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The Clarificationing

Next comic will still be up today (Wed.) Got hung up on one of the panels. Coloring now. Got some longer strips like this in the works to make up for my sick days. Patreon tomorrow. :)

196 thoughts on “The Clarificationing

      1. First to comment on the first comment that attempts to claim recognition for the first comment but didn’t get the name to go with the first comment but had to comment on the first comment after filling in the information to comment on the first comment.

      2. Mahanaxar: “Hello my name is Mahanaxar & I am a Firster”

        Everyone else: “Hello Mahanaxar”

        .. I’m not sure how many people are going to get it, or find it funny.
        But I got a laugh out of it.

    1. Worst of it is, they both have a point. Of course Quinn should be warned about people coming. But then Eliie didn’t have many options here; the guy came over at 1:30. Ellie couldn’t very well wake Quinn up and say “there’s a guy here I used to work with and who took me to dinner at a 90s theme restaurant, so don’t wander around the house in your undies for a while.” Course, it probably would have been better for Ellie to tell Danny to come back another time, but that Ellie didn’t think of that option doesn’t reflect all that badly on her.

        1. Fair use does not imply personal use outside of normal purchase. Unless the movie is in the realm of public domain, like the ones that are shown on the local cable movie monster access channel, it is piracy.

          Even the great Steve O purchased the rights to the movie that he used for “Kung Pow: Enter the Fist” He even gave all of the original screen credits as applicable, I think. I don’t know. I rarely read all of them. And this would be in the realm of parody. However, in doing so, he would have to ensure that the original actors also received their proper royalties. That would be my understanding.

          What if I were to create another patreon account, on a stolen laptop, and uploaded everything to the internet under a competitive webcomic entitled, girls who don’t give a damn and put it all out there. I erase all of the characters comments and put in NSFW statements. I don’t think that would be fair use, but it is only one more step than what Ellie would be doing.

          I mean, if we did not have the Patreon, Chris would not be here now. I’m not demeaning the people who enjoy the content for free. Up until after the start of this year, I was one of them. But movies and the internet are two different things. Because watching a movie is the equivalent of going to the circus and purchasing the tickets to see the side shows. You can’t see them without, unless someone didn’t put the set up correctly. But you get chased off without a ticket. Because someone is trying to sell something that they have, be it a widget, a story, movie, or a cartoon. Pirating the movie is just breaking into that movie if it’s downloaded illegally.

        2. This is a familiar argument, and one I won’t engage in. Suffice it to say, however, that the MPAA definition of piracy and the actual legal definition are two very different things.

        3. There’s the legal way of looking at it and then there’s the moral way. Don’t we forget this either.

        4. The sad thing is that the theoretical concept of an ideal legal system would be to cover the “bare minimum” morality that the society could accept out of each other and leave everything else legal. We’re unfortunately quite far away from all of that.

          @Steve – Part of the problem on that is really the “bully” tendencies of our legal system at the moment here in the US. Be it overzealous prosecutors scaring people into bad plea bargains or rich corporations hiring lawyers to badger people who can’t afford to fight back to force an agreement or make examples out of them, all the same thing in my view. Somewhat better consumer protections (especially in terms of scale for damages), more tech savvy judges for copyright cases, judges setting precedents of fining the RIAA & MPAA for filing predatory suits even if they drop them once it’s clear they’ll lose, and finally more people and organizations being willing to file claims of false statements under oath for bogus DMCA takedowns would help clean up the RIAA & MPAA’s behavior nicely. They’re effectively existing in a domain where their misbehavior costs them very little. Calling them on their crap and making sure they pay the proper cost for what they do would change the behavior.

        5. Mike Jittlov, an independent animator in the 70’s and 80’s (well before advent of CGI), is in the unenviable position of having to allow his only major work to be pirated…because otherwise it would never again see the light of day. Wiki “Wizard of Speed and Time”, and find yourself a torrented copy of this charming film. The feature film’s producer (Richard Kaye), who also acts in the film, presciently portraying a crooked Hollywood producer, apparently absconded with the film and claimed all rights for himself. Which had the next effect of barring the artist from ALL of his previous work, which had been incorporated into the feature. Kaye’s wrong, but Mike could never afford the lawyers to prove otherwise.

        6. I seem to remember Matt Stone & Trey Parker making a public statement when they put the whole South Park archive up for free streaming that it was because they were tired of having to pirate their own work. I’m assuming they were being some degree of smartass & lazy in that statement, but I did always like it.

