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The Chain Part VII

Next comic will most likely be up tomorrow. I'm battling a cold. The good news is, this is a second sickness and this isn't still the first one. Okay, maybe that isn't really good news, but this one just involves dizziness and not being able to breath. Winners for last months 9 drawings were the following. Congrats everyone who won. Set 1 Melody Gainesville , FL Set 2 Travis R Tujunga, CA Set 3 Ed Columbus, OH Set 4 Gabrielle Pass Christian , MS Set 5 George C Severn, MD Set 6 Steve C New Lenox, IL Set 7 David A Arbor, MI Set 8 Jeff K Prospect Heights, IL Set 9 Roy G Centreville, VA Sets can be found HERE. Thanks everyone who's helping support this comic and my continuation of it! Even if you can't, I still love you. :D

194 thoughts on “The Chain Part VII

      1. There were two guys in their 2000 tour but can’t remember their names, although one them was Billy something

      2. There were two guys in their tour but can’t remember their names, although one them was Billy something. Okay it was Billy Burnette and Rick Vito. And it was evidently a tour in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

      3. The version most people are familiar with consisted of John McVie, Christie McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood. Most people don’t know about Peter Green who founded the band with Mick and another 2 guys named Jeremy Spencer and Bob Brunning. John joined shortly there after and replaced Bob. Jeremy and Peter left shortley there after and they were replaced by some guitar/vocal guys who got replaced by Lindsey. Christie joined just after Peter left and Stevie came on board at the same time as Lindsey. They put out their best music at this time until Lindsey left for a short (10 yrs) spell. They put out a couple of unmemorable albums without him. They did a reunion concert with Lindsey but then broke up in 95. They reformed in 97 but Christie left shortly there after. She returned in 2014. Not counting the other players that have come and gone, the current line-up is back to the best line-up. I like this line-up. :-) They are currently touring the world making people happy.

  1. Caleb may have launched himself straight to “favorite character” status with this strip.

    I have to respect a man who declares “Murder” as his intent to enter a country.

    1. Really, though, the customs agent should have told him where to get a gun. This is Murika, after all.

      Also love the little Minecraft boat up in the Farlands.

      1. Meh, the Customs guy was in New York City. Either LaGuardia or JFK. So, I doubt that he met with Viktor Navorski. So, Caleb might be able to find a weapon in the nail clipper recovery bin at Miami Dade International.

        1. If he actually went to Miami, they should be greeting him with a gun off the plane. I’m told a warning shot is how they say “Hello” in Miami, so clearly, he’d have to have one to communicate.

        2. no no, in So Cal you get a complimentary bag of weed with your gun purchase at the corner store.

        3. I fly into texas a lot, and they won’t even let you on the plane if you don’t have a gun. Also, what is the second S in USSA? Are we the United Soviet States. Did Russia win the Cold War in this world

        4. Looks more like the flight’s landing in Tampa-St. Pete. Miami’s further south and on the Atlantic coast.

        5. Yes. I’ll concede that point. But to be honest, I think that I remember Miami-Dade for “COPS” and something about their firefighters rescue squad.

        1. Pumpkin and her friends could do it, but they’d need a fourth friend. Bad Movie Club could become Teen Girl Squad.

        2. Well, what if we parodied Katrnia and the other girls that Pumpkin fought as the red shirt of the group, and the first one to die?

        1. Is that what that is in the northern expanse of Hudson Bay? I was under the impression that Caleb had Vu purchase some housing from an undertaker.

  2. Mr. Blue would like to ask that everyone get ready for not only the March Madness Webcomics Tournament on ComicM!x, but also to vote ShotgunShuffle on a daily basis for the Top Web Comics. However, if you more than one favorite, Mr. Blue would recommend registering for an account to vote for all of your favorite comics on a daily basis. Top Web Comics is a monthly battle for the rankings amongst viewers who click on that little black box just above the Patreon teasers.

    Last year, Shotgun Shuffle was able to get into the seeding for the 2014 ComicsM!x Webcomic Tournament, but did not receive enough votes to get onto the brackets. This year, hopes are out there that ShotgunShuffle will at least hit the first round. Mr. Blue can definitely state that some of the current readers were drawn in by some of the cheesecake ads that Chris had out there in the advertising stages that he had. ComicsM!x is a once a year battle of the standings.

