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The Chain Part XV

Round 2 We're up against one of the biggest pioneers in webcomics. Penny Arcade. You may be asking yourself WHY I withheld my A-string characters from my vote graphic for Round 2. It's because I'm using them for rounds to come. That's right. I intend to win. With your help! So how do I, your humble artist, a relative newcomer to the field, intend to beat such a powerhouse? My plan is three-fold. 1. We vote early and often. 2. Hope Penny Arcade readers are asleep at the wheel. 3. Win on a technicality. Let me explain... You see, a few years back Penny Arcade made a few collages of their artwork evolution. One of the characters was our beloved Gabe. Let's look: Gabe Very nice, very nice. But you'll notice some years are missing. Obviously this was posted around the end of 2011, but why no update? That's where Penny Arcade's undoing truly lies. Allow me to fill in the gaps in DNA: Gabe cont Quite clear now in't it? Their secret shame. I'm here to bring attention to the world, and the webcomic voting community of my peers. Penny Arcade should not win on the grounds it's now technically a NickTOON. Fairly Odd Comic Here at Shotgun Shuffle, we're on the forefront of webcomic investigative journalism. Completely unbiased, and 100% fact oriented. An insurmountable amount of useful data has been compiled BY ME to earn your vote for Round 2. Some examples include the following Facts and Graphs: Facts Proof of Good Facts about Colors Your choice could not be more clear. So, I offer unto you, the opportunity your make your voices heard, and vote for Shotgun Shuffle to unabashedly WHOMP Penny Arcade. Just head over to COMICMIX MARCH MADDNESS and cast your vote!!! There are only 64 comics left. So scroll down below the bracket portion and check my box HERE! Remember, you don't need to register on Log In. Just load the page and you're done. AND VOTING ENDS WEDNESDAY! Vote And as always, THANK YOU! -Chris Rusche

232 thoughts on “The Chain Part XV

        1. I find it amusing that you made Penny Arcade look 1000% better than it actually is with your vs, pic.

          Also it’s nice to see a Father/Daughter/Teacher outing.

  1. This one literally made me laugh out loud. I did NOT expect Quinn to be able to make good on her threat to use a whisk. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

      1. I hear the Stephen Lynch song.

        Also since I googled him to verify the song title (Gerbil), I’m amused that Duck Duck Go put his page as first hit with second hit being a congressman from Massachusetts.

        1. This, my friend, is not just any face.

          It is the face of a man.

          But not any man.

          It is the face of a man who will never make fun of a wisk anymore.

        2. This is my wisk. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

          My wisk is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

          My wisk, without me, is useless. Without my wisk, I am useless. I must use my wisk true. I must swing straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must whack him before he whacks me. I will…

          My wisk and I know that what counts in battle is not the swings we make, the noise of our wire nor the bleeding we inflict. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…

          My wisk is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its handle. I will keep my wisk clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…

          Before God, I swear this creed. My wisk and I are the defenders of my apartment. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my kitchen.

          So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!

        3. As a side note, I’d like to see what kind of shape that wisk is in after Quinn finishes with Alex. Maybe as a peace offering, Ellie buys her a new replacement and they mount the remains of the old one over their front door (a warning to keep dirty hippies out of their home!). I’m sure Tara and Pumpkin and the rest of the Buckingham sisters would approve.

        4. I am sure whatever uses our imaginations have assigned the doom wisk, no amount of washing will allow it near food preparation again!

          Shopping trip, here we come Wisk Mart!

        5. The center for food qualities and fun will confiscate that whisk for their PowerPoint presentation, “what NOT to fall upon during your aggro periods as a professional chef. Mostly to heard off Chef Gordon Ramsey.

          It’s going to be all Kubrick on his @$$

      1. Good catch; my first take was Caleb was fascinated and Danny was implying that they shouldn’t pull the site…

    1. Yes, yes I agree, thought it was all jokes and laughs till it happened. She really is one of the family ^^ Though watch the girls get arrested and the footage get used, thus leading the dynamic duo of girl power to the rat and weasel.

      Though I must say Jamilee I have noticed something, that avatar you have now… Rusche! No fair *whines*

      1. Not necessarily. The police nor the prosecutors can use that footage from the website against the girls. Therefore it drains down into a case of he said against what they say. I don’t remember the girls inviting him into the apartment, nor did I hear him ask about it. Therefore, he is trespassing and they are within their rights under Castle Doctrine to defend themselves and their property.

