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The Favorite

Saw this getting passed around on Facebook. I couldn't stop loling on the inside. McFat Squirrel     <--- The resemblance is uncanny!

99 thoughts on “The Favorite

    1. Well, I have to say, that I thought that the smallest box purchased at a store was eight. I know that I’ve seen smaller boxes at restaurants for the kiddie coloring pages on the back of the placemat, but those were three or four crayons in a box.

      1. A few crayons were left too near cake and Anise inhaled it before anyone could stop her (you don’t want to get your hands too close in that situation anyway).

        1. And now, we go to the incident in question.

          Mr. Black, what do you have to say about the noodle incident?

  1. Please let Tarra be doing this to allow both Ellie and Pumpkin to get names they don’t hate. I would really like to see Tarra be the perfect one not because she’s the favorite, but also because she looks out for her sisters.

    1. Of course The Perfect One looks out for her sisters I’m not sure why you’d question it. But honestly, they are in no real peril here. Temporary names they don’t like? Please. Now, if the mall gets attacked by mutant half-gladiator-half-alligator super-terrorists, the sisters all know they can count on Tarra to save them.

      They need to earn the right to choose their own names as she has. Letting them have nicknames that they hate is a vital lesson of which she would never deprive them.

      1. And to give them jobs to do,

        And weapons that they’ll need,
        after crafting them from various mall kiosks,

        And doing that all before the National Guard shows up.

        1. Delusional!! If Tarra spotted something that she wanted, she would definitely fight her way to it, even, no, especially if it was one of her sisters.

        2. Nah, she can teleport, so no need to push. It’s also much more fun to just appear out of thin air to snatch it out of the person’s hand who was about to get the last one.

        3. Please.

          We all know that Tarra’s thesis is on Quantum Teleportation. She’s just smiling because now all she has to do is point her lipstick at it, and it’s back at her apartment.

          Although, just like the USS Enterprise, you don’t want to know where the source material comes from.

        1. By longstanding maternal definition, it wouldn’t be fun and games anymore if that happened, so I certainly hope not.

    1. Shhhhhh.

      They aren’t allowed to talk about that Thanksgiving dude. You want to get Ta— Mr. Brun—- Mr. Redhead’s wrath brought down upon your sunglasses?


  2. I’m gonna take a Stab in the dark here(get it STAB :P) an say anise juniper,cinnamon an ellie got into a fight an tarra slipped a sharp object in an watched them try an stab each other before strolling in an breaking it up an in the process broke someones bones or stabbed someone in the face “on accident” an thats how 1 sister ended up with the glass eye.

    1. Silly Rabbit, Tar– Mr. Brun—- Mr. Redhead is above such machinations. However, not removing them while fighting your older sister for the name color is acceptable.

  3. Of COURSE he let her change her name. I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Just remember this when I petition to change my name to “The middle one,” or something.

      1. meh.

        At least you guys are better off than me. I went from super-middle-child, to the baby, to being the only one left to carry on the family name with parents, to being father less, and now, while an adult, stranded in the middle of a snowstorm (at least having the decency to not be a burden upon the undertaught police force in terms of wintery emergency lessons) as an orphan…


        Mr. Blue reaches into That one’s icon and takes the glass of wine and drinks from it not slowly, not quickly, but just not right either.

        phahhh. That’s the stuff.

        Mr. Blue hands the glass back to That one, rather nonchalantly, and just goes back to making comments.

        So, yeah, it’s me and my sister now. She’s now the oldest, and I’m now the youngest.

    1. This was a well put-together operation, complete with code names an’ everything, before youse girls had to start squabbling about who gets what name. Next year, I swear, I’m takin’ all your code names from old G.I. Joe episodes. You’re complain’ about “Mr. Yellowish-Red?” Next year you’re “Dial-Tone.” You complainin’ now? Huh?

        1. Sigh.

          I hate to have to resort to using my icon’s job position here,

          But all other colors are not subservient to rainbow. It’s Mr. White that they are subservient to, as White light is the presence of all colors. Every art student, philosopher, optical scientist and a few internet dorks know that. Given the mis-perception of bent light via prism, it can be an understandable mistake.

          Now I’ve got to change that wikipedia page.

        2. That assumes it’s additive color. If it’s subtractive color, Mr. Black would probably be leader.

          Sadly, this is probably more likely if the crayons have no RBY primary colors.