    Mr. Blue hopes to have a similar drive this month to help boost Chris’ numbers in viewership through Top Web Comic and ComicsM!x. As the time comes near, the links for the March Madness seeding round will be posted. Let’s rock Chris’ world more than Tarragon can do Erf!!!

    Who’s with me.

      1. I’ll be looking for them Steve. I’ll be looking for them. But let this be known. Shotgun Shuffle is already in their database. Now we just need to get enough votes in the seeding round to get it into the top 128. However, they do let people buy votes as well.

    1. Oh gosh I dunnoh; I really like the way Grrlpower has been going lately. Maybe you could find a way to convince me though….*cough*…

    2. Sounds like a plan. Forgive my asking, but I saw a phrase that I do not quit understand. What is this cheesecake advertisement you mention? Does the author also have a cooking site? I do love a good cheesecake recipe! I have always been tempted to make it, but I fear the post baking feeding frenzy.

      1. Some of the advertisements on other webcomics will offer hot girls as an enticement to get a boost in their readership. Ellie was on one ad that I clicked on, and I think that it was from “Between Failures” at the URL of the same name (dot com (Jeff Dunham (Dot Com))).

        I need to get more cashews instead. Anyway, the phrase cheesecake would refer to the desired norm at the time. Some of the best examples refer to pin-up art, sides of warplanes, Betty Page, Olivia De Berardinis. Cheesecake would border on risqué safe for work to NSFW.

        It was Alex’s immediate imagination of the fast food cheesecake that was Chris’ ad art work at the time. I’ll leave it to TOG to link it to the hot girls definition of a line in degrees.

        1. Ah, thank you for the explanation. Unfortunate about having no recipes, but your explanation was well done. I actually found this site by doing an image search for unique or custom shotguns and found the picture of the spherical cat. I was so confused at how it was related to my search that I followed the image to this site. It was then that I have read my first and only web comic.

        2. The cheesecake-ish ad that I clicked (don’t recall where from) which first brought me here was based upon the comic The Hot Girl 180 (04 Sept 2012). The title didn’t make sense to me until I considered the previous comic (I would argue he was never male, 31 Aug 2012).

          You’ll sometimes see references to beefcake as well, which is just male eye candy as opposed to female.

          A lot of voting incentives go in the cheescake/beefcake direction, but I think part of that is to put something up that’s interesting but not too irritating when it’s missed. I decided to never vote for Dark Wick again after they started putting a storyline up for their voting incentives that they weren’t putting elsewhere, as all it takes is missing an update period and then you’ve got a blank in the story. Titillating character pictures or the sketches teasing the next comic or other things that generate interest but you aren’t missing anything substantive if you miss it are good in my opinion for vote fodder (that or posting the old vote incentives elsewhere for people who happened to have something prevent them from their normal web routine for a couple of days).

        3. *snort* We’ve got to tell Chris about that. Or, someone could come up to him and buy a license from Chris for making actual McFatFat rounds for black powder rifles and deer style slugs for shotguns.

          And we can have real life purple blobs afterwards. However, Quinn might not like it.

          But on the other hand, welcome to the family.

      2. I’ve stayed still on this long enough, but the best time I made my cheesecake, the pastor’s wife’s eyes bugged out and she said that it was better than sex. It was also one of the most expensive cheesecakes I made, all from scratch. And that’s the only way to make it. The only thing that I didn’t make from scratch was the graham crackers. They were borken for the crust though. I kind of miss cooking.

    1. Ok, time to break out the conspiracy theories, bad puns, and thesauri, and figure out what the best/most-plausible/funniest explanation for the second “S”.

        1. Do you mean that the dreaded social political commentary was successfully inserted into the comic strip through plausible means of comedy? Holy cow, aye caramba.

      1. Why just one ‘S’? Perhaps it’s the uncontested territory of the dreaded United Surgeons on Stilts of America? Some people laugh, but that’s before they consider how damn good you have to be to be steady with a scalpel for hours at a time while on stilts. You don’t want those people coming after your.

