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The Chain Part XII

Thank you everyone for the voting turnout on Friday. I tried holding out for a bit today to see if the Round 2 poll would be uploaded, but no such luck. I will be updating the blog portion of this comic as soon as it's uploaded. We did have the biggest turnout for the final day, kicking us all the way to #3. NUMBER 3 !!!! Poll 2 Poll That's insane. Wow. I'm very thrilled slash humbled slash amazed. Thank you! :D

166 thoughts on “The Chain Part XII

        1. This one for now. But then, by having the character shuffle, you’ve introduced another element into keeping people’s interest in the story.

        2. My email address seems to be a rare hash/computation/whatever that gets you a random gravatar. What that means is, much like my beloved thimble avatar, I won’t see this abomination shared with more than one or two people who rarely post.

        3. NEVER! I’ll just suffer until the next Shuffle and hope to land something better.

    1. So it’s basically just reality TV? And probably more real than most of the shows we see, if what I’ve read is true.

      How many people do you think might have seen this by now? What does a subscription go for? If I estimate 10 bucks a pop would that be very wrong in either direction? Because I’m thinking ~$40,000 divided by 10 is 4,000 people, most in American and Canada, but spread out of 330+ million people, its conceivable that Ellie and Quinn might not run into any of them.

      Assuming, of course, Ian keeps his mouth shut.

      1. You forget. Quinn’s crush, DJ Cornbread (Ian) saw the page. Or at least it was heavily hinted that he did. Also, their downstairs neighbor, Tired Guy also seems to have seen it.

        I doubt they’ll not run into those two again.

  1. Uh oh, why do I smell the waft of weasel now…don’t fall for Danny’s plotting, keep grinding him into the ground!

    1. Ad on Craigslist from Fargo, ND.

      Used stump grinder, once owned by flapjack loving, ungulate using middle aged man eating tv dinners out by the lake. Good revue by former car salesman

  2. Ummm… Am I the only one that feels like them seeing Quinn “frolicking in panties” is just as bad as nude? ‘Cause I do. Yeah, this kids screwed. Caleb might as well put him out of his misery. He’ll get sued anyway, might as well even it out with revenge.

    1. From a personal/privacy standpoint it’s just as bad (I mean, hidden cameras showing you when you don’t know it, that’s bad)

      However, it could be argued that since there’s no nudity, it’s a “lesser crime” (not that I’m auguring it, just if they had to lawyer up, that and the dubious contract would be their only “real” defense)

      1. I think the argument there might come down to any statements of Danny’s that could be traced down due to motive. Nudity isn’t automatically sexual, nor does sexual content require nudity. It’s still illegal wiretap (site members heard the arguing a couple of comics ago, so audio is present) at the very least.

      2. (Emerges from a blaze of sunlight) I have arrived to harken unto a page cast forth from the void of technology. Ah yes, let me see… As previously conjectured, and possibly concurred by my colleague Gravatarless, Title XLVI 877.26 states that a “Merchant” violating reasonable expectations of privacy is punishable by law (generally First misdemeanor). An example of violating “reasonable expectations of privacy” is something akin to having a camera in a changing room. Regardless of the degree of exposure (nudity or not) it is still unacceptable to have something like that there. Due to common law being awesome, this can easily be transferred over this scenario even though Danny is not much of a “merchant”. In addition, Gravartarless also pointed out a factor, that I looked over completely (Hopefully due to my innocence and not ignorance), stalking. It is not a matter of degree (nude/non-nude) nor the medium (optical, recording, surveillance, et cetera ), rather it is the act in of itself that is under scrutiny. Stalking is stalking one way or the other and violating expectations follows suit.

  3. Are we going to have some Ellie’s fanservice cookies from all those voting ?
    (I don’t mind if we don’t, but gotta admit it would be fun)

      1. Only one way to find out: Empirical Research!

        Actually, I’ve found that quite a number of comic artist on the Top Web Comics Vote Thingie™ use pin-ups/fan service as a vote incentive. Of course, vote-happy as we all are that might be a bit over-the-top, huh?

        1. It feels weird not to be a grumpy old man avatar any more to me. I’ll have to remind myself what this one is from with an archive binge in the next week or so and decide my mythology for how it fits.

          My first avatar was Quinn covering Ellie’s mouth as she was about to say out loud in front of Ian that Quinn liked him, which fit from me enjoying saying things I shouldn’t say. I think the grumpy old man from the Tired Guy cast page picture speaks for itself where I’m concerned, though now I regret I didn’t spend more time yelling at those kids to get off my lawn in the comments.