      1. I’m 100% with Quinn here. She’s not yelling at Ellie, just calmy stating something that justifiably upset her in a “let’s agree on a way for this not to happen again” conversation that needs to happen (if isn’t complete here). Also, for the information they both have at the moment, Quinn’s calling Ellie on the right things about how she’s interacting with with him.

        Granted, with the information WE have from the audience, it’s not far enough by a long shot, but that’s information they don’t have now (and probably won’t for a while).

        1. And this is interesting, because Quinn is giving Ellie relationship advice, where the best that Ellie gave Quinn was ‘I seen this *&&# pulled by my sisters a dozen times.’

        2. What caught me is that everyone who isn’t Ellie so far doesn’t like Danny. Pumpkin didn’t much care for him, and now Quinn’s calling him “that creep.” Boy is setting off a lot of alarms for a lot of people.

        3. I thought that it was more along the lines of: current usefulness bolstered by laptop and movie piracy. Currently up three points to 19% usefulness on the man scale for good girls.

        4. I don’t know that Ellie actually likes Danny all that much as she doesn’t mind him, has a strong need of social contact she’s not getting, and is somewhat used to guys hanging on wanting in her pants so not particularly bothered by it any more.

      1. It is/was a play on words. In the song, he gave the right inflection for one “t”, but every one gets that the second one is what he really means.

        1. You know you can disable autocorrect, right? Because I was pretty happy when I finally tracked down where they hid the setting

        2. But then we wouldn’t have the entertaining image of spectral cartoonists sneaking up behind unsuspecting victims and then walking away like a poorly controlled marionette.

  1. Odd to find a Buckingham reluctant to kick a guy in the nads. Especially when it’s well deserved.

    On a different note: Why all the “firsts”? A first post that says “first” is both obvious and redundant. Open a dialogue or something…

    1. It’s a bragging rights thing. You are a more dedicated fan, because you spent an hour doing nothing but hit refresh on the page every 5 seconds.

        1. The best response a friend had for me using that phrase when he disagreed was shrugging his shoulders back and me and saying, “When in Soddom…”

    1. Chris lived near the place, so perhaps there was some tips of thought osmosis going on there. No matter how strong the will, something cartoonish mouse will leak into the strongest. … damn, what was I saying?

    2. Probably because she was doing poses that KP did in the show.
      And both her hair & outfit are somewhat similar to ones used by KP.
      .. I really shouldn’t know that.

      1. I don’t blame you, she was in the proper age between that of minority and majority. But then, I’m sure that almost every boy either wanted to be Ron or something like that.

  2. Quinn actually being not only rational but nice about it? Wow. Think she might be thawing toward her roommate a bit there.

    1. I’m of the opinion that post-roommate-fight KK convinced Quinn that she needed to get better about dealing with people and that Ellie would have the patience to put up with a lot more crap than most anyone else she might run into (Ellie’s laziness does make her quite easygoing at times).

      1. I would agree with that. HOWever, the Tired Guy threat is still lingering somewhere in the back of her brain.

        dun dunnnnnnn

        dun dunnnnnnn

        gasp cough wheeze

        1. Having six sisters doesn’t make Ginger particularly easygoing. If you factor out drunken stupors and feeling beaten down by past mistakes for Juniper, along with cerebral incapacity for Cinn, I think Ellie is easily the most easygoing of the seven. Possibly is even without factoring that out, but I’m not sure how often Juniper is sufficiently drunk to not care about anything to attempt that evaluation.

        2. Ellie is the most easygoing, true. Though most of the sisters seem rather capable of taking some flak without instantly flying off the handle. Especially from roommates (though in the Buckingham house, this would usually be resolved by Capillary Combat).
          For Ellie I could imagine it also “helped” to have Cinn as a twin.

        3. Could it be that part of her laziness is in part due to her having had if done to her so often, that if there is/was a sabotage of sorts going on then perhaps a ‘why bother’ attitude would be the start of her slide down the entropic endeavors of….. almost anything outside of self cars and image maintenance.

        4. But Ginger is the Queen B(ee) of the council of sisters, why should she be more accommodating in a personal style? Is family, you take what you get, because as Cinnamon says, ‘you guys are always having sex in the house.’

  3. A surprisingly civil exchange. I was hoping for Danny being thrown out violent by either/both of the girls. Or maybe having his wookie bent.

    1. Shakedown, breakdown, honey
      Just about the time you’re thinkin’ it’s alright
      Breakdown, takedown You’re busted

        1. Given Alex’s personality, why would he tell them until the site has 8,000,000 views? If I had to guess, Quinn’s Daddy is going to arrive with some intel.

