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The Chain Part IX

UPDATE: Comic will be up this evening. We finally broke 100 on the Top Webcomics list. Thanks everyone. :D Next comic will be Monday since I'm already so late in the week. The idea for it requires it to be a longer strip. Also I want to thank everyone who's been voting for Shotgun Shuffle on the Top Webcomics page (link and rank are in the right sidebar.) We may actually crack the top 100. Holy crap! I remember back when I was like comic 785 or something. I really appreciate the votes. :D The more votes I get, the higher my ranking, and the more people will see me when scrolling through the list on Top Webcomics's site. And for anyone new to the site, I do make a Patreon comic which updates twice a week. Current cast features Pumpkin and Quinn, and follows Pumpkin's quest to replace her former source of mature female mentoring. Here's a preview, you know... for the hell of it (and reformatted to fit in this blog portion.) 17 FreeShotgun Shuffle's Patreon page can be found HERE. All creations/comics are visible at the $2 pledge level and higher, and located under the "Creations" tab.

165 thoughts on “The Chain Part IX

      1. It’s in a blue aluminum bottle with a B and an L. It’s either the equivalent, well, not to use brand names, but the one with the Clydesdale Horses and the light style. Apparently Danny boy needs to keep looking good.

      1. I’ll freely admit, I saw a blue label and a B. Mostly I was distracted the the cheese comment. Is Canada particularly known for its cheeses? Or chocolates? Beer, sure, but this is Canada we’re talking about, not Switzerland. If he starts insulting our army knives next, I think we have proof he’s a Canuck imposter.

        1. I think he was dissing American cheese (which I’ve always assumed came from a chemical plant somewhere in New Jersey) and cheap chocolate (like Hershey’s) which has a lot of preservatives to keep it from melting at normal room temperature.

        2. Good chocolate might get a bit soft, but won’t melt at room temperature. And without any amount of chemical extras in it.

          Of course I’m a rather fortunate one here, being Swiss. Good chocolate, cheese, beer… We’ve got it all! (^_^)

        3. It isn’t to keep the chocolate from melting, but to keep it from separating as a result of temperature change. In Europe where the folks can be pretty snooty about American chocolate, the countries are so small that even if the chocolate is made on one edge of the country and shipped clear to the other, it isn’t likely to undergo much environmental change in the process. Now think about a chocolate factory in, say, Illinois shipping it’s goods to, say, southern California. Think how different the climate will be in the destination as opposed to the origination; how many changes in temperature, humidity, altitude, etc. happened along the way. Without the additives in American chocolate, most of it would arrive in the market with it already caked with that light, gritty stuff you find on an old Hershey’s Miniature that’s been lost in the couch cushions for the better part of a year.

        4. You do realise that Switzerland’s climate zones go from Mediterranean all the way to Arctic?

      2. Meh, their current advertising campaign stipulates seemingly that they make their product (not financial product) for the serious drinker, and not those who pander to the micro brewed nonsense that seems to be the wrong answer for the strong beer drinker in America.

        I like Miller Genuine Draft, I think.

        1. Nothing short of Alaskan Brewing Co. or Midnight Sun Brewing Co. shall ever pass my lips. Alaska has such good booze. We even have several types of Vodka!

        1. STOP MAKING SENSE! It’s unnatural. When I pop in to the comments after a busy week, seeing bizarre behavior like you saying sensible things just leaves me wondering how long I’ve really been away.

        2. He usually makes sense for short comments. It’s if he stays coherent for several paragraphs where calculation isn’t involved that you have to wonder about rifts in reality.

        3. I find that there are three classes of liking something food/drink wise.

          When you definitely like something, you still like the bad examples, it’s not as good but you like well enough for that.

          At the other end is absolutely disliking something, no matter the quality.

          Between them is where you like the good ones, but can’t stomach the bad ones.

          Mexican food, bourbon, and beer are some of the things that fall into that in-between area for me. I’ve managed to drink a couple of bad beers in my life, but it took a supreme effort of will to keep going and not spit it all out when other people are content with them, however I do like good beer.

  1. Two things. A. Canada has just as many shitty food and beer as the US of A. Second. Why have you not asked how much he is paying to peep on those two girls. Serious man, you are about to open pandora box Jair just $20k.