    1. That’s where Caleb got all his money; weaponized disdain for the Canadian military. I hear they’re already implanting Disdain Modules into their special forces.

    1. Quinn is likely at school, and Ellie might just be over at either the Parent’s or looking for another job. My guess is that they’ll have to look at Tired Guy on their way home and listen to his false accusations of the loud noises. They’ll see the remnants of the situation, but I don’t think that the blood stains will be visible. Caleb’s disdain will scatter the atoms in Danny boy’s blood stains to the Nagan-verse to be with Lucille.

  3. I like his middle name…DeForrest. Reminds me of “Bones” from Star Trek except his name was DeForest. Also love the fact that his passport isn’t even valid yet…19 Apr 2015…and that “face of Disdain”. Unlike all other Canadians I have met who apologize when they bump into you.

        1. I can’t hear that name without thinking of South Park’s Christmas special where they went to Canada.

  4. Totally serious question if Melody is reading the comments. Are you willing to part with the Dheu sketch from set 1? This is a serious question as in “willing to pay real cash for it.” Or if you can’t think of parting with the sheer awesomeness I fully understand. Cheers.

    1. WHOOOO. BOSSDUDE is gettin sought after like Picasso. Now we just have to get him to design a giant sized Barrel to replace the Michelin Man on I-94. Something for the Ska Cousins to drive past on the way to the Ambassador Bridge in order to save the Internet from asploding because of Sister X’s miserable backup plans against her sisters.

    1. It’s quite possible that Caleb is like Lobo from the DC universe. All the nice Canadians had to offload their negative energy onto one ultra bastard.

    2. so if you go to washington
      its buildings clean and nice
      bring a pack of matches
      and we’ll burn the white house twice

      and the whitehouse burned burned burned
      but the americans wont admit it
      it burned burned burned
      it burned it burned it burned
      it burned burned burned
      how that made them mad
      and the americans ran and cried like a bunch of little babies
      wah wah wah
      in the war of 1812

        1. There’s no reason to mention her, she grabbed the silverware and fled. Her butler and the whitehouse gardener saved the portrait she is credited with preserving.

          This event, I believe, shows both the limits of Canadian politeness (sparing the patent office so the maker didn’t have to see his own work destroyed), and the results of actually crossing the limits of their politeness (getting so angry they burned stone and pulled buildings apart with their bare hands even though they had cannons and gunpowder).

        2. Whoa. I’magonnahaveto go and look back and learn a while bunch of new Kings.

          No, but seriously, like I said before, this is just about the best damn forum on the Internet for polite shenanigans and accidental education. What would So Crates say?

          I know what Verhoeven would say, “I’LL BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR!

        3. Mr. Blue might be able to fly with a sufficient sustainable velocity, adequate lift to weight ratio and Pink Floyd’s “Learning to Fly.” But without a proper vehicle,

        4. What about the Foo Fighters “Learn to fly”?

          And anyone can fly. All it takes is a trebuchet or onager of sufficient size.

        5. Quick question. Should the British controlled country let the blame for the events be passed onto the current Canadian population? I mean, I could partially be blamed for the burning of Washington if yes. Not that I live in Canada, but I can claim Canadian lineage if not heritage.

      1. Though from what I’ve seen of him outside of music videos and stage shows, Cooper seems quite nice and calm a bloke.

    3. As someone who enjoyed antagonizing people a little too much in his youth, I have to say that nicer people frequently take a LOT more pushing to get them to snap, and so the median anger you’d get was actually noticeably more than a normal person, since they had much more reason than the average person.

      1. *silently pointing towards the jar, having an oversized 6feet diameter silver dollar replica stuck on the top*

  5. Hmmm, so far I’m the only one, but I’m wondering if this is actually Caleb arriving or if this is Caleb imagining. Rusche had a post comment about several more links in the chain and the girls needing to find out, so I wasn’t expecting Caleb to show up until after that. Also, with Vu having a blade on the cast page, I was expecting her to want to come along.

    1. I too did not expect this. I applaud Rusche on the creativity of the storyline, which could have gone a lot of different ways, and yet isn’t doing at all what it seemed likely (or cliched) to do.

      Also, I can’t decide which is funnier- the “Farlands” or “reason of visit-murder”. I really think that about nails it.