        2. I doubt he has the talent to garner that kind of following, no matter the subject. And, if he did, he lacks the intelligence to monetize it.

        3. Quinn’s dad was in Syria half a comic year ago (What The Pilgrims Ate – 20 Nov 2013), and I doubt that he’d find it personally or be breaking rules enough to try to assign anyone to watch for negative things about Quinn.

          For someone to discover and bring to Ellie’s attention, I’d guess a male O’Jack’s co-worker (other than Barrel) mentioning it to KK who passes it along, James/Richard/Ian finding it and Ian passing it along, Anise or Cinn finding it and pointing it to Ellie, or an unintroduced character or happenstance. There’s also the possibility of them finding out by finding a camera.

          I figure the odds on who’d notice/pass it along would depend on what role is being played elsewhere in the story (i.e. could be cause for Ian & Quinn to talk again and that conversation leading to more involvement with him), so hard to determine who’s most likely.

  4. Really Ellie? I know you’re the naive one, but no you’re just sticking your head in the ground. You’re not taking any of this serious at all. Quinn is right here, an as half owner of the apartment gets a say in who can enter/visit.

      1. I’ll disagree. And even if she was it’s still being foolish, Cause she’s still trying to play it off as not a big deal in the end. She should still be able to see the obvious warning flags and trying to address the actual issue, not trying to shift part of the blame onto Quinn’s actions or personality.

        1. We’re talking about the possibility of Ellie having guests or what? I’m not sure that I understand your head in the same description. But the way that I read it, was that Ellie was attempting to stall Quinn’s train of thought of her overstepping the line in reference to Daniel-son sleeping on the couch.

      1. Then Ellie cannot bitch at all. Quinn’s word is the Law in the apartment despite the arrangements they made in the past, she holds the cards.

        1. No. Because even under that view, if would not serve Quinn’s interests in self discovery/improvement nor in real estate law. Especially since she violated equal opportunity rights in housing. But if Ellie has been paying her rent to Quinn, that makes her co-equal in the tenancy, something that her father may have stipulated with the leasing office before letting Quinn go off to school on her own. KK knew this. So I’m also going to guess that while KK was the first room mate, Ellie may be on the paperwork as occupant, seeing as how the Col. Pays the bills for the rent.

        2. Quinn’s dad is a General as I recall (I believe 4 star, someone had mentioned). Also from what I recall Quinn’s name is the only one likely on the lease, but her father had the requirement that she keep a roommate, and I believe there was at least the implication that she was supposed to not just keep going through new ones all the time. So from a real estate law stance, unless Florida is very different than what I’m used to, Ellie has noticeably less rights than Quinn regarding Quinn’s decisions regarding the apartment. However, she would have some common law-type rights since she’s been paying rent.

          @Zippy – I think what you’re seeing as Ellie not taking this seriously is what looks to me like her falling into a “little sister” role with Quinn. Quinn’s somewhat bossy by nature, spent enough time being at least somewhat of a surrogate parent for her little brother, and has enough self-esteem issues that she probably feels a bit better as the dominant party. Ellie is lazy/easygoing, grew up with four older sisters (some of which were VERY dominant), has had little (possibly no) experience dating, and is a very social person and likes to get along with people around her. All those things, along with their postures and that it seems almost like a familiar dynamic, is why I think this is more elder/younger sibling roles coming out.

        3. At least 105,938 people do as of a moment ago. I considered it but while I’m not a fan of cats, I’m also not a fan of card games. If they would’ve been a bit less lazy about their stretch goals I might’ve been more tempted.

  5. Second panel, Quinn is saying “folic”, like the acid.

    Also, feels like Quinn has been drawn pretty fetching compared to Ellie. Must have been the roots.

        1. Actually I suspect the extra food I was noticing is more likely to have influenced her choice of outfit more than the decision to run (I expect that was there all along).

    1. Much of the hostility was due to a misunderstanding from high school. Once that was cleared up, Quinn found:

      …They got one thing in common,
      They got the fire down below.

      1. I think a lot of people would be shocked to discover how much of high school was actually built on misunderstanding….

        1. I find the outlets, wiring, breakers, and power main to the building to be the most shocking thing about the way high schools are built. Most other buildings too.

          Seriously, though, high schools aren’t built on misunderstanding so much as perception. Perception matters out in the real world, but lots of other things matter as well making a more nuanced whole, while high school has a lot more pure perception moments/areas. Misunderstandings are just very visible aspects of that in retrospect.

