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The Chain Part I

I'm going to have to double up on Friday since we're OBVIOUSLY now on Wednesday. I have some fan art and my drawing give-away winners to post still. Haven't forgot about you. :) Oh, and remember those hometowns I asked for?

194 thoughts on “The Chain Part I

    1. Rather than Ellie simply beating him up I think once the rest of the sisterhood finds out about this they may have Terra “handle” him.

      1. First we get the tattooist sister to write something along the lines of “Pervert” or “Stalker” on his forehead, then dear old sheriff Dad throws him in the clink and the rest will be sorted out by the fine internal society of prison. Most likely something involving evisceration.

        1. No pervert or4 stalker won’t get him beat in jail,but child molester will get him a beating in prison though it might also lead to his death. So need a tattoo that gets his ass beat but not killed.

        2. Snitches and child molesters die. However something along the lines of a racist and woman beating tattoo might work. Along with a “Hey Lucy, I’m home” and “Club Babalu,” should be enough to have him continuously worried about the beatings. Might even have him confined to solitary because the prison officials might make the decision that having him in the general population would be a cruel and unusual punishment.

          And some fat guy hacks into the prison feeds, but his nickname is Micro.

      2. Hmmmm. Rusche mentioned that Ellie’s next job after whatever this is with Danny would involve David, who we’re told commonly cleans up the messes of Tarra, who we’ve seen will have access to time travel in the future. So…this could get cleaned up before it even happens.

        While I don’t actually expect the Danny resolution to go that far from Erf, it IS a possibility and could even qualify as a called shot by Rusche if he did so.

        1. TOG, you rock with the recollection on statements from Boss Dude. But the one problem is do we have to wait for the full implementation of the results from the website destruction or will this job be starting before the full and complete destruction?

    2. I can’t wait to see what Herb does to him.

      On an unrelated note, why is “Lavascript” over Danny’s location? If it’s using the same format as Barrel’s info box, wouldn’t that mean Danny’s name should be there?

      1. Cyber handle for “hot stuff” in order to have some plausible deniability. Especially if he’s going to have some of this hyped on the Canadians web site.

    3. Outside of the Sisterhood, her father is a police officer. There is no way this will end well for him if her father finds out.

    1. I think it’s a clear case of wanting something too much. Barrel’s one of those guys who you see in sci-fi/fantasy, the ones who get put into an obvious wish fulfillment fantasy to disable them, and who’d die of thirst standing there if someone didn’t snap them out of it.

        1. I’d draw a distinction between someone actively soliciting something that’s wrong and someone letting their desire override their better judgement about doing their homework on the background.

          Barrel’s being more of a fool than a bad person here in my book. Granted, he’s being the type of fool that things may very well get traced back to and have consequences for it, but still more fool than malice.

        2. Okay, so Pumpkin’s jerk was way too far past the point of no return to recover from said slap. I guess that I tied a buick 8 on the fly swatter.

          And yeah, Barrel is being the fool. It would be interesting to see if he reacts well to the slap, or if he’s going to stay on the other side.

        3. Question: whose behavior here is more reprehensible: the furry that was escorted out of the con for hitting on Pumpkin, or Danny at this point? My personal vote is Danny (bugging someone’s home is just SO wrong), but I’m interested to hear other opinions.

        4. Well, we have two different people, with two different (mo)ron levels.

          Both of these people are working from their ideal situation. Furry moron thought that anyone who dresses up as an animal is okay to hit. His mistake was hitting on, AND continuing to hit on an underage girl. He was, however, out in the open with it. And he got tasered. I need to reference my scale for a second. Off of the top of my head, he’s at least somewhere between 4.95 and 5.25 on the MRad ™ scale.

          Danny boy first knocked it out of the park with an 11. That was when he went against the nerd romantic ideal in which we, the audience or certain members therein would have been able to have a relationship with a girl like Ellie, who knows that they have a Barbie Doll body, but doesn’t let it go to their head. And when he requested the broken door. (The seriousness of this situation requires that the atomic corkboard be deactivated)

          His MRad (TM) got squared when he started littering on the roadways, but this was locked in when he told her to open her legs. He got his number cubed with the lack of control on his imagination and affirmed said increment with the purchase of the montage. And trying to get her drunk. Definitely cubed. Definitely.

