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The Chain Part II

Update: Next comic runs the risk of not being up until tomorrow. Another instance where it's going to read better as two tiers vs one. I need the time to make it read like I want. :) Let's all journey together... down the internet hole.

Got some more work from Dimitri Grimm. Super adorbs as always. ashliii_from_shotgun_shuffle_by_dimitri_grimm-d8ftavc Also, new scanner finally got opened. Glass was busted. Sit tight while I venture again to yon WalMart. And in response to Matt below, yes, but I prefer this version:

133 thoughts on “The Chain Part II

        1. “McRib is Back!” is almost a bigger catch phrase for us than it is for McDonalds.

          That and “Borken.”

      1. Paid off. That last panel is all kinds of awesome, from art to jokes to lines…

        Also: You magnificient bastard! That’s how you get the shout outs to the mentioned places in! :D
        Did not see that coming, truly I didn’t.

        What a cool double size to come back after nearly a week of virus-enforced absence. (The body kind, not the electronic one.)

        1. So, I suppose that the question should be, when did you invade the US? Did you fly a plane under the radar, like that one Canadian who invaded all the way down to Missouri? The one that no one wanted to shoot down.

      1. If you did move to Milwaukee and have any appreciation of beer, I recommend the Lakefront Brewery tour. The beer itself isn’t as good as Sprecher, but the the tour is better than your normal brewery tour.

  1. Wow this is picking up fast, though I shouldn’t be surprised. Is it too late to submit my hometown?? Lol (probably T-T)

  2. I knew this today’s post would be a doozy, but dang! The artwork never ceases to amaze me. The coloring on ladyswiss is spot on, I mean wow.

    Also, once this hits reddit, danny is gonna get doxxed, DDOS’ed and destroyed by any SJW’s within a hundred miles.

    God help him.

      1. Social Justice Warrior. Typically used as a derogatory term for someone speaking out against misogynistic behavior.

    1. I think you assume that people will recognize this as against Ellie & Quinn’s will. I don’t think people who don’t know them will assume that.

        1. Yeah, many will say that Barrel is way to credulous about the “talked into” part. Or more of: Not inquisitive enough about the slightly evading answer. And they’re not really wrong, but…

          Would you usually suspect this to be made without someone’s consent? I mean, “they’d have to notice the cameras, right? So they must be okay with it. And getting a good share.”
          Let’s be honest, it’s what most of us would think. Especially if we don’t know the persons involved all to well or at all.

    1. Also possible missing comma between Dallas and Texas. But might mean something else since it is “Texas” instead of “TX”

    1. I love how she’s wearing her heart on her sleeve, literally, and based on her makeup in that shot, possibly figuratively as well.

  3. Yay for the Klamath shout out! =D And thanks for the compliment lol X3

    I can’t wait for Mondays post to see where this will go. I can only imagine the girls reaction when this gets back to them!

  4. Really digging the hair coloration for Ms. Akira.

    Also, I’m thinking the reason we don’t see Heather’s face is because it would definitively say if she was related to the other girls, (birthmark). The name suggests she is, but the face would remove all doubt.

    I’m thinking she is, not just because of the name and the hidden face, but because 1. we’re all thinking (and hoping) that Ellie and Quinn find out, so that Danny gets his comeuppance, and 2. the title of this particular arc meshes so well with what Pumpkin told Quinn about how her sisters communicate. (Not-s-subtle plug for the Patreon. >_> )

    1. Actually, I’m fairly certain that if you want to see Heather’s face, you can see it by going to the comic “No one can hear you sweep” (30 Nov 2012) and looking at the author post and the picture posted below the comic.

      1. (yes, that took a couple of tries with different google searches to hit the right one and find which comic that was posted to.)

      2. My current theory would be the same. But with Rusche, you can never be sure. He’s quite capable of sending something way out of left field your way.

        1. Well, I’m also going by the comments by someone using the name Heather with the same gravatar as was used by someone Rusche seemed to know in real life. We have yet to have reason to suspect commenter Heather is wily in that way.

        2. Well, who would be better? Heather, or Bugs Bunny. But we all know that he took a right turn at Albuquerque. Did Heather take a wrong turn at Sault Ste. Marie?

  5. So this IS all about money. Extorting people’s privacy for personal gain is about as low as one can go. Hope Quinn gets a push from her geek boyfriend about this before it really get Ellie in hot water.

