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Terms and Conditions-Part 23

I believe there will only be 2-3 more parts to the Terms and Conditions series of titles. I'll see how much dialogue I can dispense in the next comic. Next Patreon will be up this week. Thanks for waiting.

51 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 23

  1. It’s going to take a whole lot of fancy cakes to make her ‘forget’ you mentioned that name, so, so many cakes.

        1. Oh yeah, Lennie, lots of rabbits. Tons of them. Whole sea of rabbits hopping and undulating all over the ground. Now, you’re gonna feel a little cold on the back of your head. That’s the rabbit fairy tracking your position. The clicking sound means she’s almost found you, so stay real still now.

    1. His right one still looks like a prosthetic to me.

      Also, considering it’s been less than a week since he go shaved I’m guessing that’s a wig.

      Although this is the Shuffleverse. Maybe the hair on his scalp grows super fast, but his eyebrows don’t grow at all. After all it didn’t grow back during the several weeks he was ‘working’ with Ellie.

    1. I think Danny is kind of like Alex in that he doesn’t understand why what he did was wrong. He probably thinks he deserves forgiveness, but that it’ll take helping to get Ellie to actually forgive him.

  2. So, E symmetry is a sham company and since it isn’t needed any more, Ellie is out of a job without a paycheck?

  3. Sooo rapidly it goes from “joining our site” to “working for them.” As much as she hates it & wants out, she has nowhere else to go. Yet.

  4. I think the better question is how is Danny not in prison after the shit they did to him, or at least still in jail. But yeah, won’t Ellie be without a job?

    1. Well, if I remember right, all they had him on was possession of Montage, and even then only residue on an MP3 player. That might not even be enough in Florida for possession. Oh, they also had Caleb’s vague shouts of “DRUGS TO KIDS! THAT MAN SELLS DRUGS TO KIDS!” But that’s probably not enough to make a conviction even in Florida.

  5. “Ripped off another site’s legalese verbatim….” “Suspiciously incompetent….” Man, it’s almost like it’s a front for an international organization of supernatural elements that may or may not be terrorists, amirite?

  6. Not surprising. What DOES surprise me is that Danny is actually smart enough to sleuth that out. I guess a habitual troublemaker like him knows fuckery when he sees it.

    1. Danny’s presumably at least decent in terms of working with websites. If their site was too bad of a mess when he started looking into things, that might’ve led him to poke around a bit more. Also he might’ve started complaining to Caleb about the horrible site that he’s working on now. So even without learned conniving instincts, he might have gotten to some of that point from a technical side (and Caleb might’ve noticed more once Danny started pointing things out).

  7. I’m confused. Is Ellie stuck in some kind of contractual obligation? I thought she already quit. Or, is this just an attempt to get paid for going on X – 1 out of X dates?

    1. Well, now I’m wondering. I need to do another archive dive, did we see her sign paperwork for Danny before we see Caleb throwing that in his face? So… did we see her sign something, or is it implied that she may have signed something.

        1. No, that was just a happenstance of two evildoers meeting up for an apartment rental. Tired Guy had to be referred to Danny’s site by his nephew. And even now,I doubt that Danny was even on the physical site for the coding job, or B and the other girls would be having one hell of a smack fest on his face. And Danny would be trying to find out how to make money off of turning them over to the authorities.

          So I’m going to guess that Danny boy wouldn’t pass an interview with H.R. at any serious company that isn’t based on cyberspace technology.

    2. I had thought it was Caleb attempting to be a career coach for Ellie and talking about the degree of badness of having so few references that she didn’t walk out on.

  8. This is the first statement of first that firstly and absolutely in no undeniable teems of being able to claim first yet is most defiantly not going to claim first.

    So, I’m not going to claim first.

    So, first to not claim first.

  9. Or perhaps it was suspiciously brilliant of them to probably rip off on of tired guy’s former schemes to throw off suspicion and cause the author to flip an Olympic swimming pool.

  10. So in light of Tired Guy being now labeled as “International Terrorist” (by other commenters anyway)
    Guess Danny’s status went from “Scum of the Earth” to just “Total Douche” in the Shuffleverse.

    1. I wouldn’t say terrorist. I think ‘International Soldier of Fortune’ is more appropriate for the the time being. There’s still a lot we don’t know about D52’s goals, motives, what they get up to when they aren’t running a dating website, etc.

      Regardless Danny would still be scum. He just might get bumped up from being the second worse person in the Shuffleverse.

      1. There are so many contenders for second worse.
        There’s Quinn’s absent mother.
        There’s Alex.
        There’s Katrina.
        I’m sure I’m missing someone else deplorable.

        1. I’d assumed Katrina was hands down the worst. Who’re you considering the obvious worst if she’s a candidate for second worst?

  11. Danny seems like the kinda’ guy who’d code up a faked website breach and malware insertion for a business. I wonder if something shady like that is what Tired Guy hired him for or if he’s actually trying to keep up appearances for the website by doing things like fixing problems and occasional other “we’re redirecting so we redesigned” stuff.

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