    1. People have done much worse for much less. If they didn’t, Cracked would lose a good chunk of their articles.

    2. While I can’t speak for Canada, I find the U.S.’s shitty food and beer is regional. 30-90 minute drive can have you in completely different territory (maybe good, maybe just a new and exciting kind of crappy taste).

        1. I figured Caleb was just hating. No need to defend America’s food and beer because some mouthy canook went and acted like he came from a real country. He’ll be home again, in the United State’s oil farm, freebasing maple syrup and overrating his hockey teams soon enough.


        2. [/blatant, lazy trolling]

          (The fake “blatant, lazy trolling” closing tag got eaten off the end of my post. I’ll stick with square brackets from now on.)

  2. Damnit I wanted to see him get his ass kicked and kicked good. As for the beer,meh it’s budlight like the most popular beer in america,personally I rather drink a budweiser has more flavor than it’s light sister.

    1. Well what is he comparing it too? Bud Light is a massed produced product they is suppose to go out to as many people as possible. It not a single barrel whiskey that only the most select can even afford a sip of it ( aka have more money the brain cells crowd.).

    2. You mean it’s the most popular beer-like beverage. Not so sure if it really qualifies as the real thing. XD

      And if you want mass-produced but good, look out for a real Budweiser. And I’m now talking the Czech original, also known as Budvar, which is available in quite a big part of the world.

  3. Well, I’ll give him the cheese part. American cheese tastes terrible. It’s like Velveeta, almost. Gaaaah. And we did, sorrowfully, invent spray cheese. Though I hear there are some Californian and Wisconsin cheeses that do a really nice cheddar, it’s hard to call it American cheese because it’s using an English recipe.

    Our chocolate, however, is pretty good stuff. Yeah, sure, it’s not BELGIAN, but hey.

    I don’t much care for beer in either direction, so that’s that.

        1. I’ve heard a rumor that there happen to be more than one Canadian in the world. I haven’t verified it myself, but people I generally trust seem to believe it to be true.

        2. Yes, but I posit that Rusche may, in fact, have spoken with more than one Canadian. Also he’s mentioned several different retail jobs in the past, and Caleb’s tone here could fit an irate customer as opposed to an acquaintance.

    1. If you want to get technical, the company that owns Anheiser-Busch is Belgian-Brazilian. Considering it gets made around the world now, I don’t think we can say it’s an “American beer.”

      1. No, but $#!tty beer definitely does it justice. At least when it comes to all the variants I’ve had a chance to sample myself yet. (Which, granted, was only three.)

    2. Well, the food product known as American Cheese isn’t technically cheese as I understand it. Though personally considering that cheese is one of those foods we discovered by other food going bad, that’s never bothered me (though I don’t try to defend it’s credentials), except the really aweful batch of a generic that refused to melt (a slice fell off a burger on the grill into the coals, kept its shape, & eventually burned).

      As for beer, there’s it’s more the mass production process that causes problems. Although maybe it’s more the business mindset beyond the mass production that causes problems (saving half a penny per bottle for something that makes taste worse). There are some very good smaller breweries in the U.S. As I recall you being from Michigan, I’d say New Holland would be my favorite that I’m aware of in your neck of the woods.

      1. Cheese in general won’t melt due to exposure to open flame. To melt cheese you’ve got to heat it with something else, like a frying pan or a microwave.

        1. Give me a reasonably good barbecue grill fired by wood and I show you melted cheese, no problem.

          The one we’re using for the traditional LUGS summer barbecue is fired by wood only. Someone once tried to put a special barbecue cheese on the grill. One of those that don’t melt when put on a grill.
          Melted and completely dripped down into the fire within less than five minutes.

        2. The grill was a deliberate attempt, to be honest. I’d tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich in a skillet and had completely charred bread that wouldn’t stick together because the cheese didn’t melt. Next I put the charred sandwich in the oven on 400-450 for about 20 minutes. Still unmelted. It was a summer break from college as I recall and the grill thing was a challenge to my dad who didn’t believe me. It was a propane grill, so the coals were lava rocks, but right over some of the flames.

