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The Chain Part VI

I have the winners of my drawing-drawings. Waiting on a few emails to verify addresses Patreon didn't have available, so I'll announce those on Friday.

202 thoughts on “The Chain Part VI

        1. I would say this is more Terrance and Phillip-grade profanity than Negan. Sure, Negan could chain obscenities with the best of them but only T&P could give us “Uncle F**ker”.

        2. …and just like that, I find myself wanting to grab my South Park movie DVD, and watch it. Again. >_<

        3. Ah, but did you know about it beforehand, or are you only just finding out about it? Considering that movie was released in 1999, I figure there are plenty who haven’t heard.

        4. I saw the movie when it came out. At a drive-in theater, no less (just the way it happened, but apparently those are disappearing, but the one I went to was still open last season).

        1. I don’t swear a lot, but yeah, I’ve seen people perform the equivalent of carpet bombing with the F-word. It’s kind of hilarious because it really losing it’s meaning after a while and it just sounds like they are so angry they forgot how to talk properly.

        2. That makes me wonder just what the heck James’ face looks like when he’s introducing people he knows with, “say hello to my little friend.”

        3. I’ve met a few people who can go on more creative swearing tirades that don’t get repetitive, not Sydney Scoville-level or anything but for a minute or so. I’ve never been able to do that myself, though.

        4. Switzerland is beautiful in that regard. Four official languages and the different idioms of Swiss German alone give you several different sets of insults and swears already.

        5. Errr…. no.

          But a few Swiss German insults, listed just for you:

          Blöde Siech
          Arsch mit Ohrä

        6. I do recall the discussions from that movie just how many questions “Bend over and I’ll show you” can answer.

          @Richie – The first example I remember running into was a friend’s dad who’d been in the Navy.

        1. I went outside and saw him sitting there. So I spat on him. (I don’t remember it correctly, word for word, I know).

      1. Yeah, not saying life wo’nt happen, but it does amuse me that HE thinks he has some control of the hijinks that will ensue;on I was’nt convinced of that previously.

  1. I’m pretty sure Danny is expecting that at some point he will reap massive profits and thereby earn forgiveness for this stunt.

    I really want to see Caleb and Vu gut him though.

    1. For some people I’m sure money can make everything better, but I know that there are others who will be pissed at you anyway, particularly for something as scuzzy/illegal as this. It’s like trying to start a legitimate business and then one of your partners opens up a strip-club.

        1. In most countries it’s not illegal, but it’s still frequently seen as being a kind of scummy or exploitative profession to be in even if it doesn’t attract illegal activity like drugs and prostitution, and a lot of people don’t want their name, reputation, or money attached to that kind of thing.

        2. I think the invasion of privacy issues here will provide plenty of grounds for prosecution, assuming Tara doesn’t take him out first once she finds out…

        3. Nice. I expect Tarra would do a little more research before deciding if Danny’s parents needed to cease to exist too, though.

        4. That would be the immoral part of it. Just how do we know that he doesn’t have aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins who would have contributed significantly to mankind in the long run. Holograms, light sabers, hovercars that drive like a regular car, overcoming the terminators and the AI singularity.

      1. This is less “strip-club” and more “getting a job at your friend’s restaurant to use it as a front for your heroin ring.”

  2. Wow! He burned through twenty thousand dollars and kept going! Yeah, I can understand Caleb’s stance here. Danny must have picked up some really expensive equipment as well as spent a ton on cons and dates.

  3. Well, we can see how Danny feels about Caleb. Asswagon, what a nice nick to use. And now we know how Danny was able to afford all the nice equipment. But, damn, $20K, that’s a lot of money to go thru in just a few months. I guess it doesn’t matter when you’re spending someone else’s money.

    1. Let’s see if we can go shopping.

      From spyville. Com.
      – $69.99 – Mini Wireless Spy Cam System Color. Get 35 of these just for numbers sake in order to cover experimenting and kit bashing, back ups, not placed yet.

