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The Chain Part XIV

I'm still plugging away at Patreon's second comic for this week, and it's a beast to color, so it may be creeping into the a.m. by the time I get it finalized. Just FYI. I'm also pushing my art giveaways to Monday cause I wanted to talk about something else that came up. I want to tell you a little story, about how Shotgun Shuffle readers helped someone in need.  Some of you probably saw on Wednesday I posted about having issues with Patreon uploading my content. That's been resolved, but while I was waiting to hear back, I searched "patreon" on Twitter to see if anyone else was having the same issues as me. It's always good to verify whether or not it's a wide spread issue, or because I'm a moron. It was a little of column A, little of column B. In that search, I checked out a few folks Patreon pages just to see what kind of art they were creating, and by strategic happenstance, I came across Ginny. Ginny Patreon So I continue to scroll down to see what kind of digital art she's trying to make it's like KABLAMMMMM Flying Lessons And that's from someone wanting to go to school to become a professional artist. If you go into art school with that amount of talent, God only knows what you'd come out with. Her stuff would be melting people's faces off by graduation. She didn't have a large amount of pledgers, and I felt very compelled for various reasons to donate to her monthly. I want to be very very very clear about this, because from this point on, anything and everything I able to do for her, includes my readers. Without you, my fanbase that supports me, I'd feel like I was floundering right beside her. If you've ever supported me through donations, or on patreon, or just by reading and increasing my pageviews when I had ads... you made it possible to help Ginny. If you've ever commented or emailed me to encourage or push me to continue this comic, or otherwise brighten my day, you made it possible. Without all of you, I wouldn't still be doing this comic. You guys get every ounce of credit for helping Ginny through this difficult time. I just found her. I read her story, and made her family. The same respect, and kindness, and empathy you all showed me through some of the worst years of my life, is exactly what Ginny needed and needs right now. As I've said before, I believe everything happens for a reason. There's a reason I searched patreon on Wednesday, and out of probably tens of thousands of tweets, somehow stumbled on some old tweet she made. I don't even think the tweet I saw was in any way NEW or current. So I donated to Ginny and asked her to email me. I said I'd love to make my readers aware of her talent. She told me she'd have no choice but to refund my donation, and actually asked me to discontinue my pledge. At this point, I'm pretty confused. Like, no way. I'm helping you! Fry is holding up his dollar bills. You're getting it. Turns out she wasn't able to fulfill her Patreon's rewards of even work on any new art in general, because her tablet blew up. She was at a point where a sketch and a WalMart scanner were her only means of bringing her art to you. She went from "Green Dragon Holy Crap Goodness with a tablet," to pencil and an all-in-one. Now I can't speak personally for Ginny, and I say this with all respect, but in our initial conversations she sounded pretty depressed. Completely defeated and out of options. With an assploded tablet, and the continuing medical expenses of her son, her art career was over. Now, if there's one thing my readers have taught me, other than how kickass and suportive they are, its that around here, we don't take TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES or hardware issues as an excuse, now do we? Since Wednesday, you the readers, took it to the next level. Through some quick legwork (me in AL and her in CA) Ginny got this within 24 hours: IMG_2245 20150402_202443 Needless to say, she couldn't believe it. She couldn't understand why I would do this. Why I would help a total stranger to the extent I did. This is what I emailed her back: I'm a single parent of two. Wife didn't want to be married anymore or have the responsibility. Immediately after, my son became chronically ill. It was only a matter of days calling out of work before they'd finally sit me down in the office and fire me for attendance. I had been doing my comic for years prior to this, for free in my spare time. Between all this I got really depressed and disheartened. Which is doubly difficult trying to be a parent. You want to be happy for your kids, especially if one is sick all the time. I told my comic audience why I was discontinuing my comic and focusing solely on my child/finding a decent paying job. I just couldn't be distracted by it anymore. I'd have to give up on 5 years of work and time I'd put into it. I, kid you not, got 100+ emails and easily 500 comments on my site from people I never talked to about how much my comic meant to them and made their lives better. Helped on rough days, stuff like that. I was overwhelmed. Especially when asked to launch a Patreon. I was being pledged money before my readers even had a page to send it to. In a last ditch effort I did, and I went from practically zero income a month to what my page is at now. My readers pretty much told me, "You already have a job." And my lifes gotten better everyday. Why am I doing this? Because where you are right now.. I've been. The same generosity, and compassion, and caring my readers invested in me, is going to help you. What you do will go on to help someone else. I won't bludgeon you with my beliefs or anything. Just know God felt your frustration. He hasn't forsaken you or your talent, or your happiness. You are loved. :D There are no strings attached. Only mandatory friendship. haha That's about 5% of our emails together, but she's well aware I am giving you guys all the credit. I know I'm chronically late, I have one of those one-thing-after-another lives, and even when I try to keep my word all the time, I falter. But don't ever EVER think I take any of you for granted. Every comment you guys post I read. Every email you send. Every suggestion. Everything. And that same goodwill relationship I try to have with each and every one of you I can get to... just got channeled to Ginny. So feel good. I know times are tight, and wages are stagnant. But if any of you can help Ginny continue her dream and the support of her son, please venture over to her page and give it a look. She's family now. https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMelonBall -Chris