          The thing that made it worse was that we had been out of american cheese completely and my mom had asked my brother to pick some up but believed he’d forget, so they both got two large packs and we had four packs of the stuff.

          As I recall, after the grill experiment it was used for wrapping pills to give to dogs or similar such uses.

      2. We have a lot of Microbreweries around here. Bell’s is one of Kalamazoo’s finest, I’m told, so if you’ve had an Oberon, you’re drinking beer not too far from my home turf.

        1. Dayton’s popping up several lately, and others have seemed to be popping up around Ohio in other places.

          I’ve seen Oberon in the store, but haven’t tried it. I’ll try to remember to grab one sometime.

          Dragon’s Milk is one from New Holland that is quite strong but also very good if you’re a stout fan anyway.

        2. Microbreweries popping up seems a rather international phenomenon over the last decade or so. The big companies buying up so many locals has led to a counterculture forming.

        3. There are several homebrewers within my group of coworkers at my current job as well, and I’ve found out several other people I know have done some amount of homebrewing after I started asking around.

          The first one I found out was a homebrewer told me that he’d gotten into it to be able to have beer that was just how he liked it to drink and pay as much as cheap beer for it. He said prices have gone up since then, but he’s gotten into it enough I don’t think he’s going to stop (he prints his own labels for the bottles).

      3. American cheese is cheese; what you have to watch out for are American “slices” which are a vegetable oil product designed to be confused with it. I don’t get why people hate on American cheese. It’s the exact same cheese as Mexican queso, which people who hate on American cheese eat with no sense of irony.
        It’s a soft cheese with a high milk content so it melts easier. I don’t see anyone calling mascarpone, bree, ricotta, or mozzarella fake cheeses, even though the all share similar properties with it. Hell, mozzarella and ricotta are both made with (minor) chemical processes; at least American cheese uses a bacterial culture like cheddar does.

        1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something in block form that called itself American cheese (Velveeta would be the closest). All that I’ve seen other than the individually wrapped slices identifies itself as something different. That would include several trips through large grocery stores in Wisconsin (Woodman’s was the largest cheese selection I recall), and I was paying attention at the time because my grandmother liked a specific brand of farmer’s cheese that was no longer sold around Dayton and I did go back to visit monthly.

          Is what I’m calling farmer’s cheese what you’re referring to as American cheese? I’ve always only heard American cheese refer to the vegetable oil product slices, and that’s what I’ve heard people talking down about. Which, as I’ve said, I don’t argue with but don’t care about since real cheese is just milk spoiled in just the right way.

        2. Yeah, you’re describing “slices” when you talk about that vegetable oil product. American cheese does come pre-sliced for convenience because it’s mostly used on sandwiches (as does swiss and other cheeses). You can find it in block form if your grocery store deli carries Boar’s Head.
          American cheese has a high moisture content so it doesn’t stay edible longer in block form. The same is true for mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone, etc. Hard cheeses are kept in blocks because their low moisture means if part of the cheese goes bad, you can just cut it off and keep the rest of the block, so the outside of the block keeps the inside edible longer.

        3. I’ll keep my eyes open. I know a place in Cincinnati that’ll have it in that case, but I don’t get down there that often.

          I do frequently see Mozzarella sold in larger chunks, though. I think Kraft sells it in their normal vacuum-wrapped rectangular prisms, but more often I see it in a rounded hunk. My mom has been buying that kind to use for pizzas for over twenty years.

        4. Yeah, but the block form of mozzarella is shrink wrapped for freshness. He’s talking about the kind of cheese that stays good by itself (or with a wax coating).

  4. The dynamic between these two is interesting. I look forward to seeing how it plays out, especially once / if Caleb finds out the cams are not consensually installed.

  5. You know, I was hoping he’d have taken a few more blows before getting released…wonder how long till this explodes in his face and he looses his other eyebrow? And for the record now ALL of our beer is s**, just most of it…okay ALMOST all of it, but not ALL of it.

    As for Quinn as Catwomen…*cough* I still say go ElliQuin ^^ Catwoman recently being revealed as bi, and Quinn’s expansive knowledge on the Batman franchise makes me wonder if the ships completely sunk yet, or like Sailor Moon there will always be enough to tease ;P

    1. Most by volume sold, absolutely. Not necessarily most by distinct product, though.

      On the flip side of that, I suspect the sheer quantity of bad beer sold is a good part of the reason the study I saw comparing wages per hour and average beer cost put the US as the lowest beer per hour rate in the world.

