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The Chain Part XVI

I'm am very grateful to all of you who took the time to vote for Shotgun Shuffle on ComicMix. Not only are we murdering Penny Arcade, we're #1 by a large margin. Thank you! For anyone heading to Megacon in Orlando Florida this weekend, please be sure to visit Jessica! She has a booth she's sharing with another person, and she's got some goods to sell. So if you're going, be sure to go by and say hello. And feel free to show her some appreciation for keeping this website functional. I couldn't do it without her. Here's a piece of propaganda: Megacon Jessica You can also visit her site here. Her flyer doesn't show the full map, so for anyone needing better bearing, you can view the full Floor Plan here: 2015-Floor-Plan-August Jess and I are planning on doing this again for 2016... only next time I'll actually be there. So plan for it now. AND ALSO... Ginny, whom you all helped send a tablet last week, has a personal letter of thanks to all of you, and you can check that out HERE. :D

204 thoughts on “The Chain Part XVI

        1. D’OH!, so to speak, I left out the phrase, ‘so to speak’ on my kitty post. I probably borked the chain…

          Who, so to speak, let the cat out of the bag.

      1. Anonymous & Deepbluediver: gravatars matching posts are common enough, but I’ve never seen a pair of gravs SO perfectly match a pair of posts–wunderschoen!

    1. I’m guessing Caleb’s exit will be a montage like his entrance. I took the whole thing to be an homage to the American criminal in Snatch.

      1. Will Latin America have finished rendering? Has the minecraft boat found Nessi? Has Mr. Blue anything better to do wjth his time that doesn’t involve obsessing over “2012“, Wisconsin and cheese? Does Mr. Blue even know anyone in Wisconsin?

        Is Mr. Blue just a figment of his fragmented imagineer’s demented mind? Cor that answer, we seek out Harvey Birdman.

        1. Huh?

          Oh, wait…you’re asking me?

          How should I know? I deal with enough delusional personalities every day as it is! Why would I go voluntarily looking for others?

  1. Oh man, the question is, does she think Ellie is in on it as well? If she does, there’ll be a huge fight. If she mentions it to Ellie and Ellie’s as shocked as Quinn, then plans will be formulated. My theory, Danny & Caleb see it all falling apart, but can’t leave, as they’re litterally across the hall (or was it next door?) Ellie turns on laptop, Quinn gets verification that yes, even the laptop can is transmitting, and Ellie calls Danny. Danny, not being all that smart, left his ringer on, and as the girls leave their apt, they hear Danny getting the phone. Hilarity ensues.

    That’s my official prediction. How quickly everything resolves will be seen (I can’t imagine a 2 page thing like with Alex) but it’ll be coming soon.

        1. As a guy who really enjoyed pissing people off a bit too much in grade school, I can tell you that a cheerleader with that expression on her face can do more damage than you might expect based upon her size.

        2. Thats, wait, the whole absurdity of that notion. The aggro cheerleader is the penultimate in desireness. Quantum leaps and quality abounded ahead of the plastic mentality of the Barbie’s glued on smile.

          It’s the next line in action dolls for girls who must do battle while shopping at the mall from their base of, okay, their bedroom while they have sleepovers with their little friends who are from their peer group at school.

          The Pumpagon Battle Shopping TM game for NextBoxStation 275 will feature the 5th generation of those dolls on a platform interface with the most advanced gaming station ever to play Star Trek: Renegades.

          Not suitable for youngsters who can’t grab their parents credit card without permission. An adult is required to set up you account, gaming console interface, neural-net memory system, wormhole generator, singularity synthesizing generator, e-z bake oven with self decorating pastry function, holoroom experience and trans dimensional warp to Downtown Disney.

          Pumpagon Battle Shopping Heroine outfits also come with a tube top and pajama pants for battling the patriarchy. Outfits sold separately. See storez for details and locations far from you.

        3. I can vividly imagine a Pumpagon like in the avatar as a cheerleader, going through their routine on the sideline while chanting the teams battle cry: CRUSH THEIR ‘NARDS!

    1. I was wondering about that too, but Quinn may take the logical route and figure that if Ellie WAS really in on it she would probably be at least paying her rent. But I agree that the laptop will probably be what clues them in to who is really behind this.