      $2,449.65 : 35 Mini Wireless Spy Cam System Color.
      $ 999.99 : Complete Video System 16 Night Vision Cameras DVR 3G I Phone and Droid.

      And this wouldn’t include those other six monitors or the laptop. Off to best buy.
      $299.99 – LG – 25″ IPS LED HD 21:9 UltraWide Monitor x 6
      $1,799.94 : 6 LG monitors. (Tax not included, business write off)

      $4,499.00 – Alienware – 17.3″ Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 32GB Memory – 1TB Solid State Drive Capacity – Silver


      (Too much?)

      1. I think that could work out in numbers. The rest of the money probably going into the “Cons”, food and the appartment.

      2. Oh sweet Cthulhu man, stay the bloody hell away from Alienware stuff.

        As a person who has literally cracked his M15X’s screen with a fist because of issues that Dell couldn’t fix with a new motherboard, new video card, new screen and new ram, and a reinstallation of the OS and confirmation of the video card drivers being up to date, I can attest that Alienware, while one a respected brand, is now in the ASSWAGON category of companies.

        Oh, and the helpful people at Dell found it necessary to scratch the shit out of the top of the laptop. They apologized and said they would replace it, but I would have to be without my work computer for another 7 to 10 days.

        Say ‘hell no’ to Dell.

        1. I only choose it for the 1TB solid state drive, high ram video card, a few other things and best buy suggested it with 4G:LTE capabilities. Wouldn’t have to call the cable guy for the apartment’s Internet service.

        2. Good luck then. I was actually happy when I thought mine bricked two nights ago. It refused to boot for over an hour.

        3. I might be spoiled by good experiences (especially with the T-series), but I’m pretty firmly a ThinkPad-man.

          That being said, I’ve grown so used to the TrackPoint, I’ve actually got a bit of trouble using the touchpad on laptops. XD

        4. I’m no expert mind you. I am mostly happy with the ThinkPads I got, especially the one T-series I afforded myself once. And they’d probably work well for Danny, if he got one of the higher performance models. But I never personally used any other laptops for a longer time period. Or any computer for what Danny does here. And therefore can’t really give an answer here.

        5. Building a website isn’t too intensive (or at least doesn’t have to be), and with his target demographic, I don’t know that he’d be assuming they have high end systems so he’d want something that’d run smoothly for them (pending network streaming capability, obviously). A relatively low-end laptop should work for him as long as he strips the crapware from the default install.

          Now dealing with all those camera feeds might be strenuous if he’s doing that in the apartment instead of connecting them directly to Caleb & Vu’s site (which could be the bandwidth hog that Vu found, though just streaming them out after they were collected and potentially edited somewhat by Danny would still be noticeable bandwidth). If he’s dealing with the cameras, a desktop he built to deal with it would make the most sense. He could build an AMD A-10 with two or three additional AMD GPUs in a teamed config to handle that for under a grand, easy. On the other hand, if the camera video is already transcoded to the bandwidth he wants and he’s not trying to edit anything he could easily build a desktop for between $300-$400 that’d be generally capable if he just needed something to do smaller tasks and/or be a local server for testing his site before uploading to Caleb & Vu.

        6. I just can’t bring myself to trust Lenovo, haven’t been able to for at least 8 years.

          @Mr Blue – My best recommendation for laptops wouldn’t be valid here. Consumer computer hardware has become a sufficient race to the bottom that you’re not going to find a PC maker that is good enough quality across the board to recommend. From what I’ve seen, they like to rotate around their good quality and crap lines to try to make it confusing to consumers which is which. Therefore, my recommendation tends to be laptops labelled “off lease” which are used by a company which sold them back. I generally trust IT departments to do their homework and find out which are the reliable versus crap lines, and a three-to-five year old reliable line laptop is more reliable than the average crapshoot new one. Also since I won’t buy them for over $200 I’m not out that much if I’m wrong.