    2. I too, enjoy ElliexQuinn. THough we’ll see if that ship ever has a chance to sail. Rember even sailor moon had canon yuri.

  6. Guess Caleb’s never been to Wisconsin. Artisan-quality cheese and beer is available at every bar and grocer in the state. Met a California couple that comes to Madison every year to fill a car with wheels of aged cheddar and New Glarus craft beers.

    1. New Glarus Spotted Cow is our ‘go to’ default beer in our house. We won’t even use Bud for our beer brats, we respect our brats too much.

    2. I know if it qualifies as a craft beer, but my favorite brewery in Wisconsin is Sprecher, and I think they have a horribly incompetent distributor because every single Sprecher I’ve bought in Ohio was somewhere between subpar and crap. Three Floyds out of north-west Indiana is pretty good too and doesn’t have a very broad distribution.

  7. I don’t drink. Is Blue Beer or whatever it is cheap, evil-smelling beer which some people think much be drunk every day of their lives?

    (10 Moxana points to anyone who can tell me what that line is mostly from.)

    1. It is, yes. In this case, Bud Light. But not normal Bud Light. This is Bud Light Platinum. 6.0% ABV, which is not really in the “light” category. Tastes mostly like apples, but is surprisingly good for the bottom-of-the-barrel price that you pay for a six pack. It’s the damnedest thing – they taste better the more you drink them in one setting!

  8. Ah, unfortunately it is as Dan Ariely foretold, “When market norms are introduced into a social situation, normal values are overcome by the market”. A shame really, especially to this degree of depravity. On a good note, progress has been slow, but steady towards the top 100 on the voting. I beseech thee fellow readers to harken unto me as I proclaim this. I am an unusual man, a man that values antiquity, civility, honor, courtesy, et cetera that are becoming a rarity in our time. I hail from a classical house based upon tradition, honor, and a strong heritage. Never in my dreams had I imagined that I would read a “Web Comic”, but this is something inexplicably fascinating and intensely engaging. I have read literature, fiction, and history all my life, but rarely have I ever been so entranced and engrossed in something such as this. This author is truly talented, in both art and script, and obviously cherishes his work and his fans. Therefore, I ask you all to vote with an unequaled ferocity so that this man may received recognition on par with his merit. For only a modicum of your time you can help him to be raised upon a pedestal amongst his peers and colleagues to be an example. An example of dedication, of loyalty, of trust, and of pure desire to produce art. He is truly one to be patronized. Vote for him, vote for us, vote for all those who have yet to see this Comic, and vote for victory! Though I have yet to meet you good sir, I wish upon thee a resounding success in all that you do.

      1. Pardon me, but I am certain how to process your response. From my limited understanding “guh” is generally an expression for being flabbergasted, am I correct? If that is the case, there is no need to be surprised. Your effort and passion has put you where you are now and will continue to carry you onward.

        1. He’s flabbergasted, flumoxed and almost speechless.

          Maybe it’s also the fact that with all of the words worth more than five dollars (given the rate of inflation with today’s lamented educational ideals) each, you have given a speech worth $3,141.59.

      1. Thank you, I am honored that you think so. It speaks much of the character of this site to accept one as estranged as I. Once again I thank thee, and may thee be blessed this day.

        1. Hell, you’re the yin to boss dude’s yang, the moon to boss dude’s sun, the poet to boss dude’s warrior.

          Fifty cookie points to the first one to get that movie reference. (as far as I know, it’s only one, and it’s got an Oldsmobile.)

    1. I’m quite fond of Predictably Irrational. I got pulled away from The Upside of Irrationality before I finished it and am not sure where I put it, though. It’s hard to read his introduction to behavioral economics and not immediately see why classical economics is so wonky at times.

  9. And I’ll keep on voting to get SS to that #1 spot :) Some of those comics I have no idea why they’re so high >_>

    1. I hadn’t looked at the listings before, but I have to agree with you. There are a lot of comics I like and read, but some of them are just…

      1. Some of them are just pandering to the basic exploitation of stupidity. Other of them may just be from the devil. But Robert Boucher Jr.’s mom isn’t here….