        3. Look, we all know that the color wavelength can be broken when light is split up through a refractory process.

          Look at the Rainbow. Especially since you need a rain storm to have one most of the time. So, each rain drop is a tiny, portable, prism that isn’t glass. (This statement is not to be taken as all prisms are wet. therefore, Paramounting the Camel and it’s Parent Company, We Make Films, are not responsible for the statements made by the cast, characters and/or audience members. Or for that matter, what the machines are feeding us since we are in the Matrix. Do not eat things that are not food, that’s what Paramounting the Camel has to say.)

        4. While I agree that the Rainbow does not encompass all colors I would think that the Rainbow would at least have dominion over the colors that are included in it.

          Also, it’s good that poppy is bringing Lavendar’s friend. I got my hands on some extra door busters. Don’t ask how.

        5. Well, refracting is only one way of splitting light. Light hitting a surface and part being absorbed and part being reflected is another, which is arguably more common in everyday life (though maybe less so as we surround ourselves with more and more electronic screens).

          I think the above comment on additive/subtractive was talking about how light reacts when generated/projected (adding everything makes white) versus absorbed/reflected (subtracting everything makes black).

        6. The best way I can think of explaining it is additive color involves a white wall in the dark and subtractive involves a pane of glass in front of white light.

          Shine all the colors of light on the wall and you get white light. Put various filters in front of the glass, and eventually you’ll get black. In this instance, since we’re already talking about crayons and subtractive coloring is the primary way you mix colors for crayons, paints, and other artistic endeavors, I was figuring subtractive would be more appropriate. Hence, the sum of their parts would be “black.”

          …I guess something filtered through my ears when Alex would start on about his art.

        7. Alex…. Alex… I think I dated an Alex once. Grossest beard though. If he had a better grasp of personal cleanliness I might have stuck around longer. Doubt it’s the same guy though.

        8. Only one Alex? Does that mean Alex is a super uncommon name where you’re from? I would’ve expected at least twenty.

        9. I’m willing to bet the difference is “dating” versus “hooking up with” or that it’s one of the few people whose names she bothered to learn.

        10. I’m halfway betting that Cinn– Mr. Reddish-Yellow that is, that Mr. Reddish Yellow has been texting Mr. Rainbow specific information in order to set things up for retail madness.

    2. So this is why you guys keep looking at your phones. Am I the only one actually listening to your father?

      Also, thanks again, Mr. Lavender for bringing me. Really.

  4. Who’s Mr. Rainbow? The only one not present is the slutty one, but I don’t see her being trusted with a job like that… Although it does raise the question of where the slutty on is even.

      1. If it is Juni waiting in line, then I predict more hospital bills in the near future. You know, with Quinn tagging along and all.

        1. She has a harder job than that. Traffic cones don’t have to fight temptations to get out of line to chase after that guy or refill her flask. On the other hand, they do have a harder time moving when the line moves…

    1. I think we’re all looking forward to the big reveal on just where the slutty one is, and why she’s yet to be seen in the modern era.

        1. Hmm…so many good options.

          The Oreck vacuum store?

          Spencer’s Gifts?

          A bookstore, maybe, for bonus unexpected? She can tell us all about her latest go-round with Tolstoy!

        2. Knowing this family and travel, she’s probably passed out in front of the mall branch of the DMV.

        3. Is that the line with the wine for the Blood of Chr-st, or the grape juice for the Blood of Chr-st?

        4. She thought it was a real Communion line, but turns out it was a line to take your picture by “The Buddy Christ” prop from the movie Dogma, and she was hitting on the statue when they brought it in, so wouldn’t intentionally stand in line again.

          To be fair, I doubt I could tell the difference if I had her blood alcohol level either.

    1. Me too, I can only hope that the dialuoge was changed since the last strip, but alas, I feel that the spice girls joke was circulating as soon as we found out that Ellie was not Mr. Lavender’s given name.

  5. Alrighty, there is a lot of fun in this page.

    First, Pumpkin wants to be Mr. Rainbow. Rusche, you totally are just going to keep baiting us with this making us wonder about her sexuality. The part where she just wants to be the boss is funny though.

    Second, pops apparently has a faulty box of crayons if he only has six and none of the really good colors. And why is there a crayon called Brunette?

    Third, is Juniper Mr. Rainbow? She’s the only one missing after all.

    Fourth, the girls must have gotten into quite an argument over naming themselves for their to be hospital bills. I’m guessing this is when eyes were lost.