137 thoughts on “The Chain Part XIV

  1. Don’t need my ascendant membership on obsidian portal. SOLD! $5/month or a small burger somewhere when I have food at home. Done.

      1. I’ll shop at Wal-Mart to get my caffeine fix if necessary. That means that I’ll save some money by getting some of my hard to get diet soda there to stretch my grocery dollar. But I said that I would never spend any of my money there because of their policies and overbearing managerial attitude. Also, negligent deaths. I’ll go and post that on Ginny’s page. Uhmm, just trying to get some money to send her way.

        Puck isn’t the only one addicted to C8H10N4O2. But she’s a web comic fairy, and I was a real boy. Take that Pinocchio.

        1. The comments you make are so bizarre, I half wonder if the majority of what you say contains inside jokes and/or references. :)

        2. There is a case where the store chain in question was held liable for the accidental death of one of its employees, a forklift driver who was killed when banking out of a trailer. But the trailer in question was pulling away from the loading dock causing the forklift to upend itself on exiting the trailer. The widow’s attorney found that store management was supposed to have a policy in place at the time of clearing drivers and when they can leave. Management didn’t, and the store was held to punitive punishment as well as the wrongful death suit.


        3. I’m sorry, I can’t shop at Wallyworld. And it doesn’t make me feel good, better, or even in different. Kind of sad. I need to wait for the tax return to come through.

        4. You could always go a commission sketch route instead of Patreon, then you could save up in whatever way seems convenient and feasible at the time (it not being a recurring charge and all you’d have to budget for, but instead the equivalent of quarters in the swear jar or something).

  2. Well, I will see what I can do via patron or such for her. I think I can help her but then again I did have to pull my donation for this mont:/ ( will resign up later thus month and will send lasts months donation by Friday as I am saving the comics).

  3. Hey again. I just watched magic melon on deviant and noticed she does commissions. Could not load the price sheet on my phone but if the are budget friendly for me mind if I commission her fir one of your characters? Thanks anyway and promise it will be safe for work. ( I will save the NSFW stuff for you XD)

        1. Thanks. I will see what I can do this month ( prefer colored commission) and unless said otherwise will presume Shuffle characters are ok to use

        2. Commisions by MagicalMelonBall

          – Portrait – $5 – |Full Body – $10 – Background- $2+ – + Character-$2+
          – Portrait – $10 – Full Body – $18 – Background- $5+ – + Character-$4+
          – Portrait- $15 – Full Body- $20 – Background-$8+ – +Character-$6+
          Color (Small Detail)
          – Portrait – $25 – Full Body – $40 – Background – $8+ – + Character – $10+
          Color (Large Detail)
          – Portrait – $35 – Full Body – $55 – Background – $15+ – + Character – $15+
          Extreme Detail
          – Portrait – $80+ – Full Body – $150+ – Background – $25+ – + Character – $30+

        3. Thanks again. Will see what I can do but got to save some money. Out of state weddings are a bit pricy.

  4. That post made me tear up a bit, and almost completely forgot about Alex being in tonight’s comic.

    You did a wonderful thing, Rusche, and you should feel wonderful.

    ((I just wish I were able to throw even a few dollars both of your ways, but I’m barely going to make my bills this month…))

        1. I keep wanting to say ‘bacon rocks’ but bacon wrapped around bits of granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, or even talc just does not make those any more appetizing then they were before the quantum porcine upgrade.