        1. Castle doctrine removes duty to retreat within their own home, and if he’s trespassing or not is irrelevant for that. Also for justified use of force, the use of force must meet the standard that a reasonable person felt that they were at risk of the specific harm.

          I don’t think most states allow lethal force for protection of property (I know Ohio doesn’t, but I think Texas does, not sure about Florida).

          If the video is admissible and found by police investigation and Alex presses charges, it would probably be bad for them. On the other hand, Alex may not want it publicly known how badly two relatively small girls mauled him and Poppa B wouldn’t press if Alex didn’t, and he might very well also make a “gentlemen’s agreement” with Alex to look the other way about other things provided Alex leaves Ellie alone and does let it drop. Don’t know that he’d go so far as hiding evidence, but finding enough dirt against Alex to mention as something that can be moved forward or forgotten to get Alex to let it drop probably wouldn’t take more than four hours. I seem to recall he has rich parents, so I suspect his medical bills would get covered by them either way.

        2. That video was illegally gained through trespassing itself. Stolen all the way. Women have the benefit of the doubt when it comes to threats and self defense.

        3. I’m not sure all the niceties, but there has to be some way that information gleaned through non-kosher channels can become evidence otherwise there would be no point in confidential informants or anonymous tips, which are standard in all 50 states as I understand.

          Since the party engaged in illegal activity regarding video placement (Danny) has nothing to do with Alex or the beating he received, someone unconnected with Danny (such as Tired Guy) could presumably offer the video to the police as evidence of a crime he heard taking place near his home and I would think it would have a decent chance of passing muster as admissible evidence at that point. My understanding of the fourth amendment is that it is a restriction upon the state in gathering evidence, not a restriction on what evidence the state can use if citizens not involved in any form of conspiracy against the accused volunteer. While the evidence provided could prove the existence of a separate crime, I don’t know that it’d get automatically thrown out unless it was shown to be manufactured or entrapment or something similar.

        1. Not sure why I’m suddenly filled with the desire to shake my fist and mutter ‘Dinkleburg!’

  2. I just loooooove investigative webcomic journalism. The hard part is getting past the quantum barrier between poo ixels and cellular levels. I found that a 300 baud modem hooked up to a Heisenburg Compensator filted through a block of Wisconsin Swiss Cheese brand cheese.

    1. Wisconsin Swiss Cheese…

      It sounding like a travesty aside, why go with the imitation when you can have the real thing?

      1. The way I see it, if you’re going to build a device to penetrate the Quantum Barrier with a U.S. Robotics Modem, why not do it with the best locally sourced emulsion of dairy and gasses products for adequate informational dispersal without having to involve the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol? Besides, with the money that I saved on shipping, I was able to purchase a DeLorean.

        1. Border patrol, pft! As if you didn’t know fully well where to get your blackmarket cheese. And due to lack of import taxes, it even is hardly more expensive.

          And don’t forget that getting the local one for cheap may sound all good and well on first thought. But you’ll have to replace it a good 1.5 times as often even under perfect conditions. It’s just not durable enough. And that’s putting quite a restriction on any later purchases or upgrades you want to make.

          No, no. The sensible choice is clearly some original Emmentaler from Kanton Bern. For better energy efficiency, go for the “Kaltenbach surchoix”.
          Or go all out and get Sbrinz. But the rest of your design better be up for the power!

        2. Well at least it’s Wisconsin cheese so we know it’s real and partially effective, could be worse could be from California that stuff just automatically flings the information to alert the nearest government official as to where you are located and what you are trying to do.

        3. I’ve heard a lot of government officials upset at the number of “eat cheese” alerts they get.


    1. Maybe if the girls catch those two sneaking out while they are taking the goateed trash to the Soylent Brown dumpster. (It’s next to the encyclopedia dumpster.

  4. Vote update space and cheerleading section.

    At this time (when posted (mean while at the Hall of Justice))

    Shotgun Shuffle:… 22
    Penny Arcade:……. 6


      Hello there, Mr. Blue here. And at this time, I’m here to report on the standings.
      For the ComicM!x March Madness Webcomic Tournament (a.k.a. April Armageddon)
      Shotgun Shuffle is standing tall with 198 votes against
      Penny Arcade‘s 16 votes. (so they do have a dozen and a half. Mr. Blue didn’t do it.)