          His use of fake conventions should get a pass, because that is about the basis for almost any romantic comedy these days. If not, I want producers credit to be shared between Chris and myself. And the website. Chris, the website and myself. And the chair. Chris, the website, this chair and myself. And the felt covered basketball. Chris, the website, this chair, this felt covered basketball and myself. And bacon. Chris, the website, this chair, this felt covered basketball, this bacon and myself. (Sorry, I got carried away.)

          Danny boy kicked that level up to the fourth power when he tripped up Ellie with the pirated movies and not only bugged the place with audio and video but is making money off of it in the worst way possible. Thus putting him in the lead on a near galactic scale in terms of slime. I’m pretty sure that Galactus and Darkseid wouldn’t want to be around him. Granny Goodness, who knows.

          And we all know that 11 is the power of the Spinal Tap. So, it’s going to take quite a feat to get him to feel pain. All this means is that Daniel is almost stepping over the threshold for the event horizon. Skirting it better than they did in The Black Hole. Wasn’t the ship lost in that movie?

          Too much?

        5. I’m going to go with Danny, as Pumpkin’s furry admirer was making unwelcome advances but didn’t take things past making verbal requests after being told he should know better, so in other words while being a pest he still was aiming for some form of consent (even after being told said consent would not be legally recognized).

    1. I thought the fail in the plan is he wants someone to put links out there. I can only imagine Ellie or even Pumpkin finding the link just by accident.

        1. If will be something that only Ellie and Barrel knows of. And then that statement with an associated video goes out.. then it’s a matter of time. I’m also thinking that Barrel thinks that Danny boy is honest.

        2. Barrel is letting himself be fooled by Danny because he wants to be fooled.

          I also doubt that he and Ellie talk a lot, and I absolutely doubt that he’d call her up just to tell her that something that she did in the privacy of her own home had really gotten him off. If they were chatting every day I could see it getting revealed in passing (maybe just a comment about her room decor), but Barrel’s going to be, as the title of this comic, part of the chain that eventually leads to discovery, and not the direct revealer.

        3. I’m not implying that Barrel and Ellie are going to be the ones to talk. But if it’s something that only those two are privy to, then through our knowledge of irony, then it’s going to fall apart through a series of people between the two of them. Like when you said that it would go through former workers. I think that you said Barrel to KK and then Ellie and Quinn would hear about it.

          Unless Ellie says something about having to find a job soon because money is getting tight again to one of the guys that she worked with and they scoff at her saying, “Yeah right. You and your web site are broke.”

          But then, we may have forgotten about some of the people that Ellie ripped apart online via facebook before she got thrown out of the house. Let’s not forget Olsome2hot4U….

    2. Barrel doesn’t have to say anything.

      Danny’s looking to SPAM the link so it’s going to get around.

      It’s only a matter of time before news of it reached Ellie one way or another…

  1. Is it weird that my brain’s very first reaction to panel 3 was to see the box of Hot Pockets and instantly hear Jim Gaffigan’s voice?
    “Hot Poockadladkflka!”

        1. Label on the side of the box: Warning! You just bought Hot Pockets! Hope you’re drunk or heading home to a trailer. You Hillbilly, enjoy the next NASCAR event.
          Hoott Pooockeet!


    1. I can never listen to Gaffigan for very long. Inevitably the whispered asides get on my nerves. I think he peaked with the hot pocket routine.

      1. He did learn somewhat after his first CD. The volume difference there between his whisper voice and normal is just too great and makes it pretty damned hard to listen to. First time through I had to keep my hand on the volume knob and keep turning it up and down.

