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The Final Con Part II

321 thoughts on “The Final Con Part II

      1. Mr. Blue isn’t referencing a person who paves themselves to party harder to out pace his (or her) friends. Nor those Japanese demons that are a step above a person, but below a demigod. But to the devils that jump out from it in order to completely disrupt ones needful things in life.

  1. Whilst we await wither Rusche has went, we shall tout the fair Queen City: Charlotte, North Carolina!

    Hope all’s well with everyone…

  2. Im kinda confused.. she sometimes takes advantage of her body when talking with guys but gets insulted when thats the only thing the guys notice? not being sarcastic at all, I seriously am confused.

    1. From what I’ve been able to observe the degree of positive or negative reception from a woman to a man paying attention to her body comes down to the degree it feels like a complement versus the degree it feels like a statement that the attractiveness of their body is the only thing of value about them. That can be a very thin line and can be judged very differently from moment to moment between different people. Hence the difficulty in predicting reaction ahead of time.

      Also, if you read ahead a few pages, you see Ellie state that she’s not just mad at Danny but mad at herself. So some of the anger in that statement is likely directed inward (facial expression to me looks like it’s anger at both Danny and herself, anyway).

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