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The Day We Were All Fired

134 thoughts on “The Day We Were All Fired

      1. Having been through four health inspections, I say that mixing ratch DNA with health inspector DNA is really a nightmare scenario.

  1. The least Ellie can do is let KK know she won’t need to call Ashliii.

    And Omega pestilence made me lol. Good times.

  2. Yeah, bad news from KK.

    With “fiscal responsibility” seeming to be the theme of the train headed toward Ellie, of course, “catastrophic job loss” would seem to have been the best guess at any rate.

    1. The train of consequences grinds forward. I’m sure if Ellie had a thought bubble displayed in the last panel it would read “but I just signed a F#|<ING contract for this phone!"

      1. Ashliii’s face seems more shocked than Ellie’s. I guess that’s part of the perks of management? You see that coming?

        1. I’m going to guess that Ashliii is a bit more worried than the job. How many burgers did she always go home with. I’m halfway thinking that she was helping to support some of the family and such.

          However, with many of the franchises being owned in groups, why aren’t they being shipped over to other branches? Especially what with Ellie in training. But then again, it wouldn’t fit the transition between the story arcs, it’d revoke the artistic license via liberal literal applications of plausible reality and assorted other stuff that I can’t think of off of the top of my head.

          Honestly, I’m surprised that the CDC and USAMRIID aren’t there yet. At least level four Hazmat response.

        2. If the other stores are fully staffed, and the management doesn’t feel that the folks at this store are any better than the folks at the other stores (perhaps, due to creation of an omega pestilence), then there’s no need for them at the other stores. Unless the franchisee is opening up a new store, the staff are bodies that he doesn’t need.

          Now, given the turnover in the fast food industry, I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept a couple choice employees to fill vacancies that arose. However, I doubt that would be anyone we’ve seen, and even if it were, I don’t think KK would tell Ellie.

        3. I can almost buy that, but only 88%. However, if it came up to being the first person to grovel at the boss’ feet, I think that KK wouldn’t tell Ellie, seeing as how she may be the highest one there. I mean, she’s there during Barrel’s shift, sans black hair ribbon and out of uniform.

  3. I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…

    …that they become radratches.

      1. Yes yes, everyone do the Aliens references now, I was doing it two days ago before it was mainstream =p

        *picture of hipster Ariel goes here*

    1. And kill all of those (mostly) innocent Floridians?! Nonsense! Just use a UAV. Everyone loves those, right?

        1. And since Mr. Fatty McFatFat is big enough for (at least) two cats, he’s Drift compatible with himself!

    1. Well, on an earlier update, he was at the complex talking to the older man about her and Quinn, so I’m willin to bet finding her won’t be too much of a problem.

      1. Well… it will be a problem for him to not seem creeperish just showing up at her apartment. At the restaurant he could just pop in. He’s lost that now.

    2. Maybe he’ll get on the bus at the next stop, where Ellie would have got off for work, and he can give her a quick pep talk.

    1. Well O’Jacks’s is based loosely off a restaurant that went through their own infestation, and had to be leveled, and rebuilt by the owners. But it was also like Alcatraz after so many years of quick remodels and construction bandaids. It really needed a good starting over.

      1. HOLY COW MAN. That place had construction going on with one of the google street views. Just up along side of it from the intersection to the right of the front of the store. DAMN

      1. Because a great delight of writing is torturing your characters. I mean building conflict within the story, that’s it.

        1. I’ve thought about that before, and how some writers constantly torture their characters. And lots of writers do it. There should always be a driving force/plot/etc.. but I think it’s important to NOT constantly pummel victimize your characters. That in itself is challenging writing. Periodic segments of compelling story without conflict?

        2. Constant torture is ineffective anyway. They need some good times so they don’t become numb to the pain.

        3. GASP

          How do you do this!??!!?

          I am unable to skip the comics. I must read and study them all. Only recently have I been perusing the obituaries.

          double GASP GASP

        4. The paper we got was almost all really crappy comics like Brenda Star, Mary Worth, etc. I wanted cartoon violence, they provided serialized angst. Foxtrot was about the only one I remember reading regularly. And Calvin and Hobbes before Watterson retired.

        5. I read Brenda Starr for the eye sparkles and the art. The storylines were way to hacked from 50s pulp novels and stuff.

    1. Because people voted for this story arc due to the presence of cleavage (though granted, that’s just if this came now or later).

      1. Possibly, but Pumpkins comment on the Birkin pic leads me to believe it’s very likely to happen due to the similarities between them already.