  6. Something was bugging me about the last panel, and I think I finally figured it out. Between the way Caleb is standing, the sound effects, and the path of the door, I get this weird impression that he burst it open with his….hips (yeah that’s a good word). Like he’s got a murder-boner going or something. I mean it’s hilarious either way, but just…yeah….

    Sorry if that’ inappropriate, feel free to delete this comment if it crosses a line, but that’s just my most honest gut reaction. Maybe if you ever edit things, alter Caleb so he’s got one arm stretched out straight; that would make it seem a lot different.

    1. Nah, he’s just put his arm/foot/leg down. The distance of the door from its former home makes it reasonable that Caleb has had the fraction of a second required to do so. Especially when you’re that enraged. Though that is an interesting mental picture… I think I prefer the idea of his disdain blowing in the door though.

      1. What, you guys don’t watch crappy old kung fu movies? He probably smashed the door off its hinges with the force of his will. It threw itself out of his way to be spared the damage he’d do if he hit it. His kung fu is that strong.

        1. Mr. Blue ain’t no little grashopper. He’s big, a big grashoper, like James. But, let’s just call that the “Schrodinger’s Height Measurement.”

          And he wants a big, big cereal.

        2. You’re no big grasshopper.

          A big grasshopper is somewhere around 9 metres tall, 70 tons heavy and runs 64.8 kilometres per hour.

          Or you could go a step further and look like my Frankenhopper.

        3. The door’s kung fu was no match for Caleb’s. That is the beginning and the end of this, standards of grasshopper measurements notwithstanding.

    2. But we, I, he, uhm.

      Can’t have it. We did the Time Warp months ago. And we just started on the dinner scene. . . . Sooo.. he used the forks to blow the door?

    3. His spine looks straight, so no pelvic thrust there. Also if it was a murder-boner, that seems like Danny’s imagination to me, so maybe this is Danny’s nightmare.

      On the other hand, his left foot is barely behind the right and not enough distance to seem like bracing himself and too close together to look like a sudden stop to a run. I read it as supposed to be the power of his fury, which is another reason I was assuming it’s Caleb’s imagination since I don’t think he’s going to be out there enough to be able to do that from rage/disdain/telekinesis.

        1. Looking back after I posted, I noticed that his right shoulder seems to be far back from the left one in the peephole cam, so not sure if that’s intended as him still moving to be at the door or the windup for a right-handed hit to knock it inwards and he just moved fast enough back to a more relaxed position.

  7. Alas, may every internalized spark of hatred christen the flames of Vengeance as a benediction to unlimited pain. May choruses of torment ring through his soul and his world torn asunder! Every shattered bone, every drop of blood, every spasm of agony, and pitiful writhe shall be but a mere note in the cacophony and litanies of torment.

      1. I am glad that I am not the only one that thinks that! I had originally planned to change my icon (via the function of Gravatar I think?), but it resonated with me somehow. It is some fascinating depiction of an expression that I cannot quite describe. One could say that it is somehow “fitting”, much like happenstance of Jacques-Lois David’s comission to paint the Oath of the Horatii on the eve of the birth of Nationalism by King Louis the XVI who clinged to divine right causing the launch of the French Revolution. Sorry if that was a convoluted explanation, perhaps you can have greater insight?

        1. I could see how Socrates might like my explanation since it incorporates a large strain of knowledge. I assume that Descartes would find some form of doubt within the statements or in my intent, but I am not too versed in his teachings. Do you care to elaborate? Ha, you have been an excellent docent for my bumbling around on this forum.

        2. Well, it was a spin of “I think, therefore I am.” But I suppose that using FOIL can be just as effective in swordplay as with algebra.

          But Julia Child likes to use it in the kitchen.

        3. Slight word of warning: If you really like that gravatar, best safe it and be prepared to create yourself a gravatar account at one point. For every now and then, the random set gets reshuffled.

        4. Oh yeah! Don’t talk to Mr. Blue! Really! It’s a waste of time! Just silently ignore him like the rest of us! We don’t even know someone called Mr. Blue and we certainly never have seen someone with that nick in the comments or anywhere else!

