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The Chain Part XIX

It's that time again, and this time we have LESS time. We only have until Friday at midnight to stomp Dresden Codak into the dirt. I was going to do a whole spiel and sales pitch like I did with Penny Arcade, and I actually had a supplemental comic idea for this round, but due to time constraints, and such a narrow vote in Round 2, I couldn't sacrifice the time on something I wasn't sure would happen. Regardless, GO VOTE for Shotgun Shuffle in rounds 3. We had the highest voter turnout for 2, and I'd love for us to do it again. Competition will become increasingly  fierce as the comics whittle down to the remaining few, so I need your love more than ever. Round 3 voting is here ...and if you feel so inclined... you're more than welcome to ALSO vote for who my next opponent is going to be. On a side note, I'm putting both Patreon comics together this week, which should be up sometime this evening, and I am shooting for another post for the main site, likely to be up Saturday. Thanks all! UPATE: I won't be back until Wednesday, so I will have Patreon and the next comic up then. Apologies for the delay, everyone.

330 thoughts on “The Chain Part XIX

  1. How is Dresden Codak even in the running? Not that it’s bad (a bit too esoteric for me, and I love esoteric), but I thought the competition was for current webcomics.

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