    Fifth, I just noticed the page title and had to read the last few panels again to see that, yes, Tarra gets what Tarra wants. I’m wondering if Poppy there is just a bit loony and just doesn’t see the problem with her changing from Brunette to Redhead.

    And finally, I just realized that ‘Poppy’ got a double-dose of the culinary names. Good job, Rusche.

    1. It’s possible that some of the crayons were lost in the hospital when they had to be removed from someone’s eye following a heated codename debate.

        1. Hmm, Anise might’ve eaten them on accident aiming for cake. If Cinn ate them, I’d bet she picked Ellie and Pumpkin’s favorite colors.

  6. Awesome strip as usual. Early on I had assumed the sisters were just goin to be fluff or at best minor recurring characters. I hadn’t expected their relationship and interaction to be so entertaining.

    1. I don’t know.

      I would like, if I may, to offer a suggestion.

      I don’t think that the arms are in quite a position for a fear response as suggested. Both palms are up, neither of them are pointed outwards in a defensive stance. And the fingers are pointed towards Mr. B’s face, not away.

      I mean, look at “Ps–“, wait, that movie isn’t in the same rating… um…. maybe we can look at “Monsters vs. Aliens”. At least we don’t have to worry about a motel on the side of a road with a huge house overlooking it where Mother is always watching.

      1. You’re right that it’s not quite right for a fear response, but it’s close enough that I would’ve thought that if not for the comic title.

        But now that you point all that out, it also looks like he’s clenching his eyes shut a little less tightly for Tarra, so she really must be his favorite.

        1. What I’m also curious about, is that it seems that everyone expects less than formal behavior from Tarra. We know that she can handle the others when it comes to not getting her hair cut, but does that necessarily mean that she’s as material as the worst of the girls?

          It does seem that the bank robbery may be an instance that counts against her, but she was, as far as the laws in my state are concerned, acting within the bounds of a citizens arrest in subduing the perpetrator of the criminal action.

          Mr. Blue now waits for the “Law and Order” bumper music, and the address of the place where the altercation occurred as well as the time before Detectives Green and Briscoe appear.

        2. Well, I suspect if you were to take each post you’re talking about regarding Tarra’s behavior and run it through the list of cognitive biases, you’d find that there are different reasons for different posters.

          All of us react negatively to different sisters (Juniper and Cinn are the two that irritate me), and some people react negatively to Tarra. As such, they’re going to want to see worse in her. Next you’ve got people caught by the bias that too much good states that something bad’s going to happen (don’t recall the name, but the classic example is the belief that if you just flipped heads 10 times with a fair coin that tails is more likely for the next flip). There’s also the bias or tendency to explain unexplained bits in the behavior of others by filling in how we’d act in their shoes.

          I suspect there are a whole lot of other possibilities, those are just the biases that come to mind off the top of my head. But remember the biases go both ways, and I suspect both the positive and the negative biases will find themselves wrong by the time the story’s over.

  7. Poppy long ago gave up on contradicting Tarra, because 1. She’s always right and 2. She always gets what she wants. Giving in simply saves him some aggravation.

  8. Aside from favoritism and fear, letting Tarra pick her own name wouldn’t cause the hospitalization problem, as no one’s going to argue with her in any way that could escalate to violence.

        1. And we see our unlikely intrepid hero, Zaphod Beeblebrox get shot down by Mr. Redhead while standing in line at a local Publix store. Grumbling, he walks to what looks like a billboard cleverly disguised as a spaceship, when in all reality it’s a spaceship poorly disguised as a billboard.

          After hastily reaching orbit above this miserable looking mud ball, Zaphod Beeblebrox feeds in the telephone number that Mr. Rainbow gave him, with a strange look and breath that could light someone’s fire, Maybe Toothless, but that’s another part of the story. However, when multiplying by six times seven times that phone number, the evil universe where Tarra destroys the galaxy has turned into a hunk of cheese and William Riker’s trombone.

        2. Is that a Hitchhiker’s quote? I keep meaning to read through the whole thing but am only through the first book.

          I was actually thinking of the animated Tick TV series. In a pre-show item one one episode he & Arthur were being interviewed and the interviewer was asking him about his powers and eventually asked, “Can you destroy the Earth?” The Tick’s response was, “Egads! I hope not! That’s where I keep all my stuff!” (possibly that quote should’ve had several more !’s, as the Tick is quite emphatic about, well, kind of a lot).

          I just thought Tarra was capable of taking out more than just Earth.

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