          @Tesla – Yours is probably too new for this to be the case, but I know the Dell Latitude D series had a piss poor heat sink design such that if you ever required maintenance that’d crack the factory thermal seal, you were just screwed (CPU end would be fine, but GPU was in the middle between that and side of case and pretty well never made good contact again). One Dell tech had some luck by physically trying to bend the heat sink before putting it back. They did seem to learn from that in the Latitude E series line, which are at least 4 years old, so I expect the Alienware one isn’t quite that problem.

        7. Used computers are either labelled “refurbished” (which means they were returned for warranty, repaired, and re-sold) or “off-lease” (which means that a business either leased them or bought them with the plan to sell them when they were done). The only off-lease things I’d consider would be $200 or less. They can sell out quickly sometimes.

          That’s what I’d do for a system that needs a Windows license or if I needed a cheap laptop. If I don’t need a Windows license, I can build something that I’ll be happier with for a desktop.

        8. We could allow for the desktop if and only if it was shown at Danny boy’s workstation, but it wasn’t. Do laptops come with off lease?

        9. Yes, laptops can come off-lease. Positing the existence of a desktop is feasible but not certain, and is an exercise if you need to reduce the numbers. However, as he was hired to work for Caleb & Vu in some fashion regarding a website, it’d also be expected that he’d have at least one system before all this started. Probably more than one. The monitors are reasonably likely not something he was carrying around, but two to five laptops wouldn’t be surprising.

        10. My M15X is about 3 years old, I think. Previously I had a Dell D820 that lasted me *ten damn years* because I overbuilt it at the beginning. I had to replace the battery and the screen, but it was all stuff I could do myself. I bought it from Dell’s business side.

          I bought the Alienware because I wanted to run a Photoshop CS5 and a Cintique and thought I needed a high end laptop. Based on my previous experience with the Dell, I bough the Alienware because I customized the feces out of it, thinking I would get another long run since I was running a gaming laptop to do graphics and such.

          Within six months I started having problems. They replaced the screen despite my saying it wasn’t the damn screen. Ever seen a white screen of death? I have. Eventually I sent it back to Dell where they replaced the screen again, the video card, the motherboard and some other crap because after spending eight damn hours online with tech support they couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

          When I got it back it still did the white screen of death or random lockup with no record of WHY it locked up. I futzed with it myself to the point it was stable, but basically stability involved not doing anything with it other than using it for email and surfing the web.

          I looked into the chipset and discovered it wasn’t part of the sandy bridge issue with the I7s. Basically everything seems to to swirl around a piece of shit video card made by NVIDIA. Basically I’ve given up on the computer and am anticipating replacing it with something less frustrating. I simply haven’t bothered to replace it yet because it was expensive and it still works – minimally.

        11. You’re lucky with the D820 you didn’t have to do something to replace the motherboard, as that’s exactly the model I saw about five of work fine until something like that happened. If you crack the case on your old one (or look at their docs if they’re still online) you can see how the heat sink starts at the CPU and kinda’ makes contact with the GPU in passing before getting to the side vent. Those were definitely “kiss of death” to break the factory thermal paste seal.

          I’ve had a lot of bad luck with Optimus, but nothing specifically past that. I’ve heard more recent systems don’t even let you turn it off in the BIOS any more.

          Your experience with your current laptop is why I just shrug and tell people it’s a crapshoot any more. That’s why I recommend the off-lease route these days. 5 year old systems are still perfectly fine for general computing (the computer I’m using now is ~7 year old desktop, though I’ve updated the GPU since initial build and added hard drives).

    1. From the beginning, of course. He has done this before. If not stopped, he will do it again. Remember, he has been shot twice. And had part of his face burned off. He plays fast and loose, but plays with a plan, and plays for pay. And, he plays with other people’s money.

  4. I’m kind of wondering how Vu and Caleb ended up working with Danny in the first place now. If Vu has “always hated his ass”, and Caleb doesn’t seem to fond of him either, was it a case of them really being desperate for a stateside partner? Or maybe this was a kind of “his personality sucks but we need his other skills”?

