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Terms and Conditions-Part 3

Rebecca is a super complicated character for the comic. Before I distort her, I do actually draw her traditionally to make the effect as accurate as I can. Here's the unfiltered version: Wall Walker Full Also, last week I posted a fanart from Dame Helsing, but I forgot to link a page you can contact her on or see more of her work. She did Durkin and Sister X in the past. Sister-X She actually does commissions, and if you're needing something draw, be sure to drop her a line. You can see prices and samples HERE.

89 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions-Part 3

  1. All of our assumptions about Merrick have now been shown to be correct.

    Well, I guess we can’t tell how much he’s on Montage at the moment, so maybe not all of them.

    1. They don’t. By intent. That’s the point of the dialogue above. If she becomes 100% desolid, shecompletely disconnects from the planet, at which point, any number of things (all bad) could happen. If she is still subject to gravity, she will be drawn underground, towards the center of the earth (which she seems to believe). If she becomes completely inertialess, the planet will move out from under her, continuing in it’s orbit at roughly 70-thousand MPH, re-intersecting with her in 365 days (assuming she doesn’t drift). Or, if she keeps just enough connectivity to obtain velocity/inertia before the effect becomes complete, she will be flung away at a tangent to Earth’s orbit at a signifianct velocity (possibly up to the Earth’s own 70,000 MPH). Lost in space, with only the air supply the suit presumably has. Not a good death.

        1. A Firefox update had me losing cookies a bit more than I expected to for a while causing some anonymous posts here.

        2. Just in case anyone would like a bit of insight into stress disorders like OCD or even GAD.

          Dealing with some bureaucratic paperwork can induce butterflies. Dealing with a bureaucracy when one of their cogs aren’t functioning while the computer system runs without human intervention, makes one feel like tossing their cookies. For hours at a time, if not days.

    1. Since Shadowcat’s abilities are “natural” rather than derived from technology she presumably has better control over what they do.

      Although there was that one episode of X-Men Evolution where it was shown that her greatest fear was being unable to turn off her powers and this happening.

      1. In the comic, it was a real issue for her, at first. Her control was a bit iffy at times, especially when waking up. In an upper floor room. In just her undies. And a surprising number of her colleagues on the floors below. As a teen. Oops.

  2. …So how don’t her hands phase through her legs in the top right & bottom middle (possibly also bottom left, but out of sight)?

    1. She’s got one or both knees resting on the floor there at one point too (which would be strenuous without non-phasing knee pads).

      I think the only things that makes sense for that is for the gloves and boots to actually be separate from (or layered on top of and perhaps permanently attached to) the suit and made from a material the suit cannot phase through. Otherwise, how do you manage the interface? Regular stitching would seem like it should phase out, and leaving the field open right there by her hands & feet might not be terribly healthy either.

      1. I think the pose in panel 3 is possible with just your hands and feet touching the floor. It could also be that her knee caps are phasing through the floor in that panel.

        You can see in ‘The Wall Walker’ that the gloves go on over bare skin. I think those rings around her elbows probably play a role in keeping the effect from spreading.

        1. There is that. However with the cancelation of the suits effects in the gloves and boots, isn’t it plausible that she can rest them on herself/support herself because of that?

    2. The gloves and boots are of some [insert science fiction BS] material that don’t allow passage of the suit through them. Therefore, as I see it, she can rest her hands against herself for balance. Someone also said something about her knees touching the floor. This was a hard pose to pull off, but whether or not I drew it well enough to convey.., her knees aren’t touching the floor. :)

      1. Which raises the question that with all these special measures being taken, why not just build a periscope out of the phasing material and use that instead?

        I mean aside from story-reasons of course :P

        1. We’re not sure how some of these odd powers work. Take summoning Dheu for example. Did the geometric design and writing from someone completely and totally untrained about the whole thing do it, or did Tarra do something supernatural/psychic or with some kind of other supersciency result requiring her own mind to activate? It’s possible that some of this “tech” requires a certain kind of user and might have some degree of biofeedback (i.e., could Tarra start her Tarraforming blast from random objects far away or just from her own body).