          Also, this seems to be a universe where the first footloose is better than the second production of footloose.

    1. Yeah, that was a pretty good distraction from what would’ve been a lot of negativity directed at Alex. I forgot what I’d been thinking as an “Argh, not Alex”-type comment by the time I got to the bottom of the author post.

    2. Hello. I’m Sarah McLachlan. I’ve been crying for the last 15 hours.

      Please donate something. Or vote somewhere. Whatever. Thank you.

  5. The douche canoe returns.

    In a surprise twist Danny will pin this entire fiasco on Alex and the chain saga will end with Alex being dragged off off by an FBI squad from the 4-Chan party van. Comedic abuse of authority will ensue.

    I can’t wait.

    1. I… Am surprisingly OK with that outcome. I really want D-bag to suffer for things, but A-hole…

      You know what, they deserve each other. Some how, they need to end up locked in a cell together.

      1. Ya they deserve each other that’s for damned sure. I’ll be honest I almost groaned out loud when the dirty hippie appeared.

    2. No jury in the world will believe that Alex has sufficient smarts and technical prowess to not only line an apartment with cameras, but have it go undetected for a period of several months while he set up a website using someone else’s server.

      1. He would’ve had a lot of time to do it, and he wouldn’t have to have the technical prowess, just have a friend who did and could show him.

        1. Okay, but if, IF Alex did it, he did not do it enough times to properly conceal those cameras let alone have the proper access to the apartment in order to do so.

        2. Alex had more time to install cameras than Danny did. I’m not saying I think he would get flagged as the fall guy, but it’s a feasible argument.

  6. Chris,

    I read a lot of webcomics as part of an escapism from things that I’ve been going through. And then I found Shotgun Shuffle on a click through. One, I kind of hope that you put Ginny on your friends list. What you just did is an awesome thing. I just wanted to let you know this. I had logged off earlier and then I pulled out the phone and hit the shuffle to see if the update was up. I saw what you wrote and I got back on the laptop. Ginny’s dragon is breath taking. It made me think that The Never Ending Story could be continued at first glance. If you are the equivalent of John Hughes, then she’s the equivalent of Peter Jackson. Visually speaking that is.

    I was enthralled by your comic from the beginning Chris. Enraptured, ensnared and enthusiastic. Take that Onomatopoeiacon! You have worked out numerous levels of story telling in your art from day one. You used time honored gags as well as coming up with a few of your own. You pepper your work with a decent amount of cultural reference while it is well seasoned with absurdity with your brand of humor. It’s a youthful mix of exuberance and honed wit that even Mel Brooks could enjoy while getting Kevin Smith on the hook via Quinn’s knowledge of the Bat.

    I felt guilty about not being able to contribute. I know what it’s like to have to live on a tight budget that is squeezed damn near to the penny, let alone five or six dollars. I was happy to have been able to have given you those donations and patreon support. And I still want to do more, and it bugs me that I don’t know what or how. But I know that I have been doing something of late.

    I like seeing how you’re getting the proper recognition from the internet that you deserve with the Top Web Comic list as well as the ComicM!x tournament. And I also like how you gave me permission to use that Pizza guy with the machine gun, cigar and obvious A-Team reference. And now you just kicked it up a notch. However, there is the life story note. Depression and it’s various buddies hit home for me some of the struggles that you and Ginny have been and will more than likely go through at some point in time in the future. You have received our love, respect and admiration and in taking that you have passed it around to another.

    Depression is not an easy thing to combat. I’ll leave more to that later. But HELL YEAH, NO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ALLOWED. Unless it’s the Auto Corkboard, then we make fun of that assploded borken sh!t.

    But what a weekend to have that tablet blow up. Good Friday.

    Thanks Chris.

  7. Oh yea, hopefully Ginny will be joining in on the shenannigans here now that she’s family and all.

    One of us… one of us… one of us…

        1. Farva’s shenanigans are creepy and tragic. That makes them evil shenanigans.

          Our shenanigans are cheeky and fun!

        2. Oh hell Chris. You’ve got to have Jessica fix that.

          Batman, BatMan, Bat Man or any of the other Bat family can not be represented by Katrina.

        3. I think the best fix would be to alter that specific gravatar to have Kat wearing groucho glasses.

        1. It appears that the lack of soap combined along with the unneeded epithelial layers mixed with sweat and pencil shavings appears to have given him the edge he needed to survive not only the gas but the Omega Pestilence tm as well.