    2. Foster:
      All right meow. Hand over you License and hot pockets please.
      Your hot pockets, hurry up meow.
      Is there something yummy here boy?
      Oh, no.
      Then why are you laughing….. Mr. Larry Jonson
      All right meow, where were we?
      Excuse me, but are you saying meow?
      Am I saying meow?
      I thought. . . .
      Don’t think boy, meow, do you know how fast you were going?
      Meow, what is so damn funny?
      I could have sworn that you said meow.
      Do I look like a cat to you, boy? Am I jumpin’ around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree?
      Am I drinking milk from a saucer?
      Do you see me eating mice?
      You stop laughing right MEOW.
      Yes sir.
      Meow, I’m going to have to give you a ticket on this one. No buts meow. It’s the law.
      Not so funny meow, is it?
      Here’s your licence and this half eaten hot pocket back Mr. Johnson.
      Foster walks to go back to the cruiser, but notices Mac holding up nine fingers.
      Foster leans back into Mr. Johnson’s car, crams the rest of the Hot Pocket in his mouth and screams bloody Meow over the taste of the spicy hot pocket flavored hot pocket. That for some reason, had the vehicle’s information printed on the crust.

  2. Like actual consent and laws revolve around this sorta stuff right? So wouldn’t it getting popular aka making money get him in trouble?

    1. There a millions of people who visit sites everyday that you will never hear of once in your entire life. So popular in the business sense doesn’t translate into popular in the cultural sense. voyuerism is a very niche thing

    2. D-bag is well aware of the laws involved, I am sure. And, he is breaking them, all the same. Nothing is in his name. Everything is in three plus layers of dummy companies, that when untangled, lead no where near him. When it hits the fan, he will be either long gone, or claiming to be among the wronged, with documents proving his innocence. All blame will be shifted to certain others (see the fat man above?), who’s names WILL be in the paper trail. Any communication will be verbal, with no witnesses to what was said. Also, later on, D-bag will make references to past conversations, making them out to be slightly different than what was actually said, which will encourage those he spoke with to miss rember in line with what he wants. It will go from his idea, to theirs. Remember, they all see him as a harmless jerk with poor impulse control, and no foresight, who is easily detracted by the female form.

      1. Being used to living out of an ice cream truck is helpful for skipping out on things too. He seems shady enough to have his connections and routine down for changing identities every year or two.

        1. I don’t know. I’d like to see if this theory is the one that works, or if he’s already rich enough to goof off without having to make more money is the one that backs his purchases.

    3. I’m too lazy to do the deep dive right now to verify, but I’m reasonably sure that when Danny hired her, he had her sign a modeling release form. If she didn’t read it carefully, it might’ve contained language to cover this kind of stuff…

      1. None of it could have covered Quinn, though, and judging by the site name Danny has no intention of editing her out.

        1. Since Quinn is also involved with this, what do you think are the odds that her so far unseen dad gets shown a picture of his daughter that might make him want to track down the person setting up that site?

      2. You’re assuming that there was ever a contract involved. It’s quite likely he was just paying her under the table.

      3. That implies that he was taking pictures at first. Besides, there were no cuisines with the site’s name on it, so we can’t assume that Danny boy had intent to take pictures.

        And the other assumption is that is two fold. 1) that the girls are either hosting the site or are legally agreeing to this. This would only be legal if Ellie is at least 18, as well as Quinn. . 2 )that the tech team made sure that the girls were legal because of the possible legal backlash against them. And the taxes that are not being paid.

        Has any one damned Barrel’s eye balls yet?

        1. Thinking about this, there may have been a contact that said she was consenting to be photographed and videoed as a paid representative of some unnamed sites ( as they change names all the time). So, she might have signed away rights, and all past “jobs” were payment (on paper) for the webcam stuff. With her agent (guess who) taking 40%, her manager (let me guess) taking another 40%, plus fees for meals, transportation, a laptop… It’s going to look like Ellie made out like a bandit, on paper.

        2. This would cause a rift to occur between Ellie and Quinn, and also bring in Caleb and Vu deeper into their disdain because they’d have to leave Calgary and see someplace nicer. They would be legally responsible according to your suggested modeling contact. And it seems that Danny boot to the head needed boy here knows enough to keep the gravy train out of his peeping peep show junk.

