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The Favorite One

Sorry for the lateness to all my early viewers. Really wanted to push this convo out in full so I decided in the 11th hour to attach Friday's strip to it. I'll sacrifice not uploading again until Monday for a better read today. I'm also pushing the fanart off until Monday. It's takes several steps to prep it for the fanart page, and I'm pretty tired after this one. :P Also just saw I got a daily deviation on Deviant Art today for my Final Fantasy spoof. Pretty awesome. Thanks Koozispoon. :)

76 thoughts on “The Favorite One

    1. And on another topic, damn but this is a huge update. I’m GLAD I spent all that time flagellating the F5 key. Glad, I tells you! Because this…this is super awesome.

      1. Yeah I have quite a few readers that end up F5ing half the day and I hate that has to happen. My OCD over these strips has really made them time-consuming little monsters. I could’ve had this posted around 7am or so, but I decided to punish myself and attach the last 4 panels.


        1. It’s worth it, man. Well, the refreshing is, anyway, I can’t speak to the actual making of them. But man, this one…this one was great.

          Course, it probably would have been worse to go into Friday on “Pass.” Because, Pumpkin…you got some splainin ta do, in the grandest Ricky Ricardo tradition.

        2. Anyone who deems hitting F5 half the day not worth it will spread their future checks to hours apart. Anyone checking every few minutes either still considers it worth it or has a job with Internet that allows a fair amount of downtime. You should consider it a compliment.

          The connection between late and adding more to make content to it better standalone or less of an unintentional cliff hanger is noticeable too. We do appreciate that.

        3. If this comic isn’t your main source of income, (and not to offend, but I doubt that it is) then you should really only be concerned about whether or not you’re satisfied with your own work. That’s what sucks about being an artist as a career. You have to rely on *other* people liking your stuff for you to succeed.

        4. Do not – repeat DO NOT – worry about when you get these up. They are worth the wait. And when you read the immediately previous sentence, concentrate on the “WORTH” part. You’re doing a great job.

  1. so much reading…I LOVE IT.
    This sister to sister moment is just absolutely precious!! they are adorable.

    And I think its cute that Danny stuck it out and apparently played monopoly and hung out with them despite knowing he would not be getting where he thought he would that night. But eh.

    And wait. Danny only has one eyebrow?!?!

  2. Great strip! Stop killing yourself, though. I don’t want you to burn out before David shows up.

    On a side note, I kind of pictured an Ellie date with Blind Guy ending in a similar Monopoly game with Pumpkin.

    Blind Guy: Ellie, you didn’t deal me the right money. I can read the ink.

    Ellie: Oh! Sorry. Uh… I was distracted!

    Pumpkin: (whispering) You can do that?!

    Blind Guy: (whispering) Of course not. I just figured she’d cheat.

  3. Very awesome read…well worth being on one page, but I will echo what has been said: don’t kill yourself; we aren’t going anywhere.

    Are we approaching a Pumpkin reveal (wow…that’s not the way to phrase that), or just more teasing about what has already been teased?

    ….this post got way off track…..

    1. I have noticed younger sisters of families with lots of sisters tend to be against doing anything with a boy. Not because they are leaning to the other side but because of what happened to their older sisters in relations with boys.

      1. …the elder Buckinghams have not had such luck with the menfolk, have they? Between Tarra and David’s Excellent Occultic Adventure, Anise’s constant search for Santa Claus, Juniper’s Parade O’ Menfolk and Cinnamon’s dating style that perhaps best resembles grasshopper mating, only Ginger and William are doing all right, that we know of.

  4. So he WAS sulking in the corner. Nursing his beer. Cursing the fact Pumpkin exists. About what I suspected.

    And thank you Chris for not ending Friday on that note. But you are still evil for adding more fuel to the ambiguity fire. :P

    1. Also, seriously, methinks she protests too much. He bought a shirt, bought you dinner, took you out for an evening that involved being licked by a giraffe and fireworks (and I bet he paid for it all) and then he bought you drinks.

      What the heck do you think a “date-date” is? Diamond rings and someone getting pregnant?

      1. I’m with Erik. This was extravagant enough to be a major romantic gesture (a la Barney Stinson’s ultimate date), let alone a date-date. Whether there was emotional attachment or not just indicates whether it was a *successful* date-date.

        1. Having been romantically interested in many female friends over the years who haven’t been interested in more than friendship with me and trying to think of what would be definitely a date and not just an activity between friends, I came up blank. As far as I can see, a date is where both parties consider it a date. Anything else is just friends enjoying each other’s company.

        2. In your activity between friends, did one party foot the bill for the entire evening? In addition to the extravagant multitude of activities, the way that he asked her and the fact that (I assume based on Ellie’s initial plan for the evening) that paid for everything made it a date-date.

          That said, Ellie doesn’t owe him anything for it being a date-date rather than activities with friends. The provider of the date should not expect anything of the datee other than the opportunity to see if they click. It’d just be nice if she recognized that he did put himself out there.

