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The Chain Part XI

Vote 1 Okay everyone, I need a quick favor. I need to utilize your love for voting and about 2 seconds of your time. Shotgun Shuffle made the bracket for ComicMix March Madness this year. There are four divisions and here's our placement: Vote 2 We have a treacherous road ahead of us, but I'd love to make it to the next round. Now I certainly won't disparage my current competition, but I do hope to wipe the floor with this furry version of Kenan and Kel. I'm sure the artist is perfectly nice and etc etc, but let's smoke em!! It's super easy to vote. You don't have to register or fill anything out. Just click any of these images and they'll link you to the voting page or just CLICK HERE. Then scroll down until you see me, or just hit CTRL+F and type in Shotgun to find me on the page, and vote accordingly. You can also vote for any other comics you like (but please avoid my competition.) Vote 3 Currently we're in the lead, but only by two votes. Hopefully we can widen this margin. Vote 4 Again, just a quick second of your time would mean a lot.. and as always, tumblr_lzcw8vL8rw1r8506wo1_400 I LOVE YOU.

160 thoughts on “The Chain Part XI

      1. Yeah, the Hamtaro got me, too. That, and the idea of this comic losing to anything other than Girl Genius (sorry, it’s my top favorite comic, with SS being number two in my top five), meant I had to vote.

        1. That doesn’t entirely surprise me, really. They’ve been a little more experimental with introducing their side-projects into the main comic… and while I actually liked some of the more interesting (read this as: Not Gabe and Tycho being… well, Gabe and Tycho) stories, the core audience might not like some of of the fantasy stories being thrown in for several comics at a stretch.

          Most people want generic “Gabe bad-mouthing this game, and Tycho defending it” or visa-versa stories, or Tycho stabbing Gabe while Div-X watches on type stories out of PA… not substance and interesting characters who aren’t Tycho or Gabe.

    1. If Danny gets sued Caleb will as well since Danny was working for him (and using his funding) at the time.

      Plus, I assume Caleb has deeper pockets…

  1. Voted!

    And thank goodness Caleb has a brain. He doesn’t even know how much trouble they can be in if they get caught. Not only is it illegal as hell, but there are daddies to consider here. Powerful daddies. Daddies who can make their lives hell and get away with it. Caleb probably should have seen this coming, given that Danny seems to be a career fuck-up.

      1. He’s also right that Danny is the kind of guy that makes people want to come up with new felonies to charge him with.

    1. If Caleb was really smart, though, he would right now be reporting the crime himself. “Yeah, this jackass embezzled my money to set up an illegal voyeurism website I didn’t know about until just now”.

      1. Although to be fair, losing to the comic that has its own chain of conventions would probably be one of the most honorable losses you could run into.

        1. Penny Arcade, however, also irritates enough people that being in a bracket against them would probably get a lot of people looking at their opposition to see if they can, in good conscience, vote against it. The number of new readers from that kind of exposure is probably on par with getting to the finals.

        2. Dumbing of Age wasn’t one of the 14-20 I voted for, though I do read it regularly. I didn’t vote specifically against any, though I was slightly tempted on a couple.

  2. Voted! For you and many others on there that I like.
    I’m just surprised that SSSS is beating xkcd at the moment.

      1. Girl Genius withdrew from consideration from the Hugos after winning the first two or three in the new category in a row. I’ve always felt like with XKCD that it’s known to be top tier so good to let other good things beat it in competitions like this for the exposure.

  3. Voted! You’ve got my support!

    Though I will admit that I had to check the brackets very very closely as some of my all time favorite comics are on there. I’ll have your back all the way!

    …unless you end up against El Goonish Shive or Awkward Zombie…then I’ll have to be neutral T.T Was surprised to learn people still read Sinfest though…

    As for todays comic, its ultra super special awesome! Why? Because I’ve been saying Danny was a rat from the start, and today is my birthday. What better present than seeing him get chewed out like this?