      And on the Top Web Comic front, we’ve slid slightly out of the top twenty to 21st. With that, we’re old enough to purchase alcohol in just about every state in the Union. At least I am any way. The 573 votes that we have accumulated translates into 95.5 votes per day. We were ahead of Girl Genius, who currently has 673 votes at this time. These translate into an average 112.1667 votes per day. Maybe the weekend warriors got to it. But we could use those extra 19 votes a day to not only get back into the top twenty, but to beat a potential rival on the March Madness Tournament campaign.


      1. 416-whatever pitiful amount they have…as of this morning. So far, Shotgun Shuffle is CRUSHING Penny Arcade (aka Nicktoon Arcade) and shows no sign of stopping the total domination of this round. Tis a good day…

        1. It doesn’t matter! Exiern, Dresden Codak, bring ’em all on!

          Two against one, four against one, eight against one, call 9-1-1, we’ll take them ALL!

        2. Opponents could change optimal matching for your characters too, so that’s tough. Though if you were planning to use Tarra this next round, she could be a good match for either Kim or the King.

        3. There is the basic voting with just the straight up count. But the donations may not be visible until the last minute. At this time, the following titles need $40.00 in contributions or more to catch up: Goblins, $61.40; Garfield minus Garfield, $45.40; Penny Arcade, Better hope that the ATM doesn’t assplode;

        4. I was sad to see Garfield Minus Garfield hit Girl Genius in the second round. It really is a beautiful comic, just can’t compete with Girl Genius.

    1. It is sad to think how richly deserved any new readers won’t yet realize this beating is. On the other hand, knowing this is in the future when doing a first archive crawl is probably pretty satisfying too.

  5. Oh wow, charts and graphs and graphics? That’s an argument that could be invalidated only by Reagan firing uzis from atop a velociraptor (and someone else has already done that)!

    Moar votes for the vote god!

      1. For the next round, if Exiern wins, Typhan-Knee has recently been shown to be immune to barber-based attacks, so I’d pair her against not a Buckingham sister (unless it’s Cinn and she’s the token loss for the match).

      1. Personally I think a bear-chested Teddy Roosevelt with an enormous spiked club in one hand and a motorcycle under the other arm (lifted off the ground so tires are at knee level) is good for over-the-top former presidential intimidation.

        (no, ‘bear’ is not a typo, I mean the animal, though I mean a lack of shirt too)

        1. Wasn’t that a movie or something? But I could go for the Roosevelt thing. Maybe FDR with a laser guided cigarette holder in a jet chair.

        2. And a book. It was written by the same guy responsible for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

          PP&Z is fantastic, by the way, and despite a 30 minute conversation with my mom on the topic I still can’t quite comprehend out how the original story held together without the zombies. I tried reading the original but couldn’t get past the second chapter.

          I haven’t read or watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer yet, so I can’t comment on it.

  6. Oh Alex. The point was that you really owed them BOTH an apology. Criminy, I’m a social incompetent and even I caught that one.

  7. Hehe, the dirty hippie gets his comeuppance.

    And great work on motivating the voting masses. All Borken, here my cry, go forth and conquer!

  8. Ha! Danny just got a glimpse of the future. I’m sure he thought he could take whatever beating the girls threw at him, but when whisks get involved, even the bravest will fold under that pressure. And Danny is nowhere near the brave.

    Keep up the Awesome!

    1. An example of what could, make that WILL, happen when/if the girls find out, seems to alter things. Just a bit.

    1. Good eye Angela. He did state from the beginning that it was always his plan to do that, just leaving enough time lapse that Patreons get an added benefit for pledging.

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one bothered by the weird bucktooth thing at PA. Love the comic and the art, but I find it odd.

    Love that the whisk made an appearance… :)

    1. The bucktooth bugged the crap out of me once he really started accentuating it. The art got to such a weird place I eventually stopped reading. The inconsistency also started bugging me. And when I say inconsistent I don’t mean off model, Gabe is pretty good about always drawing the characters the same (gradual evolution not withstanding) but you can tell when a comic grabs his interest or not. Reading a comic with a gorgeous rendering of a sunset or tree sandwiched between comics with no real background to speak of just got too jarring and all together too common. They’ll never lose their place in my heart for the webcomic pioneers that they are but I no longer enjoyed their product long before I stopped reading it.

      1. That part doesn’t bother me. The part that bugs me, is that you don’t get half the comics, because they are about some bleeding edge game of the moment that I can’t afford, if I had the console to play it on, which I don’t.