    2. That’s right. Danny boy only has the cam hacked. Doubtful he was sick enough to ghost her browser (is that the right term?) As well as having a keystroke logger. So if the girls do go online per the clues dropped by D.J. Cornbread to the site. All they’d see would be a spooked out rabbiting Quinn and a harried Ellie logging on to a site where they see themselves and the watchers see another user window pop up that looks just like the laptop (or iNimbus) feed.

      That makes me wonder how many of those users will become like deer in the headlights, unable to turn away while Ellie calls Danny boy on her phone. She could at that point then turn the phone around, or maybe me the phone’s mic and tell it to sniff the laptop signal. They would be carrying the laptop while walking into the apartment’s door after the phone passes through it just for the Ashliii effect.

    3. Eh, I kind of feel like Quinn will end up blaming Ellie for this as well. They are already not on good terms, and while it might not have been Ellie’s fault directly, if you’re mad the logic of “Lazy-Ellie got stupid job with creepo, creepo put cams in our apartment, if Ellie had gotten a real job this never would have happened…” start to look pretty appealing.

      It will be bad, but that’s kinda where I foresee this going.

      1. Well, some fault does lay with Ellie for the cameras being placed and the site set up. She did let Danny in and went to sleep with him unwatched in the apartment. I think a certain amount of anger on that score is likely and appropriate. However, I suspect Quinn’s going to go the “WTF is your problem, get yourself straightened out”-type talk route as opposed to the “Out! Now!” route. She has been showing a little more patience and a little more value for Ellie than in the past.

        1. Fault may lie with Ellie, but she is innocent as Danny boy was absolutely misleading her on in order to gain fraudulent access to the apartment as well as feigning sleep to perpetuate his ruse (i.e. dastardly scheme. No Muttlys were harmed in this statement) in order to leave and come back with surveillance equipment i addition to the previously unmentioned cracked laptop. Both girls and the landlord by your reasoning would be partially culpable for not having a “key needed for every entry” door lock. Which would make Danny boy’s mens rhea even more difficult and heinous.

        2. The victim of a theft is innocent. However, if someone is a repeated victim because they always leave things unattended for hours at a time and never lock their doors, you probably aren’t going to let them borrow anything of yours that you value.

          There is a difference between being innocent vs guilty and failing to take reasonable precautions. Failing to take reasonable precautions once is a learning experience. People point out that experience to make sure that those they care about did, indeed, learn from it. If someone refuses to take those reasonable precautions (or come up with alternatives) then it’s a safe bet that they’ll keep having the same thing happen over and over again.

          That’s what I expect from Quinn. Hammering Ellie with “Here’s some of those opportunities to avoid this which you missed, don’t miss them if there’s a next time.”

  2. I see she has cleaned up from the whisk incident with the dirty hippie. I also see that Caleb and Danny have not taken the site down…yet. And the S%$# is about to really hit the fan…

  3. And I read the Ginny letter and about started to cry (cause real men can cry). You, Chris, have done a wonderful thing for this young lady and you should be proud of yourself and of your fans who have stepped up to help her. Keep up the good work!

        1. I love jalapenos. Bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers are bite-sized perfection.

          Although I get your point – usually when I’ve had jalapenos on nachos, they are over-briney, over-spicy, raw-chili-flavored nastiness that I end up just picking off and throwing away. But then I tried some that I canned myself… totally different flavor, they were actually good. Must have been the type of vinegar and shitload of garlic I used.

          So… I guess people just have different tastes..?

        2. Could that be the next step for Little Caesar’s Pizza (TM Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc.). Bacon wrapped, jalapeño studded crust pizza?

        3. Not sure about that, but wrapping things in bacon is definitely a natural progression in greatness. Bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped popsicles, bacon wrapped bacon… Deeelicious!

        4. Bacon stuffed bacon wrapped bacon glazed bacon with bacon gravy and bacon bacon* on the side.

          *Bacon bacon, of course, is bacon that has been flavored with other bacon.

        5. They put a few of the things I suggested on the menu. I suppose that’s the thing with having a locally owned greasy spoon tex mex. f

        6. hahahaha Pizza Hut Japan already has that and many other awesome pizza ideas covered Mr. Blue.
          Seriously check it out. Japan has some the most entertaining and delicious takes on American Fast Food.