      1. I don’t know if fixing her car puts someone into the geek territory, but it’s the only guy that came to my mind here.

        1. And he’s got a girlfriend already. They both witnessed the ferocity of the bent wookie. Why would Jeremy (?) subject himself to such an alpha female attack? I’m pretty sure that he’d be safer with the girl that he was currently with.

        2. Oh, I don’t think he’s Quinn’s boyfriend (though I got the feeling he wouldn’t mind at all). I just think he’s the one meant in the opening comment of this thread.

    1. She was still embarrassed and avoiding Ian back on Black Friday. I believe Rusche said Patreon was late March/early April and this is about three weeks past that. So it’s possible that Quinn & Ian are dating, but I actually would’ve expected him to get a little bit more screen time before then or during the asking out. Granted, that’s an assumption that could be wrong due to it not being important to the story to be told, though. Especially now that there are the “plot B” arcs for Patreon, I could see that getting moved to over there if it didn’t have relevance to the main plot.

  6. Excellent art sir/madame. Ingenious to use the fan base in fashion that intertwined the reader into the very happenings of the story. I applaud your fierce devotion and I am excited to see where this terrifying event shall culminate. Hopefully there will not be too many bodies….

  7. My favorite is the girls who just watches it for the cat. After all she loves cats, every kind of them. Where else would she be able to see the one of a kind spherical cat?

      1. All the while leaving Danny safely placed far in the background. Anyone investigating the thing would find the website mostly worked by Caleb and Vu, might be able to trace back the rumours about the voyeur page back to Barrel with a lot of effort…
        And would have left Danny with quite some time to make his getaway if he keeps an eye out for trouble. That is if he’s careful about the traces his admin account may leave.

        1. Actually the spam bot would be the thing that would seem likely to leave traces. If he’s got access to the backups then he could grab all the e-mails from there, or since he’s on the payroll, he could probably find some kind of other explained task to pull all the e-mails to a local system. It’s using them that’s going to leave traces in a lot of servers he doesn’t control. Although, if he’s really trying to set up Barrel, he could have infected Barrel with something to use his system as the spambot sender. Wouldn’t be too difficult to do.

        2. I’m pretty sure that there are ways to prevent or hinder any attempts on tracking any traces from the bot back to Danny. If there weren’t, we’d see more convictions for using them in real life than we are right now, I presume.

        3. The point is not to make tracking easier for, whomever. The point is, what tracks there are, lead to someone other than him. Barrel’s only tangible connection is his account. If examined, it will look like any other payed account. There will be no records to show him as anything but another member of the site.

        4. But what about the activity of his in contacting the other users. I suppose the one critical fingerprint will be that he’s only contacting people who have bothered to verify their addresses.

  8. Haven’t been commenting for a while, honestly because I didn’t know what to comment.
    And now I don’t know what to comment again.
    This page made me giggle.

  9. Social Justice Warriors
    The overly PC conscious internet denizens that preach radical feminazism and all those -isms you see on tumblr.

  10. Oh man, the Starboard sign cracked me up. Rusche, is it safe to assume you’re sick of hearing about “artisan” foods and “hand-crafted” beverages?

        1. I really hate to tell you this, Mr. Blue, but Red Lobster really isn’t the gold standard of seafood. No, not at all.

        2. That’s just beaten gold. That doesn’t count!

          Same as a true Wiener Schnitzel has less calories. They’ve been beaten out of it. Perfect logic!

        3. A quick search gives me August 15, not 13.

          And more importantly, that was not really the end of the gold standard (which was that every single dollar in circulation had to be covered in gold by the government). That did indeed happen under Roosevelt, though it would seem to have been 1934 actually.
          What Nixon did in 1971 was end the guarantee of fixed exchange rates from gold to dollar for foreign nations through the Bretton Woods system. And by that the system itself.

        4. Well, I could counter with a Fox News article, with the headlines stating “Forty years ago, Nixon took us off the Gold Standard” ht tp: // www. foxnews.com/opinion/2011/08/15/forty-years-ago-today-nixon-took-us-off-gold-standard/

          It would be, in some such of an understanding, the final results of Roosevelt starting this system. He had the citizenry turn in their gold, had banks stop paying out gold for money. And had the Federal Reserve fix the price of gold at $20.67 an ounce. Also of significance might be the “Bretton Woods” system. After that, gold became $35.00 an ounce. This increased the amount on our ledgers, so to speak. However, with Nixon taking the US off of the gold standard, I believe halted the trading of gold for us. currency.

          Perhaps it is not I who is the Lord of War, but those who can bank on it.

