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Terms and Conditions-Part 24

Caleb will eventually get through GoT. Fatfat will eventually find love.

37 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 24

  1. Somehow I don’t think being alone in a room filled with lonely, desperate men would be much better than facing them one on one.

    If for no other reason than any good she did by bolstering their self-esteem (through words, not actions) is horribly cheapened if they realize it’s a stock script. Plus, y’know, it’s harder for her bodyguard to watch that many people at once if one ends up being a psycho.

      1. All the female members get to go to each one, but only a handful of men. And, by handful, I mean about twice as many as the girls. It might take a few months…

      2. …an ultra speed date. That is BRILLIANT. Everyone gets their one date guaranteed.

        It’s a shame that Caleb has no idea that the point was to get the girls out of their apartment to go MacGuffin hunting and no one cares about the singles at all. :D

        1. Probably would have worked better if they just held signs saying what their thing was. After all, they’ve probably had to repeat it several dozen times in the space of that song.

    1. I think the idea was more that they can fulfill their contract via hosting these gatherings to allow members to mingle, rather than setting them up on fake dates. They still won’t necessarily find anyone, but it meets the contract requirements. Thus allowing Ellie to bail.

    2. I’m of the thought that Ellie is Tired Guys secret and selective weapon against the 6 month guarantee. If they knew of the group date thing, and Ellie was allowed to attend, she alone would alienate the women from the site.

      Some of their actions begs a few questions. 1. How did Mr. Stevens come to know about the site? 2. Was it possible that the site’s plausible deniability comes from their “illegal” use of the application questionaire? 3. How much of the information provided by James could be used to extract targeted information against his friends, family, co-workers, teachers, fellow students, pastors and harlequin cosplayers?

    1. Love that idea.

      “Next time on Dragon Ball Fatfat, Goku continues to charge his ultimate attack. Plus, Vegeta discovers lasagna.”

    1. Shut up, you might make him mad enough to flip the susquehanna river over. We’re trying to wean him off of the big stuff and back down to bird baths to help him quit cold turkey.

    1. Yeah, we’re definitely down on votes. I see 33 for April checking just now and I know I’m 4 of those.

  2. Except, if I’m reading this correctly… the Esymmetry is just a way to keep David out of the way while the crew find the AI.

    I highly doubt a crew with the special abilities (although they may actually be common in the Shuffleverse) would be running a dating site for the money…

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