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The Chain Part X

And now you know.. the rest of the story.   One of our readers made an awesome custom POP! figure of Ellie. Closest thing to an action figure we've got so far. :D Also, thanks to everyone who's voted to put us in the mid-80's on the Top Webcomics list, and the next Patreon comic will be up Wednesday. ;D

204 thoughts on “The Chain Part X

  1. And Lo it is written that the Sisters of the Crimson Tide did descend upon the Asshouleous Douchebaggius and administer the Righteous Asswhipping it so richly deserved,

    That or another old fashioned Canadian Toilet Hair Washing.

    1. I imagine that that’s how the captain of the Hindenburg looked when his first mate said “Hey, do you smell burning hydrogen?”

      1. *nerd alert*
        Eh – wouldn’t quite work since when hydrogen burns, it just produces water vapor. Kind of hard to smell water vapor…
        *end nerd alert*

        1. …yes, thank you for stepping on the punchline.


          “I figure the look on Danny’s face was much like that of the captain of the Hindenburg when the first mate asked ‘Do you smell burning hydrogen containment structures?'”

          Thank you.

    1. I lose mine every time that damn bird crops up in the vents. That place needed a shotgun taken to it so long ago.

        1. And that thing is scary as hell. Way worse than the porcelain dolls my kids have that watch you as you walk around the room.

        2. I was wondering what the hell that thing was. I’m a little disappointed to hear it’s a reference as I was wondering if it was going to start haunting them.

        3. She is supposed to have a beak, as well as more normal-looking eyes. However, during the gameplay for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 (the only game in which she appears as an enemy), she removes her beak and eye covers whenever she becomes active, thus revealing only the blank black case color and white irises and teeth of her animatronic skeleton, underneath her still-intact plastic (?) shell.

    1. Yeah, I’m wondering about his response here a lot. I’m not sure that he knows Quinn that well (despite going to high school together), and she was being a fairly blatant flirt around him, so I wonder if he thinks this is on the up and up or not.

      If he realizes it isn’t and doesn’t spill the beans to them, I’m going to lose a bit of my respect for his character.

    1. agreed – assuming it’s one of ellie’s stuffed animals – it’s almost as scary as the monkey-with-cymbals toy that terrified me as a child [shudder]

      1. Not so much one of Ellie’s stuffed toys. It’s more along the lines of a haunted animatronic apparently lost from everyone’s favorite pizza place.

        1. You’d never imagine a child could live so long without a frontal lobe! Or that pizza-place animatronics have jaw strength sufficient to bite through a skull!

        2. Currently I’m sick as a dog, which how I have the free time to post so it’s a mixed bag. Other than that I’m doing very well. Liking the new job, family life is good. Now if Winter will just go away so I can get my motorcycle out I’ll be all good.

        3. Being sick sucks, but nice to hear you’re doing alright otherwise.

          I’ve been having rather good weather for my small Honda for a while now. So I can see why you’re eager getting your wheels on the road.

  2. Congrats on breaking the top 100, congrats on finishing the lost mega comic (it was totally worth the wait) and thanks for the FNAF reference.

    I lol’d at the next logical step in Apple fanboy ism. And how did Eagen end up on the site? Hopefully that link in the chain will be explored a bit.

    And will Caleb proceed to beat the crap out of Danny for the legal snafu? My fingers are crossed…

  3. Heather? HEATHER?!! NOOOOOOOOO! Wait, who was Heather, again? (Don’t do Apple, kids.)

    Seriously, though, now the “doesn’t thing things through” bit makes scene. With all the chess master evil villain moves D bag had been doing, he had clearly thought ahead. But, he hadn’t bothered to check one little key item.

    1. It would be awful if Rusche said “Oops! I meant to give her a backstory, but it got wiped with Photoshop. Oh well. It ended up more interesting this way”

    2. He didn’t listen to Teddy: There’s 50 ways to F up. If you spot 25 of them, you’re a genius. And you ain’t no genius.

  4. this comic is just sooooo full of goodness, there will end up being more than several hundred comments, you wait’n’see. Eagan, and Apple, and Vent Apparition, and no legal contract, and guy with blood on the wall, and fat fat, and the data memory thing in fat fat, and just …. wow!

        1. He’s a cat. Cats find ways to get wherever they want.

          Also, I like to think in the second smoke detector panel he’s not just eating it, but using his powerful suction attack to remove it from the ceiling, which is pretty impressive.

