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The Chain Part XIII

Second Patreon comic and today's (Friday's) post will be up around late afternoon. I don't want you guys having to spam the refresh button cause I'm OCD about these. I also have some super cool news later, so be sure to be back and read this blog part. :D _________________________________________________________________ Yeah I'm not sure what the delay is on the March Madness Round 2 vote, but I'm looking forward to being pitted against Penny Arcade. Mostly because I made art for it... but you'll know when I know. If it doesn't update by Friday, I'll post the April drawing giveaways with that strip. Also... twc     UPDATE: March Madness has been delayed for an indeterminate amount of time. Here's the update that was just posted. MMM     Also... twc Yet another UPDATE: I'm working on the next Patreon update, but judging by their Twitter feed and the tech emails I'm getting back, they've had massive problems over the last week. I keep getting the following upload errors that are preventing me from posting. This doesn't seem to be affecting everyone, but some folks msg'd me that they too are having the same issues. patreon ..annnnd as I'm rechecking the page, I can't even log in. So yeah. When that's fixed for me, you'll have the next comic.

195 thoughts on “The Chain Part XIII

  1. Woot first!

    Also, love the nerd word you got coined here, jigglybits lol

    Still think Danny is a creep-o and needs to get das boot!

    1. Gahh! My avatar! My beautiful avatar, what happened to her?! I was the scary cool goth sister, now I’m the unknown creepy goth T.T

  2. Lol Caleb is going to need some ointment for that burn. Also the irony in Danny’s statements is just delicious. If I’m not mistaken, my new gravatar is the illiterate. So I’m going to be contradictory by posting with perfect grammar ;)

        1. Changing spelling and capitalization on name only changes avatars if you don’t have an e-mail. Changing your e-mail (possibly capitalization too) will change avatars without changing name.

        2. Found that out the hard way when I ended up with a Cinnamon avatar, but my usual login produces Danny instead of Anise. That’s definitely a downgrade.

        3. Yeah, new avatars have a higher grunge factor than the last round.

          Danny has scruples? Who knew?

        4. Okay, now you need to go through the permutations and variations of letters and numbers. But not Guys and Dolls. The local high school is doing that.

  3. Oh man, Danny is so deep in this mode of thinking he can’t see any other way to do things. He “tends to respect people’s privacy” HA!

    I’m quite intrigued as to where this is all going.

      1. I doubt it. It’s a valid line of questioning from Caleb to try to determine what Danny’s done, and by seeming to want what he hopes isn’t the case he might be more likely to get a positive answer.

    1. It’s the face that begs the question: Is it that you don’t understand what you’re saying, or that you don’t WANT to understand?

    2. Classic Canadian rage-stroke (Americans rage-stroking tend to just lock up), with a good dash of losing his ability to even.

  4. This is going to a very bad place for Danny. Right where it seems like it always goes for him.

    Oh, and your “Holy Crap” statement was a bit premature…since as I write this you just hit 40!


        1. 19 after my vote now.

          Truth be told: It is the first of the month. Let’s see how well we can defend that position!

        1. Well, I’m going for defaults. I’d rate Cactaur as better than my current draw, but not as good as refill raptor. I’ll admit, I may be a bit biased towards refill raptor, though. I found that concept and the whole delivery there just beautiful.

        2. Yeah. Refill Raptor ™ works.

          Refill Raptor is claimed by the Shuffledom on behalf of Rusche Inc. LLC. Do not look at Refill Raptor, do not taunt Refill Raptor. If Refill Raptor splits open, do not touch Refill Raptor. Do not kiss, listen to KISS or take Refill Raptor to a KISS or KISS fan band live concert.

      1. Do you remember a time when we couldn’t get past 120 for love nor money?

        Pepperidge Farms remembers.

        Pepperidge Farms also remembers what you did with that dog, that bus, those cucumbers and that pile of rabid weasels.

        And if you don’t want Pepperidge Farms talking about what it remembers, you’d better buy some Milanos. Now. Chop chop.

        1. Those were the days before Mr. Blue started to refer to himself in the third person and became the rabid vote cheer leader.



    1. You seriously lucked out in the avatar draw with that one! That’s probably my favorite scene in the comic.

    1. In mind that this is the start of a new month, so there’s not already a huge tally of votes on other comics yet to stand in our way. >:D

  5. Love Caleb’s face in the last Panel. Also the one point 21 jigglybits per second. Silly Caleb the only way you can get that many is with a bolt of lightboobning.

      1. Yes, thank you. I’m not the only one who inferred a Pleiades star cluster reference from the sisters :)

  6. Well, Danny is just digging his grave deeper. Caleb really needs to just cut him loose, remove his accounts from his companies servers, get a lawyer, and report Danny to the cops. That’s in the real world anyway!! Hopefully in the Shotgun Shuffle world something more appropriate will happen.

