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The Chain Part V

Next comic should be up late this evening or early tomorrow. Getting good at being caught up. This one's setting me back a tad. Thanks. :)

160 thoughts on “The Chain Part V

      1. If there’s something about this comic and its fictitious storyline you find outright offensive, you can email me or just discontinue your readership. No reason to be so negative or petty over a cartoon.

        1. It’s too bad some folks take things so serious (or childishly). I didn’t get to see the comment that was deleted and that’s not the point, it just silly that someone would make a comment that even has to be deleted. I enjoy reading this online comic because is just fun and entertaining to me. This is also about the only comic I read the comment section of. Nothing really mean spirited here where in other comics comment sections readers can just snipe at each other to silly extremes. I use to read the comic “least I could do” but I got tired of the lead characters moral high horse, just my opinion not looking to insult anyone who reads it, so I exercised my one absolute prerogative and quit reading it. Others obviously still enjoy reading it so why should I diss what others enjoy.

        2. Now, l’m curious as to what my comment said to cause another to say something to cause their comment to be redacted. I mean, I know what it said to me, which shouldn’t have caused I’ll will, I would think. I suppose it comes down to something like “Hater’s gonna hate”, and such. But now it’s going to bother me.

        3. Yep. Such things always make me curious too. But with as rare as comment deletion is here, I don’t expect to find out if something was that over the line.

        4. I’m kind of halfway wondering if it was done by a drive by teddy bear. . . But that would just stir up trouble while juggling three hornets nests, two bee hives, a katana, machete, ginzu knife as well as a fully throttled and just recently sharpened chain saw.

          But I’m guessing that this person crossed a line much worse than that. So, I’m not gonna speculate. I’m shopping for toilet paper.

        5. Well you have paid for it; (You did pay for it didn’t you?) a little squeezing is the least of the uses to which it will ultimately be put. Squeeze away.

      2. Considering what harsh criticism and sometimes barking at each other commenters Rusche has left untouched, free speech and all, that comment must have been quite something.

      1. I don’t know. I suspect that Chris might be using the same method used for TV when the guy who did the Garfield voice was in TV shows but wasn’t shown. . . opposite kind of thing. Show most of her, but not the face. Maybe to heighten the disdain, maybe slight biographical tool for effect.

        1. Yay.

          @Bossdude – Squeeeeeeee

          @Chris – Bossdude, I know that I comment a lot
          (Chuck Barris – Mr. Blue comments so much….
          (Studio audience – how much does he comment?
          (Chuck Barris – Mr. Blue comments so much, shutting him up brings down Miserably cold Arctic Canadian freezing arctic air masses to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I was blinded by all the headlights when they were throwing beads.)

          @jeffpp – according to McCroskey, the directional vector for merde à frapper la ventilateur is from above.

          @Kutharos – that’s how it happened when Mikey and Trevor did it at Paleto Bay.

          @That one guy – since it’s been a few days since Heather got her new phone, he could be definitely getting the money to run. But… what is a link farm?

        2. Link farm is where a group of sites have links to each other site in the group. They are mostly used for spamming search engines with link bots, to give the sites an artificially inflated amount of hits, to place it higher up in the search results.

        3. Hmm. Yes. J.C. Penny’s was accused of something like this with something like this. They fired their web presence company. I believe it was either in the Wall Street Journal or other paper that reported that Google had seemingly readjusted their algorithms to drop Penny’s presence from number one in just about every item they sell.

        4. Yeah, they don’t work so good nowadays, because they way it USED to work was Yahoo and Google and such primarily went by the number of clicks a link got, to determine how high of a rank the page got in search results. So more than a few companies tried to use this to their advantage, with the click farms. Then search engines wisened up and adjusted their algorithms to give certain links more weight, and to detect if a site A had a link to site B, and site B also had a link to site A, it would be given significantly less or even no weight compared to other links.