        2. I think that’s just a data cloud, suggesting that McFatFat has about the same digestive clearance rate as a Sarlaac.

      1. Chris said that he’d be appearing again. Although the only computer Eustis had was next to him and being used by Ellie during her application process.

        1. You can see the cashier stalls in the background. He’s apparently using a store model.

  5. BWHAHAHAHAHA loved the Total Recall reference ^^ Also nice to see Ellie is either brillient but lazy, or accidentally brillient, cant wait to see how this is going to blow up. Especially given a certian hat wearing DJ’s finding out about this ;)

  6. There is just too much awesomeness in this comic. It will take days to fully digest. Then, and only then, I may be able to come up with a witty comment based upon the total awesomeness that we have here. Until then, I shall contend myself with a simple word. EPIC! That is what this post is and shall forever remain the standard by which all other webcomics are judged by. (for me at least).

    Also, awesome Ellie bobble-head and Mr Fatty McFatFat!

  7. The shadow in the doorway sure does get around. He started in Tennessee and in now in Connecticut. Makes you wonder where he’ll show up next.

    1. I was wondering if the stupor was intended to mean that she injured herself (some blood might not be unexpected, and someone prone to nosebleeds might get more) or if she successfully implanted the chip and is now less concerned with external realities (like blood and drool running down her face). Brain damage and well satisfied consumer can be alarmingly difficult to distinguish at times.

      1. Well, if she’s an Apple Fanatic, then that is the normal look anytime they get something new and shiny from the almighty Apple emporium! She must be really satisfied or brain dead…

    2. This is how we know that Steve Jobs is still alive. He transported a clone back in time to take his place. However, they needed a guinea pig to test the Apple Brain Interface Chip compatible with future iterations of the iPhone. They sent two units back in time, let the info leak onto the net where some unscrupulous individuals would squander money on it just to use. Our someone could be bought with one as payment for influence.

      Heather is now being taken to a secret government installation, so secret that the mere mention of its name is a federal crime for care in the meantime until Steve Jobs can cure her in the future. This will be in exactly three months. At which time, she will be able to change her pupil color through the retinal display on the iPhone gui.

  8. Ah and the final dominoes in the future hellscape of Daniel’s life are set in place. Now all we need is that one outsider (looking like DJ Cornbread right now) to tip off the roommate duo so that the dominoes can start to fall. That or Mr. Canada does the smart thing for himself and pulls the plug on all of this BEFORE it gets found out because not only is this running on his back-end but he’s also had his money used and doubled by with venture, making a nice paper trail that ties him into the shit show.

    1. I figure Caleb’s got to be thinking fast as to what to do to cover himself at this point. I’d bet that despite the satisfaction of some physical violence on Danny, he’s regretting finding this out in the US instead of from Canada. There’s a certain degree that native citizens will get a better shake than foreigners when police are involved. I mean Canada and US should be pretty minimal in the discrimination there, but he’d probably be in better shape reporting that he discovered that to US authorities from Canada.

      I wonder how much legal differences might trip Caleb up in his attempt to cover his and Vu’s asses. I’m not sure what they are, but there are always some. I remember reading a story or two about some of the differences in UK legal system due to a person being presumed guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around as is the US practice. Unless he’s looked into it specifically (including state law for Florida), there’ll probably be a gotcha or two to surprise him.

    1. I think we hit the “not diverging” point when Caleb found out about the site and money and I think we’re at the “definitely converging” point, but I don’t think it’s come together quite yet.

  9. 1) That ****ing idiot.
    2) The thing in Vent 4 is going to give me worse nightmares than 5 Nights at Freddy’s
    3) Is it me, or do members of the “audience” seem to be dying off/about to be killed a lot?

  10. Well, familiar faces are in that crowd, and Danny’s ‘perfect plan’ is already starting to fall apart.

    I honestly didn’t expect Ian to show up, but now that he’s in I guess he is going to be the one to leak the info to Quinn and Ellie about their unwitting star status. I was honestly expecting it to be Juniper or Pumpkin, but Ian is the better option since it’s a great way to reintroduce him to the story (and Quinn).

    1. No. It might be something to put distance between them when Quinn is ready to talk, or if Ellie happens on him. But Ian might tell Richard who inadvertently had it open while James walls by, and thus is the possible & provable end of the chain via the weak link.