        1. That can be the double edged sword of being as well known as PA, and especially their creation and involvement with PAX. Every developer on the planet wants them playing their products, so they ship them beta’s and prereleases, and God only knows what else WAY WAY in advance of when the typical consumer will even see advertisements for it. Sounds like they’re a bit too inclined to comic their thoughts immediately.

        2. God forbid they hold onto those and drop them in the buffer when they become relevant to the rest of us :p

        3. The day before release day would still be a scoop and probably encourage the people giving them stuff that it was a good investment.

      1. Quite honestly, I don’t really think that an internet poll like that should be taken to indicate much.

        1. Agreed. The vote total for all non-paid votes for that contest is reasonably likely to be less than the regular readership for the least popular non-discontinued comic in the first bracket.

        2. More importantly, the voting is probably non-representative of the actual popularity of the comics. Shotgun Shuffle’s author has been actively encouraging readers to vote since the contest started, but the authors of many of the other comics aren’t paying attention to the contest at all. So the voting statistics are probably far more representative of the level of effort that the authors are putting in to trying to get votes than the actual popularity of the comics.

    1. That’s cheating you big cheaty-face! I’m going to counter what you do by voting for neither of them! Repeatedly!

        1. I’m voting for neither repeatedly after voting for you once and Penny Arcade zero times. I repeated not voting again while typing this comment, even.

    2. The only problem is that he canceled out his vote already by doing so. He spoiled the ballot.

      I voted for steak and eggs as well as, whoops I forgot the bold face. Hang on a second, Shotgun Shuffle and no souffle.

  10. It… it all make sense, now! Gabe and Tycho are really Fairies! Where’s Crocker when you need him?!

    But seriously, that voting graphic was the best I’ve seen the PA characters ever look… maybe they should have you do the artwork for them now… you know, after you hand them a serious beating,

      1. I was on the fence until the RYB pie graph. After that… I just wondered how I could have ever been so naive as to doubt you.

      2. Right now Shotgun Shuffle is #1 with 203 (8%). PA is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay towards the bottom with only 16 (1%). Looks like their fans are taking a nap right now. >_>

        Hopefully people aren’t forgetting to hit the TWC vote as well (you’re at 22 right now).

  11. Close the voting now! I just voted: Shotgun Shuffle is a close second to Grrl Power. That other comic is waaaay back.

  12. I wonder how much seeing this beat-down is discouraging people who know them and are in the know (i.e. Ian) from letting them know for fear their wrath may also fall on him.

    1. On the other hand it could also lead to an accidental reveal.

      “Oh, by the way. Nice beatdown you put on Alex. Guy had it coming.”

      “How do you know about that?”


  13. As much as I loved the comic (and the callback joke to the whisk I rightly guessed Quinn was dangerous with), I loved your Comic Mix presentation more. The propaganda, graphs, and fighting game logo were simply too much, sir. Simply too much.

  14. I haven’t read Penny Arcade in years. They were interesting at first, but I stopped reading when they became too topical. It seemed like the vast majority of them required me to read their blog just to understand what they’re talking about. A comic should stand on its own and not require a blog or knowing all the news that is news to get it.

    It’s nice to see my favorites are still in the running like this, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Questionable Content, and Misfile.

        1. Sorry, Misfile updates five days a week (weekdays)and a bonus one on Saturday now.

      1. Misfile has a specific audience that would find the Indiana situation very unfavorable. Along with a few bakeries and florists. I’m thinking that the author and audience are a very horizontal niche audience throughout the years that it’s been on the internet.

        However, as the tournament continues, and we are able to keep Shotgun Shuffle in the running, we will win over new readers to continue with our vote domination. The tournament also seems to be showing a strong lack of multiple votes per ballot. So, it seems doubtful that every vote is using every competition to either promote current and future conflicts just by voting for their favorite outright alone.

        Me, I’ve been tailoring my vote towards gearing future battles while blocking those who do not seem valid enough to even warrant a battle against the girls. I’d like to see us against Dr. McNinja actually.

        1. They’re ahead, but only slightly. Still anyone’s game. However, if A Softer World had beaten Dresden Codak in round one, that would’ve been very difficult to make the art for (though I suppose you could’ve done your characters in their comic style kicking ass).

        2. “Misfile has a specific audience that would find the Indiana situation very unfavorable. Along with a few bakeries and florists. I’m thinking that the author and audience are a very horizontal niche audience throughout the years that it’s been on the internet.”

