

  2. On a roll with the updates! I love it! I also had to go back several strips to even remember what they were doing lol.

    1. Makes me wonder if she and GG aren’t related somehow, they seem to be exactly the same height…maybe twins? Like the anti-Ellie and Cinnamon.

  3. Would dating Ellie truly be disaffiliated?

    In the flashback we saw Tarra as General Nicks was holding Mr. Radio at gunpoint.

    Dating Ellie (who is Tarra’s sister and the General’s daughter’s roommate) would seem like it keeps him close enough he’d at least be more likely to run into them, maybe hear things, and potentially get entangled again later.

    1. Uhm, what? Tarrant was running up to Gen. Nicks position while he was getting the device from Mr. Radio. But now that I typed this, I figurine that your autocorkboard got the bestest of your pilsner.

      1. No corkboard issues for me, I just meant Tarra was in frame on that image so she was there/involved somehow. So a connection to her is another avenue of potential involvement (assuming she isn’t trying to distance herself too, which I don’t think we have any relevant info on one way or the other).

        1. Yeah, my bad. I totally misinterpreted it. First read/scan thought that it was intended to read as “Tarra as Gen. Nicks…”, not as “Tarra as General Nicks was…”

  4. XD

    We’ve officially been on the same day in comic for an entire year in real life.

    Also, I don’t think it’s been brought up how resilient David is for having taken that whole beat and yet not have a scratch or bruise on him.

      1. We have seen how he can completely distract all the women watching him. I imagine his other superpowers involve distracting men, and having nice abs.

        1. Bringing 10 of the 14 surviving D52 members to help take him out suggests that Tired Guy didn’t expect it to be quick & easy to get rid of him, which is also likely a good part of his thinking if he accepts the bargain.

          @shineyorkboy – If you don’t count the year and a half it took for Bertha to check out at GetMart (you just know by looking at her that you’d regret getting stuck in line behind her, don’t you?), then that’s a record for this comic. I’ve definitely seen others that go farther, though.

        2. I don’t usually pay attention to dates unless I’m citing something. But considering I started reading around the time Ellie was getting chased by zombies it’s kind of noticeable how much has happened in less than 24 hours.

          I’m pretty sure Bertha is Ellie’s supervisor during her training period not the customer.

          Let’s see, that day starts on 3/23/10 and ends either 8/28/12 or 9/4/12. So that’s about 2 years 5 months or 10 months if you take out the 1 year 7 month hiatus. Very respectable. And people complained that Black Friday took until Good Friday to finish. ;)

        3. Whoa, we had the training mesmerization thing. We’re lucky that the three and a half hour training video only took about one month and twelve days. That and Eustis was taking a nap. Who knows what he could have down otherwise.

        4. I think complaints about Black Friday were more the length of time stepping farther away from normal reality (as is only ducking in here and there with this comic day).

        5. I remember Mr. Blue saying something that there were some people upset about the length of the Star Wars III/Forrest Gump movie mashup. That, and that there were no “Weekend at Bilbo’s.”

    1. He also has to be extremely strong to be able to hold up so casually our little phaser chick, even if she is light. o.O

        1. I just looked and IMDB says she’s 5’5″. Either she’s lying about being 90 lbs or is very unhealthily underweight and has little in the way of muscle mass.

          Rebecca, while not beefy, likely is pretty fit and would have good core strength for bracing herself and looking around inside objects. So if anything she should weigh a little more than you’d expect. If she’s 5’2″, my guess would be that she’d weigh 125-130 with that muscle estimate.

          I can also say from experience, that holding up a girl who’s around 5’2″-5’3″ and between 120 & 130 for a moment or two the way Blind Guy is holding Rebecca in panel one (squirming or still) is not particularly difficult, I did it in college more than occasionally (I’m around 5’10” and was nowhere near as muscular as David is in this comic). [Sadly, that was never due to me needing to deal with similar ardor, just general platonic horsing around.]

        2. There is also the person’s frame which will also aid in their weight determination. You can have several people of healthy weight at 5’5″, but they would weigh differently. But for argument’s sake, let’s give them all the same bra size. So you have the waifish, small, medium, normal, and large frame for 5’5″. That alone should give you different weights.

        3. Muscle is significantly heavier than fat and non-bird bones are heavier than fat too, as I understand it. I think most organs are also heavier than fat (not certain if all are, and I’ve heard that sometimes a person’s body fat is almost an organ of it’s own in some ways, so obviously not heavier than itself). An extra inch of height will add more weight than an extra inch around torso (belly or bust).

          A person at 5′ or 5’1″ seems petite at 90 pounds.