  4. If they sue the hell out of Caleb and Danny maybe they will have enough rent money for a decade or two.

      1. What’s 30% of at least two to three times $40,000?
        40,000 * 30% = 12,000
        80,000 * 30% = 24,000
        120,000 * 30% = 36,000

        After seizing the assets of the other site’s capital and other assets and Danny boy and Caleb might have why not at least 1.25 Million total. Which could net those lawyers $375,000 at 30%.

        So, the question is, would Count Imperious take the case??
        huh, huh, would ya?

        1. I’ll take the–oh. You wanted some OTHER lawyer.

          Phil’s gonna fire me. I just know it. Me and Avenger are going to be out in the street after this.

        2. Oh wait, I just got a thing someone sent me.

          It’s that damned hippo. He’s going after Ellie.

        3. I think I would best qualify as mediator responsible for Caleb’s business in this scenario. For to be honest, Caleb’s plight is not his own doing and I would set up the following:
          Mr. McVie, look see, If you could prove you had no act in this ordeal I can let you off the hook, yah? You could sue Mr. Fleetwood for the “expenses” on young Miss Buckingham, excluding her time working for Mr. Fleetwood. However, unless you have irrefutable evidence that Mr. Fleetwood purchased that equipment without your consent then that cannot be reimbursed (testimony of Miss Vu pending which I am sure he get the returns for the equipment). If the end of the month has happened and payments of subscribers are validated, then any “profits” requisitioned after closing of the site would be given to Miss Buckingham and Miss Nicks for initial compensation. If not then the subscriber’s money is returned to them and for reputation damages, Mr. Fleetwood would pay a three month wage (12 weeks) of Lakeland minimum wage at 25 hours a week (for 12 weeks) to Miss Buckingham and Miss Nicks. Mr. McVie recovers at least half of his money, Mr. Fleetwood pays out damages, and the young ladies get compensated and have enough money to find jobs. Deal?

        4. Can we argue that the minimum wage in Lakeland is based on a median value and not the federal minimum wage? If so, I would suggest putting it at around $9.00 an hour, because in the fly over lands, my mom was pulling down better than $10 an hour (without compensation packages accounted in that rate) for skilled nursing. I would imagine the at the time (mid 90s) complete rate would be around $15.00 an hour to $17.

          So, if acceptable, the Lakeland minimum wage would be $225 a week, $2,700. But there is a problem, since the site was a 24/7, wouldn’t they be also able to sue not only for overtime, but creation of a hostile work environment due to the fact that they were forced to work unknowingly for this camsite? Therefore, As Ms. Nicks attorney (Yeah Right, Birdman can attempt to be retained by Ellie (And for this fantasy, we’ll need the meta’s on deck)) I propose that the following be amended. Their work hours represented for a full 40 hour work week, with all benefits ascribed to my client that your client enjoys, i.e. insurance coverage, 401(k) benefits, retirement packages, overtime of one and a half rate for the next 20 hours, and an incrementation of overtime rate at two and a half for each subsequent block of twenty hours. This would be a forty hour pay period of $360, 1st block of overtime adds an addition $180, and an additional $450 dollars for the next five blocks which is a sum of $2,250, and a final $450 dollars for the final eight hours of the week. My clients work week pay should be reflected as an equivalent of $3,240 in compensation minimum.

          My client is also seeking damages for defamation of character in an amount of $10,000,000. As it seems that Mr. Fleetwood was at the time of his initial contact with Ms. Buckingham an employee and/or doing business in and for Mr. McVie, this is a justifiable and credible tort (Okay, I’m pulling this out of thin air. You know the law a hell of a lot better) to hold against Mr. McVie’s business. In addition, we are seeking to place a lien on not only Mr. McVie’s business assets, but also his personal assets as well as his personal and private accounts.

        5. Since Danny is Caleb’s employee the company shares liability for everything Danny does using their IP, property, or funds…

        6. Actually that is why mediation is good for this situation. Is Caleb’s company a Sole Proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company, an Equal Partnership, a Partial Partnership, or a Joint Venture? Is Danny an employee, a partner, a shareholder, a consultant, or an independent contractor? Mediation allows for all of these things to be examined and evaluated to look at how much liability is shared by the groups involved outside of the court. The rulings have a legal binding, but are done so without all the costs, time, and publicity involved with being in the court system.