        Maybe it’s their medulla oblongata, you know, right?

    2. I don’t think as much about Top Webcomics ranking as I do something think Patreon totals are comparatively bizarre. I do find myself checking various comics Patreons any more and frequently find myself thinking, “this guy shouldn’t be making that much more than Rusche, the comic’s ok but what’s with all these people.”

  10. Oh, didn’t see you there. Hi, I’m Mr. Blue. You may know me as that crazy guy who posts waytoo much on the internet’s greatest up and coming webcomic Shotgun Shuffle. Sure, we all love webcomics that parody real life, but how do we know that we’re getting the best value out of our author’s dollars? If you recognize where I’m getting this from, you might think that I’d make a statement about going to see where all the magic began, with an exclamation point. But one of my favorite lines still applies here, I may be insane, but I’m not crazy. Although there are those who may argue one point, some another, and still others both.

    Anyway, the true magic is found in the little number just above the Patreon teasers. As we can see, the man who brought you Gettidious Martinson has been rising in the ranks, thanks to the love from you, the readers who vote. But we still are not in the place to show the greatest love than a webcomic fan can have for a webcomic artist/author/parent who is getting over the flu. And just what is that Mr. Blue? Well, let me visit the U.D.K. Kiosk for just a moment.

    And I’m back, the best example of true support that we can show to Get Mart’s creator’s creator is to vote him past the triple digits past the double digits to well below the 50s, before he turns 50. It has been said by this creator that he has at least ten years of material. But when he comes back with greats like, $20 for a gigaboop, equating ranch dressing with a wet dream hello, bent wookies, Ratches, Ratchantulas, blowing up shoping malls, Onamonapiacon, That purple dress, Pumpagon, My first musket, Lake Hollingsworth, maps, the shopping center used in “Edward Scissorhands“, Red Lobster references, the 80s, 90s and visiting the US for murder.

    The author who reminds us of the stuff that we love. The Nintendo Glove, “Back to the Future”, That purple dress, the 80s, 90s, Fleetwood Mac references, family dynamics, Lieutenant Anakin, video game references and a webcomic with art and a story that transcends pencil, paper, pixels, and a presentation that can not only punch Michael Bay in the stomach, but is on par with John Hughes and will come into his own with our support.

    So, Mr. Blue asks if you would be so kind to click on that button every day, if you can. And Mr. Blue will continue to search for the Mixcom!cs March Madness webcomic link for this years competition. As soon as that link comes up, Mr. Blue will post it in here for everyone to share, if they so chose to do so.

    Anyway, no, I can’t use, “Same bat time, same bat channel.” But Pumpkin would love it.

      1. Personally I’ve always believed the public persona allowing him to wear a red bathrobe EVERYWHERE no matter how formal it was supposed to be was Hugh Hefner’s greatest accomplishment that I wish I could emulate. Being massively rich and all the attractive naked women is great an all, but the robe is absolutely the one I’d pick if I could pick just one to be able to pull off myself.

  11. BOO!! BOOOO!!! hahaha, but seriously I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Caleb seems like the guy who doesn’t give a crap about anyone or anything as long as he is getting what he wants aka the moniez haha. :P

  12. I think people are not realizing that Caleb may not know that what Danny is doing is unknown to Ellie and Quinn. Caleb may believe they are okay with the cameras and this was Danny’s idea that’s paying off.

      1. Exactly. I’d even say there’s no reason for him not to in today’s age of selfies, twitter, social media and people trying to make money on such acts.

        I’d say the bigger question is…does Caleb not ask because he doesn’t want to know if they are being watched without their consent or because he figures Danny was able to get ahold of two women who were willing to do it because there are so many willing today.

        If A, Caleb comes off a little bad, when the question is easy enough to ask and have answered (or at least lied to if he’s trusting and Danny lies to him). If B, he’ll need to learn to ask.

      2. And if he just goes back home to Canada, satisfied that he got his pound of flesh from Danny without vetting the business, content to let the $$ roll in, the ball is going to be squarely in his lap liability wise come the inevitable court case.

