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the dj formerly known as…

Hey! Guess where they're eating??

Here's two strips for the price of one. The lower was going to be Monday's, but meh. I took a bit longer and got it all nice and wordy for you.

Hopefully have some more sketchery off the tablet on Monday. =)

And I'm not sure why I feel inclined to post this thing I saw at work... 2013-4-05_58_819

26 thoughts on “the dj formerly known as…

  1. Wait… that thing Quinn did there… it wasn’t an angry face.

    Holy crap she smiled! What now? Do I finish the bottle? I didn’t foresee this happening!

  2. Yep, you have to drink the rest of the bottle. She also raised three eyebrows. Just be lucky you don’t have any more bottle to empty.

    1. Exactly! Chili’s typifies everything wrong with society. Nothing unique about it. Of course, that is the sort of place those idiot’s would want to go.

  3. Well, Quinn has some redeeming characteristics after all! I have only found her shallow and annoying so far, but this strip opens up new possibilities. Likewise for “DJ Cornbread.”

  4. Pffft, Corn was the coolest character in Jet Set Radio Future so Cornbread is almost as good.

    All the expressions are great in the last panel.

  5. Ha, DJ Cornbread.

    Now, the important questions: what version of DDR was Quinn playing? What songs? What difficulty?

        1. Look what you two have done! Now Richard is going to have a 20-hour CD of “Dancing Quinn” in his car, and even with your authorial powers there’s nothing you can do to stop him!

  6. I know a guy that actually goes by DJ Cornbread. He’s not very good at what he does, I hesitate to call it music

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