        2. I just accept what the dice roll brings. This one isn’t as easy to quickly scroll down a page and spot as either of my old two is my main down side. Also I put in an e-mail address, so that’s what I’d need to tweak to get different avatars.

  4. I’m reminded of those old “Vote or Die” campaigns that used to run on the internet lol. Glad to see the comic doing so well!

    1. You did not. MaddN.E.S. happened to be unlucky in timing for site visiting and posting comment. It’s fixable by either moving the broken comment (and all replies) to last comic or setting the broken comment to be top level.

      WordPress doesn’t appear to have that functionality built in, but there are plugins that will do it or direct SQL statements. There were tradeoffs and judgement calls on the plugins I noticed from a quick search. I’ll try and remember and look up SQL statements and send them to Jessica tomorrow or Wed.

        1. You probably don’t want an automatic fix. Automatic fixes occasionally fix things that don’t need fixing and that’s always fun. Just a kinder/easier manual fix is what I recommend.

        1. No worries. It takes luck to be in the position and it’s a hassle to avoid the possibility.

  5. C’mon Caleb, if you don’t murder Danny while you’re in the US then you will be a liar. Lying is impolite, just sayin…

    1. And in the time it took me to post my reply Chris uploaded new avatars! Let’s see what the new avvy roullette has in store for me… C’mon fat kitty!

        1. Hm… How do you call a group of Quinns?

          I’d say a murder, but I’m open to suggestions.

        2. You think you’ve got it bad? Mine is now the SJW-guilt-free version of a liberal arts major.

        1. Aka my first random fat kitty avvy since his original (with orange hoodie for the hoodie rainbow.)

          Ah, the good old days.

  6. Oh crud. I just had a thought. They ban webcomics in the may series of the madness tournament for being behind a pay door. What if they have to apply that to the normal webcomics. How many patreon supported webcomics would be disqualified?

    1. They should allow users to vote based on the merits of the free comic. Penalizing creators for having some aspect of their work behind a subscription is the same as banning comics for featuring bonus strips in their book collections.

      1. You know what? It’s not my gender. It’s still psychotic/dark. But I like it! :) Until I try my hand again, this shall be my icon. Gracias Rusche.

        1. That’s Username Profiling! I’d like to arrest this man for a hate crime! Put him in the cell with Danny and the Ratchulatas! Ratchillas? Ratatulas? I forgot what they are, but you get the point

  7. In light of the recent image swap, I have performed a bit of technomancy and have conjured a fairly large portion of the previous icons. If anybody is interested let me know and attempt to describe you image. Alternatively, I could package them all and send you all a packet, at the discretion of the artist of course.

  8. It seems like Danny could have setup an entirely different website without much trouble. I wonder if he had a specific reason for piggy-backing off Caleb’s site?

  9. Well, there’s a chance the cameras will be shut off soon. Though if it’s been less than a month, Danny’s going to have to pay all those subscription fees back.

        1. A little bit, though I kind of think the black and white one works better in the small format.

        1. If I remember it right, they did already take their sweet time last time around. I got used to it.

        2. He just posted something for the Harvey Awards. I’m about ready to go do research on that company. What VP holds the domain name for web registration?

  10. “I don’t have cameras in their bedrooms.”

    I assume this is only because the girls were asleep in their bedrooms when Danny was setting up, not because of any morality on his part…

    1. Considering the rest of his statement implying hope Ellie will be changing in front of her webcam at some point, I’d say you’re quite right about that.

      I guess the only reason he didn’t put any cameras in the shower and/or toilet were problems with either usable hiding places with a reasonable angle of view or with acquiring camera housings that were steam and/or splash water proof.

        1. Believe it or not, I saw someone’s icon turn into a newt! It…got better though…

  11. Not that I mind! But man, gotta say the girls have gotten into the luckiest situation possible. Well hopefully for now Ellie changes away from her labtop

  12. Ellie hasn’t changed in front of her laptop… yet…

    Also Rusche, you should just switch around a couple avatars randomly every day. Just for fun.

  13. As of midnight, the TWC counter will reset to zero. If we can get everyone voting like crazy, we should be able to stay in the top 100 for another month.

  14. And I’m back. Seems like a lot of progress was made while I was gone. Is it just me or did I call that someone from the parent site would try to shut Danny down?

  15. The Gravatar Gods looked down from the heavens and said, “The blasphemer whose forum handle mocks us? Let us smite him so hard it warrants an entry in TV Tropes under Especially Zoidberg.”

    … and so it was done.

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