    2. I think Quinn realizes that she needs to learn to be better with people. Also, she realizes that Ellie is too lazy to want to be alpha, and very much not used to the way the world works. Recall that Quinn was stated to have mostly raised her younger brother for at least a few years due to their mother’s neglect. I’d imagine they settled into a comfortable groove with each other where they slide back and forth between being equals and Quinn being the elder/mentor.

      1. I see “Foley”, and I complete that with “artist”, but I’m a little lost on why Quinn would be doing sound effects in her underwear.

        1. On that note: What do you make of the results of the WWE Royal Rumble? I didn’t see it, but I read that reception among the fans wasn’t exactly favourable.

  6. Should we be at all concerned that their color palettes are merging? They aren’t going to slip into some sort of Pumpagonesque fusion state that ends up taking half this world with it, are they? ;-)

      1. I dunno, I think Ellie would end up distressing the spandex of any halter top that would fit Quinn were she to borrow it. In my experience that would raise someone’s ire.

        1. I was going to say… there seemed like a plethora of purple involved. Maybe he just bought too much paint and needed to use it before it went bad?

        2. Ellie might’ve decided she liked Purple a bit better after some of what she borrowed from Quinn.

          But yes, I can’t imagine Ellie being comfortable or Quinn being happy if Ellie tried to take one of Quinn’s spandex halter tops and “show it it’s true potential” as she did the purple shirt with the heroic button.

  7. dude…..Quinn has been hitting all the right notes lately….first it was the skimpy purple dress, then the panties, now the running outfit….yeah…im a creeper…. :-b

  8. Ah, it looks like I am reading Ellie correctly. To copy myself from last comic:
    Ellie reminds me of a few girls I’ve known/seen who always put off letting a guy know he’ll never be more than a friend for as long as possible. Sometimes it’s positive, because they’re worried it will cost them the friendship. Sometimes it’s negative, because they don’t want to lose whatever it is they’re getting out of being wooed indefinitely (attention, emotional support, gifts/free stuff/assistance, etc).
    What she really needs to do is break off all contact with Danny, and to make it clear this isn’t the reason why – beyond this being the last straw on Straw Mountain.

  9. Piracy

    1) Crimes of robbery, kidnapping, and similar activities on the high seas. The trial and punishment of such pirates may be under international law, or under the laws of the particular nation where the pirate has been captured. 2) A colloquial term without legal significance often used to describe willful copyright, patent, and trademark infringement.


    sorry, can’t leave something on the side of the road. . . .

        1. Also, I’d suggest caution in your answer in case the all caps indicates that’s intended as a Ghostbusters quote.

        2. I’m not Zuul, but on the other hand I’m not Louis Tulley either. I was hoping to grab from “The Big Bang Theory” for a quote of sorts.

    1. At least 105,938 people do as of a moment ago. I considered it but while I’m not a fan of cats, I’m also not a fan of card games. If they would’ve been a bit less lazy about their stretch goals I might’ve been more tempted.

      (note the reply link on the parent comment is wrong and appears farther up).

        1. Well, it’s when you look at the criteria for the goals and what they’re doing for them in comparison to their target and then compare that to how a lot of other projects do such things in comparison to their initial target. For example, I thought their initial stretch goal was at 100x their target and was adding 10% more content for only some of their backers. While I understand that it went up way faster than they expected, when I looked they were over 300x their target and had added stretch goals to add I think 25-40% more content.

          I’m not saying they’re specifically wrong or bad people for that or anything, just saying that I would personally feel guilty accepting that much money and not really going crazy in what’s offered in return (which would, of necessity, need to be something to require more work from me in comparison to cost for physical items, which would get way too expensive). So that’s the reason my mental coin toss came down as “pass”. If I liked card games more I probably would’ve backed it anyway.

        2. I’m all for that, it’s just the stretch goals they set seem somewhat underwhelming. One that I saw linked on two other webcomics today (Inspector Pancakes Helps the President of France) is closer to what I’ve normally seen in terms of scale of adding things. Granted, adding too much physical extras can be a big problem and should be avoided, but that’s why you see things like the “and an all new digital extra sent to all backers” sorts of things, they’re doing more work for the more money but not incurring the cost of physical items multiplied by all the backers (which has put some people doing kickstarter campaigns in the hole trying to fulfill, so should always be done with caution).

  10. I love Ellie’s posture in the second row of panels. It seems very much like a 5 year old whining to her mother about not wanting to clean her room yet.

      1. Probably not but with Ellie’s tank top, “posture” and Quinn’s running outfit and warmup stretches Danny is getting instant reward for his hidden camera feeds.