      1. Ian’s a contender to leak to the roommates, but I don’t think he’s certain yet. I don’t know that he knows them well enough to be sure this is against their will. The facial expression suggests it, but that’s also even with seeing his business card in McFatFat’s stomach. I don’t think any options are off the table yet (aside from longshots stemming from Zeke’s victims, I suppose). It could even be Eustice or Barrel congratulating Ellie on the “good acting” about money problems with what her cut on the site must be.

    2. It was only my 8th or 9th read-through that I even noticed Ian was there at all. If he was going to play a major part in the forthcoming Elliepocalypse I would have expected him to be more prominent. I think there are more likely candidates to help bring this whole thing crashing down, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  11. Interesting how in the previous chapter Pumpkin and What’s-Her-Name were having a discussion about consent to use peoples’ images.

    1. I know, it’s awesome isn’t it.

      If you think about it and do a little archive binging you will find a lot of connections between things discussed or implied in earlier and things showing up now. My favorite is probably the theme of predators, and their varying faces forms. The con introduced first the most obvious one, the pedo-furry, then the less obvious Danny and Kat and how they attempt to prey on Ellie and Pumpkin respectively.

      1. And is someone killing the viewers in the background?

        First, there was a creepy shadow behind Gender Studies Grad, now House Arrest guy.

        My personal theory is that it is the Serial Killer.


  13. I would still think that Quinn would need to sign something, especially with the apartment being hers and all.

    Also, don’t know why Ellie would have signed Danny’s name in the beginning. I mean, I thought she wanted to get paid.

    And not sure why a camera is installed in vent 04. Doesn’t look like you’d even be able to see anything from there.

    Man, nice job making us think for a moment that Danny was good at this stuff. Clearly not the case…

      1. So, I wasn’t hallucinating that! I looked through the archives, but couldn’t find anything. I didn’t look that far back, though.

    1. It could very well be that she signed with Danny’s name, because she actually read the whole contract before signing. Including the fine print.

      1. I suspect that she does that out of laziness, as signing someone else’s name makes it not legally valid/binding on her and signing in the name of the person handing it to you would show you weren’t trying to impersonate them by doing so. Signing contracts in an invalid manner does save you from the trouble of reading them.

        The thing I was wondering about with her habit of signing contracts in other people’s names is if she’s that fast signing a random name she’s never heard before or plays off the dumb blonde role to make it seem like signing her own name is hard. While Danny was obviously distracted by her outfit, she would’ve had to put a bit more work into conning Quinn.

        @boog – I think she knew she was being paid in cash, so name on contract wouldn’t impact anything unless he noticed.

        1. That’s not actually true. If you sign a contract and it can be proved you signed it, what you actually wrote is irrelevant. It’s still a legal signature. Similarly, the legal burden is on the person signing a document to have actually read it.

          However, Danny’s contract is a far cry from iron-clan. There are five requirements for a contract to be valid; two of them come into play here. First, it could be argued Ellie didn’t understand that Danny would not only have the rights to use copies of her likeness, but to indefinitely get new copies. Second, it could be argued Ellie got insufficient consideration in the contract. She was paid for her use of likeness when she was aware of it being recorded, but she was also not paid for use of her likeness when she was unaware of it being recorded.

          Besides that being grounds for ending/renegotiating a contract, there’s also a chance Danny’s currently in breach for not paying her.

        2. One major point: Did she sign it? WE know she signed it, and D-bag knows she signed it, but try to put it before a judge, with D-bag’s name signed to it, not Ellie’s. If she was payed in cash, as a day laborer (effectively), what real proof is there, that she was ever employed by D-bag, let alone in some long term contract.?

        3. He could probably provide pictures of her at the first con, if nothing else, which showed that she had worked for him at least a small amount. Not enough to make the contract hold up, or anything. Also male and female handwriting styles tend to be sufficiently different that it would be obvious a woman signed it.

          One thing I’m wondering is if Ellie’s name actually appears anywhere on it. Did he type something up with her name on it, or is everything, “I the undersigned” sort of references.

  14. Well, I see Damien and Eagan on the left there. I don’t think Damien has met Ellie yet and he certainly doesn’t know Quinn, so I can’t see that connection going anywhere. Eagan on the other hand knows Quinn, so will he ask her about the site or just assume she doesn’t want anyone to know and keep his mouth shut?

