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The End of the Line

Plush This is no where near the final product. Still way way in the early designing process. We're going to try doing a baseball style pattern next to create the ball shape and see how the seams look compared to the model above. Also possibly embroidering the face vs using felt. It's coming along. Once we're satisfied with the quality (something I mayyyy be obsessed with) we'll likely do a short run of these. Then a larger run down the line until I'm just swimming in a sea of Fatfats. :D

60 thoughts on “The End of the Line

    1. Wait wut? Uh oh, I seem to be first without having filled out official notifications? Avarice can do that to a person.

      1. No, no, you’re fine. You only have to include the essay if you want to claim first post in the first post. You simply posted, and did so first, so no penalties apply. See our add in “Cat Fur Dying Quarterly” for terms and conditions. Long distance charges may apply. Not available in all 50 states. Consult a plummer before operating.

        1. Yeah, that damn Happy Fun Ball sped up, knocked me upside the head, and now I go left when I go up, sit down when I take a step. And when I eat, I have to scream after every bite.

    2. I am going to argue that based on the size of Fatfat, this word counts for at least ten words.

  1. So if he just banishes people then does that mean the other guy isn’t dead? Just ash on this plane of existence?
    Holy crap..though wherever he is, he probably wants to be.

    But this can’t even remotely end well for Ellie, who thinks this is just another job.

        1. Ted: All we are is dust in the wind, dude.
          So-Crates: ……
          Bill grabs a handful of sand. Then let’s it pour out of his fist.
          Bill: Dust.
          Bill then opens his hand to show that the sand is gone. He then blows on the palm of his open hand.
          Bill: Wind.
          Ted then points at So-Crates.
          Socrates: Aaaahhhhhh, and like the sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

  2. Hmm. So the next date, according to the last comic, was supposed to be one ‘David Stevens’. Do we know anyone by that name?

  3. I’m guessing application review is more of the grunt work Nena handles.

    I find the idea of applying for a job as a supervillan to be immensely amusing. How do you post a job listing for that? Was there an interview process? I feel like there must have been, but considering the slapped together nature of this organization I wouldn’t be surprised if they just assumed he could do everything he put on his resume.

    Also, way to almost give your boss a heart attack.

    In addition, while writing this it occurred to me that Durkin bears a passing resemblance to Vamp from Metal Gear Solid 2.

    1. I imagine terms such as ‘aggressive’ ‘motivated’ ‘willing to seek unconventional solutions’ and ‘work outside the box’ are sprinkled liberally throughout such listings.

      Minions, of course, is a whole ‘nuther skillset.

  4. I think tiredguy must have some kind of superpowers too. Ever lifted a full o2 canister? I worked at a nursing home and had to drag those things around all the time. The empty, used-up ones are light. The full ones feel like they’re full of bricks. How is he just tossing that thing around?

    1. Yeah, I know about those damn things. Mom had end stage emphysema. Chris is doing a hell of a job with Tired Guy’s, what do you call that junk, accessories, right?

  5. I really want McFatFat!

    Also, I can’t picture banishing working the way Tiredguy seems to think it works.

    1. Depends on what kind of banishment you’re talking about. If it’s Irken banishment, you’re still surprisingly mobile and can return at pretty much any time, though everyone will be kind of shocked to see you.

      1. I think its because we default to processing ‘banish’ in its fantasy RPG format, sending an extraplanar being back to its origin dimension against its will. Banishing a human might just send them back to their home.

        1. Oh man, Banishment usable against non-outsiders in real life? That gives me some ideas. What about a version of Turning that works not against the undead but rather versus the sort of unwashed masses that crawl forth from the gaming halls at large conventions to inflict hover-hands and heavy-breathing upon unsuspecting cosplayers!

        2. I cast Turn Neckbeard!

          Half the crowd begins disputing just whether or not they are a Neckbeard. You slip away in the ensuing chaos. Full XP!

        3. It is a general name for a gent of poor hygiene who often does not shave his neck, thus forming a beard therein. It comes with several other connotations, virtually all of them negative. Consult Google or your local library for further information about Neckbeards.

          The more you know!

        4. If it sent her back home that would be hilarious since that’s exactly where he’s trying to get her away from.

        5. Despite being a lifelong gamer, I still default to “get the hell out and don’t come back or we’ll kill you” as the definition of banish.

  6. lol oh yeah banish sounds waaaaaay better than teleporting it really says more about the whole forcing against their will

  7. Wanted: People of specific talent groups for long term opportunity. Pay includes revenge on any “arch-nemeses” you may have, a portion of the profits, up to and including a small continent (upon completion), and a generous 401k. Please list any criminal charges on application under “Special Skills”.
    Equal Opportunity Employer
    No Hablamos Espanol

  8. OK, am I the only one who thought of fatfat when the fat cat in the Secret Life of Pets trailer ate the entire turkey?

  9. The McFatFat plushy got me thinking, “How is it Quinn has kept her figure living with Ellie?” Is it safe to assume it’s because Quinn does the cooking?

    1. Actually, what’s going on their is that Ellie has a perfectly good idea of how much humans eat, which is the reason she is not a giant beach ball. Animals, on the other hand, she’ll overfeed animals, because…. she has a kind heart? She wants to torture them to the inch of death? She likes them that way? IDK.

    2. There has been some speculation regarding whether or not Quinn looks curvier these days due to art evolution or if Ellie IS fattening her up to a lesser degree. Based on how quickly the pet shop animals turned into beach balls if Quinn WERE being fattened up it probably wouldn’t be subtle.

    3. I’m going to go with Quinn objects to Ellie attempting to feed her.

      Primarily I’m going with that reason because I like the mental picture of Ellie treating Quinn like Asparand in terms of airplane spoon sort of shenanigans and the look I imagine on Quinn’s face from Ellie trying that.

  10. She has to go on the final date to complete the ritual! WE CANNOT LEAVE THE RITUAL PARTIALLY FINISHED. THE DEMON LORDS WILL NOT BE HAPPY-

    Am I taking this joke too far?

  11. WARNING: You can’t use a baseball design unless you use stretch fabric(leather stretches). Try apple slices. Sew McFatFat plush inside out leave the bottom of the slices unstitched, add stuffing and stitch together at bottom.

  12. Wait wait wait… it just hit me. They’re sending Ellie on a date with Blind Guy to a movie theater? That seems a bit insensitive given the kinds of movies (well, just the one movie) they’ve been sending her to.

  13. I still don’t know what to think of the surreal and the supernatural aspects of what’s going on, but I’m going to trust Rusche to know where he’s going with everything.

    I just hope that these supernatural plotlines don’t come at the expense of the lovely slice-of-life storylines that have been at the heart of the comic previously.

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