    4. Yeah, I found two state laws on the matter yesterday and a few more today:
      784.048: Stalking – Danny is possibly looking at the misdemeanor stalking charge (or third degree felony, depending on his criminal record or what he does in the future that might bump this up).
      0810.145: Video Voyeurism – Danny definitely is looking at a charge of this and it’s a third degree felony (or second, depending on his criminal record)
      815.06 (2)(e, f): Offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices. – Danny’s definitely looking at a charge of this for the iNimbus and a possible charge for the laptop (since he can probably claim he loaned it to here), and it’s a third degree felony.
      812.14 (2)(c) Trespass and larceny with relation to utility fixtures; theft of utility services. – If Danny hooked the camera’s into the girls’ electrical wiring he’ll be looking at a charge of this. It’s tricky to tell exactly what degree of theft it is because the wording on 812.014 (“Theft” which this crime is processed under) is a bit wonky, but I’m fairly certain he’s looking at “grand theft of the third degree and a felony of the third degree” once the value hits $100.

  3. Oh dear… I think Chris said something about Ellie having a meltdown at some point in the story. I’d be willing to bet money that we’re coming up on that very soon.

      1. #classicmisdirection. Wait a minute…. Is McFatFat staring right at the camera? Danny might be in deeper silt than previously thought if the cat knows.

        1. He’s staring right at the camera which means Danny can’t move the camera off of him or he’ll suddenly reappear a room closer. Hopefully Danny is prepared to check his hall lights and lock down his office door when he needs to.

          *obligatory Freddy Fazbear reference*

        2. I’d say you need more televisions for Ringu. Or possibly VCRs. Ringu depends on a bit more dated technology. Though a haunted viral video, now…

          PATENT PENDING!!

        3. That’s what I’m saying, she could crawl out of a portion of each screen while her arms clutches Danny boy’s throat through the laptop.

    1. This certainly would be feasible for a breakdown cause, but I wouldn’t call it certain yet (even with Rusche’s comment).

      A hot but lonely young woman with little to no dating experience could also easily end up in quite a bad relationship. We have mention that Ellie is the cause for the speech bubble color change for Sister X, which I assume means a large emotional change for Tarra, so the situtation leading up to that or Tarra’s wrath afterwards could also lead to situations hazardous to sanity. Additionally the same way that this has been added over the past year from nowhere, something else could be added too.

      1. Ah nice! I read the title heard the song start to play in my head, listend to the lyrics and was like WAIT! This applies! Glad I caught on!

      2. Given the foreshadowing (i.e. Quinn NICKS, Danny FLEETWOOD, and Ellie BUCKINGHAM), I suspect more than a few of us were anticipating something having to do with The Chain. Well played, Maestro Rusche, well played…

      1. Careful. Statements like that may lead to the character Tarra gaining sufficient self-awareness to cause the comic to update itself while still lacking the physical presence then later required to vanquish the SkyNet-like AI that is spawned by it.

  4. *Facedesk combo x3* Danny giving Barrel that link is just asking for Ellie to stab him to death with the jagged edge of that box of Hot Pockets.

    …man, not only is Danny an SS class douche, but he clearly doesn’t think things through.

      1. Oh, I don’t doubt that. Danny is the kind of loser who would happy let someone else take the blame, and then pull the: “I had nothing to do with it. You know I’d *~never~* put cameras all over your house, and try to make a buck off of your naked (or nearly naked) body! You can *~trust~* me!” garbage.

        I can only hope Dheu gets to devour him.

  5. So for those of us not aware of Florida geography, where the hell is Winter Garden and its relationship to Lakeland?

    1. Less than 20 miles to the east, southeast. Bing dot com maps places it at 15.6 miles, 30 minutes (31 with traffic).

      Just to the east of Lake Howard (Wollowitz).

      This distance along with Barrel not working is going to place him in the sun burn zone of the flash that will occur from the thermQuinnucuEllie explosion when the merde hits the fan.

      Oh, speaking of fans, the yellow m&m was mentioning that the crispy m&m’s are back. Lime green bag. The dollar store (1 of 3) in my town has them.

  6. I don’t think Barrel is going to run to straight to Ellie with this info, he seems to think Ellie is doing this willingly. Plus Barrel and Ellie didn’t exactly seem close the last time he appeared. I can see him sharing the website with Ellie’s former co-workers until the news trickles back to her eventually.

    1. Tommy would be the one to both look at the site, and be the first one to break down the door to either tell the girls, or to audition.

      If Danny boy keeps this up, KK might be next.