        1. Yep, easy cosplays are awesome. Which is why I love cosplaying as Tony Stark or Jayne. I already have the beard, just add appropriate t-shirt and costume is done. In Tony’s case I also have to add an arc reactor but that’s actually easier to do than it sounds. I also go the extra artistic mile and add a glass of scotch. The sacrifices I make :D

        2. Yeah, I went to a local comic con and saw some guy do that. He even scratch built a glove type of repulsor ray emitter.

    1. Not with that contract she signed. More like, “Bye-bye crappy unemployment check every month until I get a job that pays more than the monthly cost of this.”

  4. Job loss is absolutely nothing to laugh at no matter who it happens to, but it’s not hard to feel hopeful for Ellie. She’s got a managerial credit to her name now, and that will likely be at least some help in finding new work. It also may be the necessary shot she needs to reconsider school or the like, and could be the day when things really turned around for her. Of course, short term, she’s in a real bind with that fancy new phone….

    1. I disagree – I have known people who are so bad at their jobs, so undeserving of the opportunities given to them, so harmful to their co-workers, that if it happened to them it would absolutely be something to laugh at.

      But I do agree that having “manager” on her resume will open some new doors for Ellie, and would even add that being promoted that quickly probably counts for something too.

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more.
        That’s what I’d say 8 yrs ago when I was in management in fast food. Now the ‘current me’ will show you what little good fast food management on a resume will do for you.

        1. Interestingly enough when I interviewed for a position the fast food assistant manager on my resume sparked less conversation than the fact that I was a currently working a part time second job for a pizza chain where despite NOT being management I had a set of keys to the store so I could get in before everyone else and start making the dough.

          I actually sort of miss the dough making, it was nice having the whole store to myself for a while where I could blast my own music and such. There was also a weird ongoing war going on between myself and the night crew where we would hide a full size stand up of Dale Earndheart Jr. in various places. I admit to being freaked out the time I opened the walk in cooler and he was standing RIGHT THERE. Eventually the war escalated to the point where Dale Jr. grew a Hitler ‘stache via Sharpie and was thrown out. Good times.

        2. Management: Ability to successfully direct front of store, cashier, public interaction with employees and manage back of store in order to ensure adequate stock on hand for sales. Can do more than two things at once, ;).

        3. You did not have eye magnets, nor the ability to influence the ability of anyone to look at them, even if they are in less intensity of magnetic flux.

      2. Anything you laugh at today may well one day be laughed at about you. Sooner not take that chance; karma’s a concept that’s got a lot of legs in a lot of different places.

        1. 1) I don’t believe in karma – balance can’t exist with Murphy’s Law always in force. The way I see it, my head’s always on the chopping block, whether I deserve it or not.

          2) Sheesh, why does everyone always use karma to advise against reaping the benefits? If a douchey upper management demotes and overworks and psychologically abuses and even regularly fires the people working under him, then one day finds out the board’s replacing him with someone who doesn’t suck, wouldn’t it be karmic justice for his underlings to have a few laughs?

        2. But while Murphy’s Law can be applied to you, it can also be applied to your aggressor. But, it can only be applied to those who do not prepare to prevent him from acting against your response to the aggressor.

        3. In the case you describe, boog, the justice comes in when the board replaces the douche in question. The laughing at said douche is another, albeit smaller, matter.

        4. In the case I describe, karma is affecting more than one party. You suggest that if people laugh at the guy losing his job, the universe will come back to bite them – but it already has. When do the underlings get restitutions for past suffering? Do they have to wait for the universe to dole out their returns, or can they just cash in with a quick laugh? The universe can take a while to get things done.

          Also, laughter is therapeutic. Saying that job loss is never a laughing matter deprives people their right to cope in their own way. Don’t deprive me of my coping mechanisms, man.

  5. Put “manager” on your resume Ellie, technically it still counts.

    Ellie seems less shocked than Ashliiii. Which is funny, because Ashliiiiii is still in high school, still lives at home (I assume), and probably doesn’t even need this job. Not like Ellie does. And it wouldn’t be that hard for someone like Ashliiiiiiiiiii to find another job if she needed to, although probably not with a boss as cool as KK.

    Also, Rusche, will we continue to see the former OJacks staff after this? I expect we’ll see KK or Ashliiiiiii once in a while, but what about Tommy, or Megan, or Megan’s daughter, or Tyquan (crappiest rapper but best country song writer ever), or even “Choo no do chob right” guy or angry day-shift drive-thru girl? Should we just assume they’re all dead? Victims of the infestation, like the health inspector apparently?