    By the Way Chris congratulation on winning the first round of march madness and now you’re at 29 in the top web comics! I just thinking back to September of last year and you were all set to pack it in and shut the shuffle down. How things have changed :)

    1. Noticed that.. cat doing its ‘thing’ is entertainment, ladies doing it? Oh, that’s just sick and wrong!

  7. I… I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry or bang my head to the wall.

    Though truth be told, Danny’s logic here reminds me of a few local politicians.

      1. Well, yes. That’s par for course. But I’m talking more something along the lines of… Let me think of an example.

        “We have to close our borders for people taking away jobs from our countrymen and for all those fake fugitives just trying to freeload on our social services! And nevermind me illegally employing a woman seeking asylum for way below minimum wage. I’ve only worked against them being allowed to have jobs for a few decades yet, so I didn’t know they were not allowed to do so. And I was only helping that poor woman who is obviously a true fugitive by giving her something meaningful to do.”

        (Yes, that’s based on a real event. That was paraphrased here, yes, but everything mentioned happened.)

        1. OOooh, oh. How about giving them a job in a sweat shop with poor building maintenance?

          That would refer to New York City, India, a few other places where people died because of the want to make a buck over the concerns of the employees.

        2. “Mistakes were made, but not by me” is the name of a book about cognitive dissonance.

        1. Well if you like them, you’re only cleaning the cookie jar even faster aren’t you.

  8. You are gonna flip you’re lid when you get to #10.

    Just remember us little people when you hit the big time!

    1. Please… He really respects his privacy. So much so in fact, that his working hard on preserving it. Even when launching a new webside.

    1. FINALLY I can roll initiative while taking the swing!

      Those damn thugs always just start punching without ever considering the rules.

      Gotta say though. That steam console…

    2. Aw, I was hoping for a Samsung Galaxy Blade ( global.samsungtomorrow.com/galaxy-blade-edge-chefs-edition ). My current phone just hasn’t been sufficiently helpful in the kitchen.

      1. That’s a good gift. But I saw one before I saw two. Sooooooo… Maybe we can find a foreigner to get it for you for Thanksgiving.

        HEY LUKKAI!!!!

        1. Think that thing’ll still be ongoing come next Thanksgiving?

          And you’d have to remind me of the date since we’re not celebrating it over here.

          Mainly though I’ve heard that the device is not quite as waterproof as they claim. Quickly splashing of remains of your cutting adventures seems no problem, but a thorough wash can lead to internal damages. Funnily enough it’s not the battery cover being a problem here, but the moving weights (for perfect weight distribution). Their covered tracks are not fully proof and if too much water gets into it, they start to corrode.
          Also the mammoth tusk you can have for the folding handle is from Belorussian mammoth farms, which are known for their cruelty to animals with them chained into small boxes with only about 8 square meters per animal.

        2. I actually prefer mammoth tusks from those conditions. Mammoths are pricks.

          Honestly, though, I’ve never had a knife that hasn’t cut me at least once. So if the safety features didn’t break it might be in danger of creating a rift in the fabric of reality.

  9. God, I love Caleb’s face in that last panel. It’s quite an apt response to the level of idiot Danny is displaying.

  10. Drawing forth from history, I wish to explain something. Napoleon Bonaparte is a celebrated figure for his deeds as Emperor of France, yet he was not born French. Socrates is legendary for his contributions to Grecian Philosophy, yet he went against his own cultural grain. Claude Money was rejected by the Académie des Beaux-Arts, yet his works remain a marvel. It is by this (paired with extensive research and writings on this subject) that one could say that a leader is not someone who is the same as his/her peers, but one who is different. It is by this difference that one exemplifies their own success on a level that no one has followed. Therefore, people crave this difference for it is something they do not have. The result is that they follow this peculiarity and seek its guidance. Ladies and gentleman, I declare to you that this comic is an exemple of this difference. It is not following the myriads of others that perform mundane repetitions of previous successes. Rather it is creating its own path, forming its own support, and creating its own rhythm. This author has decided to follow his creativity and generate his magnum opus. He has a purpose, an idea that is lost more than found in this present age. It is by this that he succeeds. If Napolean can begin his reign by “one whiff of grapeshot”, if Socrates immortalized his ideas by simple talk and later death, and if Monet could craft industry shattering works, why can not this comic start a new social focusing through its story and community? Therefore I say to you, do not vote for this comic merely because it is your favorite, but vote for it because it is different, it is unique, and it is revolutionary.

    1. 1. YOU ROCK
      1a-conditions met:
      ——-A: you hit the nail on the head
      ——-B: you used historical examples
      ——-C: your auto corkboard is borken
      1b-examples met
      1c-examples excluded
      —-minor demerits (removal of hard from phrase ‘rock hard’, ‘hard rock’, ‘igneous rock’.
      —–lack of comparison to recent story teller John Hughes, Steven Spielberg & George Lucas.
      2. Rusche Rocks.
      2a-conditions met
      ——-A: just because he’s humble, awesomesauce, and able to rely on a Joe Cocker song
      ——-B: continually pushing and striving and I’m out of adjectives for pursuit of 110%.
      ——-C: even though we tell him it’s okay to take sick leave, he mothers our collective need for good storytelling.
      ——-D: Launchpad McQuack.
      ——-E: Ratlantchulas which may give people nightmares. (But she hasn’t read the comic yet.