    2. Considering that voyeurs like to observe unawares, I can’t really see one knowingly tipping their hand. Of course, messing up and letting their secret slip is another matter altogether.

        1. Good call, I believe headlights are *precisely* what have disarmed Barrel of his sensibilities…

        2. Damn, I’m lucky that I want drinking anything like coffee, tea, beer,whiskey, tequila, milk, coconut milk, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with tiny marshmallows, lighter fluid, jungle juice, ocean water, sea water, heavy water, mercury, liquid oxygen, deep fat fryer oil, lava, awsomesauce, apple sauce, spaghetti sauce, marinara sauce, hollandaise sauce, red eye gravy, radiator fluid, bile, effluvium, wasabi, poi, orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, mace, pepper spray . . . . meesa chakka dit.

        3. Mr. Blue spits the McRib be was partaking in out of his nose… the pickles landed on the far window and slowly raced down the surface until they nestled in the hair of that goth looking chick with the striped shirt who was sleeping.

          Seriously, who had jet black hair these days?

    3. For path of former coworker awareness, I’d think most likely would be one of them would mention it around Tommy who wouldn’t care but would run his mouth off about it around KK, who would realize that even if Ellie would do that Quinn would not and spill the beans.

      1. Okay, but the thing is, Barrel seems to be the one who’s the full time web surfer and his location is 30 minutes away, by car. He’s the only one sequestering himself online by his admission. I don’t see him telling Ernesto. Caz maybe, but not likely. I’m not sure that I could see the two of them hanging out. What would be the common variable. Unless Caz got hooked at his seasonal job where Anise’s girls borke into the scene.

        I can see Caz and Tommy hanging out once in a while. But I think that Tommy would be the one to avenge Ellie’s honor because he’s the one to most likely go off like a mad black woman. (Thank you Tyler Perry.) But I think that it would hit KK and Tommy through different vectors and they both get to the apartment’s front door at the same time, where once again KK will tell Tommy to stop acting like a mad black woman.

        1. Danny asked Barrel to spam to as many people as he can, so if he occasionally plays an online game with Caz or any of his old co-workers (probably just the male ones), that could be the vector.

          I’m not sure that Tommy would consider this an “avenge her honor” thing with Ellie or not. The same way that Barrel thinks she was talked into it and agreed to do it, I could see others seeing that as possible too (recall her Facebook habits), even Tommy whose libido wouldn’t be pushing him to believe. However, KK knows Quinn and wouldn’t believe Quinn would agree to it, so she’d be likely to realize something was amiss.

          However another possible route through co-workers would be Ashliii finding out and making a comment to Pumpkin.

  7. How does one classify Barrel? Lawfully respectful, full blown idealistic only male, gullible peon. Danny boy? Evil lawful, anarchistic, build it and they will arrive only. Whatever else they do in reference to the original quote about baseball fields and corn is best left to the maid. Just make sure that it is not Anne Marie Chadwick, she cleans dirty, in a bad way.

    1. Lazy.

      He refuses to consider the implications of what Danny said because he wants to see Ellie naked. He has wanted this since they worked together and her assets kept her from being fired.

  8. No time to read other comments to see if someone already mentioned this, but I’m really wondering what role Caleb & Vu are going to be playing now that Danny states they aren’t part of this particular project of his.

    I’m also disappointed in Barrel that he considers THIS as something worthy of granting Danny the mantle of “magnificent bastard.” That should obviously be reserved for something more impressive and less scummy.

  9. Were we supposed to mention hometowns here in the comments, or email them? Mine is up in Northern (lower) Michigan, at the pinky of the hand, if you know what I mean.

    1. It was in the comments section a couple months back, as I recall. And welcome, other Michigan person; there’s a lot of us around here.

      1. Gotta have something to do when the weather gets plain too cold to do anything. Yesterday was a pretty good example around here.

  10. It does make you wonder if he had this in mind the whole time (from the Cinderella castle jump), or if it’s just revenge for her not sleeping with him. Either way, I’m glad I didn’t run into anyone like him when I was younger and stupider.

    1. I think this is probably something that he’s been planning for a long time, he was just looking for someone to do it to.