        2. I would not say the gloves and boots “nullify” the power, I’d say they don’t generate it in the first place, i.e. that emitters are everywhere else on the suit…

        3. Considering that the suit creates some form of field that allows the things inside to phase through other objects, the gloves & boots have to be a little more special than just not generating the phasing field. They have to nullify the effects of the suit not to phase back through the suit and/or protect her arms & legs from the apparent field boundaries (probably just while wearing it, definitely when resting hands on thighs).

        4. They could be generating the exact opposite effect in order to leave the gloves and boots at normal, as well as their ability to cancel out the effects of touching other parts of the suit in order to allow for support. But then again, I just went and Star Trekked ya, didn’t I?

        5. Maybe. We don’t know enough about the field. Sometimes opposite is inert, sometimes it’s not (lava vs liquid helium, for example). It’s quite possible that exerting the opposite field would be solid/stable, but it’s also possible that it’d just pass through matter in a different way (think opposite for polarized light).

          Now if the suit creates a field around her whole body and the gloves & boots create a cancelling opposite field just covering them, I’d be curious to know what that would do to the body inside, as there’d be an intersection that would potentially go through living tissue. That could strike me as maybe not worse than suddenly not being subject to gravity, but probably a much more painful “bad thing” to happen to her (I mean her family could recover her remains after the suit ran out of power, at least).

        6. If it can go through bolognium, then it more than likely runs on the users sense of personal vibes.

          But, on the other hand, the forearms and boots are subject to artistic license and the speculation of mad fanboys. But what if the suit was just as simple as having the effect created by a basic layering effect of spanx, spandex and latex and touch screen plastic that allows for the users bioelectric conductivity of their skin to power the suit with a Tesla boost from an interaction with the intersection of the Solar/Earth’s magnetic fields?

        7. Because the periscope would be shaking while your eye would be stationary. Your view would be terrible if you could hold the eyepiece still in the first place. At least with the suit everything is moving relative to your eyes.

      2. Plus, taking a page from “Empowerd” Rebecca could be doing tons of yoga to stay in shape as well as helping her to keep herself from being stuck in a position that it would be difficult to get out of. Like being stuck in a floor while her feet and hands were waving in the air. . . . . as if someone litterally pulled the rug out from underneath her (supports)

    1. He’d be watching for Blind Guy , who we’ve been told occasionally swings by Ellie’s old apartment trying to run into her.

  3. If she didn’t want to be stared at, she could just tell him to watch the door. Because after all, no human being ever had an interest in being complimented on their physical attributes.


    1. Some people really don’t care for the attention – especially not in regards to anyone’s opinion on their appearance.

      However, we can only make assumptions in regards to Rebecca’s reasoning here…

    2. Katrina, the bumpkin from Ocoee l. That should ring some bells. But it just seems that the most vociferous against compliments of any kind may just be from those who have the most negative views of not only social interactions, but of also their own reflections. Both externally sourced as well as internally.

      1. I don’t think “I’m curious about your suit, and all it contains” would universally qualify as an appreciated compliment. I’m not entirely sure it’d be considered a compliment very often, even. It strikes me as an unsolicited request to see a woman who’s already hinted a lack of interest naked, which I wouldn’t generally assume to get a positive reaction. Sure, some people would joke around in a friendly manner and welcome frankly appreciative comments, but I didn’t get that kind of vibe between Rebecca & Merrick.

        Luckily for Merrick, I don’t think D52 has an HR department for any kind of harassment complaint. Unluckily for Merrick, there are a lot of unpleasant things someone with the ability to phase through objects can do as retaliation.

        1. I only mentioned Katrina because of Tesla’s comment, ” Because after all, no human being ever had an interest in being complimented on their physical attributes.” as a negative argument.

          Besides, Ellie did like getting some comments about her looks. But then again, it does depend on the person who is offering the platitudes, isn’t it?

