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Terms and Conditions-Part 22

71 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 22

        1. Then the first in of this first must be made with all of the first grabbed accolades of being first. However, in order to fully appreciate the uniqueness of the SHUFFLEVERSE , attempts at having the first ever grassroots movement in order to fully appreciate the opportunity of solidarity in theSHUFFLEVERSE by going nuts with the firsts. The first, having been approved by the first webcomic based consumer sub-committee of transitive words, the first webcomic based consumer committee of the circle of the wooden ten, and the first webcomic based consumer ethical sub-sub-Saharan committee for the first and thusly thus exploratory commission to kill Bubba Ho-Tep.

  1. Not even remotely first, but infinitely sad that all I can think about is blimmin *ants* getting those fancy cakes during their sojourn in the bushes. I am so ×$@&€!ing old & decrepit, Old Guy is a dapper dude. Bunnies indeed.

    1. Ants are a cowardly and superstitious lot. -Sound of breaking glass- Hay, my monitor! Now I’ll never see the rest of that classic cartoon short about… That’s It! Aardvark Man! But, that sounds like work. I’d better get someone else to do it. Someone young, flexable, expendable, replaceable, cheep… That’s it! I’ll get an intern, maybe two. Aardvark Boy, and Pangolin Girl.

      The cakes will be saved! But, at what cost? It will be a sad fate that will befall Aardvark Boy, what ever I do, I mean, what ever that villian does to him. Then, I will have to comfort Pangolin Girl, in the only way that matters. Like bunnies.

    2. See, I was figuring the gators would get to his baskets first. It seems the tour guide struck a nerve when he told us there’s at least 1 gator in every conceivable body of water in Florida (minus gated pools) in order for there to be as many gators as there are. It’s probably been 5 years since I heard it, and as soon as Caleb said,”lake,” I thought gator.

      And Caleb needs to up his game if that’s what he envisions when he says Fancy cakes. Plural makes me think petit fours, not little Debbie. Though at least they’re twin wrapped. Hostess’s single HoHo packages are kind of sad looking. HoHos come in sets of 2. I have an entire childhood of memories to back me up.

  2. I like how normal these two are.

    I have this strange feeling that one of them is gonna end up kidnapped or killed though. No idea why.

    1. One of them is arguably cheating on a jealous woman of the female persuasion. The other is stealing the man of said vengeful person. The feeling of impending doom goes with the territory.

        1. Nothing single about Pringles, Man. They’re all getting it on with each other constantly. I’ve opened brand new cans of Pringles, only to find around a hundred of them spooning each other, inappropriately.

          It’s sickens me.

  3. Is she reacting to the fact that that he just indirectly called her a bitch, or to the fact that he just made a fairly big generalization about women? Or did she realize from what he (himself) said that he (just) wants to get into her pants?

    1. “Bitches love electrolytes” is based on a meme. Ellie is likely sufficiently conversant with memes to get the joke.

      1. Steve–thanks for the explanation–I was unfamiliar with that meme….I think it’s now one of my favorites!

    2. I suspect it’s more likely she has a sense of humor and correctly identified he was not being literal.

  4. I hate to go all Bavmorda here. (I don’t really) But in regards to a small secluded coffee place hipsters haven’t ruined yet…

    “Impossible! There’s no such place”!

  5. I love their dynamic here! Too bad it’s possible that Caleb is not actually single and this is going to end badly. If he IS a cheater hopefully it’s not Ellie who takes the blame.

  6. Didn’t I tell you that Canadiens were more relaxed when discussing the carnal nature’s and norms of snack cakes?

  7. I think I like imagining the picnic basket full of wine and fancy cakes being full of a Shuffleverse line of the Little Debbie’s in the author post which are pre-packaged soaked with wine. So every individual shrink-wrapped cake is a soggy and sopping mess once unwrapped.

  8. I thought bitches loved cannons?

    (this is the second time in the last 24 hours I’ve gotten to use this line- I think this is shaping up to be a FINE week)

  9. I got no problems gettin’ dem broads, but to get the Ellie’s you gotta have Fancy Cakes and Gatorades!
    Boys take them notes!!


  10. Best part is, in Canada, his plan would work. The drinking age there is only 18, so he could indeed get actual wine.

        1. He says he’s 27 during the car ride to the airport. He was 15 when he started the site

  11. Nice group of facial expressions. I especially like Ellie’s demure way of blushing on the first one. Overall, you definitely get the impression that she’s getting smitten with the guy.

    1. I don’t see any blushing. You need to wait for the end of ‘Terms and Conditions-Part 14’ if you want to see blushing.

      But she’s definitely interested. If nothing else Caleb has confidence, which I hear girls are into.

  12. I totally forgot what I was going to post until the TV started talking about I don’t cream.

    Those fancy cakes were in my local store, prominently displayed. Should I be worried?

    1. Ah, Captain, ah, there appears to be, ah, no new content. It’s just, ah, a cosmetic overlay. Should I set a course for Rigel Seven?

      1. Oh my.

        We seem to be off course, Captain. That should have gone to the response directly above this one.

  13. Wow! I really Like the way you’ve drawn Ellie’s Expressions. when she is Reacting to what Caleb said. its very good!
    Well Done!

  14. Wow! I really Like the way you’ve drawn Ellie’s Expressions. when she is Reacting to what Caleb said. its very good!
    Well Done!

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