  5. This line left intentionally blank.
    This line however is to remind our friends that this is the last day for round two. It will end at midnight TONIGHT eastern standard time. Also, a few donation votes for Shotgun Shuffle couldn’t hurt. However, as my icon is the unofficial Shotgun Shuffle cheerleader, I want to suggest throwing a few towards our next competitor, Dresden Codak. A worthy opponent according to Mr. Worf, Genghis Khan, Khan Noonian Singh as well as Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.
    Dresden Codak 128 to Exiern 106. A difference of 22 votes or $4.40.


    Mix match round two: http://www.comicmix.com/2015/04/06/mix-march-madness-2015-webcomics-tournament-round-2-vote-now/
    Shotgun Shuffle 803 to Penny Arcade 80

    Top web comic vote link: http://topwebcomics.com/vote/14850/default.aspx
    23rd place with 714 votes.

    Go go Shotgun Shuffle copter!!

      1. We’re getting down to less than the final two hours here for round two.

        Shotgun Shuffle 829 to Penny Arcade 82.
        Dresden Codak 135 to Exiern 108.

        We need the next level of art chris has for the girl robot people. Let’s get it up for round three

        GO GO Shotgun Shuffle

        1. We’re within the last ten minutes of the tournament. Shotgun Shuffle is in the lead by what could only be described as the Grand Canyon against Penny Arcade. 833 to 82.

        2. Just checked, and the numbers still seem to have increased. 841 to 83. But I need to check the after midnight post to make sure.

  6. Wonderful. I’m proud to know people like you in this life, Chris. And I’m proud to know this group, to the Internet extent that I do.

    And I also eat Ramen noodles that are probably that old! :D

    1. I don’t eat Ramen that are expired (mainly because they never survive long enough around me to reach that point), but otherwise I fully agree.

        1. It’s a bonus, not a flaw, to be capable of honestly enjoying something cheap that other people find vile.

  7. First panel really does fulfill the questionable butt staring promised in the Patreon. But now it is time to see what kind of fan Danny threw his $&!+ at and we can see how the girls probably lose the apartment. Did he throw it at a simple house fan or an industrial strength wind tunnel. I’m hoping for wind tunnel, I kind of want to see Danny meeting the business end of a whisk.

        1. Sure, but that dress had spaghetti straps. This is a different purple dress, because Quinn likes purple.

          (I went back and looked a couple of comics ago as I was going to point out she was wearing it and noticed it was a different dress. Comic is High Tension, 22 Jan 2014).

        2. Looks sleeveless to me. I always thought the T part of a T shirt was the sleeves.

          The previous comic where I’d considered it might be a dress was the ghost one that turned into the middle of The Chain Part X (24 Mar 2015) where we hadn’t seen her below the waist yet. Since the dirty hippie we’ve seen the end of the shirt and pants below so it’s clear now. Just wasn’t then.

          Also that quick archive check showed me that my new avatar was the last part of the comic that choked Photoshop, being a clip from a wall outlet of Quinn & Ellie arguing.

  8. Looking back through old comics, I discovered something that I had forgot…namely that Ellie signed Quinn’s roommate agreement with Quinn’s name. Just like she signed Danny’s contract with his name.

    I love continuity of character! Well done Chris! That was, what, five years ago? Bravo!


  9. I had the feeling that Eagen was going to be the one break the chain when he first appeared in this particular arc. Good for him.

    And LOL at the expired Ramen. Those must be high def indeed to pick up on that level of detail.

  10. The shit has hit the fan, and will now proceed to be flung in all directions, as if the world were taking over by a bunch of excitable monkeys who are REALLY into baseball.

    What I’m trying to say is, everybody should put their poncho on….

  11. Alright everyone, say it with me now, there is only ONE suitable instrument of punishment that can serve justice in this case.


    “Ellie, and Quinn…I guess that makes me Ellinn”

    Use the Potari Earrings! ^^

    1. I still like the name Quellin. “Quell” is a Middle English word for murder, so their name would basically be Murderin’

  12. Ballistic missile detected on radar! All units break! Landing forces, disengage and brace for missile impact!

    *takes cover*

    1. It’s coming right at us….

      Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing cognac.

  13. Recalling the last conversation we saw between them, Ian had called Quinn on trying to string him along while she was dating Alex. I wonder if watching the beat down had any influence on him calling and if he’s considering asking her out for himself (as opposed to as the duly designated spokesperson).