  1. Oh god, I don’t think Danny will be able to talk his way out of this one!
    On a side note, I love the Hamtaro on Caleb’s laptop! XD

  2. I wonder how the loser will weasel outta this one, the walls are closing, but we know he’s smarter then appears, and we also know animals get more dangerous when cornered so damage could still prevail or at least to finally cage him and get justice I feel like there may be one more twist to unravel.
    Also at this point, how long has the operation been going on?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to pull a runner- take whatever money he can liquidate easily, dump the problems on someone else’s plate, and disappear for a while.

    2. I’d also be interested in the timeline for this. How long has Danny been getting away with this so far? (Pardon me if this is answered further down the comments.)

        1. If it has only been a few days, it makes me wonder just how much of Ellie Danny’s viewers have seen. And if any of them have managed to rip videos of her naked, getting changed etc. Then if will be that much harder to get rid of since stuff like that spreads through the internet like a plague.

        2. Thanks! I know sometimes there are time-warps (Black Friday went slowly, but then we were suddenly in January with Ellie losing all her jobs a bit over a year ago), so I was wondering how long it took Caleb and co. to notice Daniel’s scheme. At least they’re paying attention to the site traffic, even if they haven’t been tracking Daniel’s spending.

          From a marketing perspective, it’s not a bad idea to put it close to where your potential customers already hang out. From a “keep it secret” perspective, he’s not doing so well. Couldn’t help thinking of your previous troubles with excessive site traffic issues for this one. It’s definitely a subplot you’re familiar with.

  3. So I’m wondering if Danny had some pseudo-acceptable rule for the money he swiped from them or if they’re supposed to be fantastically bad at checking their business finances. Were they dumb enough to leave Danny in charge of that part?

    Squatting on their hosting would cut down on his costs, but I can’t believe he didn’t realize that would point out to them what he’s doing. Also if they’ve all got root on the server, they can easily shut him down too.

    1. Chris did say that Danny doesn’t think things through. Maybe Caleb and Vu trusted him enough to not be constantly checking and then…. yea lol

    2. Makes me wonder if he’s not going for a fait accompli. Nothing like a successful venture to throw off cries of “fraud” and “malfeasance”, particularly if he’s an equity player. Course, when the girls find out the whole thing is likely screwed fully anyway….

      1. And based on his descriptions of the site’s viewership, isn’t that the exact same audience he said the core business revolved around? He may be able to redirect that traffic back to Caleb & Vu, thus increasing their own profitability…

        1. The key phrase is “He said”. What Vu, and the other one, are doing has little to do with what D-bag is, except that he is using them. What D-bag wants are people that will sit around for hours and hours on line. What Vu, and the other Canuck, want is another matter.

        2. True, and what we need to remember is that Danny has access to only the American account that Caleb opened in order to facilitate the their website in America, and it seems that our Canadian Duo may have had some sort of a background check on Danny boy, or they just took what he had to say at face value. I’m going to be guessing that Caleb is going to be checking the financials relatively soon while Vu takes a look at the website metrics and such.

          So, is the link farm stealing their bandwidth? And I’m wondering if Jessica helped Chris out with some of the dialogue with this episode…..

        3. Sence the quesion you posed earlier didn’t get ansererd…

          A link farm is a kind of site that is meant to boost up search engine rankings. Basically, the more sites that link to you, the higher your ranking in search. So, a link farm gets payed to link to a site, much the same as paying for likes on FaceBleckkk. The search engines try to find out what sites are doing this, and block them, in some way or another, sort of a whack-a-mole thing. They are shady things to get involved with, but are low bandwidth, as no one actually visits them but ‘bots crawling the web.

          What D-bag is doing is running a camera site through the “real” sites bandwidth. That IS a high bandwidth thing.