    1. Maybe Quinn will finally summon the courage to pursue Eagan again only for him to rebuff her advances under the assumption she is the type of girl who seeks to profit from this breed of exhibitionism, not that he’s judging her but rather that she’s seemingly not the type of girl that he’s into.

      Or maybe he’s suddenly interested in her and she has to resist him when she figures he’s only interested because he’s an internet creeper-fan (I mean, not that he is a creeper, just that it might seem that way… he does appear to be browsing the voyeur sites after all… Sooooo maybe he is..?).

      Either way, the result: More tension between Quinn and Ellie, Ellie being indirectly responsible for suddenly raising the difficulty setting in Quinn’s love-life.

      1. I was considering that first option to be a possibility if Ian doesn’t spill the beans (because I assume he would spill the beans if he thought it was against her will) and just shows up a few months later when Quinn decides to make a move on him.

        @Cray Z. Bouy – He should at least recognize Ellie too. She recognized him from going to high school together (she’s the one who brought up that his first name is Ian which Quinn didn’t realize, reference comic “Toeing the Line” – 21 June 2013). She would be a girl the other guys in school would likely recognize, especially since they shared enough classes that she recognized him.

        1. Even if he decides to spill the beans, 1) Quinn seems to me kind of like a “shoot the messenger” type, and 2)…

          “So I thought you should know I was on this voyeur site er I mean not on purpose you see because I would never NEVER go to a site like that I mean I don’t even know what a voyeur site is anyway oh spying on girls you say why that’s just gross just gross and disgusting anyway so I was only there because it just happened to pop up in my browser while I was studying yes studying I was studying and it popped up I know what are the odds heh heh heh is it hot in here it seems hot in here can I just open a window or something no I’m not anxious why do you ask…”

        2. Quinn certainly has some shoot the messenger tendencies, but I’m not sure if those would come out on the guy she has a crush on or not. She’s also seeming to get a little more reasonable, so she might appreciate a warning, too.

          As for the second, he could pass it off by saying he saw an ad with her or Ellie’s picture and wondered what the hell was going on or someone sent him the link and he didn’t know what was behind it. If he didn’t want to admit to going to the domain name, he could say it was a shortened URL. Since he’s presumably a member of Caleb & Vu’s site, he could say the person who passed it to him was someone he’s never met but talks with on that site. Possibly Ian isn’t smooth enough to pull it off but it’s doable as long as Quinn doesn’t come down like the wrath of God, not sure. Also, he knows where they live and knows Ellie and some amount of Quinn’s class schedule, so if he suspects Ellie would be easier to tell, he could tell her instead (outside the apartment).

        3. While I’m not particularly smooth, I do tend to be pretty good at talking my way out of ~95% of the trouble I’m about to get into. It’s been a useful skill in many ways, but it does sometimes lead me to put less effort into not finding myself in said trouble in the first place than most people seem to have developed.

        4. You kow, one of those might very well be how he stumbled across the site. So he wouldn’t even be lying.

        1. I hope so too. But remember, Bossdude said that no one dies. It’s how we got Matthew. And I’m wondering if his disability is going to come through. How else will he pay for the site?

        2. You look more dazed than dead or dying. Permanent brain damage seems more of a possibility than death. Though it’s amazing what sorts of recovery people make from brain injuries, though sometimes with the occasional odd minor persistent injury (like not being able to distinguish the difference in the taste of lemon versus peppermint).

          @Mr. Blue – I think he only said no one dies for the Black Friday arc, not the whole comic. Los Leones and Oyster both appear likely to be among the ranks of the departed by the time this arc is over. Even if not them, someone’s been getting more blood on Zeke’s walls.

        3. You know, with all of the media sources that we’ve seen, I’m supervised that no one considered “Dexter” to be a source for Zeke.

        4. Zeke is nowhere nearly as tidy of a monster as Dexter. We also have no knowledge of Zeke’s victim preferences and if they were steered in a potentially more societally helpful direction or not.

  15. OK. So the legal contact was used, abused and circumvented. Booyah shout out to WKRP, Total Recall, Enemy of the State, and what else.

    Also the cornbread knows…..

    Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    1. Or for the discerning asshole wanting a surprise for occupied toilet stalls (not a reference to the comic, someone I knew in college).