    2. I don’t know about revenge or when he decided.

      I could see him deciding on this course of action before he met her (pending her appearance then) or even as late as the parking lot when she got on the bus to ride home (though that would be pretty tight schedule to get in the apartment, so likely earlier than that).

      I wonder the degree that her sleeping with him would’ve actually changed anything, though. Honestly the thing that seems to me like the greated chance of preventing this if she had slept with him is a greater chance of an awkward goodbye/get-out-of-my-life occurring before he had the opportunity to plant cameras.

    3. The Cinderella jump, I thought at first was that, not only did find the epitome of American Beauty (sans nazi plates), but that he found the ONE that he would let take him when the game started, that he would dance the forbidden dance with in public on dancing with the stars after the pony tail incident occurs, before the noodle incident and during the blood full moon. So is that the tango, salsa, but the girl that every nerd wants to take home to the parents and still be able to go to every reunion with each and every classmate going “dayyaaaaum” as the two of them cause a black hole level shift in the popular/hotness gravitational fields in the room.

      1. Mr. Blue whispers to Jim Gaffigan across the room. “I felt that the rainbow leap was a romantic statement such that all the lonely people can still hold out hope in their solitary lives for their dreams to come true. “

  11. So much for my ‘covert black ops surveillance’ theory. He just needs to be killed as messily as possible now. Sorry, chumley, I gave you ever chance to redeem yourself.

  12. Too bad their apartment isn’t about 5 miles south putting it out of the city limits. The county sheriff is a major badass. The guy even has his own Snopes entry. Might have a second one coming.

  13. Hey, I’m not able to see the comments on Patreon.

    I can see the names of who commented but not the comments themselves.

    What am I doing wrong..?

  14. I cast down my gauntlet! Riled and boiled be my blood! The feverish anger the spills over my being into a frothing maelstrom of righteous vindication. Woe to this man and all who have associated themselves with him. No security can hide you, no armor can protect you, and no darkness can shield you. For my allies shall reveal you, my zeal will pierce thee, and my willpower shall cut through the veils of darkness to shed the light of truth upon the world. May it light scorch thee, may your life find famine. All this time that you have sowed seed of unadulterated guledeprav

    1. *Drepravity while you could have been doing good! Until this man revoked his vile deeds of malcontent may he suffer an unyielding flurry of calamities! I beg thee, turn away from you scandalous misconduct and reach towards the eminating truth of your bane, lest nothing of you remains. (Sorry for double post, my rage barrier cracked a bit)

      1. Yes. Sadly enough, it seems that tired guy is only somewhere around a 6 to Kat’s 9 and Danny boys (((11^2)^3)^4). Barrel just seems to blob along at a logarithmic scale of 4 on this mercatized reference of depravity. MRad ™ for short. Proper use in publication, skeeves name and associated MRad scale.

        Barrel – MRad 4
        Tired Guy – MRad 6
        Kat – MRad 9
        Danniel Fleetwood – MRad (((11^2)^3)^4)
        Velociraptor – MRad 0.5
        Fatboy Slim’s dance M.C. – MRad 3

        1. Fascinating, I can see this going along with an analytical evaluation on the magnitudes of social ineptitude among socially and psychologically polar individuals subjected to a constant misrepresentation of life in conjunction with Apparaudi’s “socioscapes” developed by an disinterest in potential existential growth to shirk the hardships of life. I think we are on to something Mr. Blue.

        2. I have not had any luck in finding Apparaudis socioscapes. Some of what I did find was based on GIS maps drawn from different data bases on the same map.

  15. OK, this has passed into sexual assault territory. It’s not just a simple little “oops” anymore. It’s now into life ruining areas. People have Ellie and Quinn just got set up for years of minimum wage jobs because of this waste of flesh douche bag.

    I’m sorry if I’m ranting but this I read this for escapism, not shit that happens in RL. Trust me, this shit does happen.

    I recommend having “I like Anal” tattooed on his ass and chest along with a rainbow flag with the word “Bitch” underneath it on his bicep for his prison buddies.