        4. Sorry about the misspellings on the first line of the post above. I failed to check that with the spell checker.

        5. I typed up two answers a little bit ago but they both failed to post. Let’s see if this succeeds…

        6. I doubt it’s anything you did, and more likely to be my browser that was flaky in my failure to reply.

        7. I don’t see why there would be any reason that they’d keep a Canadian account vs an American account, I’d assume they’d have it all lumped together in one business account. There might be some paperwork and setup delays for having two different nation’s citizens on the same bank account in one country, but it should be perfectly fine. That assumption is primarily drawn from the prevalence of Swiss bank accounts in fiction, though, not any actual experience with international entreprenual endeavors.

          Past that I was wordier about link farms than jeffepp, but nothing of real value to add with his comment already there.

        8. Well, at the convention, Caleb was pi$$ing and moaning about having to open up an American account and not to let him pi$$ it away on conventions and booth bunnies.

        9. I forgot about that. I wonder why they set it up. It seems like they’ve known him for longer and the account is recent by that dialog (Sorey not Sorey , 02 June 2014 for anyone else wanting to look/read).

        10. Ok, since Barrel spammed everyone on the site who bothered to reply to what should be the registration email, we have their activity plus the link farm adding twice the bandwidth with each link made instead of just the regular amount because the farm is on the site’s server, add in the possibility of the bandwidth from Danny boy’s hottie site as well as people clicking on the links to recorded video lifted from Danny boy’s hotties pasted back to the Canadian’s site and then for each person who clicks those snippets.

          Sounds about at least seven times the normal load maybe, but not counting the comments for them.

        11. Video’s going to be the hog. Text itself is quite small. Pictures should be cached for the refreshes, and if the video’s streaming a refresh could actually be slightly less traffic as it would cut off the video momentarily.

  4. It would appear that Danny doesn’t really think things thru. Sucking bandwidth from your associates to run your own site is really bad. I see Caleb and Vu going in and shutting him down if he doesn’t “pay” them some type of royalties. But, he may already have enough money that it won’t matter if they shut him down. He could possibly skip town and start again somewhere else, sponging off someone else to build “capitol” and then do the same thing again. However, too many people know who he is and what he looks like and probably how to track him down should the need arise. I don’t see Danny getting too far in life with this, but I don’t see him going away either.

    1. Really? I actually suspect he is used to skipping town and setting up operations 1+ state away when he gets found out for this kind of crap. This doesn’t seem like a first time on Danny’s part to me.

      1. Okay, I know that each machine has one specific identifier that separates it from the rest of the machines in use. However, the ISP is not such a unique number unless it is used in conjunction with the first unique number. The mac, how hard would it be to conceal this and hide the ISP in order to continue this site from afar? I mean, Danny boy set up the gateway in the next door apartment. But that could be the wrong assumption. He’s already using the Canadian’s bandwidth, how do we know that he’s not using the girl’s internet? However, he’s not privy to their complete routine inside the apartment before setting up the voyeur cameras, so he’s more than likely to have set up an internet connection from that apartment to another router handling the cameras, ie, the Hottie College Roomates site. From there, the images would be split up amongst the viewers? He wouldn’t be that stupid to put the site on their root server, would he? I don’t think he’d be that stupid. They could cut him off with the stroke of a key. The link farm however is something different. Would it not?

        1. General rule of thumb is that you can hide almost anything and you can also fail a small part of said hiding to leave your attempt at hiding meaningless.

          MAC address gets stripped once you hit a router, which includes your common everyday wifi router that are in millions of homes around the country. Almost all those home routers give you the ability to type in the MAC address you want it to present to the outside world, which is in there as a feature in case ISPs want to try to lock you to just one computer so you can clone your computer’s MAC. MAC addresses are also childishly easy to fake in general from Linux (I’ve been told Windows deliberately makes it harder, at least for wifi MAC, but I’m not convinced that’s as true in practice as it is in theory if you’re determined). Ease of faking IPs depends on your upstream connection and they can put the kibosh on it if they want to set their systems to discriminate, though I’m not sure it’s common for them to do so (possibly due to performance issues and additional cost not being justified for things that aren’t going to legally be their problem). Also you don’t hear the reply unless you’ve done a serious level of snooping (i.e. syphoning off data at an intermediate router), so there’s limited (but non-zero) information you can get with a faked IP. Unless you were faking an IP for a system you’ve infected with malware that’s under your control, but at that point it probably makes more sense to send the initial traffic from there to start with.