    20 grand feels like a lot of money to trust someone with if they aren’t constantly within neck-strangling range, but maybe this is another scenario where Danny tricked people? That seems to be one of his few decent skills.

    1. Sometimes when the choice is getting something off the ground with a co-pilot you find distasteful, or not going anywhere, the co-pilot starts looking a little better.

      1. My guess is, there’s a reason as for why the withdrawals seem to be many but small in numbers. (Unless I read that list wrong. It doesn’t look at all like the ones I’m used to.)

        1. I don’t see trying to play it as identity theft that someone else took the money. With them seeing the site right there, they’re going to know he drained a fair portion of it, so not sure that’ll fly.

          @jeffepp – The bit Mr. Blue reminded me of yesterday where Caleb talked about setting up a US account sounded like it was for Danny’s use. So I think he was authorized to make withdrawals. Now what they were thinking not checking the account daily considering they knew he was authorized for the account is another question.

          @Deepbluediver – Wiring the apartment that quickly and thoroughly in a few hours and then getting it all sorted out to the site does take some skill. He may have been a referral from someone else they based upon his skills to do some task(s) they needed done with their site. If he did that for a few months and did it well enough, he might’ve been able to earn enough trust to do something more independent. Still odd they didn’t check their account more often, though.

        2. I was rather thinking along the lines of “any withdrawal above X dollars Caleb gets a report on”.
          Pretty sure something like that could be arranged. And it would make sense if you’re not to trusting of your business partner.

        3. Ah, I could see that as a possibility. Though he’s still dumb for not checking it weekly at a minimum.

        4. Okay. Here’s a crazy thought, Danny boy is working with/for Caleb & Vu but he also has the Heather Web site in his back pocket. What if he paid Ellie out of his own pocket at first in order to keep it off of their books and gives him more claim to his hotties site overall. But did use the Canadians money for the liquid capitol to start up the hotties site.

        5. I don’t think he has a website with Heather. I think she’s on Caleb & Vu’s site.

          Other than that, he could’ve done that, but $20k in small withdrawls in a week or two could raise flags with the bank too.

        6. It’s a business account. What bank would not be used to large amounts in that manner? However, the small amounts, and the continuous overdrafts should have, I assume, to have ripped out big a$ß red flags. And with at least $35 – $45 a transaction fee per overdraft. But there is something else, the mail would go to the corporate address, and that would be American only if this was a business account. And for tax purposes, it should have been set up like that. And that would have been Danny boy’s corporate address. The bank would not send it to anyone else because of legal reasons. But just to keep corporate happy, Danny boy here may have emailed the account info, user name & password for accounting purposes only to Caleb. He, Caleb, gave Danny boy carte blanche with $20K (US).

          Soooooooo, I’m going to chalk this little screen shot up to suspension of disbelief.

        7. They advertise overdraft protection on consumer accounts. Business accounts can be set to automatically tap into a line of credit. Both avoid the fees. I don’t know if a business checking account for a US bank requires a US headquarters to send the bill to, but that’d seem odd and unexpected. Banks exist to accept your money so I’d see them wanting to do everything in their power to let more people give them money, and they aren’t shy about lobbying for legislation or anything.

        8. You haven’t heard about banks not taking money from legitimate check cashers, gun stores and other businesses targeted by operation choke point?

        9. That’s political. There’s no reason that Caleb & Vu would be on any kind of list of that sort. It also still holds with the maximizing profit mentality, in terms of banks not wanting to risk even a small chance of government pettiness in retaliation. All foreign business in a connected global world would be enough for some risk and some calling in “donation” for different laws.

  5. So… invasion of privacy, embezzlement and stalking… and he chooses to do it all to… a daughter of a police chief? He is a police chief, right? Or was it just an officer? Either way, connections and easy access to swat gear.

    1. Daughter of a police chief and daughter of a soldier.

      More importantly, daughter of ROSEMARY and sister of TARRA.