  16. Great strip Chris. Well worth the wait.

    On another note, I’m not sure a contract that gives lifetime access to her appearance (even when Danny stop paying Ellie) would be that air-tight – nor that it would allow to install secret webcams in her place, nor allow “unwitting guest stars”.

    Curious to see what’s going to be the development. Will Caleb kick Danny’s ass for good and stop the show? Will Tired Guy use that as a way to evict Ellie and Quinn?

      1. There’s a reason that when you sign certain contracts for a mortgage or other similar things that they make you initial in several places right by relevant information. While I’m not a lawyer, I would suspect a contract able to hold up to something like this would also require several initial areas by large print spelling out consequences to be held as binding. Also probably would need to be witnessed by someone other than Danny.

  17. Funny thing: legally speaking, just because you sign someone else’s name, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not your signature. For example, according to the Uniform Commercial Code (which covers various things like sales contracts, negotiable instruments, and secured transactions), signing simply means “using any symbol executed or adopted with the present intention to execute or accept the writing.” UCC §1-201(b)(37). Sign your name? Someone else’s name? With an “X”? Using a branding iron? All of those qualify as the signature of the person signing as long as they have the intent to accept the writing (i.e., contract). In this case, the fact that Ellie did not sign her own name could show a lack of that intent. Then again, if she did what what he told her to do as an employee follows their bosses orders and accepted payment for her work, that weighs in favor of her accepting the contract. Granted, the UCC does not cover service contracts (as is the case here), but I’m sure the same doctrine could be found in the common law for various circumstances. Although, I doubt these two are legally savvy enough to realize such an argument, and so wouldn’t even think to get a lawyer involved (especially with the Quinn complication).

    [That being said, this is a different world, so Rusche’s Law holds, not real world law, and his law may allow this sort of stunt.]

    BTW, long time reader, first time commenter. I love your work, and I’m happy to see you get through this epic page!

      1. I suspect the common law backing for not being required to sign your own name but another mark of intent (like an X) being valid probably harkens back to the days where literacy was less common. Also signing the name of the person who hands you the contract would seem like a point against intent to follow the contract (or at least the entirety of the contract, as contracts may have two sides part of a contract a person would sign would be something that person wishes to do anyway).

        1. Argh! I usually ignore editing errors after posting, but that’s incomprehensible. Last parenthetical comment should be:

          (or at least the entirety of the contract, as a contract which a person would sign would include something that person wishes to do anyway)

        2. I’m thinking that Notaries came about because of this having to make a mark or an X on the line. There would be the need for a witness to the signing.

    1. Not actually relevant, but, credit card slips: you can sign anything — superman, Mickey mouse, whatever– and they’ll go thru…

        1. If the merchant doesn’t question (and they very rarely pay attention) and you pay the charges, no one is really going to care.

          If you did dispute and refuse to pay the charge you signed a different name for, the credit card company is used to fraud and have some amount built into their business model (maximum $50 liability by US law and most $0 liability for advertising/market matching purposes forces that). They’d probably go by the amount they lose to the given customer in fraud (maybe just that transaction or maybe over time) for how much they’d bother to look into it or not. If you did sign off and then claimed it as not your charge and they proved it was you, I suspect the signature and claim would be considered combined in the same act as attempting to defraud the bank for the legal charges that came back at you, but not certain on that. If you bought one pack of gum, signed “The Green Goblin”, & disputed the charge one time and never again, aside from likely accepting it and not looking into it (a human reading it or answering you on the phone would cost more in labor than the gum) I doubt they’d even send you a changed card to prevent future unauthorized charges unless you demanded one.

          One way I’m familiar with how many merchants pay attention is I’ve got a friend who signs his credit cards by printing “request ID” or “see driver’s license” or something like that (I don’t remember). Even within the same physical restaurant it’s less than 50% of the waitstaff who notice. Best Buy, which requires the cashier to type in the code on the back for that card at least, also has a less than 50% hit rate for the cashier to notice it. A lot of other places never see or sometimes even touch the card any more.

        2. I won’t take the card back until someone looks at the back and requests to see my id. I signed my name small, and put “Ask for photo ID.” on the back. Wheeeeeee, fun times alive in trying to stop ID theft and credit fraud.