        3. I’ve footed the entire bill when out with friends, even exclusively female friends, and I never once had any illusions about what it was. I agree that in general a “date” is a mutually agreed-upon condition, and has nothing to do with money. Whether Ellie, or the author, agree with me is up to them. :)

        4. Ditto. I’ve footed the whole bill or split things with that being expected up front or an unexpected surprise. Definitely not dates.

          The main reason I was trying to think of the explicit difference is I was trying to think how to hint that I was interested in more without coming right out and saying it. Never came up with anything to the point of even considering trying it as a hint, as everything I could think of was either, “well yeah, that’s not odd and doesn’t really make a statement” or “no, you make sure someone you care about and respect is onboard with the idea before planting a large and serious kiss on her.” Needless to say, I’m pretty much a “come right out and say it” kind of guy as I haven’t come up with anything else that seems both practical and acceptable.

  5. Awww, so much sisterly cuteness here! I may have to save this page to my computer, just so I can ‘Dawwww!’ at it when my internet is down.

  6. This was an adorable installment, and I’m glad you kept it to one update. Really flowed much better than waiting several days every third panel.

    Glad to see Ellie knew what was going on. She’s definitely gotten smarter as the series has progressed!

  7. Most of the drawing is great, as usual, but for some reason I think Pumpkin looks a little odd. Her face has never looked more boyish, but in the last two panels it practically looks like she stuffed balloons in her shirt.

    1. Seems within variation for that angle and an arched back (which does push boobs forward more).

      She’s been looking a bit more developed in the tanktop the whole time too. I’m curious how much that’s art style change, her supposed to be in a boob growth stage, a sign that she usually dresses to conceal her breasts and the casual tanktop doesn’t do much of that, or what.

    2. I’ve noticed the same thing, that her chest size does not always appear consistent depending on poses, going from average to busty from panel-to-panel. I brought it up a couple of pages back, and Chris said it wasn’t intentional. I’m not surprised, boobs can be damn tricky to draw somewhat realistically, so some poses like that can result in unintentional bustiness when the artist intends more modest endowments.

  8. What happened to pumpkins chest…. Not to perv put but it like tripled during this tangent. Before people start correcting me on grammar, I honestly ment it as a statement. But her possible lesbian or bisexual tinge will be noted for hopeful character development. (Please let there be a Ellie screens pumpkins chick story)

    1. I think it’s more Rusche toying with us. Pumpkin’s sister title is “Too Early To Call” and she’s living up to it.

      Personally, she strikes me as the “Too busy for love” type. She’ll get around to that whole “romance” thing when she’s done building her empire.

  9. Man, that’s right. It has been a while since you threw in an ambiguous reference to question Pumpkin’s sexual orientation. I wonder if we’ve all cooled down a bit more since the some of the previous times.

  10. What would qualify as a “date-date” to Ellie?

    More romantic dialogue?

    Then bosom staring?

    Fire light dinner?

    Her cooking five ‘four course meals’ for her ‘starving’ beau to put some meat on those bones?

  11. Aww this one gave me dem feels. X3

    On another note, if I had to guess…Pumpkin’s gonna be single until she’s 21 and spots that one guy that looks REALLY good in a Batman cosplay. :P

    1. To be fair, we’ve known Ellie was more than boobs since she walked into Quinn’s room on her hands and built a functional bed out of stuffed animals.

  12. It’s nice to see a more happy relationship between Ellie and Pumpkin. It very different that what I would have expected based on the very 1st Shotgun Shuffle strips. To me the impression was that the relationship between the two would be a confrontational one. This is more fun!
    I hope Ellie gets a more legit job soon. As a father of two I’m always worrying about the what if’s. Right now Ellie has no insurance on her at all. Better hope there are no tooth aches or other maladies in her future. That will get expensive – so don’t be too hard her Chris!!

    1. I wouldn’t be too concerned; it’s fairly unlikely she’ll have such problems. Remember, she’s like 19 or so and has only been out of the house, what, like six months? Granted, she’s Ellie Buckingham, and every Black Friday is a new opportunity to get put in traction, but the chances of tooth aches and other maladies? Likely slim, in a narrative sense.

  13. Re: Shotgun logo

    Huh? Okay it’s got the barrel and tubular magazine of a pump-action shotgun, and the breech of an over-under two-barreled shotgun? Hmm– must be that rarity, the break-action repeating shotgun!

    1. Repeat to yourself, it’s just a webcomic. I should really just relax.

      Seriously, we’ve got most of the cast of MST3K showing up around here. Should have been here for the last one; Dr. Erhardt came back for a bit. Dr. Forrester almost shot him.

      1. This… in…ter… net… thing is awesome! Mike, why didn’t you tell us about this before? I mean look at the cans on that girl! Hubba-hubba!

        1. Nelson! Get Art and your other little plaything under control before you force me to do domething drastic.

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