        2. To answer the last part of your question that I missed in the first answer: Yes. He was that dumb. That’s what they’re noticing. He’s put the copy of all his files on their server and is streaming those cameras to all his viewers through their server. Possibly that’s part of his desire to steal their users to make it longer before they get the complaint of slowdowns for their actual site.

  5. “Probably building more linkfarms.” They’re USED to unscrupulous behavior from this guy, that’s probably why they don’t check up on him much. But now he’s really gone and done it.

    1. I’m just wondering how he explained the cost of Ellie’s “cons” which should’ve shown up on bank statements by now (it’s been two months) and I don’t know if Caleb’s reaction is the assumption that it was taken out of the company or if he knows exactly what pool Danny said was used for something else was misappropriated.

      1. They would have had to have seen the monthly statements at least. And wasn’t there at least two months of fake conventions here? So there should be at least two statements that they could view. Business accounts could have more than one person who can have access to that account. Perhaps Caleb was a bit too trusting, or not as diligent in checking the American account that was set up.

        1. That or he was able to hide the numbers somehow. Maybe using an extra pool that was created beforehand (or misusing it if it was for a completely different reason).

        2. Misusing is what would seem to explain Caleb’s reaction to me and would make sense. Timing it just right for statement mailing if it’s been 2 months and 3 days, it might’ve just been only the first half of the charges that came through.

          On the other hand, the business credit cards that I’ve heard of require each and every charge to be approved within the week or so. I’d be a bit surprised if Caleb & Vu were foolish & trusting enough to give Danny a company card that he could also approve charges for. So that’d go to what project he was supposedly spending money on that actually went to the Ellie project.

        3. But half of the thing is, they are in Canada. They would need to have a representative in America for the legality of the company and tax purposes. At the least, someone to be at the other end of the phone if they incorporated the company. I’m going to guess that they went for incorporation and an LLC in order to minimize their asset exposure in a lawsuit situation with the company. Especially with the user submitted videos, there would have to be a copyright and model’s release situation for just about every video. We are talking about an international company here. And, I’m under the impression that they need some kind of headquarters in each and every country that they are doing business in.

        4. I don’t believe web businesses need a presence or an incorporated entity in the country of all customers/users for a normal market. That might be the case for regulated markets like alcohol or firearms, but I don’t think it matters for normal stuff and certainly not for a website with no actual physical product.

        5. I would say that the debit card is not enough of a separation from the actual account and the spender. Credit cards are just the status quo. Especially with the difference of the spending limits. Most debit cards have a $500.00 a day limit total. Credit can handle larger sums.

        6. 500 a day limit could work in this case though. And would make sense to give him if they weren’t all too trusting in financial matters.

        7. But look at a few things. He’s got root access, access to funds set up in another country. He may not be the C.E.O., C.F.O., C.O.O. but he’s got to have senior vice president level access to the tech and the American back account.

        8. I don’t think they make business debit cards, or at least I’ve never heard of them and they’d seem odd. Granted, they could be using a normal consumer type bank account with a debit card or a more normal consumer (or maybe even small business) credit card too which might not have some of the same protections that I’m familiar with.

          The thing that could be worse is if they were dumb enough to give him access to a line of credit to draw upon. He could have them pretty significantly in the hole.


    Sorry, seeing that Caleb (or is it Vu?) used Tetsuo as their screen name required a yelling of that sort.

    Now, was his reaction due to the complexity/thoroughness of the setup, or was it something he saw on one of the cams? Stay tuned to find out.

    1. I assume it’s city and no user names are mentioned as they aren’t visiting either site.

      I’m assuming Caleb’s reaction is due to figuring out where Danny got the money.