        3. I considered doing it, but the $0 liability and the fact that I’ve heard that maximum credit score is achieved with three or four cards (leaving two or three for use in ‘risky’ places as they’re low utilization enough that I’ll notice anything amiss) left me deciding it wasn’t worth the effort. I do always quickly, politely, and completely answer any questions I get from bank about activity that looks fishy to their fraud detection algorithms (so far they’ve all been false positives and it’s been me), and I leave it at that.

  18. Whoa… no wonder photoshop was having trouble. Epic post, Rusche!

    Though you might avert more trouble with PS by not trying to do quite so much epic-ness in one post. Just a thought.

  19. Why do I get the feeling Ellie and Quinn already know about the camera’s and this is the 1st step in revenge/justice…

        1. It is a different shirt. Just how much blow back did happen to Katrina? Or did she just stay away from Pympkin but did not heed Rosemary’s warning in going to see the business partner.

        2. Nah, it’s cool. I get the feeling that if Pumpkin did ever choose that industry, Pympkin would make a really impressive pimp name. She could design her own hat. It’d look like Outer Heaven from Final Fantasy VII, and the brim would be an active Chocobo race.

        3. You think she’d stick to something that tame? I’d suspect she’d hit Tarra up for a functioning Portal gun or something along those lines as part of her ensemble.

    1. Well, with work being done at Damien’s place in Lakewood, Katrina’s contributions may be somewhat limited based upon Rosemary’s zeal. Alternately if he found out she was hitting on an underage girl they both met at a con (and he teased her about being attracted to), I could see him wanting to distance himself as far away from that as humanly possible.

      1. It is hard to buy the type of exposure you can get for your brand by advertising in a cat’s stomach.

  20. God, I hope Heather is OK.

    Is the Serial Killer the shadow behind at least two of the viewers so far?

    (Now it’s behind the House Arrest guy, and I haven’t seen the Genders Studies person again…)

    1. I thought about it, but it doesn’t seem to match. Still wouldn’t rule it out though. He could be wearing a hoodie, mask and such.

      1. I think Oyster was drawn on Los Leones’ background for this comic on purpose. Color scheme is the same and arm bends are the same for the shadow (from The Chain Part IV, to save you looking through several to remember which). You can see an obvious obscuring hoodie in the older comic, so I think baggy clothes is confirmed.

        The shadow being Zeke is pure speculation, but I think the shadow being the same individual is fully intended. However, Zeke does have a bit more “decoration” higher up on his wall and ceiling that wasn’t there in the older comic too, so he has at least been keeping himself busy.

  21. Seems my dear fellow countrywoman does have an admirer. Not sure about the bloke’s qualities and intentions. But the geographical distance between the two is big enough that he’d be annoying at worst. Also should put her out of reach of that shadow.

    And either Twobit or Heather has probably made a mistake there. It does look rather painful for sure. Well, that’s what she gets for slavishly wanting to follow any new Pear-fad.

    Eagan seems unsure of what to make of this.

    Aaand McFatFat has learned “Flight” by way of an iCloud appendage? Oh dear.

    1. I’m very interested to know if Eagan’s expression is for the site or his business card and if he realizes it’s nonconsentual or not.

  22. Where can I this pop figure. I want one, but if they aren’t fire sale, I’ll settle for seeing it!

  23. For a gaping pit from with objects never escape to see the light of day again, there are remarkably few left socks. Possibly they just digest faster or just sink to the bottom quickly.

    That also became my new favorite way for Ellie & Quinn to find out about the cameras. However I’m not sure exactly what facial expression is needed for Quinn to ask, “…Di-…Did your cat just poop two security cameras? What the hell!” However it replaces my favorite visualization due to this comic of Quinn sitting on the couch watching TV through a loop of half-ply toilet paper draped around her head (posted with the middle fight panel only ghost comic which this comic replaced).

  24. The male subscribers look … well … but the female subscribers at least LOOK plausible, not like an equivalent collection to the males. Is that coming from something that I just don’t know about or don’t recall from the archives?

  25. Uhh…. Is heather going to to be ok?

    Brain interfacing hardware is definitely something you don’t wanna get the early release for.

    1. Heeyy… It’s an Apple product! What’s the worst that could happen?

      *desperately keeps a straight face for a few more seconds than drops to the floor, laughing*

      1. Well, last I checked, not developing a nuclear weapon. They specifically prohibit that in their EULA for various products (QuickTime I saw and heard at least iTunes had the restriction as well).