    Well, perhaps a beatdown from the sisters spice, or maybe some Ellie/Quinn, but this is still an awesome an unexpected present, so thanks mate ^^

    1. I don’t know that I’d consider it throwing under the bus. That implies some sort of expectation that the person should’ve stood up for you. Caleb should absolutely look at how to get out of this with minimal consequences to himself, because his only real fault in this is trusting Danny too much (which is very close to “at all”).

      1. Basically, I worry Danny will try to blame Caleb for the whole affair and run for the hills in the confusion.

        1. That’s a very possible plan for Danny. The question, if he has that plan, is if he overlooked something critical and obvious or not.

  4. Hi there. Mr. Blue here once again from the reporter’s box. What a day to read Shotgun Shuffle.

    We broke 80 in the top webcomic rankings and we are currently #78 in the top 100 Top Web Comics list with 753 votes so far this month. Grrlpower was in the high numbers until they won the ComicM!x tournament last year. Now they have been consistently in the top ten to top five since then.

    And now for tournament news. At this time of posting the standings are: Shotgun Shuffle 70 vs Kevin & Kell 28. The voting link is http://www.comicmix.com/2015/03/25/mix-march-madness-2015-webcomics-tournament-round-1-vote-now/

    This is a remarkable feat, the Cinderella from the Alabama hills is going up against a strong contender in this round. Having gained forty, yes, that’s the big four oh, in under three hours of time.

    Please remember, if you would like to support the ComicM!x fund raising drove for the Hero Initiative, votes can be exchanged for a $0.20 donation, with a minimum donation of $1.00. These voting blocks of 5 can be split up amongst your favorites.

  5. And now for the fans of Shotgun Shuffle. Which webcomics would you like to see Shotgun Shuffle scrapple with?

    Mr. Blue’s top five (in bold) choices because these are strong comics and contenders: GrrlPower; Girl Genius; Dead Winter; 3 Minute Max; Flaky Pastry; Stand Still, Stay Silent; Pibgorn; Manly Guys Doing Manly Things; Power Nap; xkcd; Supernormal Step; Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal; Kevin & Kell; Dresden Codak; Superbitch; Blade Bunny; Dr. McNinja.

    1. I’d love to see Shotgun Shuffle take on Sinfest. Actual strong female characters going up against overblown caricatures of same? Ellie alone would wipe the smug CLEAN off the Sisterhood’s collective face.

      1. I can no longer read Sinfest.

        It was once how I literally started my day, checking through bleary eyes to see what Slick, N and the rest were up to.

        I have no idea what happened, because while I can appreciate a story arc exploring one aspect of an argument, I will not tolerate being beaten over the head with how evil I am because I happen to be male.

        Every now and then I will search for a review to see if Ishida decided to return to his old ways, but to date he has not.

        His website is still worth about half a million dollars and he makes about $440 a day on it, if memory serves. But he’s no longer getting half the web traffic he once did. I guess other people don’t care for the ongoing style of storytelling any more than I do.

    1. Caleb should walk over and flip the breaker to Danny’s apartment and then call Vu and tell her to change all the passwords on the server and set Danny’s site to a generic “Technical difficulties” page and then have her find a lawyer in Canada and either look for one in Florida too or high tail it back to Canada. He should also contact the bank and tell them to freeze the account. Then he should probably spend a couple of weeks going over what the hell he needs to do with the lawyer(s).

      Danny could still move the domain and site to another server, but then it becomes not Caleb’s problem.

        1. There can be differences in the appropriate way to report things. Caleb may also have some skeletons of his own and not want to do a “wide open, pick through my life with tweezers” approach. Additionally the not being a US citizen may put him on worse footing. The other question is the integrity of his own site and Danny having access to his system. He needs to report within 24 hours, but locking the site out and removing Danny’s access while he assesses the extent of Danny’s shenanigans would be wise. Also if it’s not, the Canadian lawyer should be able to find that out enough basics from professional within an hour or two (and also tell him if he should report in Florida or hightail it back to Canada), so he could still report within four hours. By the lighting in Danny’s apartment, I’m thinking it may be night, and waiting until morning for the report won’t hurt too much.