        2. From what I’ve seen, each person has a degree of comment they can make that is positive and after that it starts getting the response of being weird/creepy. Definitely there are lots of times where something is acceptable from one person and not another. My observations suggest that attraction, comfort/familiarity, & setting are the main factors dialing that set point for different people.

        3. And that’s where it sucks. When a joke seems to be out in the open, but is a tightly held inside joke to where it’s publicly said, but fully scorned when approached from outside parties should be foul. And even when a person is “in” the club, but still shunned by the newer members because of their popularity and inclusion in the upper echelon of the group. BAH.

          Clubs, cliques and uniques totally suck at times.

        4. Some of that’s only natural.

          There are comments of a sexual nature I could think of that would absolutely weird me out if someone said them to me, no matter how attractive I thought she was before she said it. I have a few friends who could say pretty much anything and I’d be ok with it. Primary reason is I know they’re joking.

          I can’t say it’s unfair that someone who doesn’t know me that well isn’t quite sure if a comment is a joke or something to worry about and errs on the side of caution (though that means for me to err on the side of caution, I need to avoid making the comment, no matter how funny it might’ve been, which I also admit I sometimes find a little sad).

  4. Shadowcats abilities were always weird. She can destroy technology by phasing through it, and her method of not falling into the core was “air walking”. Her only limit is she has to hold her breath when phasing through solid objects. Or at least she did. I haven’t looked at xmen much since the 90s.

    1. Well, now she’s Starlord. Yes, that Starlord, well, not THAT that Starlord, but, it’s complicated. OK, after she got The Power Cosmic (No, not cosmic power. It’s The Power Cosmic. You gotta say it like that, with the capitals and everything.), she and Peter (No, not that Peter. No, not that one, either. The Starlord Peter. Yes, that Starlord.(You know, I’m starting to think she has a thing for guys named Peter.)) got space-engaged. But, Peter got elected king, it place of his father, whom he caused to be deposed, and forced Kitty to take The Power Cosmic, to save the yada yada. So, Peter got dragged back kicking and screaming because he didn’t want to be king. But they convinced him it was the right thing to do, but his friends and Kitty kinda got the cold shoulder. So, Kitty and Peter kinda got a space-divorce, before they even got to get space married. He got the planet, and she got the space ship, the team, and the fancy mask. Oh, and she got the Starlord name, too.

      But, the king thing, yeah, that didn’t work out, and Peter wanted his stuff back. Wacky adventures ensued, with them stuck on the same mission, and getting kidnapped together by the collector, and, well, cut to the chase, they are back together, and they’re both still Starlord, but separate Starlords, cause that would be creepy.

      Oh, and The Power Cosmic thing. That’s a whole nother story, but they haven’t told us that yet. I mean, she still has it, but she doesn’t HAVE it, if you get what I mean. But, where it went to, they ain’t said nothin.

  5. I thought they’d narrowed down the location to a smaller area than the entire apartment. Did Merrick just not bother to tell her so he’d have a better view for longer?

        1. Yeah, ew. Scruffy has the better job at Planet Express. Which I was going to stiffest as the shipped cartoon since Fry and Leela got together.

    1. To my knowledge Rusche is the only other person to express interest in the pairing. Personally I need to see more of Rebecca’s personality before I’m willing to condemn her to a relationship with Merrick.

    1. I wonder how bad it would hurt if she got startled and jumped backwards into a wall only to be stopped by the backs of her gloves & boots. I also wonder if that would be serious-to-fatal injury or just like smashing your funny bone on something.

    1. There’s a long forgotten closet, walled up for decades, with the light still burning…

      The light has been on for years…

      And it’s still lit…

      *insert scary music*



    2. Possibly that’s the reason her eyes glow, to provide light so she can see in the dark. Light in panel could be just artistic license.

      That or shoddy construction that leaves all kinds of little openings that allow light to get in.

  6. Regarding the phasing abilities…

    Why is it all or nothing? Why can’t phasing be controlled down where it’s happening on the molecular level?