          That, or he’s the walking, unknowing host of the Ratches larval stage (spilled cole slaw) and are seeking the one they smelled. The one who took their brother, or uncle in this case in order to be reunited in Destiny (coming to modern steam console gaming unit near you at Crazy Eddie’s. Where the prices are insane. )

        1. Unless the bug bomb killed the vermin that made him a dirty douchebag hippie. Kind of like how the bugs animate the zombies in “Dead Rising.”

  8. Alex has returned!!!! It looks we are heading for a “who is the biggest douche bag” contest!!

    In this corner weighing in at 150 pounds the dirty hippie himself “ALEX !!!!” and in this corner weighing in at 165 pounds with only one eye brow and multiple gunshot wounds to the buttocks Danny “the D-Bag” Fleetwood!

    with your official for this evenings bout Caleb “oh the disdain” McVie!

    1. Alex did what? Drew some pictures. Sucks, but it was from imagination. If you were to think using someone you know in an artistic expression as dirt, well likely all artists are dirt then :p

      Danny put in cameras to spy on Ellie.

      Danny wins the biggest creep reward. The REAL contest would be between Danny and Kate.

      1. Agreed.

        Alex is an awful person and I truly hope his genetic material doesn’t contribute to new life (either via the old fashioned way or via ratch). However Danny easily wins as a worse person.

        I’m leaning towards Danny still winning over Kat if Kat doesn’t come back and step up her game for the Horribleness Olympics, but it is a very tight race.

    2. I wasn’t sure which “alex is back” post to comment on with this. So, I’ll take this one.

      I just had the thought, since Quinn is asking just to whom Alex is speaking. And it was floated as a what if Alex knew about the site, somehow.

      Would it be far from his character to get all of his apologizing out at one time over the internet in this style and then tell Quinn about the internet connection show?

  9. A dirty hippy has appeared!

    Dirty hippy uses Generic Apology.
    It’s not very effective…

    Icy Subletter uses pointed sass.
    Dirty hippy is stunned!

      1. Before he went on a date with Ellie, the lady in the gift shop was ringing him up for cologne, insisting he needed it. Pumpkin also said he was Ellie’s “weird smelling date.” So I have implied he has body odor. Bad hygiene isn’t necessarily WHY.. but I’ll allow that to be implied as well. :)

  10. Wow. That was amazing. I am tearing up as well. And as soon as I finsih posting this comment, I’ll be heading off to help fund Ginny as well.

    But first, thank you….

    1 – For the comic in general. I may be one of the quiet folks, but I must tell you how much I love the story and the art.

    B – For making all of us feel important to you. I read lots of webcomics, and many of them are chronically late with updates. Yours is the first where I’ve seen the creator provide updates on the delays. And apologies! I never thought you needed to apologize ever. Life happens. I am just so grateful for the “later this week, guys” heads up you provide. We never feel forgotten.i don’t know if you realize how rare that is.

    III – For bringing Ginny into our lives and sharing the love.

  11. Don’t forget to take a couple of seconds to vote. The comic is slipping on the standings. The higher the standing, the more new readers. More new readers, more money flowing in (hopefully).

  12. Chris!! Just had a crazy thought. What if you and Ginny collaborated on Shotgun Shuffle? Or at the very least got her do do some cameo artwork for it? It would give her exposure and, if you’re still worried about your posting schedule, it would give you time to catch up. Win-Win! Just a thought, if it’s a bad idea I accept responsibility for it.

    1. Some webcomic artists will hire others to do the coloring work. If you have an ink for a comic a week or two ahead, you could see if she’s interested in doing the occasional colorist job.

      1. Mr. Blue seconds the motion to bring this to the chairman of the web comic Shotgun Shuffle for the chair to deliberate on prior to advancing the question to the floor.

        1. I think that discussion would be a better bit first.

          Pros, Rusche would have some more free time, G would get experience for her resumé.

          Cons, how much to pay for a colorist? Giving up the baby to a baby sitter (the strip). Also, a mother with numerous ailments along with a hyperactive child, scheduling might compound artistic stress unintentionally.

          It might be best at this time to allow for things to evolve naturally at their own pace.

        2. Well, the point of mentioning a possibility in the comments is brainstorming more than binding contract. A floated possibility is free to be picked up or sunk to the bottom.