    Also I like the water effect in the last panel.

  14. Thou art a magnificent individual Mr. Rusche. Whilst thou may have faults, as do we all, thee has not let them impede your progress. Prithee that you continue to make a difference in all that you do. Such difference is the focus of my organization and in due time we may contact thee to make arrangements and discuss such matters to truly make a difference and launch our country into a social renaissance that shall renovate our age. There is much promise I see in what thou does in practice and in character. Until that time is upon us I wish you good luck and bless thee with favor in all that you do.

  15. IT’S MIDNIGHT. 835 to 82. At this point in time, the winner looks to be Shotgun Shuffle. However, there is the possibility that someone could pony up over one and a half Benjamins to catch and surpass. Pity, I know that there have been some additional donation votes purchased. ;)

  16. Rusche, if you illustrate the previous rounds of votes, might I suggest representing Shotgun Shuffle as a t-rex eating your competitors? Maybe work it into a Jurassic Park reference. It’s been a bit… uh… lopsided… so far.

        1. Google?

          I guess I just mean that there are so many comics in which dinos are featured prominently, Shotgun Shuffle not being one of them suggests such promotional materials would likely be misconstrued. But don’t let that stop you.

          On the other hand, I give Rusche full permission (not that I need to) to emulate my fan art of kaiju McFatFat towering over the city, only this time vacuuming up all competitors in place of the T-Rex in gravatavatarlesses suggestion.

        2. Hm. I hadn’t considered the number of dinosaurs in comics. I definitely like your McFatFat idea but I’d hate to see the whole vacuum thing get overdone. How about working it into a late 80’s reference?

          Draw the parade gassing sequence from the 1989 Batman, with McFatFat as the lead parade float, Quinn as the Joker, and Ellie as Bob (his number onnneee…. GUUUUYYYY). The comics Rusche beat could be represented by characters choking to death in the clouds.

        3. So now we’re poisoning the competition to death?

          I happen to love many of those other comics. Couldn’t we just drop pies on their heads or something?

        4. I’m sure Rusche would only poison them to temporary paralysis. Maybe a careful dose of curare cut with nitrous oxide (assuming it is Joker motif still).

          Remember, fiction always allows you to do the careful dose thing. The way that shooting someone with fifty “double strength” tranquilizer darts doesn’t stop their heart or anything, just means they’re well and truly put to sleep.

        5. Mr. Blue used 16 molar hydrogen sulfide in a round once, people argued about like they were still standing. So, the next day, I asked the professor across the hall from my thesis adviser. He said they died.

          Oooops. I did not adjust their character sheets to reflect that.

        6. You’re sure?! How can you be sure? Look at Rusche, with those shifty eyes and that suspicious grin. He’s plotting something way more fiendish than temporary paralysis.

          In any case, part of me wants to question the need to make a big show of winning anyway. I mean, not to compare comics or anything, but last I checked Penny Arcade never posted anything about ComicMix on their site. It’s like they’re not even aware of their own participation in this tournament. I’m not saying “let’s eschew celebration”, and not just because I notice so few opportunities to use the word “eschew” in everyday situations that I feel entirely comfortable working it into my comments – certainly Rusche should celebrate his victory, that’s his right as a winner. I’m just saying that telling the opponents we crushed them is kinda cheesy when their likely response would be “You won what now? Sorry, I was busy doing my own thing over here…”

          Anyway, just a relevant thought I was having. By the way, I played a Hungry Hungry Hippos tournament with all of you last night. None of you were there, so I won and y’all can suck it! w00t w00t, lectric boogalo FTW!!

        7. You make a good point regarding the vanquished; making the people fleeing the gas upcoming competitors is more in keeping with the spirit of competition rather than gloating. I meant for it to all be taken in fun, anyways, so that would be more inline with my motive as well.

        8. Actually, I kind of like that idea. Definitely in the spirit of competition, and the sort of thing where, speaking for myself here, if I saw one of my creations in such a scenario I’d be more likely to laugh along than to scoff at it.

        9. Hooray! We’re in agreement on an idea that will never see fruition! :D

          Brainstorming is it’s own reward, though. I like the mental image it’s led to.

        10. Not so much certain, as believing Rusche already knows the lesson Danny is likely supposed to learn in this storyline about legal culpability and posting things online.