    If phasing through solid (which aren’t actually solid) objects is possible, why is a thin layer of non-phased material under the phaser’s control difficult?

    Some, part, all, *shrugs* I buy it.

    1. Possibly due to the phasing being done by technology and there not being a good/convenient interface to allow fine grained control as she’s phasing, as might be part of a natural ability.

      Although another question/concern here is that there’s a very different density to drywall vs wood vs drywall screws. If trying to go fine grained. you might keep smashing into things where materials change. For that matter, the paint, the paper on the drywall, and the gypsum on the inside of the drywall are all different densities too, so you’d have to have something able to pass through a fairly broad spectrum of materials all at once to do this anyway.

  7. Beautiful work on the phase effect. It’s also fun to see the original apartment empty; gives a sense of progression and history in the story that is really nice.

  8. You forgot to factor in the Solar System’s movements, the galaxy’s movements and the movement of all the Milky Way Galaxy as well as the movements of all factors of items in the universe. If the disconnects from gravity and inertia, then she’ll be stuck in one spot in space for ever. The Earth does not come back to the same exact spot every 365.25 days.

    Although, there should be considerable damage to either herself or the apartment building if she were completely disconnected to gravity. Which should give her the ability to catch/grab onto something with her hands and/or feet.

    And since the tangent was mentioned above, it’d be like she would be in that one spot and then shoved to the side at a *let’s see 916.02 mph + 66,627.72 mph + the web page reference for a total speed of Rebecca moving from that spot of lost inertia would be a total of

    574,585 MPH. In seconds, that would be 159.61 miles per second. In a straight line, tangental to the Earth at Lakeland, Florida, approximately more than twenty feet in the air because they are on the third floor. Sooo, she could be in space within seconds. If she physically survives the half a million miles per hour impact with the building.

    -Earth’s rotation (spin) = (24901 Miles at Equator / 24 = 1037.541667 Mph @ Equator.
    –Lakeland’s Lattitude is (at the Apartment building (or 304* Skipper approximately)) 28.008362 lattitude
    –So, rotational speed at Lakeland is (cosine lattitude time speed at Equator) Cos (28.008362)*1037.541667 => ~916.02mph.

    -Earth’s orbital speed (orbit) = 584,058,562.644 Miles/ 8,766 hours =>> 66,627.716 = ~ 66,627.72 mph.
    -Circumference / orbital period. (1 year (~365.25 days, ~8,766 hours))
    –Earth’s Orbital circumference
    –(2*pi*r) => 1AU = ~92,955,807.3 miles. => 2*pi*92,955,807.3 => ~584,058,562.644

    -Movement of the Earth (movement of the solar system) reference this page:
    This accounts for the solar movements of the Sun for a more accurate picture. . .

    Aye ya.

    1. Blue man make funny talky noise! BWAHAHAHAHA!

      Funny Blue man…

      Dude, I got none of what you were saying until my fourth time through…

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but are you suggesting the pudding would NOT stay in pop form given the circumstances of phasing?

      1. This post was in response to a previous post above by Anonymous’ reply to Matt’s post. Trying to factor in the total speed that Rebecca would be moving from that spot if she was removed from the Earth’s gravitational and other influences.


        I couldn’t leave the speed of the Earth’s rotation and orbit alone, because someone suggested that Rebecca and the Earth would intersect again in a year’s time. I wanted to try to figure out where she’d go, how fast she’d move as well as the possible reaction between her torso and her limbs in the pays off the suit that don’t phase.

        Re: Jack Black in the movie with Bruce Willis and Richard Gere. The Jackal.

        1. Actually, re-watching it, some might consider a part about 2 minutes in not work-safe (it’s stylized rather than graphic, but still perhaps). The audio’s fine though.

    2. You’re right, I hadn’t factored galactic movement in. Yes, I am the (accidentally) Anonymous poster from above. I like how you found yet another Bad Thing that could happen re desolidification/partial resolidification

  9. By the way, didn’t XKCD do a strip about falling through the Earth? That it would take about thirty minutes? Or was that the second “Total Recall” movie?

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