  13. You know, now that I think about it, Alex would be the perfect person for the viewers at home to see as the first (and ideally only) naked person for all those hidden cameras. Not from him getting lucky again or anything, but from him making an ill thought out attempt which leads to physical violence and from there to lack of structural integrity for some of his clothing.

    Also happy that some of my donations here helped someone else.

    1. Wait, do you mean ‘the naked man’ gambit from “How I met Your Mother?” Didn’t that just go wrong for Barney? What might be a bit more hilarious would be that alex got a prescription refill, only it got mixed up by some glitch in the machine with Dr. Koothrapali’s experimental prescription. But that would also explain how alex can afford his pills.

  14. Another question belatedly came to mind.

    Is the speech bubble color coming from the computer intended to mean something (I know you said X’s speech bubble color was relevant/indicative of something Ellie did)? Ellie is normally light blue (brighter than the duller light blue Danny has) and Quinn is generally the bright lavender seen in the last panel. So does the bleached yellow indicate something emotionally from the speaker, poor fidelity for Danny’s computer speakers/camera microphones, and who spoke in that instance?

    1. Since it’s not any of the currently visible casts usual text color, I’d either say it’s highly distorted by the equipment the audio is going through, or it was both Ellie & Quinn saying it at the same time, but a single mic couldn’t really differentiate 2 voices, so they got combined to the mono-computer voice we’re seeing there.

      Honestly, I just like the thought that they’ve been living together long enough that they’re having similar reactions to things, and the sudden appearance of Alex was just absurd enough that they both completely dropped their guard and just blurted out the first thought they each had (which just happened to be the same thought for each of them)

      1. Text Bubbles have historically been shown with lightning shaped tubes between the electronic device (phone) and the listener. So, lighting and a somewhat neutral color for electronics, why not?

        1. The shape is definitely showing it as electronic. I was just curious the reason for the color. I suspect it is a conscious decision on Rusche’s part and I’m wondering what the reason might be.

      1. Depends on the comments posted with the avatar.

        For example, I’d consider it a good avatar for some of your comments that stretch farther from Erf (also because I think that was the one Rusche attributed to your posted hometown), but I’d consider it a bad one for Count Imperious with a more formal verbal style.

  15. Bully for you Mr. Rusche for promoting a fellow artist. I may need her services to paint my signing of a document when it is fully drafted.
    Now with the good being said, let us turn to this panel. Why must every male they encounter be some mollycoddle that does not even rival one hundred and eighty pounds (with exception to that heavy fellow on the chat), have shabby hair, beardless, naught for any sort of muscle, completely unlearned in any sort of civility, culture, or honor, devoid of etiquette, and grossly indulged in debauchery. Where are those whose wit and word would drive off any notion of corruption and whose brawn and skill would protect these ladies in their time of need. Alas, such is their misfortune to have no errant or scion to uphold a sense of security and sophistication.

    1. Hey now, not every guy they’ve met has been that horrid. There was…um…

      Herb! He’s not a complete mess! And DJ Cornbread, while a slight little guy, has his morals and dignity without being a “holier-than-thou” type.

      Aaand…oh, Gingers husband (his name just escaped me) He seems alright, and of a healthy build.

      Most of the guys are probably in that body type because a combination of age (still at the super metabolism point in life) and various levels of hipster-ness (got to fit in those vintage skinny jeans) Age would also contribute to the lack of social graces, they’re still at the point of developing them, but get stupid when faced with potential “companions” (think guy at club with his bros vs guy at club trying to pick up anything that moves, same person, different personalities)

      Anyway, they just haven’t found the right folks to be hanging around yet (actually, despite James being rather awkward around Quinn, he & Rich were both decent guys as well, just lightweights)

      Although, they only seem to interact with halfway decent guys when solo…that’s their issue. They can’t find good guys when they’re together, it’s just too much for the universe to handle.

      1. There was also that one fellow who was elected by his peers to see if Quinn was in need of any vehicular assistance. I suppose you are right. There has just been such a flow deviant activity, especially with the reintroduction of Alex. Honestly, it is not one’s place to “think” he/she “deserves” a second chance. Even that small introduction irked my nerves. Seriously, he comes to their home uninvited to say that he “deserves” a second chance. The only second chance he deserves is another chance to be justifiably beaten.