    2. I’m so glad someone else made the same connection. I was starting to wonder if I was making a mental error.

  7. Personally, I believe that Danny boy is breaking a cardinal rule really bad. It’s from the zoo, based on animal behavior, (and as I just typed it, I realized it also reflects on Animal as well, but I don’t think that he’d do this) and that is one of the following two rules.

    – don’t defecate where you masticate.
    – don’t poop where you sleep.

    1. Right now, it seems like the hand that teachers out blindly in the local haunted house during the Halloween scare season. Right now, it’s between ankles and knee high lengths.

      wouldn’t you agree Steve?

  8. *the sound of stampeding mooses and the battlecries of their riders are heard in the distance*

    *a lone man stumbles into the doorway with his last strength*
    *muttering on his last breath before collapsing*

    “The Canadians… are coming!”

    1. Mr. Blue orders the 5th anti poutine regiment to Buffalo, NY while mustering the anti surgar pie batteries of the air fofces along the vast and unpatrolled US-CANADIAN frontier border.

        1. I didn’t want to be too gauche and accused of only knowing what the average American knows. And I just saw that I misspelled forces as fofces. Stupid phone anti corkboard.

          But since you have risen to my challenge, what forces do you present along the border to prevent the 5th Anti Poutine Regiment from crossing across the falls to dispell your Two Four 24th Crueler Company and the 64th Nanimo Bar Division?

        2. That, and lining the border with Coors Light would make our troops sick and if they planted the notion they could cross in hazmat gear and take us while we’re still trying to muster the strength to get away from the silver bullet.

  9. Urgh… I can’t read: “Tetsuo, Canada” without reading it as “Tetsuo, Kaneda”, and thinking about Akira.

    Also, Danny is up to his eyebrow in future trouble… this is not going to end even remotely well for him… he’ll be lucky not to wind up in jail… assuming he lives long enough for the cops to get to him.

  10. Oh Danny. You dumb $#!t. Stealing members is one thing, but stealing hosting is a sure way to get caught. I’m guessing this went down one of two ways…

    1) Danny couldn’t afford the hosting he’d need. As such, Danny’s “plan” was to make as much money in the first wave of subscribers to be able to afford his own hosting, and hoped to be able to jump to new servers before he wound up with a Canadian Necktie (it involves a maple tap).

    2) Danny doesn’t have the technical acumen to know what kind of machines he’ll need. Instead, his lack-of-plan was to just throw everything onto his partners’ servers, assuming they wouldn’t notice, because that would be the fastest way to get the site up.

    In either case, I doubt the Canadians will shut him down. Instead, since they have root access, it would take virtually no effort to shut down his logins or (to really screw him over) rewrite the configuration on his payment gateway to send charges to their account instead of his. Odds are the only thing Danny has control over is the domain name. This could lead to a MAD scenario where Danny can’t move the site because he’d lose the user database, and the Canadians can’t completely give him the boot because rerouting the domain would destroy the site.

      1. Redirecting payments to themselves could open them up to legal culpability in Danny’s actions. While your #2 scenario might be accurate, I’d modify your #1 scenario as he’s planning to cut & run with the initial profits. Though I’m not sure how he’ll manage that in a way that can’t be reversed once this thing blows up.

        1. It’s hard to reverse cash out of a wallet when you have left the state, and moved on to another scam. He probably has an old taco truck lined up in Texas. And, I would be real surprised if we have ever heard his real name.

        2. If you can get it as cash, then you’re good. It’s just the question of how much can you draw as cash in a single day without problems. I believe wire transfers are good too, and also Western Union. Basically anything and everything that Craig’s List & Ebay and the rest warn people are scams are the methods that can’t be easily reversed.

          I know there are bank requirements on reporting large deposits from the Patriot Act and I think even some older RICO statutes. I’m not sure what the limit is on cash withdrawls would be. I think having a separate bank account in a tax haven that doesn’t tend to listen to law enforcemnt in other countries and a wire transfer to that account would seem like the most certain way. Not sure how all that works, though, and as I understand it there are deliberate delays set up in the banking system to allow more time for fraud detection before you can do things like cash withdrawls and wire transfers. So I don’t know how much time he has to keep things going before he can cash out.