        ‘Sir, are you saying to the court that after your employee spent $20,000 of your companies money without authorization, an act that had you, personally, travel to Florida to investigate his purchase, as his employer, you did not perform any due diligence on the legality of the business he had set up using your companys funds?’

        *Caleb looks desperately at his lawyer, who is trying to hide their face*

  13. Why couldn’t the Patreon arc be our arc, and the one with McDouchebag her the Patreon arc? I much rather listen to Pumpkin’s troubles. Also regarding the arc here that we do have to deal with, or rather are seeing, who the hell just decides nah, I’m gonna let him go, if you are actually that invested and that pissed off you go down there to do your thrashing in person you don’t payed off, just no, not even for a million dollars would I let off, I’d take the money, and then continue the thrashing.

    Also disclaimer I’m not dissing the current arc, I just rather be in a more light hearted and less a less sleazy person to deal with.

    1. Like the falls from the cartoons linked here, life is not what we want, but how we react to what is dealt to us as individuals. Yes, there are people out there skeving at every level of personal/interpersonal interaction. That action may be from the person sitting next to you who copies off of your exam, to the person across wherever who has your credit card info, to the cyber voyeur who hacked your web cam or more.

      Part of Chris’ message could be, what are you doing to prevent any of the negative impacts that our characters are dealing with and/or how are you responding to those actions against yourself or others?

    2. $2/Month isn’t that much. Though if one reads a lot of webcomics and this trend feels to be becoming popular, I think we’ll see a loss of some of the good ones.

      As for why Caleb would just let Danny go? Because he made him a profit as stated. It’s been shown they’ve worked together before and he’s backed Danny’s ventures before. This time the problem was it was 20 grand.

      1. I guess some things are just worth more then money to me. And as odd as it may seem, even if only 2 dollars I can’t pay 2 dollars for a webcomic. Not that it’s bad others can, it’s just a thing I can’t do.
        To Address Mr. Blue, I guess I can take it from that perspective, though I like to think I do already work towards not ever supporting such illicit and heinous happenings as currently see in the arc. But I I guess I can see if I cannot try to do more.

        1. Rusche stated back when he started the Patreon arc that he wanted to put it on the main site as well and was just keeping it separate so that he could give something back to Patreon donors. I believe his plan is to put the Patreon arcs on the main site after some large amount of time has passed (a year or more, perhaps). He also said that if dead tree editions ever come to pass he’s planning to put the Patreon comics in with the normal comic there. With as hard as he works himself for the main comic & Patreon comics, though I doubt that a dead tree edition will be in the cards any time soon, as I’ve been led to believe that’s a lot of work and will probably be even more work with the varying comic/panel layouts Rusche uses.

          As for why we get this arc and Patreon gets Pumpkin, that’s because Ellie is the main character here (for now anyway) and Pumpkin is a side character. There seems to be over a decade’s worth of story that’s already planned for the main site story. Patreon arcs are intended for background and additional character development that is interesting but doesn’t necessarily move the main site story along. Rusche did state that the main site would be written to be readable to those who haven’t read the Patreon arcs.

  14. Goddess Damn It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will someone please, please just beat this waste of flesh into a small pile of protoplasm!!!!!!

    Considering he’s planned a visual sexual assault on two women that others will pay for the “privledge” to be part of, he’s been allowed to skate free so far? How long do we have to suffer with this prime example for a .45cal retroactive abortion?
    We should Purge Him With Fire!!!!!!

        1. That may be factually true. But old blue eyes never jammed with one of the best guitarists ever to strum a lick. And well, DLR is better than Sammy, but I think that DLR tried to get into a showmanship style as well. I’d peg him somewhere around top 20 with Cab Calloway, Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin.

    1. Well, when someone does this in real life, how long does one have to wait? Is setting up hidden cameras cause to just kill someone?

      Do we even know how long this has been going on? Day? Few days? Weeks?

      1. There is NO life threatening cause to take another person’s life in order to protect oneself from the act of wireless voyeurism. And that is just a lay person’s view on this situation. Anyone who feels that situations presented here have precipitated to the point that any action taken is felt necessary need to heed the fact that there is NO Life Threatening Actions against the girls (or people targeted by the illegal surveillance) that preventative actions necessitate murdering the perpetrator(s).