          Um, I’m afraid that I am unsure whether I read you correctly Mr. Blue: do you mean that Misfilers would be pro or anti the original Indiana RFRA before it was revised? And “horizontal niche audience throughout the years” = the same demographic across time?

        3. I’m speaking in vague banalities that are only designed to slightly irritate people on either side of that debate with tossing the Exxon Valdeez into a bon fire the size of Giants stadium. However demographically speaking, the author does not cover a wide range of topics, just a narrow one, and its taken him a decade to do a single year. The basic premise of his book is boy wakes up as girl (g1), girl wakes up having lost two years, reverting to a younger age (g2). G1 and g2 explore all of the tenets of a relationship while trying to get g1 back to a boy, g2 her two years back and through the passage of time, live an alternative life while waiting for a reset button to flinch. Pretty narrow market to get readers from to me. That is after you get away from pubescent teens.

      1. As a note/warning, Exiern is listed as having $21 in paid votes for the first round. I believe someone stated paid votes were tacked on at the end, and the margin Dresden Codak is currently winning by (118 to 99) would be wiped out by $5.

        Dresden Codak also hasn’t been updating regularly for quite some time and Exiern has a low key “hey, contest is up vote if you like” on their site and Dresden Codak has nothing. Just saying it wouldn’t be surprising for Exiern to win.

        1. That would be where some of us, who can, could donate surreptitiously (hey, I can use $20 words two) in a very sneaky manner to Dresden Codak just so we can see the excellent artwork that our Glorious Leader, Democratically elected Dictator for Eternal Skies (Ok, enough B.S. there Blue), yeah, Chris has made.

          go codak. yay. (Now quit making fun of me Harvey Dent)

  15. This is just too funny!! Alex is back only for 4 minutes at the most and has already pissed off two of the most dangerous women on the planet and is now getting a proctology exam with a kitchen utensil! Classic!

    Now as for Danny!! NO SHUTTING DOWN OF THE SITE UNTIL YOU GET YOUR DUE!!!! There is a kitchen utensil with your name on it waiting just for you!!!!

      1. Thee’s affection for visceral assault upon naive cretins is warranted and it doth affects my mind in tandem. In sooth, even the most gentle of spirits can be stirred to violence from such deplorable and inexcusable behaviors.

        1. Tarra powers include subliminal influence of people commenting under her avatar? I could see that.

  16. o_O looking good on the polls. May the penny arcade folk sleep until Thursday, or be compelled by your argument to just vote for you instead, either one works. Also, I wonder if medical x-rays of the whisk will get put on the internet somewhere….

    1. That’d be interesting. Personally, i think it’d be lodged fairly far up his intestines. Sidenote: Where’s the Quellie? Also….just checked the poll. Current standings: Shotgun Shuffle leads the pack with a whopping 329 votes, which so far is 9% of them. Honestly, a win doesn’t get much clearer than this.

    2. Your post reminded me of a story of some sysadmins who wanted to name their servers relatively obscene and/or offensive things but it was a problem for when customers came in for demos. Their solution was to instead use names from the “Rectal Foreign Body List”.

      I checked the top two hits on Google and didn’t see a whisk recorded yet. Closest I see is a spatula in the first hit.

      In case it’s not obvious, looking up those lists is somewhat disturbing. Also might result in disturbing ads being served to you by Google.

  17. I just read that entire proposition while Penny Arcade was open in a directly adjacent tab…

    Yeah, this is gonna be a tough round for me.

  18. 417-34 as of right now. A total dominance of the round so far. 89 votes ahead of the second place comic right now (Stand Still, Stay Silent). We’ve got 8% of the total vote. PA…floundering in the shallow end of the pool while we are taking the high dive from the 30 Meter board and making a huge splash!!! Go Team Go!!!

    Vote early, vote often…it’s the only way.

    1. 1 hour later…451-38. Methinks they don’t vote enough for PA…which is a good thing. Now 107 over SS,SS. And we go rolling on!!!

        1. Nope…clock on computer said local time for me (Central Time), but posts are in Eastern Time…so, I’m 1 hour behind…

  19. Awww Alex so close to being a worthwhile human being. You tripped right before the finish line and now you have a whisk shoved up your…

        1. I haven’t had the laptop open yet this morning, but I wrote an Excell spreadsheet to keep track of these regular votes as well as the amount needed to purchase to tie the vote.