    1. We’re certainly in awful person territory with Danny at the moment. I do wonder what degree of consequences Ellie and Quinn will have or skip in the comic for this. I’m sure Rusche won’t let it all blow over with no negative consequences, but I also can’t imagine he’ll focus on it long enough to try to cover everything they’d likely run into.

      However, from a real-life situation here, the minimum wage jobs isn’t necessarily the case. When you consider Tarra’s success, she can probably vouch for both of them and get them sufficiently good jobs that while that they can get the experience needed to keep with good jobs and where there will be sufficient workplace fear of sexual harrassment charges that the amount of abuse they get won’t be as bad as it could be in other jobs. Also with a police chief father, it won’t get filed in the “ignore/too bad for you/not enough evidence to care” bin by law enforcement. I also wouldn’t underestimate the connections Quinn’s dad (a four star general, as I recall) would likely have for getting things done if his daughter’s truly threatened and/or to get someone to take her seriously from a job prospects stance.

      So while it’s still very bad, and would be worse in real life, Ellie & Quinn do have better than average support system resources that could even help them deal with something like this.

      1. But with Quinn’s dad having three stars, I’m sure that he has a decent security clearance that the FBI, CIA, DIA are going to be keeping tabs on his family life. This is something that can keelhaul an officer’s career because he might be seen as a security risk because of family actions.

        1. This isa problem for Danny boot if the Internet feeds are being monitored. And with more VoIP taking over the traditional analog which just makes wiretapping oh so much easier (the Italian job) and the possible monitoring of the Internet traffic by the NSA involving the building and neighbors because of Quinn’s father. . . . How many ways can Danny get a pass until some yutz passes top secret info in that town that the intel squirrels show up and fine comb and such. Then there will be the meta sniffers looking for patterns. Blonde living with brunette. The color purple, first names of relatives and aunts and such. That would trigger a search and clear team where all in the particular building are taken in for questioning.

        2. I don’t recall where his picture is, just recall someone mentioning it in comments and misremembered star count I guess.

          Realistically, there wouldn’t be any automatic monitoring of Quinn based upon her father’s security clearance. First, as an adult his say-so would not grant legal right for monitoring the way his signature on the various forms for his own investigation allows him to be monitored. Second, as for adverse info, it’d be Quinn’s dad’s duty to self-report, not the gov’s job to watch and find it. Third, processing to do image & video recognition to scan for people would be pretty computationally intensive, especially if you’re talking about doing it for all immediate family of everyone in the US with a Top Secret clearance (I recall seeing an article where Obama was talking about changes to investigations that had the number of Top Secret clearance holders at 2 million, though I might be misremembering that).

          Nah, the thing with her dad would be if he decided to call in a favor under the table after he found out. That or dropping a request in the ear of a friend at a company that has a large number of government contracts to overlook her being a victim of Danny when she applies for a job.

  16. Ugh. This has gotten too intense for my meek sensibilities. I can’t endure the building tension while yearning for the inevitable smackdown that creepasaurus has coming to him. I’m gonna have to drop this comic for a month of two so that I can read multiple installments and defuse the drama bomb all in one sitting.

    This is not a crit of the writing. To the contrary, it is a mark of good writing because I care this much. This is all my weakness of not being able to endure itches that don’t get immediately scratched. Now I just have to figure out at what point it is safe to peek back in….

    1. I got close to this point a while back, but calmed down and didn’t feel the need. I can understand the decision, though, and agree it’s a sign of a good job with the character development and situations that it’s too uncomfortable to go post by post to get to the resolution.

      If you’re a Patreon supporter you could ask us over there if Danny’s received his cummupance yet.

  17. Oh boy. Hopefully the girls will figure this out really damned fast because this kind of thing will quickly go past comedy/slice-of-life and into heavy legal drama fast, and that’s a bit much for a comic like Shotgun Shuffle. I’m sure we’ve all heard the horror stories in real life about women having their privacy violated in similar ways (revenge porn, mostly), so I get why this whole situation got us on the edge here. I have zero respect for that guy now. I didn’t have really any left before, but now that it’s confirmed that he is using Ellie and Quinn without their consent and knowledge for his own profit I can say that he deserves to get his ass kicked repeatedly. . . in prison.