        3. Okay, what if he’s set up a shell corporation to accept the wire transfers into an account in the Cayman Islands, or to a Swiss account. Those wire transfers could have been misappropriated from the account that Caleb set up, to the money brought in from the “College Hottie Roommates” website as well.

        4. Sudden big money transfers would set off quite a few alarm bells around here. Don’t know about the Cayman’s though.

        5. If I remember correctly, depositing $9,000 cash is supposedly safe according to either the industry analysts or cop TV as $10,000 is the threshold to trigger that report. Wire transactions, I don’t know.

        6. $10,000 is the limit on deposits. Go 1 cent over and they fill out paperwork. Same with Western Union. Also, many smaller amounts over a short period of time will get you flagged for structuring. Basically, if you run a cash business, you’re screwed if you do the multiple deposits in a short period of time. Best to do single, large transactions spread out over longer period of time. Just keep it under the limit for reporting. Or just stash it under the mattress.

        7. It would be extremely difficult for them to get in trouble for making his site pay them. Danny is in their employ and using their physical and financial resources to start a business. They paid for every part of this including his time setting it up. They legally own it.
          Even if it looks flaky, Danny is an embezzler here and the Canadians updating whose account is paid by his code is stopping theft.

        8. Whoops! I misread your comment. You’re correct: it would definitely make them look complicit in his crimes.

          They could probably make the argument Danny claimed to have gotten Ellie and Quinn’s permission. You know, totally throw him under the bus as having breached their trust.

        9. I’m sure they’d throw him as far under the bus as they could, and I’d assume instead of stating that he told them they might go with the “we didn’t believe that such a person was in our employ” sort of vein to state an implicit assumption. Even with all that, I think they still might have issues as there are laws against various types of profiting from crimes and I could see them having to return all monies that came through the site that they received. While they might be able to argue damages from Danny, I’m not sure that’d hold water with reversed charges from the site members.

          Other part of the question there is that they might subject the activity to a larger number of potential laws for crossing national borders by redirecting payment. Not sure what all laws there are and how they work, but I seem to remember a Law & Order where something was slimy but not illegal that someone was doing, but the one time he happened to pull it in Canada made it subject to that sort of statute and they got him with that. Not sure how real that is or isn’t. However there would certainly be the possibility of Caleb and Vu being subject to any Canadian laws the site broke at that point as well.

          But yes, agreed. If Danny set up a legit site that otherwise wouldn’t get anyone in legal trouble on their server while under their employ, it’d be very surprising if there was any legal problems for them redirecting the money that site collected (or the whole site contents) to themselves.

        10. I haven’t seen anything about Danny being in their employ as to more being an international partner. If he were a partner, then he would not have to owe them anything as he made the “hotties” website on his own time and with his own effort. However, the monies, would definitely be another argument, they would have to show a direct causal link between their funds and his purchases. Personally, I’d be hiding the left hand from the right hand in this sense.

          I think that we have a battle royale (so to speak) between a Canadian website company and an American website company. However, Danny boy seems to be going all black hat on this endeavor in order to line his pockets for his next leap into the internet voyeur battle dome.

        11. All that will depend on the partnership agreement that they have. Something that Vu, and the other guy, should be looking at right now, very closely. Because I am guessing that D-bag has something inserted in there to cover this…

    1. Those applying the Canadian Necktie are rather polite about it, and apologize a lot. They then stick a loony to the forehead with maple syrup. While wearing their finest tailored red flannels.

    1. I’ve got 20 Quatloos on Juniper getting first hint, followed closely by Anise. Herb would find out two hours later when confiscating a phone from a hit and run driver who ran into a telephone pole because he couldn’t put the phone down for thirty minutes. And yes, it’s that guy who is always running his cars up the telephone poles from the commercials. After that, the only sister who wouldn’t know about it would be Pumpkin, who finds out at dinner.