  6. Attempting to use Caleb as a fall-guy is the obvious play for Danny here. I’m not sure if he was clever enough to plan for that in advance-it seems unlikely since he didn’t even notice the signature was invalid-but it is the sort of stupid, unethical, impulsive plan he would go for. He could even likely, if he gets enough breathing room, get the money earned. What was it, $40K? That’s enough to run on.

    It wouldn’t stick to Caleb, of course. Or at least probably not-it would look very bad for him until investigation was done into his relationship with Danny. Their business would be completely destroyed, even if Caleb doesn’t take the fall. All of that is before you factor in the police chief being one of the lady’s father.

    All things considered, though, yeesh. I certainly won’t say this is Ellie’s fault, not by a wide margin, but Jesus I hope when all is said and done she either goes to school or gets a job that monetizes something other than scanty clothes and big breasts.

      1. Rusche mentioned in a comic that after this thing with Danny was over, Ellie’s next job would be working with David. That might be a coincidence, or it might be a family crisis meeting/situation where Tarra calls in a favor to get Ellie someplace to work.

        1. It’s not a spoiler, is it, if the author dropped clues to the possible plot line. Especially when Dheu asks where the dude is.

        2. It was a comment by Rusche, so it’s a plot direction confirmation for anyone reading the comments. I have a very strong guess about plot direction after that point which has absolutely NOT been confirmed by Rusche in any way which I keep spouting which regards David, though. So since that’s not confirmed that’s not a spoiler either.

  7. I just voted–again. There are 32 I know and like. (Someone suggested Wonderella was “retired”–does anyone here know about that?) I suppose the ones I don’t know are a good list of cartoons to check out.

    1. Check newspost on Wonderella for update. He had a Kickstarter for a book and he’s been taking off from the comic to do things related to the book and stretch goals (which included a new story, a coloring book, and some other odds & ends) and I believe he still works a full time job otherwise. He has posted holiday comics for Halloween, Christmas, & St. Patrick’s Day since then and has stated that he’ll post a holiday comic for Easter and start back up normally on 02 May.

      1. Dork Tower has been on a similar hold, for similar reasons. In his case, it is/was illustrating everything Munchkin, while prepping books.

  8. Personally if I were Caleb I would tell Danny he was on his own, then call my lawyer (or get one) and then go the police station and turn Danny in. It would the only way he and his company could possible survive the fallout. the Fallout being any and all legal ramifications and what is coming for Danny in the form of a pissed off Ellie and Quinn.

        1. No, deleting the site would be hiding evidence. Shutting off access for anyone but himself and Vu from over the web and locking out any and all access in any way he can find for Danny while he determines the legality shows evidence that he quickly moved to stop the questionable activity that his wayward employee/contractor perpetuated without his consent. Also if Danny tries to get in through a backdoor he previously put on the server, if Caleb or Vu can catch him at it (especially catch him attempting to tamper with evidence) that would help their case immensely.

  9. Caleb is a good guy. I like him. Please sue the fuck out of Danny :)
    Also VOTED. Hopefully I can vote everyday tho. This is one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read, even tho I haven’t really read many webcomics.
    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ *:・゚✧

  10. *Emerges from the woodwork*

    Voted. Wipe the floor with ’em, Rusche!

    Aaaand, let the legal fallout begin to rain down.

    1. Legal fallout – Canadian style! With shotguns, shovels and a polite burial in an unmarked grave deep in the Canadian woods!

  11. You have my vote (and Mr Blue’s axe)!

    BTW, is this the sort of poll where we vote only once for the duration, or are we able to vote every 24-hours like on the Top Web Comics poll?

  12. Voted, like 3 times. Thank you wifi at work. Gotta say, I hope Caleb just cuts off Danny to protect himself from any liability, or what is probably a bit easier would be to take his name out of the ownership of the site and leave Danny in the dust.

    1. I just used the link from my iPad and it worked. You need to scroll down quite a ways to get to the “ballot”.

  13. Holy Schnickie!!! 222 to 32. Talk about a jump. I voted 3 times this morning…gotta love work wifi and hardwire to 2 different sources…and then at home. We got your back Boss man. We shall make it past the first round…We shall prevail!!!