      2. That looks like a primarily petulant/pouting posture to me, the neckline just happens to be what she’s wearing. There might be some aspect of passive dominance posturing attempt, too. I don’t see her trying to be sexy in this circumstance, though. That seems incidental.

        So, yes, I could see her having that posture with Rosemary, too.

  11. Random Fact: 31% of 112 comments are provided by Mr. Blue. I was tempted to count the places where he replied to himself as double, but refrained for accuracy.

    1. B- but… I thought we… Blue and I… I though we had something *special*!!!!

      *slinks off to empty a bottle of Bailey’s into the Keurig to drown teh sorrows (yes, all of thems)

    2. I can’t speak for Mr. Blue, but my comment count is frequently proportional to how much I’m trying to procrastinate something I should be doing instead of going through the comments and replying. I have this habit of considering checking comments on this page as a ‘zero time’ activity in my mental calculus, which it quite obviously isn’t.

      You’d likely get a better correlation with word count rather than discrete comment count, though, at that point you might also want to count links as extra (somewhere between a hundred and a thousand words, depending on how much of a pain it was to look up). I’m not much one for compiling random stats, though, so I haven’t bothered trying to determine such for myself, though.

      1. Why should word count in links count as something that a person says? It’s like a reference material situation. The statement is backed being backed up a previous point of sorts. Since the reference is another author, then that word count should not count.

        1. I guess it would depend on what we’re calculating. If it’s just word count or percentage word count then that seems arbitrary. If however, we’re trying to determine the length of time needed to compose a post, or the amount of time needed to ingest the full content of a post then I could see links counting for more. Mind you, the first time someone links to TV tropes we essentially get into a playground contest of kids screaming “Oh yeah? I win to infinity… plus ONE!”

        2. Yep, I was counting links as extra as I was considering it for a correlation with time spent avoiding something else I should be doing.

        3. I see tv tropes as the nerd bane equivalent of wikipedia. Mostly heresay academia pig latin. Why can’t some people research Comedia Del’Arte?

    3. I’ve been quietly buying stock in Mr. Blue and That one guy for months now. Soon I will have a controlling share in all of the comments even when I don’t post! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      (I forget what step 2 is, but step 3 is profit!)

      1. The guy who put a monetary amount on a comment by length has never come through, so be careful to keep sufficient investments elsewhere to avoid holding only hot air.

  12. Jessica – The CommentID in the Link & Reply links of some comments weren’t matching a moment ago. I re-replied to the right one and noticed it and it was back as it should be after I hit post. Not sure what’s going on with that and if it’s my browser or the server, but I recall someone having that issue on another page recently too.

    Using Win7 Firefox with a boatload of plugins (including NoScript so possibly it’s a JavaScript would’ve corrected thing).

    1. Didn’t even really hear about the reboot yet, I’ll admit. And that’s coming from a fan of both the original movies and the cartoon show.

      1. Reboot? Damn, I just saw the commercial for Hot Tub Time Machine II and I’m not pleased that John Cuzack is not in that movie. I mean, hell, he was a producer in the first one, how could he not be in the sequel?

        1. “The Real Ghostbusters”, so the latter. Peter, Ray, Egon, Winston and company.

          Had to use Wikipedia to even find out about the other one.

    1. Mr. Blue is trying to not skeeve things up. It’s bad enough that he’s got 31% of the comments, so to speak. Thankfully no one has done a word count, but I suppose that I could go over to the Library of Congress and copy a few things to paste somewhere. But that might irk the boss man.

      1. Easier method is to use http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Special:Random .

        A guy at work and I were joking about setting up the Gutenberg Service on various systems when the IT department was doing some irritating scans for a few weeks, that when the scanner checked the random open port it would immediately respond with the ebook found from that link. We kinda’ wondered how long it’d take to fill up the logs.

  13. I will admit that Quinn’s use of the phrase strut in place of frolic is confusing. Frolic seems to be too “girly” for Quinn to accept in usage with her and her state of private dress. She does imply that strut is more acceptable. Primarily, I’m assuming that Quinn would be alone, but also if Ellie is around. So is Quinn implying that she isn’t going to change her normal personal routine?

    1. Frolic is a word to describe a bouncy child playing. Strut is a word to describe a strong/confident adult conveying it.

      From the subtle word games contest stance, it seems to be her counter to Ellie implying she’s being a child or an airhead.

    1. It’s still Wednesday by my watch. But I think that since Erik is okay (he made a blog post about strategic arm placements) that the snow melted and pooled in that kiddie pool that Chris knocked over when someone got a look at his notes.

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