  20. SS has more votes than any other comic.
    Violating a hippie with a whisk was clearly the right choice.

  21. If voting like this continues thru the next few rounds, SS will surely decimate any and all opponents.

  22. O.o

    Yep. Looks like Shotgun Shuffle is to Penny Arcade what that whisk is to Alex’s… well… right, keep kicking in their tailpipes, Rusche!

  23. Woo for Danny realizing the trouble he’s made for himself (and the potential bodily harm to follow)
    Woo also for dominating round 1, and here’s to a solid victory in round 2.
    Boo to the fact that votes can be bought, in the most literal sense of the word (yeah, it’s donations to a charity, but having donations pad the vote is just funky [and not the good kind of funk])

    So long as the folks buying votes use up their money before the finals, I think SS is the strongest contender at the moment (not including paid for votes)

    And it looks like (from the numbers they disclosed, at least) that every dollar gets 5 votes (so $0.20/vote) so as little as $20 could really mess up any standings (seriously, yay that it’s for charity, but people spending money on a vote completely invalidates that voting process) I mean, if a site is doing well enough that the creator could take $100-200 from their income to effectively self-promote via voting, they could pretty much buy a win (especially since the bought votes aren’t counted until after voting closes each time…)

    Well, there I go, ranting about things to folks who already know the score. I’m done, I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your servers, try the tuna.

      1. I’m not really thinking about the PA guys (I mean, they haven’t mentioned this thing on the site at all, so they might not even know about it [it is all fan based nominations] or even want to push it, considering they’re already as huge as they are) but the next stages, where there will be smaller, more grass-roots type support going on. It’s the little guys you have to look out for (I mean, if it was all about spending, PA could just go “hey, people who donated to Child’s Play, vote for us & donate there instead this year” and suddenly have millions of bought votes, completely destroying any hope anyone else would ever have.

        But right now, since they haven’t attempted to mobilze anything on the site, we’re good. Again, it’s the ones that got bought votes that might become an issue in the future polls.

        1. Part of the thing is, it doesn’t seem to be drumming up large amounts of donation votes. However while looking at some of the previous years the tournament does seem to have brought in considerable donations through the vote purchasing. In 2013, the tournament raised over $4,000 in donation votes. In the 2014 tournament, Hauman reported that they rose $700 in donation votes. Right now, the 2015 tournament has reported $119 in donations so far. If 2013 is any indicator, Stand Still. Stay Silent, the title following A Redtail’s Dream is going to be a strong contender no matter what. In 2013 they brought in $243.25 through the donation voting. In addition to A Redtail’s Dream, Ava’s Demon brought $525.00. EGS $2.50, Girls with Slingshots 11, Grrl Power $154. Namesake $3, Paranatural $7.50, Quantum Vibe $2.50, Questionable Content $51, Sandra and Woo $416.50, Twokinds $20, XKCD $50.00.

          Unfortunately, these type of totals were not posted for the 2014 finale. But Grrl Power won out over Paranatural in the donation votes while loosing in the regular vote round. It seems that the strong contenders are going to be those with over $50.00 in their donation votes. So, far, the votes seem to favor Shotgun Shuffle as we are entering the final day of voting.

          At this time we have 633 votes to PA’s 66.

        2. True, most of the money voting isn’t happening right now (I think they said $59 in round 1) but if those previous numbers are any indicator, there will be some monetary turnout, and if it’s all saved for a round where there’s actual competition (most match ups in round 1 were pretty 1-sided) then the dollar will speak.

          Let’s say Stay Silent pulls in half of what it did where you provided the numbers. That’ll be 500+ votes worth of voting, unknown until after polling closes (as they don’t want to add numbers until it’s all done) 500 is a lot of clicking, and despite our voting output, 500 votes plus whatever non-donation based votes they’d get could be problematic, to say the least.

          Again, I’m only thinking the ones with previous donation history will become an issue, and think the whole process is still a bit funky, but you work in whatever system you find yourself.

  24. Judging by the geographic representation of the voting distribution, the tournament has a strong presence on the east coast metroplex, Major cities on the west coast with a concentration radiating out from most major cities in the midwest. The possible exception is a general coating over most of Idaho. Seattle, NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dayton seem to be the hottest spots on the US map. Some heat in Atlanta, Orlando (possibly Lakeland?) and Dever as well.

    Europe’s strongest representation comes mostly from the Western portions of the E.U. with concentrations in England with their heat in London, Birmingham, Leeds and a general cluster around Liverpool. It might be Stand Still, Stay Silent here as the suggestion, but Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands.