      Danny’s best hope at this point is for Caleb to get around to gutting him before the girls find out about the cameras.

        1. Who is the soldier? And I think that in terms of anger, it might be: Ginger, Juniper, Anise and Quinn in a close top four. They would be the most physical in their retribution. Rosemary would be there to witness the take down, but do nothing to foul the arrest. Tarragon would use tarraforming, but not touching him at all. That leaves Ellie, Cinnamon and Pumpkin. Herb wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on the guy, and if he recognized the potential conflicts between being Ellie’s father as well as being Lakeland’s chief of police.

        2. Okay, I thought that he was just talking about one daughter, and not talking about both of them at the same time.

  6. Wow.

    He’s descended into a level of dickery that’s almost unbelievable. And the way he’s acting in that panel implies he’s not done yet. I do hope this ass will be thoroughly kicked and tossed into prison soon.

  7. On the other hand, what if Danny boy approached them first with money making hand over fist in the states. Oh, and he doesn’t seem to be cutting and running yet.

  8. Oh $h*t. He didn’t blindside the Canadians, just didn’t tell them his plan for making the convention work. That convoluted d bag.

    He’s going to win them over.

  9. Am I the only one who finds it funny that he spent 20 grand on camera equipment, but is still using a phone running Gingerbread? An old Galaxy S or S2, from the looks of it. Priorities, I guess. :P

      1. Since Mr. Blue’s numbers further up seem not too far off to me, I’d say somewhere around half of it did. A bit less maybe, since he probably took money to eat and the appartment from that account as well.

        1. If we expand on Rachel Ray’s “$40 a day” for a basic per diem basis over exactly two months, that would be $2,400. And that isn’t counting Fat Boy Slims 90s Cafe. And I would wager that he got the apartment after she quit in front of those cookie scouts. But that’s for later.

        2. 2400 + 9748.50 = $12,148.50.

          This hasn’t covered gas, apartment (first and last month), utilities deposits, unless it comes with the apartment. Renters insurance.

    1. It’s effectively a disposable phone. He probably got it used, or free. It exists just for this, for Vu, or the other guy, to call him on. Remember, his “character” is that of a horn-dog airhead dude-bro, that lives in an old ice cream truck. They know he is slime, but not what kind of slime.

      1. Burner phone is my first thought too. However, he doesn’t really care too much about his clothes (being unfamiliar with the word “shirt” and all). He may not care about his phone either.

  10. Every time I settle on a favorite female character, we get another one. What the hell, man. I haven’t even seen this ones face and I’m changing my vote cause I’m prone to Goths.

  11. 275 chances in the drawings.
    $5 – 275!/83!
    $10 – (275! + 274! + 273!) / (19! + 18! + 17!)
    $25 – (275! + 274! + 273! +…+ 267! + 266!) / (9! + 8! +…+1!)
    $50 – (275! + 274! +…+ 266!) / (3! +2! +1!)
    $100-(275! +…+ 261!)/(15!)

    Great, now I don’t know if I did the math right on the odds. ..

      1. Ah. At risk of sounding dickish, I shouldn’t have to remember a character who was introduced in a one-off comic from 6 months ago. All the cast page has is a name and not much else. But I guess that’s good enough for everyone else, so *shrug*

        1. I don’t think you sound dickish. Remembering their names was never expected as a requirement by me, nor do I assume people will. Their appearance in an earlier comic was to seed the characters. Much like I seed many misc things/elements in the comics.

        2. I think that it also lists it under poorly written fiction. A good story as all of the elements introduced up front, major and minor including the trite details. The trope is different, and not quite fully accurate.

        3. Actually introducing all of these upfront, even if it’s just with a short mention that is easily overlooked or forgotten, is what Chekhov’s rule of good fiction is all about.

        4. I haven’t remembered all the names of all the people. I go back to the cast page and to older comics to get names when I can’t remember. Even then, I may not find the name so I just make up my own.