          Really, it’s just a figment of your overactive imagination!

        5. I engage Mr. Blue on a level of mutual incoherence. Come, drink deep from the well of obscurity. You’ll either go mad from the revelation or be on your knees begging for a new Dark Age.

        6. It’s Christmas in March Sale at Cray Cray Blue’s Electronics Asylum in downtown local city mall. Texas Instruments TI-30 on sale until the Ides of March for 31.41. A Tandy 1000 SL on sale for only $3,141.59. These prices are absolutely ludicrous, only at your local midtown mall location. Get left at the doorstep at the local Christmas in March Sale at Cray Cray Blue’s Electronics Asylum.

      2. Agreed. I think the Anonymous one that appears if you forget to fill in name or e-mail belongs on that list too.

  8. My speculation is Caleb traveled to the United Shuffling Shotguns of America. I love every part of this comic. Though I can’t look at a passport without mentally switching into Papers, Please mode and looking for irregularities…

  9. Caleb came from London? Is that significant? Amazingly, it seems that every detail Rusche puts in is significant at one level or another?

      1. Does this mean Caleb is a werewolf, cause that would be awesome!!!! ‘Douchey Danny got mutilated late last night, werewolf London (Ontario) again. AHWWWOOOO!!!!’ I LOVE that song!!! Draw blood….

        1. As stated above, lololol. But minus two points for lack of webcomic reference-linkfarm restructuring. Plus 11 points for song reference.

    1. It’s my understanding that lava generally escapes by incinerating anything unfortunate enough to be in its path. I doubt Danny boy can live up to that, though. Wonder if he’s planning to try.

    1. A tenth of a milliliter of liquid dioxygen difluoride added to a half a milliliter of liquid methane cooled to 90 degrees Kelvin produces a violent explosion.

      It’s not a question of if something is possible, it’s how hard you have to prod it to make something happen.

      (reference – pipeline.corante.com/archives/2010/02/23/things_i_wont_work_with_dioxygen_difluoride.php )

        1. She’s a travelling Minstrel!!! She goes where ever the wind takes her, be it USSA or Kanada, bringing joy and wonder to all who meet her and listen to her wistful songs and stories.

      1. They aren’t angry, they just want to introduce their fist to the other player’s face. Nothing wrong with that.

  10. Mr. Blue would liked to have waited until midnight, but the pills and the side effects from Congress messing with daylight savings is throwing fits and monkey wrenches into the circadian gears and springs.

    It is time to celebrate the Blanche DuBois bobble head. Get your pancakes, international kinds while supporting the Children’s Miracle Network, at your closest place of pancakes, international kinds.

    Now, HOP to it.

      1. If both at the same time, it’s strongly recommended that a successful murder counts as an out. Otherwise the game lasts twice the for-freaking-ever that it usually does.

        (I’ve long been of the belief that calling baseball a pastime is primarily accurate in how damned long the games last)

        1. You just have to limit the number of replacement players is all.

          On that note: Has anyone of you seen the Japanese movie “Battlefield Baseball”?
          Alternatively, there’s a certain episode of Samurai Champloo as well.

        1. We’re now calling it “Global Cooling,” “Global Warming Warming” (2 positives making a negative), or just “Climate Change,” do to the stupid North & South Poles gaining more ice rather then losing it.

          The Arctic Ice even had the gall to freeze over and trap an expedition of environmental scientists on the MV Akademik Schokalskiy, last year.

          Ungrateful ice. (ಠ_ಠ)

        2. I’ve always thought that must make wearing hats difficult and something of a skill they have to train to succeed at when they’re younger.

    1. Actually, it looks like his middle name is DeForrest. Look at the bottom line of the passport. The “P” is for type of passport, which I’m going to assume is Personal.

  11. Well, I suppose that instead of “Get Jerry,” it should be either Get well or Get Osmosis Jones . Whichever is funnier in the poll that in all likelihood won’t be run.

  12. On an unrelated note, never draw on your chin with purple permanent marker. I DO have a story, and it involves being really tired, but meh.

  13. haha apparently he`s a male English Canadian or a French female Canadian LOL.

    you misspelled Canadian in French and made it the female appellation. A male canadien, a female Canadienne

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