    Brisbane, Melbourne, Hobart in Tasmania and Timaru in New Zealand have a showing.

    In South America, it seems that the only town with any decent numbers on the map comes from around Sao Paulo.

    Canada has most of their coverage coming from their metropolitan areas. Vancouver, Toronto, Ottowa and Montreal as well as Edmonton.

    Southern Japan, Central Russia also have some representation on the map.

  25. God why is it that I find out that the voting for the comicmix march madness is ready to go the day voting ends and I swear I checked it on the 6th to see if it was up.

    1. He’s Canadian. And startled. Not everyone can pull off the same as our Count Imperious can under pressure or the can can at the Moulin Rouge.

  26. Yea verily, did the sisterhood open the Holy Can of WhupAss and using the Titanium Whisk of Massive Pain and Degradation, visit the predetermined and wholly needed chastisement upon the base creature called Alex. While perusing said chastisement did one Danny Douchebaggius Giganticus and Caleb the Ever Annoyed become alarmed at the level of Chastisement and the Douchiest did tremble and clench his buttocks in fear of the All Mighty Whisk of Doom.

    1. Lols. What an image to wake up to. But I would suggest adding that only previously, before the day of the kitchen comeuppance; only in volcanoes deep in the Earth’s crust, industrial laboratories and now in the nether regions of those individuals who were unfortunate to witness a website called “College Roommate Hotties” have the purest form of diamonds been produced for combat ready laser weapons platforms ever been so cheaply produced.

      The website, footage and all of the viewers were taken into federal custody that day. Kept secure at a federal installation so secure, the mere mention of it’s name is a federal offence. This was done to procure America’s position in the forefront of not only the next cold war but also in the integration of the first black ops light sabre corp.

        1. If you provide an e-mail, then changes in the e-mail change your avatar and changes in your name are ignored. If you don’t provide an e-mail, changes in your name change your avatar.

    1. Alex is the kind of guy that if you see him in mortal danger, you have to stop and consider if helping him or standing back and letting events take their course is the morally positive action.

      1. You mean, if a cameraman was on the scene, would he feel morally obligated to stay out of the fallout zone for fear for his ilfe, or just to make something to bring Bob Saget back to AFHV?

        1. It’s more the question I get when I think about if I happened upon the CEO of the company I’m working for at the moment hanging onto something by one hand over a likely lethal drop. I’m honestly not certain if I’d help him, walk away, or walk away posting a sign to keep other people away too.

  27. Just a random thought, inspired by an avatar:
    Did Tarra gain any knowledge about Pumpkin’s preferences, when they were Pumpagon?

    1. There was a joke I passed on due to pacing, which was Pumpkin looking at Tarra and saying “I know your secret!” And Tarra turns and replies “And I know yours.”

      1. And then, after some time of Boogying down the road, you would mislead us away from the Emerald Castle of Erf-Oz to the drive through of the Munchkin Pope’s Jerk in the Box where Alex is CEO, Danny CFO and Caleb CIO of the little fast food franchise made of straw, wood and no brick.

        What, don’t look at me, I don’t have health inspectors in my crazy fantasy stuff. Dampens the absurdity. However, if there was something based on “Bob’s Burgers,” that’s about all there would be for antagonists. Left and Right. They try to disrupt his business through poor health reports, kidnapping his kids and romancing the wife and Teddy.

        1. Meh, I was using Alf way back in the day anyway.
          And the other Alf only posted one time a few weeks ago.

          I feel no remorse.

        2. Ah, I see the problem now,

          That first post was me, I was replying to myself, in hindsight it looks like I’m being cruel to a random person.

  28. It is after 12:00 my time zone. It is time to unleash those dollar bills. Liberate them from the drive through dollar menus and send them forth in glorious combat to allow for Dresden Codak and Shotgun Shuffle to do glorious battle in the Wendy’s parking lot.

    No, really. I got one reserved and as a promotional drive, they are giving out chocolate frosties and french fries.

  29. As of right damn now, Shuffle’s got 787 to Penny’s 78.

    Pass around teh beerz cuz we freakin’ got this. XD

  30. Just checked the April Armageddon tournament numbers. You are leading the polls by a healthy margin, and not just in your bracket either. You have twice as many votes as the comic with the second most votes. Obviously your doing something right, probably the comic, since it’s so freakin good. Props on your impending victory.

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