  18. I have a new theory for how this will end- Ellie goes into a job interview and they tell her “sorry, we can’t hire someone who does pay-per-view shows in the internet”. So then Ellie has even more things to blame him for.

  19. I think I have an idea for biggest explosion for how Ellie might find out. I’m not saying I think this is the likely way she’ll find out, but it’s the most explosive way that I can think of.

    The chain here goes on for a while. Gets to a college kid, who joins and copies everything to network share. Cut to another college kid, who decides to gift his brother in high school with a picture collection. Cut to high school kid’s younger brother secretly snatching it. Cut to younger brother coming over to a sleepover with Percy. Cut to startled cry of “Aunt Ellie!!!!” either coming from outside the door of Ginger & William’s bedroom as they’re sleeping or showing the back of the monitor and Percy’s face.

    Note, this could lead to an EVEN BIGGER explosion if things come to a head with Pumpkin’s Patreon arc as mentioned in post #11 (v2.0) as well.

    I’m not saying I think that’s the way it’s going to happen, just that the fallout would be somewhat epic.

    1. Crud, is it borken again. This was supposed to be in reply to That One Guy’s comment on his extrapolation of the worst possible outcome. Oh hell, that not only goes through the Sister Council, it resonates through the parents and grand parents as well. That’s thermonuclear man.

  20. Wow… Danny just signed his own death warrant. Wonder if Ellie will be able to call on Dheu, or if she’ll just beat the hell out of Danny on her own?

  21. I don’t want to sound like i’m supporting this kind of behavior but this guy is a dumbass.
    You don’t do this and then put it public (even if its a paysite), this is illegal if i am right, you live close enough that she can probably bash your face in within ten minutes of discovering, others can tell her.
    This guy better get ready for prison or hell because he will probably be going to one of them by the end of the year.

  22. I honestly think that Mr. Fatty McFatFat knows where all the cameras are and is slowly going to start eating them all.

  23. Plot Twist-

    He shares the profits with her when he gets caught, shes lazy not stupid. She enjoys getting paid for her looks but was unsure about it when it involved standing in back alleys. But she had no problem being a sketch model. They go into business together (after a few changes to certain cameras), but it will probably cause strife with her roomie (will she join in too or be against it?).

    Naturally this is all after he gets beat up.

  24. Information Dump. According to information presented in Quinn’s facebook profile picture. Quinn’s dad is a three star (Lieutenant General (LTG)). This rank is one that is temporary, as most of the officers in the U.S. military services top out at two stars. Three star flag rank and above are appointed positions with relation to the jobs that they are performing and are appointed from individuals who are Brigadier Generals (BG, one star). The individuals appointed to this rank need to be approved by Congress.

    LTG Nicks’ position is one that is highly political, and will draw severe criticism because of this web site. Once he hears about this, or this website is investigated, the LTG will be standing before the man for not having his affairs in order.

    1. I think you’re overestimating here.

      First of all, with the hints we have regarding Quinn’s mom, he’d have plenty of embarrassment from that too, so this wouldn’t be new.

      Second, the military does have a concern for “conduct unbecoming of an officer” but I don’t believe that extends in any way to their family. From that stance, this would be more likely to get him sympathy.

      Third, from the clearance stance, the concern would be information he could be blackmailed with. With as public as this is, it’s not going to be so much blackmail material as just a public embarrassment.

  25. was having virus issues. got ’em fixed. and hey, there’s that basketball-like feline we all know and love. Thanks Rusche. I was kinda missin’ the little guy. On a side-note, Bribery, another asslike tendency.

  26. I keep having to do a double-take of Ellie because it looks like she’s doing some self-lovin’… but her hand isn’t actually anywhere near there.

    As for Danny… I think the only way he can get any lower (without going into disturbing/trigger/r-rated territory) is if it’s revealed that he never had any interest in Ellie at all, acted like a Pervy jerk just to get the boot, so that he would be above suspicion once the cameras were found. The entire scenario was planned out to work exactly this way just so he could make cash.

    1. I think “that creepy guy Ellie let in the apartment who startled me in my panties” is going to be high on Quinn’s suspicion list for person who planted the cameras. Also being a spurned love interest doesn’t really reduce suspicion much from where I’m looking.

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