  14. Voted!! I’ve been watching this webcomic for awhile, I think since Indifferent Meals. Anyway just made an account to comment! I’ll keep voting and I hope you go far! My #1 Webcomic right now, Sandra and Woo being second. Keep up the good work.

    As for the plot, as much as I want to see Danny brutally punished.. I kinda wanna see what other shenanigans he has in store. He must have something considering he’s not immediately giving up.

    PS. Kind of a nooby question, but having literally just made an account, how do I change my profile pic? Sorry :/

    1. The avatars are random unless you have a GRAVATAR associated with the email you’re using when you comment. You can go here to set it: https://en.gravatar.com/
      Gravatars will follow you on any site you use that same email when you comment (as long as the site permits it) so it’s like having a universal avatar. I eventually hope to have choose-able avatars for this site, but that’s in the future.

      Also thanks for commenting and your vote. Don’t be a stranger to comments. :D

    2. One trick I found is to change the spelling of your email until you get one you like. I had some dude I couldn’t name, and now I think I have Pumpkin

  15. Some of the comics on there really don’t need additional press, considering the sizes they’ve reached (I’m looking at Penny Arcade on that note [not that I don’t read & enjoy it, it just really wouldnt benefit from the exposure of this sort of thing like a smaller, less well known comic would]) and some are straight up finished (as in, over, done and there won’t be any more content ever) so it’s kinda weird they’re all up there too.

    Regardless, you got 1 of my votes (a bunch of other comics I do read are also up there, so lots of little votes here & there from me) and will continue to get that vote as long as Shotgun Shuffle stays in the running.

    1. I agree. I thought it was a bit odd. Like how is a discontinued comic going to be ranked higher, or have a decent chance if it hasn’t updated in years? It’s like nominating a show for an academy award that was cancelled 3 seasons ago. I dunno..

  16. Holy Schniké.

    At this time in the webcomic tournament standings, Shotgun Shuffle has a commanding lead of 254 to Kevin & Kell‘s 34 votes. That’s almost a clean 5:1 ratio there.

    Oh. Chris, I think that it says we love you man. Now where’s the Bud Light?

        1. You’re not getting my Bud Light, Mr. Blue. Particularly since your name is now more appropriate for my gravatar.

      1. I always consider myself lucky when I genuinely enjoy and prefer the cheaper option than the more expensive option for a given thing. Occasionally even to the point of taunting friends about it.

  17. Chris, I gotta tell you, that was tough. I loves me some Girl Genius and Romantically Apocalyptic. But your story telling and artwork has come a LONG way since I first started reading Shotgun Shuffle. You got my vote!

    1. You can vote for multiple, and if they’re not against each other at the moment then it’s not counterproductive either. I voted for Girl Genius, Shotgun Shuffle, and 12-18 others (I don’t recall, but it was at least 14 and not more than 20).

  18. Alright everyone, as I am attempting to become affluent in law in order to obtain a JD/MBA
    I have found the following to be potentially true in regards to the law in the state of Florida. I
    am more than likely wrong and or lacking in certain areas due to me skills being that of a green novice,
    but this will hopefully give a decent picture. Danny may be charged by the following:
    Title VI 50.0211 Second misdemeanor $500 fine for unlawful advertisements
    due to the null contract

    Title VI 82.071 costs of damages recovered (depends upon charge’s pressed by

    Title VI 83.14 double cost of distrained property (being the cameras and equipment)
    from the prosecutor’s residence paid to the land lord
    in order to be recovered is equal to ~$19,497.16
    (If Mr. Blue’s calculation of $9,748.58 is correct)

    Title XXX 415.1034-415.101 on accounts of psychological discomfort and reputation
    damage resulting from exploitation.
    Punishment is more than likely First misdemeanor
    and unlikely to be more severe due to the descriptive
    definition of “vulnerable adults” not including the
    necessary requirements for Ellie and Quinn, but may
    be interpreted as such under common law. $500 fine
    Charges are also dependent upon the presentation
    of the prosecution.