    1. Well, I don’t want to give everything away, but if you were to view the Bossdude’s Deviant Art account, you could see an earlier rendition of these two. And yeah, they are on the cast page.

      1. Everyone here at ShotgunShUfFlE dot com are the premium members. Besides, Chris has long term plans for this place and wants to draw in the widest possible audience. Besides, Donald Duck cursed, but it was a string of unintelligible babble and punctuation marks when in print. Redaction is more top secret compartmentalized hush hush stuff.

  12. Hee hee hee. At least we know at what point Caleb will graduate from the use of “Twonk” to actual adulterated adult language. Should we fear the Canadian civilization or should we just invest in more crueler pastry machines?

  13. Mr. Caleb, you seem to have a problem. My associates and I are very handy and experienced in a wide variety of skills to handle problems. Painting, removing graffiti, developing business plans, extending lines of credit, security enforcement, search and rescue, personnel extraction, et cetera.
    In particular I like removing graffiti. For by erasing unsightly stains, unwanted signage, and mischievous messages when can create a renewed beauty in things thought to be distasteful. You sir have a particularly bad case of graffiti smeared all over your business, property, and reputation. The best way to deal with graffiti on this scale is to get a bunch of people to apply a fresh coat to the affected area…as though it never happened. It is, after all, our civic duty to deal with such messes in our society and I am more than eager to help.

      1. Yes, I do. I am currently working on establishing a brewery for myself, creating an NGO with a group of people (my affectionate compatriots that I have mentioned), detailing plans for a young fellow wanting to open a skate shop, and coordinating an advertising campaign that (fingers crossed) might air during the 2016 Olympics! Wow, I did not realize how busy I was until now.

        1. How much is the nominal fee for your area on business plans? I kind of imagine that it would be based on several factors: Geographical; type of business planned; socio-economic status of the client; projected earnings; the customer base which your attempting to attract; etc. Not to mention the population of your area as well as the complexity of their product based against their competition. ..

        2. It does heavily vary depending on the duties I am assigned. An “Industry Average” I suppose would be roughly $4,000 a month, but it depends. For example, I recently talked to a gym that wants me to be a liaison between them and health insurance providers to include gym memberships in the employee health benefit packages. That involves Market research, market strategy, and business to business negotiations which is a lot of work. On the other hand, I like to help people. For example, that young gentleman who is opening a skate shop is only 16 and he is truly passionate about his work. So for him I do some work on the side for free. I also do simple consultations and advice for free. The only time I would charge a lot is if someone just throws their business at me and says make it better. I am still a young student so my priorities are school then business so I just work as a private consultant.

  14. Oooh. So THAT is where he got the money. I was wondering. Now it makes sense. And gosh…can Danny get any more……Danny?

  15. I think i found out what i like about Danny.
    His hat. Beanie. Thing. Especially the bear on it. That’s all. Other than that he’s an ass.

  16. So Danny used the money AND computer resources of the company yet claims that “Caleb and Vu are not part of this” and he thought he would get away with it??? He doesn’t strike me as the smartest guy.

  17. what a very (rightfully so) angry Canadian. Hahaha

    Nah but when did Danny suddenly become a mastermind?! He sounds like he has this allllll planned out.

      1. He’s shown plenty of signs of doing the legwork and getting things planned out. He may be overestimating his own ability or underestimating the abilities of a wide variety of his victims, but I’m suspecting he’s got an at least reasonably devious plan.

  18. Man, I just had a post lost. 35 wireless spy cameras, a 16 camera wireless receiver from spy (somethin) dot com. With 6 LG extra wide monitors and an alienware rugged laptop from Best Buy. All of this was totaling $9,748.58.

    1. Man, I just had a post lost. 35 wireless spy cameras, a 16 camera wireless receiver from spy (somethin) dot com. Total $3,499.64. With 6 LG extra wide monitors ($1,799.94) and an alienware rugged laptop ($4,499.00) from Best Buy. All of this was totaling $9,748.58.