        From what I’ve gathered from news reports, movies, tv shows, etc., is that justified murder is only allowable if and only if your life or the life of someone in your immediate view is in direct threat from another. And there may be excusable allowances based on extenuating circumstances, i.e. “The Burning Bed”, but those are not taken into this consideration. I may sound like a lawyer, or a smart alec, but I’m not. Just my opinion.

    2. The crossover landmine that seems to have been overlooked thus far is ‘Pumpkin and Quinn spending time together’ + ‘hidden cameras at Quinns apartment’. Live feed means the first time Pumpkin changes clothes at Quinns place.. child pornography.

      1. Not even an issue. Last I knew, the Pumpkin / Quinn stuff took place before Ellie at the convention, so this is before Danny went a-surveilling.

        1. Right. I suppose the fact that the Pumpkin/Quinn arc is said to have been taking place before the camera’s were placed in there is a possible attempt to garner attention to the Patreon account.

          And in defense of the Patreon account, the current story would not even be here without the support of the Patreon.

          The storm clouds had gathered, dark, heavy, pendulous. The strings holding the Sword of Damocles was being actively cut by the Fates. Patreon, having been recently found by both creator and reader, stepped in to prevent the boulder from rolling down the hill thus crushing Sisyphus, was greatly supported by few. The support of these few, allowed for everyone to enjoy Shotgun Shuffle.

          This is the new American story of perseverance, toiling via blood, sweat, tears against the tides of the fates.

        2. From Patreon, this is the second day in a row that Pumpkin has been at Quinn & Ellie’s apartment. Rusche gave the estimate on the math and I think Pumpkin’s first visit was something like two weeks before Danny placed the cameras. So we’re not that non-linear at the moment, just not synced (because nothing at all on the main site while the Patreon site continued for a few months would be not good and there wasn’t a strong need to show more of the cons).

          Considering that Patreon is intended as Plot B arcs, we may get much farther out of time sync. For example they might go back can cover more of Ginger & William starting out, Juniper’s pregnancy, maybe some backstory for what went on with Ian that he’s referencing as having women interested in him being the side boyfriend when talking to Quinn, or even just some Adventures of Tarra stories.

  15. America has lots of shitty beer.
    That in his hand? That is not one of them.
    “Light Beer” should never be referred to as beer, it’s not the same category, it’s not the same drink. That’d be like if I referred to cool whip as ‘shitty ham’.

    1. I don’t think Bud is in this category, but the beers that impress me with how bad they must be are the ones where the light versions are rated as tasting better. I can’t remember which ones they were, but every time I’ve checked lists of top 50 bad beers there have always been a few that way.

        1. I don’t know that “better” is the proper term so much as “less bad”. As per ratebeer.com & beerinfo.com’s current 50 worst beer lists, the hideously falsely named Milwaukee’s Best currently has that honor.

          I can never see that label without hearing a stereotyped strict German woman yelling “LIES!” in my head. I’m not sure what movie that particular sound clip that plays in my head is from, though. Apparently not one I’ve watched in the past 8 years or so.

  16. This could seriously hurt anybody who goes along with it. What he’s doing is a federal crime in the U.S., and I imagine equally a crime elsewhere. Anyone who doesn’t report him or goes along with it would be considered complicit or an accessory to the crime. Sex-offenders rarely have an easy time in prison, too.

    1. I’m not sure where you got the idea that he has Caleb’s best interests in mind for his own actions. Personally I believe he’s intending to try to leave Caleb with the mess, including criminal charges.

      Also, I’ve heard child molesters have a hard time in prison, but I doubt that carries over to all sex offenders. Especially considering that people have gotten on the sex offender registry by drunkenly taking a piss outside and children happened to walk by. I can’t imagine that would cause anything but giving him crap about it, if that. I’m not sure with video voyeurs, but I can’t imagine they’d have as hard of a time in jail as child molesters.

    1. Hm… I did hear good things about Portland cuisine.

      I think the north-west would be the region I’d like to visit most anyway, should I ever go and visit the USA.
      Which, granted, is not too likely currently due to entry requirements and a certain distrust of mine in their justice system.