        5. But then, the 8/13/71 is the more important because that was when they sat down at Camp David to discuss the issues that were behind the 8/15/71 announcement. Both are important. As the discussions are just as important as the results. Because if the rules were not followed during the discussions, then the results are not fit to be bound and writ in stone.

        6. Oooo, countering with a Fox News article is always somehwat risky. ;)

          No offense. But the “no-go-zones”-blunder was only one typical example of what has been a channel history loaded with mistakes. They have a bit of a tendency to place “punchy headline” so far up the priority list, that “honest research” rather often ends up forgotten somewhere under a rock.

          But anyway: August 13 as the day the decisions were made would add up nicely with the 15th as publishing date. And it was an important decision for gold traders, that’s for sure. But it wasn’t a decision about the gold standard, but about fixed exchange rates for gold and (more importantly for the US) the guarantee for foreign nations to be able to always sell their dollars back to the US for gold by that rate. And by that, although they never said it officially, the revocation of the Bretton Woods system.
          The gold standard however was about the state always having enough gold to cover every dollar in circulation. And that officially stopped with Roosevelt in ’34. Though it practically was already abolished a few years earlier, since it simply became to expensive for the Federal Reserve and the nation to keep up.

          I guess in this case, to come back to Fox News, they actually meant the right thing. The end of the Bretton Woods system and the fixed exchange rates from dollar to gold by the government. And wrote about that in the article. But for the title confused it with the end of the gold standard. Which bears some likeness to the former, but is actually a different thing.

        7. Honestly, I would have referenced the New York Times, London Times, the Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, Bloomberg or anyone else who piped up first. However, having something reported on is still almost as good as gold.

          Ha. See what I did there?

        8. Sure thing. I just couldn’t resist the jab at Fox. I’m still occasionally bursting into a short laugh about that whole no-go zones thing. You can’t imagine the fun our western (read: French) neighbours had with it. Or the BBC and Britain in general with the Birmingham remarks. Both of those have filled whole shows with jokes.

  11. this is going to be really funny when it backfires….. Cause Ellie’s just vain enough to check out a site like that to see if she is hotter then the sites “Attention whore”

      1. Well, the easiest thing to do on the laptop he gave her would be to set a local name resolution rule so his site for them redirected to some other voyeur site with a blonde, a brunette, and a cat. Handy that he’s hacked her phone already too.

        1. Well, it would be prudent to make sure that your site doesn’t come up on the laptop of one of the subjects of said site, right? But then, I’m guessing that no one took my $2.00 bet. But does that negate my trifecta?

        1. I’m gonna have to agree with Rusche. While the original version is magnificent, the one he posted is downright amazeballs.

          Also, Rusche, do you know how much more I now love you for posting the Songify version of the cat lady? Like, a lot. A loooooot.

        2. Personally, for Songify, I prefer “Winning.” It’s not hard to make Charlie Sheen look like an even bigger loon, but songifying his winning rant just did the job.

  12. Might that curvy Heather have an anatomically gifted husband named Jim? And might she be an Internet celebrity in her own right?

    1. I don’t see any way for them to find out about the voyeur site (unless Danny tells them). If you mean “stop Danny from paying Ellie”, then yeah, they are probably going to get on that soon, but I imagine Danny has already stopped doing that, so he’ll be able to mollify them.

      1. Well, he’s stealing their members, right? It only takes one idiot to burn down a village. or in this case, all of Danny’s hopes and dreams.

        1. I don’t get the impression that he’s stealing their members. I think he’s used their member list as a starting place to send his voyeur site email to, but he isn’t asking them to quit the social site.

        2. Danny would not give up his ace in the hole by burning his bridge with Caleb and Vu. Also, doubt if they’ve seen anything of Ellie at this point. Ironic thing would be for one or both of them to get hooked on the site.

          And Danny boy wouldn’t give up Caleb and Vu just yet. Best way for him to get free advertising is through the site. And it might attract traffic from other places, like YouTube and Facebook. And that scandalous Shotgun Shuffle website.

  13. Man, $30 a month seems pretty pricy. I guess I’m not sure what’s normal for membership sites on the Internet, though.

    With him pitching it to the girls on the site first, I wonder if he actually isn’t planning to break in to install cameras in their bedrooms (obviously past what he gets from the laptop & iNimbus cams for Ellie).

    1. That would contribute to a different pricing structure constructed to facilitate offering perhaps what the customer wants with different pricing structures. But then, what if someone wants what the other gender gets?

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