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Terms and Conditions-Part 25

'Business Ellie' is now giving her own hard sell. This Friday's post will be the last in this series of titles. By God, we will get through this plot. :P

64 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 25

    1. Ellie whine’s and complains about her job. Caleb researches her company legal elements and formulates a plan. He tells the plan to Ellie. Ellie parrots the plan to Tired Guy.

      Ellie = Good at her job? Sounds like CALEB is good at marketing.

    1. I identify as the most interesting man in the world. Everyone is clearly prejudiced against me for failing to agree.

        1. Your proposal has so stunned the board into fits of iubilation, frenetic frenzies of forensic analysis, and the sublime realms or six sigma heuristic underwriting that they all decide to marry not only the person sitting immediately across from them but a third person marriage with the company itself as the third member of the newly formed polygamous wedding construct.

  1. She has assets that make other people listen to her. She even made Tiredguy dumber than usual. She should be head of marketing.

  2. Very cool update. Sorry if jokes about the update schedule truly upset the artist, I’ve only been ribbing and will shush now.

        1. That’s your problem. Nails won’t form an airtight seal. You need something adhesive for that. With windows, make sure it’s waterproof and all-weather too.

        2. You’re – not well-liked. You’re, uh, abrasive and off-putting. You try to say pithy things, but your wit is a hindrance… so therefore nothing is provacative, it’s just mixed metaphors.

  3. Commence Tired Guy’s internal calculations as to the likelihood of the AI’s location being with the girls’ things (i.e. now in their new apartment), the helpfulness of Ellie’s continued “employment” in getting to it, and the degree he’s irritated about her standing up the one and only date he gave a crap about her going to.

    I wonder if he’ll catch that she knows Danny works for the site and doesn’t seem all that pissed off about it.

  4. Trust me dood, there are a lot of artist out there that can’t handle costructive criticism and let their fanboys white knight for them, ignore and never improve, or ban you from commenting.

  5. If Quinn shows up as an attendee…I will fall out of my chair.

    Sir, I will fall out of my chair gasping for every little bit if breath as I laugh so hard.

    1. Even better if Quinn is invited as an attendee and they have someone break into their apartment looking for the AI to find no traces.

  6. In addition to employment identity there should be industrial and professional orientation.

    So Ellie would be a customer service representative in the… entertainment industry. Maybe? I don’t know what dating sites put on the paperwork when they file to incorporate.

    Tired Guy’s an executive, Nena’s a manager/receptionist, Wilf’s HR, Merrick’s IT, and Durkin’s security.

  7. Hey guys, time for some Votey McVoteface to get this thing moving out of the 100’s!!
    Click the link and throw Chris a bone.

    We’ve had 5 comics in under a month’s time (with another coming this Friday I hear?).
    Show some love for Ellie and VOTE!!!

  8. Oh, good lord. Not only is he a retired supervillain, he’s a stubborn old cuss who smokes while on oxygen. How is he still alive?

    1. I’m not sure someone who’s putting a lot of active effort into searching for what David described as “the key to a walking death machine” that’s capable of causing an “international crisis” (ref comic Terms and Conditions-Part 12, current post date October 28, 2016) quite qualifies as a retired supervillian.

        1. Wait ’til they get a load of me.
          Boop, boop, boooop
          Heh hahaha haha hahaha
          Oohooo hahahahahaha.

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