        1. It is. And I think it’s more either foreshadowing or some kind of play on how well Danny and Caleb get along. Or how much Danny cares about Caleb’s business/well-being/whatever.

  19. Hm. I wonder if he assigned “Asswagon” a custom ringtone, too. The chorus from Dethklok’s “Fan Song” would probably work.

    Hate hate hate hate!

        1. You didn’t say that it was a ring tone. Besides, why not go Backstrom and have a spoken word ring tone, “call call” or from “Meet the Fokkers,” ‘ASSSsssss. HOOOOOOLLLLLLEE’

  20. Mr. Blue found the management company for the apartment building. Standard 12 months per lease, 7 months minimum. Third floor would all be two bedroom apartments,

    Conditional – standard deposit plus 350. – months rent is 845. First and last month’s rent on a 7 month lease, fully paid cash up front, after the background and criminal records check should be: deposit of 1,690 plus 350 for 2,040. Add six months of rent for: 5,070. Total apartment fees, not including utilities is 9,110. (911 joke not intentionally made by guessing cheapest, j7st basing least hassle from “se7en”)

    So far, expenses are
    $9,110.00 – apartment
    $2,400.00 – basic food per diem of $40/day
    $9,748.50 – tech set up.

    1. Everything would be about spot-on right now, but you are forgetting payments to Ellie for the cons. Also money spent to wine and dine her in the beginning. Unless he used the per diem for all the extras and just ate Ramen noodles when he wasn’t with Ellie.

      1. I suppose that I may have added in an extra months rent, listed an over expensive Alienware when any decent media heavy laptop and portable wireless isp could have worked. But there is also the lack of taking in That one guy’s suggestion that Danny boy’s going to make a run for it just before Damocles let loose and dropped it.

        So just reverse 5x 845 for 4,225 to yield $17,035.50.

        1. He could easily get by with two cheap laptops (one for him and one he handed to Ellie) which shouldn’t run him over one grand for both (if he went on the cheap end). He may have also had other money he was using for his daily upkeep, so you could delete the $2.4k (also it’d probably be less than that anyway if he was living out of his truck).

          I seem to recall that Ellie’s con rate was $100/day. There were two months of those and I’d think that was at least one every third day for Ellie to consider herself too busy to look for other work so that’s at least 20 “cons” so you’ve got the two grand back right there. Which still doesn’t count the hotel, clothes, montage, date activities, renting Chuck-E-Cheeze, paying off Magpies, and all those other incidentals.

          Suffice to say that it’s not odd/surprising that he could blow through $20k.

        2. Fine detective work, Mr. Blue. I’ll see to it you get a commendation from the Mayor of Shuffle.

        3. Yet no one can still be worth enough to blow the nose of former Mayor Mike Haggar.

      1. Quinn had that one too, as I recall.

        Personally I like having things that fulfill my needs without being tempting to thieves, so an older phone is good in that sense as long as it still does what’s needed.

        1. Well, I just kind of thought that a hotel run by an occult group from an Eagles song would have been worse than any hotel depicted either by the Russian Olympics news reporters or by the Russian Mafia.

        2. Not really. At the Hotel California, the amenities are top end, they just won’t let you leave. You’re stuck there, but it’s a nice place.

        3. Well, what’s the Russian Mafia going to do to him that being stuck with cabin fever in an insane place like Hotel California going to be different?

        4. I think the main difference between the two Hotels is that Hotel California was a metaphor for drug addiction.

        5. Yeah, it and Life In The Fast Lane are basically about the same thing, except that Hotel California was metaphoric and Life In The Fast Lane wasn’t.

        6. What I meant was the one about the twin siblings rampaging. Probably the most twisted one (from those I can remember at the least) and really showing off some of Hotel Moscow’s colours.

        7. The Hansel and Gretel arc. That and the Fukiyaki Gangsters Paradise arc were the two that really showed off Hotel Moscow’s full power (and Balalika’s personality).