          I’m happy that you were supporting marblevores, though. They can have difficulty existing outside captivity.

  17. Well, Danny is about to lose his other eyebrow… and… vital internal organs. I wonder if this will be a catalyst for the bloody thousand years war between Canada and America, when Caleb gets introduced to the business end of a cheese grater.

  18. Truthfully though…considering Quinn’s situation, how many of yous guys think Danny might get away with flashing Quinn a percentage?

    1. It certainly isn’t a leap to link “I’d like to know I can afford simple things” to “This site made how much in one month?”.

    2. I don’t think Quinn would take it. I think she values her privacy too much for cash to make that violation ok. Upon hearing no cameras in bedrooms or bathrooms, Ellie might. Though the fact that there’s a cam on the laptop and she wasn’t warned on that would probably piss her off too much to accept, too.

        1. There’s a difference, but the need of money tempered with laziness tendencies and a ready cash flow presenting itself I could see her being willing to be persuaded. The Facebook thing shows the enjoyment of attention that would play toward making the voyeur direction more palatable (but agreed, certainly not automatically acceptable). I think it’s the realization the laptop could’ve caught her naked that would turn into the trump so it wasn’t quite a sufficient argument.

  19. I realize she dropped the pot and ramen out of surprise, but part of me thinks it’s funnier to believe she dropped them because the noodles were expired.

    1. I’m thinking the pot is an anger reaction. She wasn’t holding it when Ian responded. Noodle pack might’ve been surprise, though.

      1. I think an anger reaction would have sent the pot across the kitchen, not dropped straight down. Maybe she “fainted” and knocked the pot off the counter.

        1. Less faint I think but sudden movement without regard for things that might be in the way.

        2. Ditto, I somberly state while watching nature’s pyrotechnics through these glass panes, looking in the same direction as a tornado warning one package of Little Debbie’s ago.

          P.s. it was a dark and stormy night, when all of the sudden. .

        3. If you look at panels 4 & 5, you’ll see that she’s three cupboards away from the fridge, yet the pot is right by the fridge as it’s falling.

          Looking at the whole thing carefully, I think I’m underestimating the time lapse between panels. She’s removing the pot from the cupboard in panel 4 so presumably no water at that point, and it’s sitting on the surface and not inside a sink in panel 5 and not mentioned by Ian as being held by Quinn. So either she picked it up and started walking and then dropped it as she darted out of the room or she threw it at least a few feet in anger and hasn’t moved yet.

          I’m leaning towards she was walking with it and dropped it and the noodles as she booked it elsewhere (probably either towards Ellie or out of the apartment to get to a non-recorded place to talk).

    2. I agree. She was skeptical that Eagan could see her but couldn’t deny it once he correctly called out the Ramen.

      The expired bit was icing on the cake, and absolutely inspired…

    3. Quinn is holding the noodles, but you can clearly see the pot sitting on the stove. Somehow her reaction actually knocks it into the ground.

    1. While we don’t know the entirety of this agreement that Quinn and her father entered into. So if those cameras were not in there by Quinn’s choice before, why would the possibility of their being there be anything. Besides, Quinn has stated that she likes her privacy.

        1. Well, to be honest, what with the problems that she had with her mom, I don’t think that Quinn would be altogether welcoming of anything like this previously. But, a decent question.

      1. There was only one moron. He stole the money without permission to get the cameras and put up the site. The other one just did not murder him as intentionally planned. Does that make the second one a moron for not murdering the first moron? But then, didn’t Quinn call Ellie a moron? I think that she called Alex an idiot, or was that a moron that she used to describe him while talking on the phone while being asked if she needed a ride by the one person who was elected by his peers to ask if she needed help.

        1. Ok, I stepped into that. I mean Danny of course. He is gonna wish he was dead by the time this one is over. Even if he gets arrested he is dead because of dear old dad.

      1. I assumed she dropped them either out of shock or in her hurry to leave the apartment. It”s a shame her flailing was not “on camera,” I enjoy seeing those moments where Quinns calm and cool facade cracks.

    1. I’m guessing it’s been maybe a month and not much more than that. She probably still clearly remembers the creepy guy that startled her on a pantsless early morning fridge trip.

      I’d be very disappointed in Quinn if she didn’t put “sketchy guy wide awake wandering around my apartment while Ellie and I were sleeping” together with “a bunch of cameras recording the apartment”.