        1. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Seriously? You can’t use apple stuff to develop a nuclear weapon? Well, hell. That kind of sucks. I guess that the Radioactive Boy Scout is going to have to use Linux.

        2. I don’t know if it’s in the OS X EULA or not. I do recall seeing DISA had at least a draft STIG, so that suggests some degree of interest for OS X in the US military. I can’t remember if Java had an “can’t use for nuclear weapons” clause in their EULA or if what I’m remembering is something about prohibited for use for life or death software (which is valid in a way, as Java was NOT written with performance in mind, and I believe the EULA specified that as the reason it was prohibited). You can find strange things in EULAs sometimes. I like the ones that try to be sufficiently generic in stating they prevent bad behavior that they technically say you can’t use the software (one of the MS Visual C++ redistributables stated you weren’t allowed to try to figure out how it worked, and I saw a website that stated you were prohibited from using any method of accessing data from it when it seemed to actually be trying to prohibit pulling their whole database or mirroring the site). Granted, it takes WAY too much patience of slogging through garbage to find those amusing gems, though I think the Apple no use for nuclear development hit news sites.

        3. Somewhere there is someone trying to develop a nuclear weapon using iOS just because they were told they couldn’t.

  26. Heather’s fine. She’s currently sitting through a mandatory Apple commercial before she’s allowed access to use her body again.
    You’d be surprised to know some of the obnoxious product behaviors Apple has patented. To the best of my knowledge they haven’t started using them yet. If you watch Black Mirror, think of the “Fifteen Million Merits” episode.

  27. We made the first round of the comicmix march madness webcomic tournament.

    Htt p:// www. comicmix. com/2015/03/25/mix-march-madness-2015-webcomics-tournament-round-1-vote-now/

    We are up against Kevin & Kell.

        1. We’re up to 6…but Kevin and Kell have 15…Come on people, step it up!!!! We can’t go down in the first round! Fight! Fight! Fight! Or at least vote, after all, it’s your right!

        2. Now it’s nine to fifteen.

          Hey, last year we weren’t even in the running, as I recall. Every year a little better!

        3. Last year, I (not to brag (but I am Breaking Character ))got us into the seeding round and put us onto the comicmix map.

          I put ShotgunShuffle first before any other web comic I read. And I voted to weed out the hacks.

    1. I was vote 12 to Kevin & Kell’s 20. Looks like they have a stronger daytime crowd, but hopefully we can have a nighttime crowd.

      1. Kevin and Kell is a well established web comic. I found it after reading Bill Holbrook’s strips in the paper. I think that it was “On the Fastrack” strip. I imagine that he has a decent following online with this trip.

        I think that it’s a great challenge for Shotgun Shuffle and Chris to face for cutting his teeth on his first tournament.

        Also, to those who are able, please remember that votes can be tallied from donations to the Hero Initiative. Votes are $0.20 each, with a five vote minimum donation. ComicM!x raised $60.00 for the Hero Initiative during the seeding round. At least two Shotgun Shuffle readers donated to that total.

    1. It does not appear to want me to vote. It keeps telling me I don’t have permission to view individual matches, even after I registered. I could have sworn that’s new this year.

        1. It took me a while to grock how to vote. It’s down at the bottom, in a big blue box. I had to keep looking up at the chart, to figure out the pairings.

  28. Heh, took me awhile to realize that the first half of the comic makes more sense if I read it vertically instead of horizontally.

    1. Chris does an excellent job of throwing us for a loop. I imagine that he’d give M. Night Shuamalan a run for his money in coiling the direction of a story.

  29. What a day to read Shotgun Shuffle.

    We broke 80 in the top webcomic rankings. Grrlpower was in the high numbers until they won the tournament last year. Now they have been consistently in the top ten to top five since that tournament.

    And now for tournament news. At this time of posting the standings are: Shotgun Shuffle 30 vs Kevin & Kell 28.

    Please remember, if you would like to support the ComicM!x fund raising drove for the Hero Initiative, votes can be exchanged for a $0.20 donation, with a minimum donation of $1.00. These voting blocks of 5 can be split up amongst your favorites.

    It seems that Shotgun Shuffle could be this year’s Cinderella story. And not just because of the girl with the pixie fur and boy cut jackets.

    1. Dammit. I just checked out Kevin and Kell, and it’s quite awesome in many ways. I do like Shotgun Shuffle a little more, probably thanks to Rusche interacting with us

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