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Terms and Conditions-Part 21

64 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 21

    1. My daughter has some exactly like them without the mic(the ears light up, and have speakers in them in case you need to share your media with everyone in the room). They were a kick starter 2ish years ago.

  1. Looks like FatFat thinks that headset is PHATPHAT

    As in Pretty Hot and Tempting


    Ok… I’ll see myself out

    1. …because someone has to say it.



      This has been your “Because Someone Had to Say It” moment.

      1. I just give you a look of haughty derision from the other side of Mr. Larry Johnson’s car while holding up nine fingers and shake my head.

        1. Everyone seems to assume Mr Blue Sky is Mr. Stevens. Nope.
          That’s not what I’ve been seeing there.
          Caleb takes zero shit.
          Remember Danny’s front door when he crossed Caleb?
          Were you assuming that was hyperbole? Perhaps it was what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

          Apparently Canada has their own telekinetic bad ass, with his own personal agenda…
          and Elle is his current love interest…
          Imagine Mr Blue Sky as Caleb, walking in on Night the Breathtaker to settle his hash.
          Pow. Zoom. Right to the moon.

  2. Welcome back, Chris. Hope everything is getting better for you and family. :) Also very much with the not-first.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s great to see the comic again, but don’t push yourself if you need more time worth your family or personal grief. Please take care of you first. I know you strive for perfect comics and hate delayed updates, but I’d rather wait for a comic than know you’re pushing yourself. :(
    On a more light hearted note, I am beginning to absolutely adore Caleb.

  4. Woo Hoo!!! A new comic up for my Birthday!!!

    And welcome back Chris. I hope everything is okay with you and the family.

  5. Hope all is going well family-wise and here’s hoping for peace for the grieving.

    I kinda’ like that Caleb went with the, “I’m buying a headset for her, and I’d like to see her wearing this cat ears pair…” line of reasoning.

  6. This is probably too much math nerdery, but he couldn’t possibly be *all* her future dates — other people still have accounts, too. As the number of Caleb’s fake accounts approaches infinity, the portion of her dates that turn out to be him _approaches_ 100% — but never quite reaches it…

  7. O’Hell, Ellie only has a 1:4 not walking off the job record at this point. (Not counting seasonal work.) Those should make it 1 fired, 4 walked off of (includes Khohls), 3 not picked up from temp work. 1 quit if we count the convention stints as one.

  8. He can’t be her date, because she only goes on dates with people who are about to lose their account and the company wants to keep the money.

    Going to have to disagree with Caleb though. A good employee wouldn’t just walk out on a job to begin with. Sure, they may be a good worker when they’re there, but if you have a habit of walking out, you’re not a good employee.

    1. “Good employees” vary from company to company, but usually the definition is “will extend the company every courtesy that we won’t bother to extend to the employee.” That includes advance notice of departure and acceding to any damn fool request we can come up with even as we deny the employee literally everything we can by law.”

      1. Well, the company is trying to provide a service to its target community while attempting to provide individuals the resources to facilitate their abilities to provide that service easier on their part for the company’s customers.

        1. Look, all we know is that we’re going to need you to put in some weekend hours to get this caught up.

        2. We know everybody loves history, and the news has told us A LOT about how unhealthy sitting all day is. So, we’ve found a replica of a scribe’s desks and we’ve cut everyone’s workspaces into quarters and gotten rid of the chairs. This allowed the entire top floor to be set aside for a new executive area for planning purposes.

          On a completely unrelated note, let maintenance know immediately if you start seeing water leaks from the ceiling.

        3. Maintenance can’t do anything without the proper work order approvals from top management. Besides, those water leaks, they’re replacing the salt water coolers.

        4. We’re asking all associates to volunteer for mandatory unpaid overtime this weekend. Please be prepared for work to last past midnight and involve chainsaws and watercraft.

        5. I was going more for ridiculous than bad, per se. Plus I can’t really say cutting down trees in the dark while tired and on a boat is one of the smarter things I’ve done.

        6. I wouldn’t argue smart, but certainly seems to have the potential to be interesting.

      2. Having been laid-off (not fired) from multiple jobs and never once being given the two weeks notice they all want from me, if I had decided to quit. I know all the pains of jobs, including them trying to screw you out of everything they can (well, except for the one small company of less than 10 people…still got laid-off without notice, but never once did they try to screw me any other way).

        Laid-off with because of last hired first fired. Laid-off for not going out drinking or hunting with the bosses, like the way less time put into the company employee who liked to show up drunk to work :p Plus other jobs with other reasons…like…company shutting down :(

        However, I’d still say, employees with a history of just leaving jobs without notice aren’t great employees, even if they are good workers.

        1. Well we are taking about the opinion of someone who’s been self employed since he was a teenager. His views on what constitutes proper employee behavior may be a bit unorthodox.

          And considering he rehired Danny twice and gave him access to a bank account without monitoring its activity his credentials as a businessman in general are rather questionable.

        2. Considering that Caleb started said business in Canada, and Danny was attempting to head up the American side of the business, which wasn’t happening all that well. But it seemed that Danny was able to con Caleb into the American branch so that they could go to conventions and such. So, who knows how much Caleb had consulted with an attorney at all.


        3. Danny was told specifically not to go to conventions. Which makes me wonder what their American bank account was for. If Danny hadn’t gone rogue what was he supposed to spend it on?

        4. Well, didn’t Pumpkin say that was a day for people to set up? So the first day shouldn’t count from Danny’s perspective. Yet it failed horribly from the view from up north. Maybe he was there to pump up the traffic.

          And yes, that “Guns that I own guy” was at two of the supposed conventions that he frequented.

        5. My understanding of the course of events is: Danny suggested they get a booth at a con to promote the site, Caleb said no, Danny did it anyway and started looking for a booth babe. Then the events of the comic happened.

          I’m not sure why you brought up Hoonoo, but he’s also the guy who suggested 9/11 was done with mirrors.

    1. At first I thought you just had an extremely specific fetish, then I Google imaged “Buzz Aldrin headphones.” And there he is in all his cat headphone glory.

  9. The title of this comic makes me think of the stupidest thing possible: Jumping into the air and firing a double-barreled shotgun, using the recoil to drive you back ever so slightly, reloading on landing then repeating the process over and over again. While grinning like a maniac.

    You know.. the “Shotgun Shuffle”….

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