    Title XLVI 817.2341 creation of a document presented in a misleading manner
    in order to take advantage of an unwilling participant
    due to the contract being null Third degree felony
    $5,000 fine.

    Title XLVI 877.26 Merchant being Danny violating reasonable expectation of
    privacy First Misdemeanor $1,000 fine.

    Title XXXIX 686.413 Unlawful acts and practices resulting in the sales of
    the amount of ~$40,000 leads to Grand theft of
    the second degree which punishment after customer
    reimbursement can be up to a Second degree felony
    and a fine of $10,000

    All of this totaling to be a potential fine of at least $40,000 that is not
    including damages to the prosecutors (Ellie and Quinn), two second misdemeanors,
    one first misdemeanor, and two second degree felonies (felonies subject to
    charges pressed). Prison time is dependent upon the presentation of the cases and
    charges pressed.

      1. Thank you Mr. Blue. I appreciate the merit you have bestowed upon me. You have indeed made my time here pleasant.

        1. Hot damn. Even if you are half-right, it still means he’s in deep shit. Nontheless, I am impressed and am blown away at what you just posted

        2. It brings me some happiness to know that you enjoyed it. However, I apologize if it was not terribly constructive nor readable due to the botched nature of the post or its irrelevancy. I hope my statements we mostly clear and not terribly saturated with legal jargon. It seemed somewhat redundant to post a legal analysis since your observation of Danny being knee deep in excrement more or less covers the pertinent idea behind the situation. I was just hoping to provide some piecemeal portrayal of the predicament to perhaps satisfy any particular inquiry.

        3. Nah. You used the jargon in a good way. Explaining some of that stuff would add so much wordage that could add to the confusion. It IS quite constructive and I think it came off wrong. Maybe I should have said “even if half of the stuff you said was wrong”

    1. Gravatarless had a couple of posts with Florida statutes that he’d looked up several comics ago. I think he had another one or two possible options too. However I’m not sure which statutes would be considered to cover the same action and then be the lesser charge and not charged (i.e. involuntary manslaughter could be a more specific and more severe type of reckless endangerment in some cases, so wouldn’t be on the list of charges for the person who was killed, though there might still be separate counts for others in the area).

      I was on a jury where we ruled a person innocent for two counts of conspiracy to _____ (absolutely too awful to repeat) for the fact that there was reason to believe he was drunk/stoned at the time and may not have been completely cognizant/aware of his actions but we would’ve all been able to agree on guilty to something with “negligent” in the definition (but that wasn’t an option, and the guy did get guilty verdict for the majority of the counts he was charged with).

      1. Yeah, back in The Chain Part I, I listed these misdemeanor and felonies Danny is looking at charges of. One of them is bumped up to second degree for Pumpkin (because she’s 15), but the site is down and I can’t recall which one it is.
        [b]784.048: Stalking[/b] – Danny is possibly looking at the misdemeanor stalking charge (or third degree felony, depending on his criminal record or what he does in the future that might bump this up).
        [b]0810.145: Video Voyeurism[/b] – Danny definitely is looking at three charges of this and it’s a third degree felony (or second, depending on his criminal record)
        [b]815.06 (2)(e, f) Offenses against users of computers, computer systems, computer networks, and electronic devices.[/b] – Danny’s definitely looking at a charge of this for the iNimbus and a possible charge for the laptop (since he can probably claim he loaned it to here), and it’s a third degree felony.
        [b]812.14 (2)(c) Trespass and larceny with relation to utility fixtures; theft of utility services.[/b] – If Danny hooked the camera’s into the girls’ electrical wiring he’ll be looking at a charge of this. It’s tricky to tell exactly what degree of theft it is because the wording on 812.014 (“Theft” which this crime is processed under) is a bit wonky, but I’m fairly certain he’s looking at “grand theft of the third degree and a felony of the third degree” once the value hits $100.

        1. Oh. most excellent! I must have not been paying attention, but that looks great! In terms of defining “Theft” it would be three fold: power (as I am sure that many cameras plus his set up is more than likely quite taxing on the meter), him making money off of his site since he is using them as objects of his business without consent, and since his contract is void he is making money off of an inexistent business. My conjecture of him committing The Grand theft of second degree originates from him earning presumably $40,000 from an illegitimate business practice (void contract, stalking, no consent, et cetera). Good job jumping the gun on this, I apologize if I had not acknowledge your post sooner. It is quite well put together and thought out.