      1. Not sure that I agree with your guesses in general, but I think once Herb found out then with the time Pumpkin’s apparently spending at the apartment she might find out with a shouted, “Did you change your clothes at your sister’s apartment?” question from Herb. Both from concern and for the ability to add additional charges from peeping on a minor and/or use kiddy porn type laws/requests to confiscate Danny’s computers and get better cooperation tracing them down.

        1. I’m betting Pumpkin is going to be the first one to discover this. She’s as online-friendly as Ellie but has more free time. Put me down for 50 Quatloos.

          Plus, for those of you who remember my thrilling copy-and-paste of Florida law, video voyeurism against someone Pumpkin’s age just added a second degree felony to the list of Danny’s charges.

        2. I don’t recall the copy/paste. Would a video (without audio) recording of her sitting fully clothed talking to Ellie or Quinn still add that felony?

          I think it’s too early to guess which sister is likely to find out first. We have a lot of known paths and the possibility for unknown paths here.

          Actually, with Rusche’s comment that there are several more parts to go for The Chain, my bet is multiple Buckinghams (not confined to sisters only) will find out independently of each other. Not sure if Ellie will be in the first batch or not.

          For ways it could be discovered by different Buckinghams:
          * One of Ginger’s kids could find out from being one of Danny’s undateable teenager’s friends and walking by the screen at the right time (and then Ginger)
          * Tarra could be testing a fancy new search algorithm that she wants to patent and have used sister pictures for a test run (or her own with an algorithmic mismatch bringing up Ellie)
          * Anise could hear some customer’s talking about it or hear about it from her business partner Mike
          * Juniper could wake up from a drunken haze in the bedroom of some of Danny’s target audience
          * Cinn I don’t have a good guess for aside from being innately drawn to evil
          * Pumpkin could find on her own or through one of her friends (many of whom might recognize Ellie, especially if she made a common practice of hitching a ride to work on the school bus as she did at the end of the job)
          * any number of officers who might recognize pictures on Herb’s desk might run into it in the course of an investigation and bring it to his attention
          * Rosemary apparently already honed her cyber-investigative skills somewhat and might do periodic checks on Ellie and run into it.
          * Grandpa Pi didn’t appear to have a wife with him on Thanksgiving and might be one of Danny’s Elderly audience that happens upon it, or might be too trusting and tends to click spam links, one of which might be Danny’s.
          * Someone speculated discovery as a possible intro for the Buckingham cousin in the Royal Buckinghams picture up on the Patreon main page, and we don’t know enough about her to know what would make sense.

          I definitely think that several more links in the chain suggest a few more separate directions by which things will be closing in, so if not multiple Buckinghams then maybe James finds it, or another O’Jack’s person finds it and it gets to KK, or it might even be Olsome2hot4U that Ellie was trash talking with on AIM will find the site.

          Granted, I might be assuming too much and the links may instead be unrelated comeuppance for Danny boy (landlord, vehicle confiscated, bank issues, unrelated law enforcement issues, tiny Atlas finding him, etc).

        3. Oh no you don’t. I threw Olsome2hot4U at you earlier. That’s mine. However, the possibility that Grandpa Pi might accidentally click on that link seems like the more improbably vector towards family discovery. But then it would go to Herb way too fast. Anise finding out at the tattoo parlor sounds like some crazy thing that she would stumble onto. Especially if the girls have Lucky Charms cereal in the camera shots. As far as Juniper, I would wager that she would be waking up in a room covered with photos of either Quinn or Ellie plastered up on the wall, with the Xbox One streaming the site onto the oversized HDTV…. Okay, Would Barney Stinson and Juniper Buckingham hook up? And would Barney be paying for something like this site, when it seems that he’d be the one to do something like this in order to advance his playbook? And the algorithm, I can see Taragon definitely doing something like that. I mean the algorithm. Not intentionally searching for hottie sites. If Ginger were to discover this via the boys, then one of those undatable boys are going to have to have a print out for one of the boys to do the shout out, “Cousin Ellie (MAY),” and get sent to the Principle’s office, with the kid who brought the photo for disturbing class. Let’s say… health class perhaps?