          If we’re still talking about Ms. Reid, 90 lbs at 5’5″ would look like she’d be in danger of blowing away in the wind in person. I’ve heard the camera adds a bit of weight on people, so possibly wouldn’t look quite that severely underweight on camera, and proper wardrobe can help there too.

          If we’re talking about Rebecca, her suit’s pretty well skin tight and she’s quite likely to be fairly muscular, so the main question for her weight is how tall she is. At a guess she appears to be somewhere in the neighborhood of shoulder height on David (maybe a little above or below, we don’t have good clear comparisons). I’m guessing David’s in the 5’10”-6’2″ range and he does have kind of a slightly taller than average head, so I’d put Rebecca at 5″1′-5’5″ (which would likely translate to 118-142 lbs for her). Still definitely feasible and not particularly strenuous for someone of David’s apparent frame/fitness to hold her off the ground like that for a second or two as he’s peeling her off of him (he did a one arm overhead toss of Durkin several comics ago, so this is definitely easier).

        4. Muscle is denser than fat, given equal amounts of volume. Therefore, yes, muscle would be definitely heavier than fat. Most organs are muscles. But I dated a 4’8″ girl who was around 90 pounds, and she was neither waifish nor bulky.

        5. It’s not going to be a linear scale with height or anything, as we scale in three dimensions (otherwise at above 6′ you would be WAY too stretched out to support your weight or people under 5′ would be way to scrunched together for joint comfort). So four inches up from 5′ will add more weight than four inches down will subtract.

        6. But there is also the type of frame that the person skeletal frame provides their make up. And on top of that. Different people of 5’5″ height have got to have different frame makeups. How else can you account for a string bean person of 6’0″ compared to another person who would be 6’0″ and one hell of a line backer for the Green Bay Packers? These two people are going to have different hip and shoulder measurements.

        7. Which is why the body mass index is the worst kind of junk science and the “obesity epidemic” is so much horse excrement, all in one handy webcomic comment.

        8. @mR. Blue – Sure, but I think we know sufficiently well what frame the two ladies we were talking about possess, so I was taking that part as given/known.

          @Steve – I always found the fact that BMI doesn’t take any kind of muscle mass estimates into account to be the most hilarious thing about it.

    1. But Kratos doesn’t seem to dress up as .. as… dang it, I forgot his name. I know that it’s not vampire man. Hang on.

      Sorry, I had to visit the cast page. It’s Durkin. I wonder if he owns a donut shop.

        1. I love that the commenters were aware enough to know about Bloodline.

          Though I hate the Hellraiser series with a passion. Pointless blood and guts built around a story that’s on the obscure side of incomprehensible. Used to be I only watched it as an endurance test. Now I just don’t care.

  5. Damn, I burned through this webcomic just to see it’s stalled a bit right as I’m fascinated to see where it’s going.

    1. The author’s son was having some medical issues towards the tail end of last year and he hurt his back to the point of having trouble working at his desk around the same time too.

      I’m hoping that he didn’t push too hard and get his back in worse shape or something else medical get bad.

      He does sometimes decide that specific strips shouldn’t be broken up and updates stall for a big one to come later (worst I remember with that were comics The Chain Part X with current post date of March 29, 2015 which I believe he was working on around the same time that he was doing originally Patreon comic [Patreon] For Those Who Wait with current main site post date of December 21, 2014; and he did actually need to upgrade his RAM to finish those without crashing his computer).

      If you’re wondering why I reference “current post date”, when Rusche goes back and inserts older Patreon comics into the archives, WordPress is set to want them each different days, so sometimes the days get shifted a bit from that (if you look after Patreon comics you may notice first comment date as earlier than what it says the comic was posted, but the comment date is correct and post date is just adjusted to make room). I avoid links to avoid the comment needing moderation.

      1. Oh dear, I should have really considered the possibility of some real problems arising for them in life. Thanks for the information.

        Also based on that update below the current panel you’re correct about us getting a mega-update.

        Thanks for the greeting too!

  6. Guys! TWC ranking has slipped to the 80s. As much as I generally love the 80s, as a comic ranking this is unacceptable. VOTE.

    1. We ARE voting. Those of us who actually check the comic manually for updates, that is. The RSS crowd likely hasn’t returned since January 24th.

  7. Rusche, please don’t animate too much, I read this webcomic on a crappy mobile that is literally falling apart. Please don’t strain my o’Pad too much! :D

  8. Next after “Shotgun Shuffle” on our K.C. and the Sunshine Band Spectacular, well it’s more of a featurette. However, up next “That’s the way.” Then, Adrian Chronhour.

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