  17. youtube.com/watch?v=2WgMLpKmNkg



    This is not a readiness test.

    It’s the real deal people, what we have here is 13 passengers in a express elevator. Below floor 30. Bomber’s already taken out cables, bomber wants $3 million or he blows the emergency brakes.

    What do you do, whaddya DO!?!??

    1. Hi there.

      Mr. Blue again. With today being the 15th, and the infamous Ides of March. It would be nice to see if the younger crowd (Mr. Blue politely shakes his head no at Count Imperious) would be so kind as to imbibe the rest of us of two significances towards this date.

      Maybe three, now. With 15 days down, 401 monthly votes, Shotgun Shuffle has borken the 100 barrier. This borkes down to an average daily vote of 26.73, or 26 readers constantly voting every day.

      Here is hoisting a Bud Light for Chris’ newest achievement, and to constantly borking it each and every month.

  18. Chris, I’m sorry, if this inappropriate then please delete.

    Stop, look and listen at rail road crossings people.

    Caught on amateur railfan video, 2 dead, 2 in critical condition after car freight train collision in Louisville, Kentucky.

    1. Zurich, a city near me, has a wide tramway network. And regular accidents when motorists somehow get the wrong impression that a) they have the right of way against the tram trains and b) that they would break for them. Which they might try, but with no chance to ever make it.

      The typical result is a totally trashed car with people hurt badly and a minimally dented train with maybe a few passengers lightly injured from the sudden stop.

      I don’t get why people think it a good idea to challenge a big and heavy block of steel like a tram with their half plastic, half metal (mostly light and bendy) cars.

      1. I was sitting here with the news on, and it was just like an opening scene to “Final Destination.” As sudden as a slap in the face from nowhere.

      2. What I’ve seen is more that sometimes people assume a rarely used train track is unused and get unlucky. Also people are bad about underestimating their own breaking distance. I haven’t gotten the impression of people thinking the train would, or could, stop.

        On the other hand, I’ve also seen some very bad and blind crossings with no gates. Also, as I understand it, we have a lot less rail traffic than Europe, too.

  19. As a home brewer inspired by craft, I found that this strip understated my take on a certain Clydesdale Horse-using brand. As someone who is from the state in which this webcomic takes place, I can tell you about the political games that that same brand played here with craft brewing, as well as other underhanded moves they’re given to because brewing better beer is too hard. I avoid said brand on principle at this point.

    1. I’ve wondered how much it’s inability versus the beer equivalent of a McDonald’s mindset of “can we save a fiftieth of a cent per ton on this worse quality meat.” I know when some of the larger breweries buy out the smaller guys and their beer gets worse within the year, so I assumed it was more the bean counters than the know how (I mean, they could’ve made the brew master staying for X amount of time part of the acquisition if they wanted to, and they’re obviously entitled to use all the same recipes).

        1. If you’re talking about the webcomic ranking, Shotgun Shuffle is now 89. And I just voted again, too.

          I need to see if I can’t vote from my phone and at work twice.

          Sure, it’s underhanded, but I’m not going to write a script to spam votes. Not because I’m underhanded. Because I don’t know how.

  20. I opened the mailbox to find a package from you, Rusche, and I have to say, you made my day! My birthday to be exact. I don’t know how I missed my name on the drawing list, but it came as a complete surprise, and I even got the drawing I was hoping for! Thanks again!

  21. shat just got real…well a few strips ago, but still…I do wish the guy got pounded a bit more… (Since I cant personally jump in and break a bone or ten)
    am excited to see where this goes…just hope it moves back into a more lighthearted comic than its become.

    1. I just have to say, from what’s been going on with the comic in the past and the expected character growth that has occurred, it doesn’t seem like light hearted is on the menu.

      1. I suspect it’ll move back to lighthearted at times. This just isn’t going to be one of those times. And yes, there will be much growth motivation to be had until then.

      1. What I said aside, I can’t say I hate what is going on (story wise)
        Was NOT expecting that (I mean I wasn’t expecting the dude and the current arc, I pretty much expected everything that went down after we met butt face there.), I can’t wait to see where it goes.
        Anyways…now to hit the next button…I still need to do that while I have the chance.

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