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The Great Indoors

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79 thoughts on “The Great Indoors

    1. It’s hard to get excited for this when we know the relationship is doomed. Blind Guy’s big lie about sister involvement is going to come back and tear this thing apart. It’s like cheering at the launch of the Titanic when you know ahead of time it’s going to smack into that iceberg and become a messy and tragic disaster.

        1. Rusche has said as much. More specifically that Ellie is destined to have two great romances. And that this is the first.

          Who Great Romantic Partner #2 is *seems* fairly obvious at this juncture, but that candidate might just be an enormous Canadian Red Herring. #2 could be any other character we’ve seen to date, excluding (hopefully) those who are related to her. Or possibly someone we have not met yet. Make yer wagers!

      1. So, I don’t pay too much attention to the comments, and TBH the multiple directions this comics goes in has me confused, so… what “big lie”?

    1. Given that we’ve been watching our Miss Elle for the past 10 years and we’ve never seen this side of her (literally!) with regards to her personal, intimate lifestyle before, knowing her I’d have to say this is either a fantasy in her mind to his question or this story has taken a MAJOR turn.

      We’ve only seen her roommate or sisters in this position before.
      And, given her skepticism with relations with other dates, I honestly thought she was as inexperienced as Pumpkin.

      Guess we’ll see what’s what next week (even though my imagination wants more answers today!!).

      1. Actually the implication I saw was that she was less experienced than Pumpkin.

        She’s fresh out of high school. She described the guys in high school as too afraid to ever ask her out. She never went to college and didn’t really appear to get out of the house much until what getting kicked out by Rosemary at the start. Pumpkin was scornful of Quinn’s idea that Ellie would be even remotely possibly the tiniest bit useful for romantic advice. Ellie even seemed excited about wandering out with even Danny after that first con in a mildly datish sort of way. So inexperienced is at least a fair description. I strongly suspect this a first for her for quite a few things (including first kiss possibly).

        While it’s possible it’s a fantasy, it’s also possible it’s real. Inexperienced at romance can also mean inexperienced at putting the brakes on your libido (especially when your limiting factor has never been finding someone else who’ll say ok to fooling around).

        1. I’m gonna press X for doubt on that one. I’m thinking back to the start of the series, when she was posting hot pics of herself on Facebook and had dudes lined up just to help her move. She has had to focus on working now that she’s out of the house and on her own, not leaving much time for romantic stuff. But either way, it doesn’t really matter much whether it’s her first time or not. Let each reader decide what the answer to that is in their own headcanon.

        2. Think that implication is way off. Sure guys in HS may have been scared to ask her out, but that’s because girls like her get lots of guys interested, HS aged or not.

          The reason she would be useless for romantic advice is because she has never had to try in order to attract guys, just turn up and let her curves do the work.

  1. Is it wrong to want the in-between panels? lol

    I would say Ellie made that decision quickly, but I rather think she made it awhile ago. Go Ellie!

    1. It’s not wrong, but it’s also not what you think.

      The in-between panel would actually be completely obscured by the sonic boom from the speed with which Ellie removed her clothes.

      Agreed about her decision. I agree the decision in this comic seemed more in the “right now or near future” vein.

  2. But now the “will they/won’t they” mystery that no one was questioning in the slightest is solved!

    1. They’re not there quite yet, plenty of scope for Murphy to try for a threesome.
      Also, Ellie not possessing even a scrap of sarcasm or irony, paired with someone with a bone-dry sense of both (oi, no pun intended!) – I feel bad for both of them. Soooo much scope for a quip to totally kill the mood, even at this stage.

      1. Rusche mentioned that Ellie would have at least two serious romantic relationships in the comic and pretty well everyone was assuming David would be one.

        I’m actually a bit surprised at this here. Vu being in the first cast group with the Ellie voodoo doll made me suspect Caleb would be first and David later.

  3. Well since noone else has said it the post’s above me don’t count either as noone said it so here goes….1ST.

  4. * Fin *

    [post ending exposition tying up loose plot points begins]

    David and Ellie had so much sex his sight returned

    Tara and Summer learned a valuable lesson and became besties

    Tired Guy opens a dating service franchise after all…

    1. Actually they don’t, you just get better as using them to compensate. You don’t all of a sudden become Matt Murdoch (that would be for other reasons.

    1. Personally, I’d like to think that there is a bit more of a time lapse, say, about 0.00297619 of a week instead of how fast it went through the video.

  5. Calm me down, bring it round
    Too way high off your street
    I can see, like nothing else
    In me, you’re better than I wannabe
    Don’t think ‘cos I understand, I care
    Don’t think ‘cos I’m talking, we’re friends
    Overground, watch this space
    I’m open to falling from grace

    (Good ol’ Sneaker Pimps)

  6. As I scrolled down the comic on my phone:
    Aw, Man, they’re stalled again. I don’t think they’ll evJEESSSUS

    Well played, Sir. Well played.

    1. It seems unlikely that she did that on the other dates. The comparison isnt about *any* other dates, but those that she went on for work. She was specifically instructed that she didnt have to do anything with the guys.

  7. I’m gonna go with the last panel has to be in her mind.But, still. No complaints here. I feel like the comic has had more barely SFW imagery in recent months than the entire rest of the comic.

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  9. I was going to say that this felt a little rushed- “do you want to come over to my house to hang out?” sounds more like a plan 10-year olds would craft rather than something put together by adults. But then I went back and re-read the after-convention chapter, where Ellie and David had a much longer and (don’t say “deeper”)….more involved conversation than I remembered.

    I’m still questioning if boardgames-and-chill was the plan or if Ellie is making spontaneous decisions again, but I hope things go well. She could use some good luck and a steadying influence in her life I think.

  10. There’s a lot of potted plants in that background.

    Okay, also super jealous of that blind, lying, son of a b-word. Sigh, I suppose this is the price I pay for having a strong moral fiber.

  11. LMAO …….dam what the hell did she do on those other dates…….from what I know usually dates go: hello/crappy date/sex/goodbye lol

    1. She was being paid to go on those dates, she wasn’t actually interested in dating any of them. The only one that actually showed any promise was the one that called her out on her bullshit and they were extras in a movie.

  12. I’m calling it now, next comic will either be titled, “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” or “Not Myself”. I’m onto you John Mayer

  13. I must say, as a long time reader, I’m quite pleased with the effect that the love of a good woman has had on this comic. Thanks, Claire.

  14. Completely random but have we ever actually been told the height or measurements of the sisters? I mean I know the implication is Ellie is above average but with so much showing off the sides from behind makes me curious

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