      Granted, she doesn’t know that he’s literally next door and within range of her wrath (unless he’s jetted already, I assume at least 5 minutes have passed since Alex beating completed, which may have been a “door open” sort of thing).

        1. I was thinking that at first too, but if you figure he got the site up and called Barrel to start trying to talk girls on Caleb & Vu’s site to his site on the same day cameras are placed, you still have to allow for however long it took Barrel to give up, then time to ship the bribe to Heather, and if Caleb finding the bank account and heading down to Florida wasn’t shown out of chronological sequence, then that’s a few days there. We’re at the point now where Eustice at least knows Quinn’s routine.

          So a week isn’t impossible, but I’m that’d be pretty tight on the timing.

        2. However, Danny boy had that stuff purchased from an account with $20k. A month would be too long, and Barrel is unemployed for the most part.

          Four days from the overnight stay to having all but Heather convinced.
          Two days for Lava/Heather tough love chat and overnight phone. (6)
          Two days for male nerds in the know to traverse to the “College Roommate Hotties” site until they pass on to money bagged people because of their respective activity levels, which should take another day because of the social media/4chan effects. (9)
          One half day for Caleb to go from usual to Erf level aggrovatedtions, three hours to wait on the next flight, three hours at airport security, six hours of flight (gate to gate), two hours to rent a car and seventeen minutes to go from airport to the shopping center where they shot Edward Scissorhands where he abandonedthe car because of the state, county, municipal and Dayton 500 officials trying to grab him. And thirteen minutes for him to get from there to Danny boy’s door. One minute until door asplodes, thirty minutes to $h*tty beer (10)
          And the six hours to DJ Cornbread being bored enough at work to surf. Then three hours to the revelation.

          10 days 9 hours.

          That’s a better estimate, in my opinion.. These are mostly unemployed people who were needed for the ground floor hate/stupid name calling fest. Just wonder if Olsome2hot4U saw it.

        3. Maybe, but unless Quinn’s classes are more regularly schedules than mine (or especially some of my friends who went to schools on quarters instead of semesters), Eustice would’ve needed to have either heard a discussion on Quinn’s schedule or watching long enough to have witnessed it. If witnessing, minimum time would be two days with a possibility of over a week needed. Since Barrel started with the female membership of Caleb & Vu’s site, he would’ve presumably been a later rather than sooner addition.

  20. I know I’ve said it before, and there’s a good chase this comment won’t be seen at all, given the distance down the page it’ll be, and how it’s nearing new page time, but I seriously love how everyone on here carrys on. The discussions, the humor, the things that get done IRL because of what’s said on here; it’s all pretty freakin’ amazing.

    Just had to say that again, what with the recent voting, the tablet situation, and just everyone’s loquaciousness with the comment section.

    Okay, good night everyone (1 am here)

    1. I totally agree. I’ve been hanging out with webcomic communities and their fringes almost since they became a thing and in the over 15 years I’ve been doing it this is one of the very best I’ve come across.

    2. I’m betting that Rusche is going to stall a bit to wait and post to see if webcomic March Madness updates today or not.

      I’ve only paid attention to commenting on a couple of other webcomics, but all of those have seemed relatively cordial. Granted one of the ones I paid attention to in the past has a webcomic author who’s openly quite heavy about deleting posts, so that might not be the best one to judge by.

    3. You’d be surprised what we pay attention to.

      And you haven’t even seen the best stuff yet. We have our own gang of meta-commenters who swing in and occasionally comment on the strips as the characters. Haven’t seen them lately, but then it’s been a while since all the sisters were together.

      1. Yea the metas are fun. It’s been a while since any have stopped by though.

        For any who have no idea what we’re talking about check out the Black Friday arc, somewhere around “All right ramblers” is the point where they really started in full swing.

      2. I remember those guys (each using code-meta names “the X one” and “not mine” etc)

        It was like getting an extra update with each update…did anyone ever figure out who they were, or did we just accept tr fun times and roll with it?

        1. The meta posting as Ginger slipped and posted something as normal and then corrected to Ginger. I don’t think any of the others did that and I didn’t try investigating past that.

          There were also people posting as Ginger’s kids.

  21. One fitting punishment. Force him to eat said expired Ramen. Along with all the freshly boiled water it was cooked in.

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