        1. Let’s not be hasty now.

          Seriously though, if I recall back when Ellie first got her job Barrel was mentioned by Chris as being on the Cast page, just not in his work uniform. To avoid confusion Chris wasn’t going to unmask him until his “civialian” persona appeared. Which appears to be almost now o’clock.

      1. If the previous night was as bad as indicated where KK was chashing ratches throughout the store while yelling it’s entirely possible that a customer noticed and made the call.

        1. Didn’t we have a conversation that described the speed with which the government will react to any situation? This is an omega level threat. I’m sure that the only equal we have in current times would be Hurricane Katrina. Lakeland is not big enough to handle all of the threat response agencies that would turn out at the drop of a hat.

  6. The good news is that the alien predators will no longer hunt humans. They have new prey to stalk!!!

    Hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of KK. I like her character.

        1. I was actually channeling The Tick there. I believe the episode is called “That Mustache Feeling” (definitely has mustache in the title).

      1. KK will be on the cast page. While she’s more of a secondary character now, but she’s actually one that ends the comic, so she’ll be in the final cast panel (along with Ashliii which I mentioned some time back.) By the time I get to that point, most of those character will be known by the reader. There are about 3-4 other sideline characters already seen in the strip that will appear in that along with Ashliii and KK. It’s my tactic not to shock readers comfortable with Ellie and Quinn since they aren’t a part of the ending PER SAY. They will be cameoing fequently, though.

        There will probably only be two more cast panels, possibly four depending on how much I expound on some parts of the story.

  7. BLEGGGHHFGDH Ewwwww I would cry in a corner for a week if one of those things crawled onto my face. EW EW EW

    Awww, dude I would hate to be the one to inform each individual worker that they are now unemployed….ugh, I do not envy KK.

    However, on all the bright sides, Ellie gets to have that cake. YES CAKE!

    1. Cake makes everything better.*

      *Unless you’re diabetic in which case you should probably avoid it. (This disclaimer included to acknowledge that humorous blanket statements are reckless and bad.)

  8. Ellie looks oddly calm. Sure, her expression is not a happy one, but she’s not crying. Yet. Ashliii is taking the news worse than she is. Maybe the implications just haven’t sunk in yet?

    Looking forward to Monday’s update.

  9. The one bad thing about this phone. It’s only a speaker phone. So the conversation is as public as having one with the person sitting next to you.

      1. You gets cake. We haz cake, we all be happy.

        Sorry, on thick foreign accent due to trippy webcomic name puck. And an anthropomorphic webcomic about southern New Jersey. No mention of the devil yet. Or the hockey team.

  10. Ouch… I tried to warn Ellie not to buy that phone… now she’s sort of… jobless.

    Thankfully “new Quinn” might be less… “Where’s my money?!” and won’t resort to beating her with the towel rack, smashing her head into the toilet, and then shooting one of her knees (ala the Family Guy episode where Brian owed Stewie money… for those who weren’t sure what I was on about.).

    1. The new Quinn will still shoot her in the knee but she’ll use a silencer to keep from disturbing tired guy.

      1. That’s horrible… but, pretty likely. After all, she doesn’t want to get evicted.

        I do wonder… is Tired Old Guy still out cold, after Blind Guy “WHOMP!”ed him one good? And would he even hear a gunshot, silenced or otherwise?

    2. Old habits die hard, and Quinn was already not approving the purchase of the iDoofus. My guess is that she’s going to have a hissy fit.

  11. Is ribbonless KK a sign of the “new KK” or “disheveled KK”?

    I’m glad that monstrosities of nature helped answer the question about what Ellie would do regarding her birthday party. I wish more birthday-related questions could be answered with monstrosities of nature.

    I also hope Ellie announces her presence back home with, “Hey Mom! Not preganant! No promises for next visit, though!”

    1. Mom, I’m preggers, but good news, Cloverfield only destroyed New York City and the greater Boston Area. St. Louis wins the National title, you win the bet twice.

    1. The disturbing part about that is there’s no speculative “Now wait a minute, is that furious face humping I hear in the background?” element to her expression. That expression is 100% certainty. Poor Ashliii.

  12. And at that moment, Ashliii jumped out of the moving vehicle, for she knew she would never have her beloved inimbus…

  13. DAMMIT!!!!!thats why poison doesn’t do SHIT against evil infestion species…..ALWAYS USE THE FLAMETHROWERS!!!!

  14. DAMMIT!!!!!thats why poison doesn’t do SHIT against evil infest ion species…..ALWAYS USE THE FLAMETHROWERS!!!!

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