        2. Bah, no worries about missing the post earlier. You found a bunch of crimes and violations I didn’t. It’s fun speculating on Danny’s charges. >:D

        3. It seems like the second round of speculation on Danny boy’s future would be how he gets treated in Prison…. if he gets that far.

  19. At this time, the vote is 278 for Shotgun Shuffle to 35 for Kevin & Kell. There is a note at the bottom that said that round one voting is over midnight Friday eastern standard time.

    There does seem to be a strong possibility that Shotgun Shuffle will advance to the second round where we most likely face Penny Arcade if their opposition doesn’t buy 12 votes at the current standings of PA’s 66 to Slightly Damned‘s current tally of 55.

  20. So in between sleeping while doped up on cold meds and being too sick to think straight I’ve been voting and keeping an eye on the March madness thing. Congrats on getting into the top 3 of the entire thing, with 278 votes (as of my most recent vote a couple minutes ago.) I think the Kevin and Kell victory is in the bag and even if you don’t make it past Penny Arcade in the next bracket the resulting exposure will be very good for the comic. Congrats on the milestone Chris, we always knew you would make it.

  21. I guess we’re past the point of stuffing Danny into a small, airtight container, erasing the servers, and leaving like nothing happened…

    1. I think I’d more go with the observation of the character Kimi from Too Much Information that hogs will eat anything and not make any additional comments past not being worried about the person causing a problem in the future.

  22. Okay, just checked the numbers. In the top webcomic rankings, Shotgun Shuffle is 78th overall with 790 votes this month.

    In the ComicM!x March Madness Webcomic Tournament, Shotgun Shuffle is now 278 points to Kevin & Kell‘s 35. It seems that voting is over, donations are being tallied, and the next brackets are getting readied. Possibly posting them either late tonight, or if last year is any example the new rounds posted every four days so tomorrow sometime.

    It would take $48.00 at least for Kevin & Kell to catch up, $48.60 to tie and $48.80 to win via the donation votes.

    1. Looking at the round one line graph, Shotgun Shuffle hit the biggest response peak with 229 hits, and the pie chart seems to place us third at the moment.

  23. Just voted! Shotgun Shuffle is doin’ pretty well! :D Also, ditch Danny, Caleb. Come on. Let him drown in his own stupidness. Didn’t even check the name on the contract and Ellie worked with him for how long?

  24. In other words, Caleb you can resume the murder now.

    I can already see the headlines… “Jury is Unanimous: Homicide was Justifiable”

    1. This seems to me like a rare place where the judge would specifically instruct and remind the jury about the option of jury nullification.

    1. Voting closed Friday evening. It looks like we won, so we’re waiting for the winners to move up a bracket. Then well vote again. Hopefully by Monday.

      1. Last year’s tournament was on a four day rotation. Today (Saturday) should have been for tabulation and advancement of the brackets for posting the next round on the 29th. If there are any snafus like a tie, then a runoff will be held, as one occurred last year. Then the next level of brackets would continue after the tire breaker.

        1. Yes, leave no tire unbroken! (Your auto correct seems to have auto parts on its mind.)

        2. I heard a good place to find tire breaking is to google “hit a curb at 60” (as per what-if.xkcd.com/61, footnote 5). Haven’t confirmed it myself, but it’s the type of thing I’d strongly suspect Randall to be correct about (and if it’s not correct now, I suspect it was back when that one was posted).

  25. I’ve gotta give Caleb credit. He’s apparently smart enough to toe the legal line in spite of his shady (but legal!) internet trickery.

    I’m guessing his return to Canada will be very abrupt, possibly in the same style (from the movie, Snatch?) as his entry.

  26. Heh, At first I thought the page loaded slow from all the new traffic from the march madness promotion (that’s how I found you btw, nice comic). But that is one huge image for the comic.

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