        8. Try the Roberta’s Blood Trail arc. You get to see what the Desantniki can really do.

  21. I think Danny just knows there’s plenty of stupid people out there who would pay for such a thing and knows the money will be returned, increased and all will be forgiven.

  22. Suggesting the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, close to the convention center, has suites and a Walgreens nearby. One suite, $265.00 per night for the balcony view. Complete with fees and taxes, $322.08. Two suites would be $644.08. Breakfast included, I believe.

  23. I just noticed Vu’s sideburns. I’m very curious to see what she looks like when we get a good view of her. The partial view teases make me wonder if the first full view of Vu will be a rather epic image, such as her kicking down Danny’s door with madness in her eyes.

    I also find it interesting how many commenters appear to feel that embezzling (I guess that’d be the right term) $20k from Caleb & Vu’s business is a new low for him that people didn’t think he’d go that far. Personally I see that as something not surprising and could’ve gone either way.

    1. I’m going to bet four chocolate covered pretzel rods, two m&ms, six Reece’s pieces and one fluffernutter on rye that Vu is Ashliii’s older Doppelganger in the hair sideburns department.

      And one looney that she’s trying to pull off Daryl Hannah’s eye makeup from “Blade Runner.”

      1. My hesitation is more the question if this is embezzling, fraud/con game, plain old theft, or what is the best description of the crime here. It’s a crime and he’s a guilty sleaze and all, I’m just not sure quite what flavor the crime is yet.

  24. UPDATE:

    Ellie’s convention expenses.
    That Other Guy suggested that in the two months of the faux conventions that there was a convention every three days for a total of 20 conventions. 20x$100.00
    Hyatt Regency in Orlando, close to the Convention Center. Has suites and Walgreens nearby. One suite, balcony view, $265.00. Taxes and fees added comes to $322.08. Needs/asked for two suites with borken door.
    $644.08 – Free breakfast included. ;D

    Registering CollegeRoommateHotties.com and other domains *.org, *.biz, *.***, keeping information private: Go Daddy.com (No offense Chris) –
    Filing CRH Productions as a LLC in Florida: Required Filing Fees – $125.00; Certificate of Status – $5.00; Certified Copy – $30.00.

    From spyville. Com:
    Mini Wireless Spy Cam System Color. Get 35 of these just for numbers sake in order to cover experimenting and kit bashing, back ups, not placed yet.
    Complete Video System 16 Night Vision Cameras DVR 3G I Phone and Droid.

    From BestBuy. Com:
    LG – 25″ IPS LED HD 21:9 UltraWide Monitor x 6, $299.99
    Laptop, Alienware – 17.3″ Laptop – Intel Core i7 – 32GB Memory – 1TB Solid State Drive Capacity – Silver

    Food: Proposed $40.00 based on Rachel Ray’s Food Network show “$40 a day,” over exactly two months for a total per diem allowance of $2,400. And that isn’t counting Fat Boy Slims 90s Cafe. And I would wager that he got the apartment after she quit in front of those cookie scouts. But that’s for later.

    Apartment: Third floor, two bedrooms, standard 12 month lease, with a 7 month minimum according to the actual leasing company for supposed location of the girl’s apartment. Lease was estimated to be based on a conditional background check, adding $350 to the standard deposit. Standard deposit was estimated to be first and last month’s rent. Rent was listed as $845.00 for a two bedroom apartment.
    $1,690.00 – Deposit
    $350.00 – Conditional lease, background check and criminal records search.
    $2,535.00 – three months rent, paid up front.
    (This number was adjusted because of the money becoming well over

    Costs totals:
    $2,644.08 –
    $418.47 –
    Registering domain and business licenses.
    $3,449.64 –
    Wireless mini cams, video system.
    $6,298.94 –
    Monitors and Laptop
    $2,400.00 –
    Food per diem.
    $4,575.00 –
    Apartment costs, deposit, addition deposit, three months rent.

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