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Terms and Conditions-Part 2

A few process sequences. Got a new fanart from Dame. This time it's Durkin. The comic's not-vampire. Durkin Also, a first. A Seven Sister's haiku by commentator shineyorkboy XD

Tempestuous storm Starting the cycle anew Newfound empathy Blazing inferno Shinning great and terrible Beware the burnout Odd complexity Forever spontaneous Unpredictable The wilting flower Growing amid the rubble Will it bloom again? Joyous song of life Buried beneath slothful shell Hardship building strength Devoid of kindness Seeking to bring suffering Showing no remorse Gem of potential Constantly shifting guises Embrace the new dawn

89 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 2

  1. No cane. No dog. So, the theory that he isn’t really blind is getting stronger. Or, he could be DareDevil.

    1. Oh yes, I assigned him the DD role back when we all figured out HE would be the last date. They don’t want him snooping around because his “superpower” will allow him to find whatever it is they’re all after in that apartment. And now here he comes with truffles (always a great buy for the woman you want to impress), heading to the very apartment THEY want him to stay away from. Go SSDD!

    2. Considering that he’s seeming likely to be David, cleaner of Tarra’s messes, being blind and having some completely out there method of navigating and/or being aware of his surroundings seems like a slightly stronger possibility to me than him not being blind.

    3. He wouldn’t necessarily want to take his dog into a movie theater. As for getting around without the cane, he may have some degree of vision. You know the eye charts at the optometrist’s office and the DMV? If you can read the top line (giant letter E) but nothing smaller, while wearing glasses or contacts, you’re legally blind.

      But I think Rusche’s up to something here… maybe Blind Guy merged with Tarragon recently and this restored his sight. And now he has to use bandages and bulky clothing to conceal his new big boobs, just like Pumpkin!

      1. I did make a mention of legally blind people wearing orange coke bottle lenses instead of the customary sunglasses. I don’t know what happened to it though. I’ve known several people who were legally blind. My nephew amongst them, and he had a driver’s license.

      1. It does look like that, but then again, don’t you think that it would be customary for a person to pay attention to others? Besides, he could be counting the number of chocolates that is being put into the package.

        1. If he’s blind, how does he know where the attendant is or how many chocolates are going into the package?

        2. He’s blind, not deaf. When something falls on the ground behind you, you can turn around and face directly at it to figure out what it was correct? Even though you didn’t see it, you still know where to look.

          However, the walking without a cane means he most likely has some functional vision or alternate method of perception (like the echolocation discussed by others).

    4. He made the habitual motion of looking at his wrist where his watch should be last page (while either sans watch, or brail/other touch FACED watch under sleeve), indicating he wasn’t always blind.

      Also, many blind people know where things are geospatially in environments they are familiar with. Places such as their home.

      In fact, many @sswholes who think they are just being funny will intentionally move furniture and/or essentials in a blind “friend’s” (the blind person may be a friend, but the @sswhole sure isn’t) home just to f#ck with them for a cheap laugh.

      Before anyone says I have no since of humor; giving a blind friend a picture frame with a note inside that reads: “Don’t tell him this is not a painting.” is funny, somewhat mean spirited perhaps, but still funny. Moving a blind mans glass top coffee table to between the couch and the path to the bathroom so that your blind “friend” trips over it, falls trough it, gets multiple lacerations, several pieces of broken glass embedded in various parts of their body, chips or breaks teeth, and possibly gets a concussion, (pluss sh!tt!ng and/or p!ss!ing themselves, they were on their way to the bathroom) all while you and possibly other “friends” point and laugh, while one of you shoots video of it to upload to the internet, is just mean. No funny at all, just plain mean. This is not a “practical joke”. There is no funny here. If you do this, you are a bad person.

      I digress.

      David could know this area well enough (with its current lack of crowds) to not need his cane at the moment.

  2. It’s not a tumor! I mean vampire…

    Nice work on the details. Either he’s off to drown his sorrows in chocolate or he’s hoping to appease Ellie. Or he’s moving on.

    1. I just realized I misspelled my latest joke name. Oh well, at least the initials are right, that’s what really counts.

        1. Why is everything so heavy in the future? Is there some kind of problem with the earths gravitational pull?

  3. It’s fairly common knowledge that I in fact know little about the ladies. The wonderful extended metaphor Dave Barry used–a man in a relationship with a woman is like an ant on top of a truck tire; the ant understands that he is on top of something very powerful, but he cannot comprehend the nature of it or his interaction with it, until that truck tire starts rolling and inevitably crushes him, at which point his last thought will be, “Huh?”–is a perfect descriptor. But even I know if you’re walking in with chocolate, you’ve gone loaded for bear.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing my little tribute. :)

    It’s always amazing to see how much detail you put into your work.