        1. That fellow is in fact known as D.J. Cornbread, or Ian Eagan. But then his cohorts, James and Richard (James is taken, alas. We must not make his to be future wife mad, or she’ll be the next Sister X to run ragged shouting “STARS”)

  16. You know, reading the blog post… I finally caved and joined Patron to support you (and a few other artists I like). Went ahead and pledged a bit to Ginny, as well. If this is the kind of generosity and paying it forward that goes on around here, I’m honored to be a part.

    And oh yeah, keep up the good work on the comic, as well!

  17. I am inferring that Alex showed up because he saw The Website. Could it be coincidence that he pops up in the midst of this arc??

  18. It’s always nice to have these moments where you see that faith in humanity is not lost.

    (And by that I don’t mean Alex. Even though he might actually have turned his life around, who apart from Rusche knows yet?)

  19. Shotgun Shuffle has been in the top twenty four at best almost a complete five day period on Top Web Comic. Votes will start coming in for and from the regulars. If you are a regular, then you know that a registered account let’s toy vote with having to prove that you aren’t a bot. TWC also allows for voting for all of your favorites on their list once a day per machine. So don’t feel discouraged to vote A instead of B, just vote for A & B.

    But I’m the unofficial campaign manager for Shotgun Shuffle and to stay in the top 20, or 50 even, we are going to need a constantly voting body of readers who are enthusiastic to do so. So, who’s with me?

    1. Go Team Go!!! I have exercised my right to vote each day…sometimes many times a day when possible…thank you technology!!!

  20. As far as the Yellow bubble. Don’t mind Ellie, that’s just how she greets assholes. In fact, I can already feel the impending DeJaVu.

  21. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you all know that the second round of the ComicMix death-match thing has started. and since you did such a fantastic job in round one I thought you guys would want to know as soon as it started.

    It ends Wednesday

      1. Thanks for the link…and we are ahead…8-4. It would have been nice if the link was available earlier…like Saturday. But, now it’s up so let’s get to voting…

        1. I didn’t see anything posted on this either for Saturday or Sunday.

          And he beat me to posting the link.
          *mr. Blue holds his breath*

        2. mR. Blue has turned blue and passed out. The kirby doll clutched in his hand and the receipt in the other yearning to break free. With the imminent collapse of his bulky hulky (who am I kidding, right?) frame, he hits the ground while nearly overcoming the resistance of his joints to approximate the rate of gravity (32 feet per second squared squared) and causes tremors to be released in a forth movie installment with Kevin Bacon, Kevin Smith, Matt Damon and Bob Evans Sausage, Jr.

          The kirby doll rolls out of his hand, sucks up the receipt and goes to a certain third floor apartment.

      1. As much as I want to believe I am so awesome that people routinely read through the comments to find my posts you’d probably be best served by putting the link up top under the comment in your news post thingummy.

  22. I just wanted to say that reading what u did for Ginny makes me want to read u comic all day to play catch up faster since I recently found your comic a couple of days ago. I am also a single parent of two kiddos as well as an aspiring artist and so I feel both urs and Ginnys situation in one way or another. Am glad all of ur readers came together for you like that and u and ur readers all came together for ginny to help her out as well. It gives me more faith in humanity when I hear something like this and more mental energy to keep striving to complete my goals as an aspiring artist. So i just wanted to thank you for making my days not only with your comic but with ur kindness. I will find a way to help out Ginny in some way and i just voted for ur comic against penny arcade before i read this actually because it really is just a way better comic then pennys ur blowing them out of the water by the way lol. Anyway thanks again and i am soooo glad i stumbled upon ur comic.Keep up the awesomeness.

  23. Way way late and who knows if anyone will ever read this, but let me just say Rusche, that I was an established reader when times were bleak and you posted that you were about to give up on Shotgun Shuffle. I haven’t been in a financial position to be a Patreon backer but I absolutely love that people came together to support you in making this beautiful, funny, long-long-term story you’re telling. And the fact that later on you found someone who was in a difficult situation like you’d been through and told the fanbase about her and they made a difference in her life too, that’s incredible. The people who sent the money are heroes, but they would never have known about Ginny if you hadn’t cared enough to tell them, so you’re kinda a hero right alongside the donors, buddy.

    1. Oh and now I see you personally donated to Ginny as well, so let me give you an extra super-belated pat on the back on top of the one in my previous post.

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