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Terms and Conditions-Part 26

More character development. Tiredguy, in fact,  has a PhD. ..in Geo-Loveonomic Biodiversity. Next Patreon HOPEFULLY up this weekend. If not, Monday at the latest.

61 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 26

  1. I hope that by mentioning he “ripped it from another dating site” statement that she’s not overplaying her cards.

    Vote for Chris! TODAY!!
    That’s 3 comics in a week, 6 in less than a month!! It takes less than 30 seconds to register some “Lovelogy” for this webcomic and God knows Chris could use some good news and some respect in the polls!


    1. Talent is not prerequisite for fame, which is a shame. Just look at all the hack artist on the Top 100 webcomic list. But I would rather support this than most of the comics on the web.

    2. Depends on how badly it was ripped off. It might’ve still included the old site name in the EULA. So as long as Ellie can talk a decent game about how she would’ve searched for it (likely web search, finding an article about it being out of business, then using Internet Archive to go look at an old version of the site), then it’ll be fine.

      Though since she already slipped and mentioned Danny, she can also point at applying pressure to him as a way she got information.

      So I don’t think she left any new openings from this comic.

  2. Woohoo! Go Chris! You are rocking the updates right now. I didn’t mind the wait, but it’s really fun to pop in and check and see that you’ve put up a new page. Hopefully these short pages are less of a headache for you than the multi-tier ones. Thanks for sharing such an awesome story with us. :D

    1. Just looking at the “Minds” website and today’s comic has 137 views.
      If just 50 of those who looked at it would vote for the comic on today’s date, this comic would go from 147 to 127 this morning. Make it 100 and we push to 105.

      In just one morning.
      Think about this, guys and gals, and show Chris some respect; this output in the past month (especially this past week) after all he’s been through deserves it.

      (getting off my soapbox now….)

  3. Even if the dialer is reversed on the comic, I love the old retro phone on tired guy’s desk.

    I can still hear my dad hanging up on people with that old cast-iron model!!

  4. Loveolgy exists…it’s a religious book…and a religious course on relationships.

    At least we now know Tired Guy is from THAT part of Florida.

  5. If he ends up tenting his fingers and saying “Excellent” I think I’m going to have to hide in my basement for a while.

  6. Ellie WOULD know why you need to at least read what you are plagiarizing. I hear that got her in some trouble ’bout a year back. . .

  7. Ellie uses words like “incumbent”. Does she know the meaning or is she simply repeating what she was told?

    1. She’s not dumb, just lazy and recognizes that playing dumb often allows her to be lazier. While I’m not sure that I knew any girls in grade school that played dumb for laziness reasons, I do remember several that did it as conflict avoidance. So I suspect she knows what she’s saying.

      1. She’s also above par at math. I don’t know that many girls who wouldn’t need at least a 10 seconds pause in the conversation to work out that calculation. Most would reach for their phones.

  8. So Mr. Night, The Breathtaker, is also a Doctor of Loveology.

    I really am wondering what his nonstandard D52 ability/abilities will turn out to be.

    1. I suspect the plan was to just disappear, so I doubt they cared (initially at least, possibly they’re seeing this cover become necessary longer than originally planned).

  9. I just realized something. Companies usually give out around 5 – 10 % of cost saving measures suggested by employees. Could Ellie be looking at about a $21,600 payment?

  10. I think they’re going to need more than just a space to regulate the ratio problem. The ten women that are there out of the 3600 people will need some faster method of eliminating suitors. Kind of like The Dating Game setup, but instead of three bachelors, it’s a line of dudes. The first dude walks up to the judgment booth. If the girl in question doesn’t like him, she can eject him quickly via trap door of some manner. Otherwise, it’s just a giant room filled with guys complaining about the sausage fest.

  11. Is the plagiarized terms story point inspired by the horrific Zombie Shooter MMOish game that wholesale copied and pasted the terms from “League Of Legends?”

  12. Loveolgy exists…it’s a religious book…and a religious course on relationships.
    At least we now know Tired Guy is from THAT part of Florida.

  13. If you want, go over the videos below with your son, and then possibly use a piece of graph paper or paper to invent a game and try to get him to learn how to think of the state of each object, like Health-Points, or for a target Destroyed, it’s a good starter: facebook video downloader

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