      1. By the bounty of my blundering beard… My misspell of Monet to Money, how embarrassing. I presume this is what you meant by the “auto corkboard” (which I assume means auto-correct, right?). Once again I thank you Mr. Blue for being so magnanimous towards my presence here. Furthermore, I thank thee for being awesome in your own contributions toward this community.

        1. Yeah. I thought that I caught a different word that was misspelled. But at least the auto corkboard did not suggest Claude Rains. If it did that, the Rocky Horror movie quotes would abound once again.

        2. You know, I can’t wait for Sistercon to occur. That way we can all toast Rusche over $h!tty Be*r, and have $h!tty Be*r with one another. I’d like to buy you, TLO, TOG, Erik, Banena, and a few others individuals that I can’t think of right now a $h!tty Be*r with the Three Stooges playing on the screen. They are in the free domain, aren’t they? Oh, Gravatarless as well.

        3. Forgive me for asking, but what is Sistercon? In addition, a bout with brew and civilized folk is always welcome. In six months my first batch should be fully prepped an I can break a few cases open. Furthermore, my matchlock should hopefully be finished in a month or two allowing me to finally hunt some boar. Hmm, brew, boar, and brethren (or bros as some people say) sounds catchy.

    1. Damn, Danny is really rocking some weird villain morals. Someone will have to add that one to the SGS TV Tropes page.

      1. It is certainly an unexpected turn of events. I’d really expected him to break in and install cameras in the bedrooms too. Then again with him apparently trying to keep the female audience and not just use them for initial advertising, I suppose not focusing on nudity makes sense in that vein.

  11. Mix March Madness delayed?


    It was Gabe and Tycho I swear!! They knew they didn’t stand a chance without forking over a buttload of cash for votes!! It’s so not fair!! whataworldwhataworld!!!!!

    1. It’s okay though. They can’t win. I took away all their cutlery. No way forking over anything that way!

  12. We are currently #15 on the Top Web Comic list with 149 votes over an approximation of twenty hours. That can average to 7.45 votes an hour. Rounding up to 8 votes an hour should yield about 192 votes a day at this rate with a possible 5,760 total votes for the month. That alone should keep Shotgun Shuffle on the top 100 list.

    But that would require a solid vote from 192 people a day on average. Thank goodness for work stations and public libraries?

    1. About 24 hours into the month, we are #15 with 175 votes. However, with the sun on the other side of the planet, we may be looking at a great deal of votes coming in.

  13. Had to see the new Gravatar. Love the idea of Danny not getting how deep an invasion of privacy this already is.

  14. Why do I feel this is Chris’s response to all of us who were expecting/wanting a shower-cam with strategically placed bubbles?

    1. lol. No I had this strip planned before this arc started. Plus I already did Quinn in panties and Danny’s fantasy about Ellie stripping. Less is more, otherwise I’m just objectifying some characters like my other characters are doing.

      1. Yeah, don’t stoop down to the level of some of your characters! ;D

        It sounds so funny when I say that out loud. (^_^)

    2. My guess on any shower visualizations was more along the lines of a handwipe of clear space on a fogged mirror with a towel covering the essentials anyway (probably Ellie as opposed to Quinn). I was thinking no visualizations were more likely, so the fogged mirror thing was my guess more for if Rusche had decided it’d be an interesting perspective to try.

    1. Strike that. Appears to be the same. All’s well, folks. Please return your torches and air horns back to your emergency wall safe.

        1. But what is curious is the similarity of the first four character positions and your icon.


          MR.BLUE takes a jump to the left.

    1. It always freaks me out when I see someone posting with a new avatar that I had previously custom used :P

        1. Missed them. Been gone the last few days. Not going to change but where are they?

  15. Mr. Unibrow, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  16. Whoa! Look at all them comments!

    Sorry, I had to mention that. I guess I’ve been a way from the site for a bit longer than I realized! It’s truly inspiring to have watched how this comic has grown. I remember when there were only a dozen or so people commenting on the site, now you have over 100 on a regular basis! Good Job Rusche. I hope you win the next round- you definitely earned it.

      1. Gimmie a break. Like you don’t want to have fun with the icon roulette. I have to wait for exploding men’s to ship out so I can cut back some.

    1. *breathes in………………..

      *collapses on the floor, causing security alarm monitoring stations across North Erf to go into crisis mode.


      1. I will fix it tonight. In stead of alrerting me through the comics, us the tech support form. I don’t always have time to check the comments. Shotgunshuffle.com/tech-support

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