    Also, those people are so lucky that’s Quinn in their crowd and not Cinnamon.

  5. This guy does not walk around like he is blind that is for sure.

    no cane, no dog ( where is he anyway), are those radar glasses? Is he putting one over on us?
    is he really Matt Murdock?

  6. Really curious how he is able to navigate without his seeing eye dog. Unless he knows the area that instinctively or something. Idk O.o

    1. “Welcome to the Chocobieb family. Here’s your wig and your apron and a cheat sheet of song lyrics that are easier than average to fit into normal chocolate purchasing transactions, as you’ll be expected to average quoting them to 9 of 10 customers. Your manager will mark you down for bonus points when you get trickier song lyrics in naturally. Every 1000 points you’re allowed to wear noise cancelling headphones with non-Bieber music for a shift. Company health benefits only cover one month per year for inpatient psychiatric treatment, so remember to save those up.”

      1. ….if that were ever actually a thing, it would almost, but not quite, be enough to make me endorse communism.

        1. Communism would just make it worse. Chocobieb would eventually succumb to bankruptcy. If Kim Jong Un decided to do something similar, it’d continue until the country collapses or one of his decedents decides it’s not bat-shit crazy enough.

        2. Kim Jong Un’s Chocolately Efficacious Empire.

          Soon coming to take over you mall by force. A Worker’s paradise for all employees.

    2. It occurs to me that before she started growing out her bangs Pumpkin could pull this look off fairly well.

      Combined with her skill at wiggery she’s got a day job and a decent side profit helping her coworkers avoid cutting and dying their hair.

  7. I’d like to speculate what I think is likely next after this comic, but I’m brought up short by Blind Guy’s connection to Tarra. Being connected to Tarra, the next comic could potentially him taking off that sweater vest to show he’s actually two shorter tentacle monster aliens in a human suit.

    Although if that happened I’d be speculating that one of the two aliens is actually blind and the other one got to be on top today.

  8. Suddenly, the past encounters with daredevil dont look like coincidences anymore.
    Maybe he’s calling Ellie’s offer to be his live-in girlfiend ?

  9. This comic and the last one had me wondering if Blind Guy was born blind or if he was blinded and it was Tarra’s fault.

    @Rusche: Any excuse to hang out at a chocolatier, eh? I’m kind of surprised by the product organization, though. The shelf-depth is incredible; most of the chocolatiers I’ve been to have half that depth and glass for the front and most of the customer-facing top. The items tend to be the same from front-to-back, only varying in groups from left-to-right, to maximize visibility. If this is a place you encountered in real life, I have to assume they put pictures of their selection on the walls or something.

  10. I am just loving all those leeetle portraits in the breakdown of Quinn in the crowd. So many *individuals.* Sigh.

  11. Watched two Olympic finals today. Women’s road cycling and the women’s 200 meter freestyle. OMG. Katie Ledecky is going to break the record again.

    1. Can we be nicer to the man? He’s goes through a lot of stuff in order to bring to us a quality product. He’s mentioned several times before how life has come at him, and that his kids at this time are first and foremost. Therefore, most of the fan base knows that you can not rush Rusche’s perfectionism.

      We leave that up to Jessica. That’s because we love her, and her mother-in-law plies the aforementioned with pecan sandies. From scratch is the rumor. OMG, Rumors – by Fleetwood Mac. LOL.

    2. My personal guess is back-to-school shenanigans and an added side of a couple of long drives and some stress related to if his kids go to their mom’s before going back to school (as I recall, she lives 1-3 states away from Rusche, I’m thinking a 6 hour drive or so is what I remember for some reason).

      At least I’m hoping it’s something like that rather than burn-out. As I recall we’re around 1/6 of the way into the story at this point.

      He’s seemed to aim for Tuesdays and is trying to sync Patreon on same/similar day lately.

      1. It kind of seems that the kiddos might be back with him, because I remember somewhere that he was saying that his daughter didn’t get the song. It may have been on facebook, because someone put the Orange Mocha Frappuccino scene from Zoolander on that post. What was it, wake me up before you go go, don’t leave me hanging like a yo yo. .

      2. TOG, thank you for the useful reply. And thanks for not imposing a homily on the proper decorum in cutting Mr. Rusche some slack.

        1. No problem, I just try to keep things friendly where I can, and it can be a delicate balance. Considering how bad I’ve been with that balance at times in my past, I’m sometimes surprised I’ve made as much improvement as I have in the past five years or so.

    3. Apologies, the browser title still said Mon Wed Fri. I fixed it to say Tues/Fri. That’s what Chris is aiming for but sometimes there can be delays.

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