        4. Nephew could be visiting friend’s house and sneak into friend’s older brother’s room while he’s on the computer. From there simply being verbal and remembering the logo plastered at the top would be enough for Ginger to find it.

          I wasn’t trying to take credit for ideas, I think I lifted several from other people. I was just trying to give plausible examples of open directions from as many Buckinghams as I could think of. This is just scattershot and not something I’d consider an “I called it” sort of thing the way I will if Ellie starts dating David and that’s where we start to finally see her deadly sin come out in force.

        5. Okay. Sorry about that. But I just kind of have to say that I wonder how much of our speculation is going to meet the events had on when it presents itself in the strip.

        6. And even though this is in the Lakeland city limits, the jail is under the county. And the Polk County’s sherrif’s biggest pet projects is sexual predators of children.

          To the point that Polk County has an ‘avoid at all cost’ reputation with online predators. Danny is in for a really bad time.

      1. Kat, maybe… Can’t be Danny because he is on the cast page. Also can’t be Alex, tired guy, Caleb or Barrel for they all also on the cast page. Could be the 2 girls from the convention, I’ll call them Plushiemaru and SexySwordSluttySlash or the Boob girls, for lack of names at this time. Could also be the little demon girl who can’t put her arms down or the wheelchair ninja. Sooooo many people that have been introduced that can be part of the 52…Oh the agony of not knowing. Makes my head hurt.

        1. Heck, it could be three employees at the store where Juniper crashed through the ceiling on Black Friday that were only shown in one panel so far.

        2. Where are you getting all this money? Has this been reported to the Lakeland Department of Space Faring Agricultural Revenue and Coloring yet?

        3. Sir! Are you implying that those two unusually tall, and provocatively “bulbous” persons (and who’s said proportions boarder on the surgical) , may not be entirely what they seem? Egad!

        4. No…ooooooooooooooooo. . . .no.

          They ran a fake sword booth at a convention that catered to fantasy. The word play, however may require inferences created by the reader. But, I’m just making a joke based upon their wares, not wariness.

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      1. No, but I think it’s the second one that he let through. The first one was an example and I’m assuming this one is amusement.

    1. Yummy…Dirt Chicken in high temp stoked broth. I want 2 orders to go…stat. Before the “Serta Crackers” get it!!!

  12. Say, I was wondering.

    On the cast page, top picture. The as of yet uncoloured shape to Caleb’s right, that might be Vu, yes?

    Could that be a sword or big dagger, held in her right hand?

      1. So, doll in her left hand, knife in the right one…

        Getting ready to dish out some punishment.

        Of course it Vu’d be nice to know just what she’s got in store for Danny then.

  13. Bizarre personal message here, unrelated to the comic in particular but pertaining to my overall participation (or lack thereof) in the comments section.

    First and foremost I still love the comic and the people who hang out here in the comments section. My posting activity has dropped off drastically because I recently took on a new position at work that has me much busier and even doing a significant bit of travelling. I’m very happy with the new job but not so happy about the impact it’s having on my e-life. So if anyone was worried that I was no longer one of the biggest fans of the comic based on my percieved lack of commentary, please rest assured I am still reading and posting whenever possible. Keep it real guys and I’ll see you when I can. Peace out. And Chris, keep up the awesome and ever improving art efforts, you are a very real inspiration to me.

      1. Congrats are appropriate, I like the new job and it’s a good step forward for my career, I just lost perks like getting paid to watch MST3K. Still a huge fan of the Shuffleverse though.

        1. Live means changes. Sometimes smaller ones, sometimes bigger. As long as you’re happy with the result, and it sounds as if you have good reason to be, all is well. Nice to hear, you’re still with us. Just a little more on the lurking side.

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